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EXPO ‘METAMORPHOSE’ – galerie de la Perle Noire, Agde (FR) – 26 Juin-28 Sept. 2014

- exhibition that deals with feathers -
La nouvelle exposition organisée par le site des métiers d’art de la Communauté d’Agglomération Hérault Méditerranée met cet été en lumière le travail des artisans d’art sur le thème de la plume déclinée sous ses formes d’expression les plus diverses : costumes, bijoux, accessoires, sculptures, oeuvres peintes…
Vernissage le samedi 5 juillet à 19h, à la nouvelle galerie de la Perle Noire.
Photo de Vered Babai.
Collection Jean-Yves Le Mignot : Andi Arnovitz (Israël) — Vered Babai (Israël) — Jerémy Charlet — Camille Fischer –  Anna Fornari (Italie) — Aviv Kinel (Israël) — Lia Kirel (Israël) — Florence Lehmann (France) — Géraldine Luttenbacher (France) — Mat & Jewski — Flavia Eleonora Michelutti (Italie) — Maguelone Soulages — Agathe Saint Girons (France)
Vered Babai feather ringsVered Babai feather rings « l’envol des corbeaux »
Vered Babai feather ringsVered Babai feather rings
Vered Babai feather ringVered Babai feather ring
Galerie de la Perle Noire
6, Place Molière – 34300 AGDE – France
Tél :
Horaires d’ouverture :
Du lundi au samedi : 9 h -12 h /14 h – 18 h -


EXPO ‘Through Sources’ – Camões Instituto da Língua e Cooperação, Lisbon (PT) – 2 Mai-7 Juin 2013

Lisboa: Exposição “Por entre as fontes” (through sources), joalharia israelita contemporânea

As a member of the « Inyanim Group » Dana Seachuga (MA stud) will show some of her work at the exhibition « Through Sources » • Camões Instituto da Língua e Cooperação, Lisbon • 2 May – 7 June • Opening: 2 May, 6 pm.

As a member of the "Inyanim Group" Dana Seachuga (MA stud) will show some of her work at the exhibition "Through Sources" • Camões Instituto da Língua e Cooperação, Lisbon • 2 May - 7 June • Opening: 2 May, 6 pm.

about the « Inyanim Group »:
« The Inyanim Group operates in the fields of jewelry-making and jewelry design. Its aim is to create a platform of creative opportunity and legitimacy for the individuals within the group and within a wider social context.
Inyanim was formed by graduates of the two leading Israeli art and designschools, Bezalel and Shenkar which, while championing different, often opposing views regarding design and art, have much in common. The Inyanim Group seeks to influence the public discourse surrounding the role of design in society through the unique and underrepresented field of jewelry design.
The eleven members of the group meet regularly for a process of thinking, listening and creating – like rehearsals before a performance. In ongoing exhibitions, the group then displays its latest “harvest” of works, thus opening a window onto their creative process. »

Vered Babai –  Shirly Bar-AmotzRory HooperAviv KinnelGregory LarinTehila Levi-HyndmanMichal OrenKobi RothDana SeachugaDeganit Stern-Schocken Edda Vardimon-Gudnason

Gregory Larin 'hearts'Gregory Larin ‘hearts’ 

Gregory Larin 'hearts' (detail)Gregory Larin ‘hearts’ (detail of a neckpiece) Photo by Yoav Reinshtein

Dana Seachuga - série “Hunting for Vera”,Dana Seachuga – série “Hunting for Vera”

Dana Seachuga (MA stud.) • Brooch “Wing 250212” • From the series "Hunting for Vera" • 2012 • Glass shards, mother of pearl, silver, steelDana Seachuga – Brooch “Wing 250212” • From the series « Hunting for Vera » • 2012 • Glass shards, mother of pearl, silver, steel

Deganit Stern-Schocken  Necklace 2012  Silver, stainless steel, polystyreneDeganit Stern-Schocken  Necklace 2012  Silver, stainless steel, polystyrene

Shirly Bar-Amotz -  Brooch: From the series “Happy Days” 2012  Sterling silver, brass, Teflon plating, rhodium plating, zircon gems, epoxy resin  5.5 x 6x 3.2 cmShirly Bar-Amotz -  Brooch: From the series “Happy Days” 2012  Sterling silver, brass, Teflon plating, rhodium plating, zircon gems, epoxy resin

Edda Vardimon-Gudnason - 'copropalia' ringsEdda Vardimon-Gudnason – ‘copropalia’ rings

Edda Vardimon-Gudnason - 'copropalia' ringsEdda Vardimon-Gudnason – ‘copropalia’ rings … coprolite is fossils of animals dung ….

Vered Babai - 'circuits'Vered Babai – ‘circuits’

michal orenMichal Oren cube : brooch : 2010 / silver, paint and stainless steel

Rory Hooper 'boxes & cases'Rory Hooper ‘boxes & cases’


Camões – Instituto da Língua e Cooperação
Avenida da Liberdade, 270
Lisboa 1250-149
tel +351 213109100 /32/37/75/


EXPO ‘Foreign body’ – Allenby 94, Tel-Aviv (IL) – 16-31 Aout 2012

« Foreign Body: Giving Jewelry a Second Look »

Foreign Body: Giving Jewelry a Second Look features the work of 15 Israeli jewelers who demonstrate an unfaltering commitment to individual expression through highly-developed techniques in jewelry-making. The works in the exhibition challenge traditional, mainstream attitudes toward this ancient practice with surprising investigations on scale, wearability, materials, and narrative or critical content, positioning the body as a locus for unfamiliar encounters between jewelry object and wearer


Shiri Avda, "The Mechanism of Reading," 2010-12Shiri Avda, « The Mechanism of Reading, » 2010-12

Merav O RothMerav O Roth

Edda Vardimon necklace via Gallery LoupeEdda Vardimon necklace


Allenby 94,
65813 Tel Aviv-Jaffa

tel 00 972 54-744-2224


B-SIDE Festival – 2nd Edition – Amsterdam – 3-6 Nov. 2011

B-side DownTown Art Jewellery Festival:
An energetic, self-created festival for jewellery artists. It brings together a series of jewellery exhibitions and performances on different locations throughout the city of Amsterdam.
contact us at

B-side DownTownArtJewellery Festival is an energetic, self-created festival for jewellery artists. The 2nd edition takes place from the 3rd until the 6th of November 2011 and brings together a series of jewellery exhibitions and performances in the city of Amsterdam. This event is initiated by min-association; Maaike Ebbinge – Iris Tsante – Noémie Doge,

who graduated from Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2007 and 2008.
B-side gives artists the opportunity to explore new ways of showing their jewellery to the world. Each artist is encouraged to take responsibility for his of her own part in a bigger chain or route.
B-side emphasises the festive side of a festival and celebrate the art of jewellery. The aim of the festival is to show different ways of presenting and thinking about art jewellery through exhibitions and performances. It allows exploration of spaces that aren’t usually used for exhibition purposes, for example parks, ateliers, bicycles, empty buildings, a living room, a café or the back of a car.
B-side happens simultaneously with other inspiring jewellery events in Amsterdam.
B-side shows designs that go very much beyond mass-produced jewellery. It shows an artistic way of presenting and dealing with jewellery. The value of this jewellery is not defined by precious metals, but by their visual force and strong concept.
There are many jewellery artists working in Amsterdam. Three of the four most renowned Dutch jewellery galleries are based here, and the jewellery department of the Rietveld Academy is well-k

nown for its active students and teachers. We are very happy to be able to celebrate Amsterdam’s special connection to jewellery with this special platform for art jewellery.
B-side, another side of jewellery.
B-side DownTownArtJewellery Festival is organised by: (Maaike Ebbinge, Iris Tsante & Noémie Doge)

We are proud to announce the following artists who participate to the second edition:

Fanny AgnierFrancisca BauzaAline BerdichevskyDinie BesemsLisa BjörkePatxi CalvoNoémie CastilloTrinidad ContrerasBea CorreaMarie DebrinayVanessa de GruijterMorgane De KlerkNoemie DogePatricia  DominguesFlorie DupontMaaike EbbingePia FarrugiaJantje FleischhutAurore De GeerGerrit Rietveld AcademyCarolina GimenoAntje GodglückFien de GraafCécile GuenatDana HakimIsabelle HertzeisenRory HooperJeannette JansenHanna JorisDalia JuradoJelle KampenKatharina KatarosAviv Kinel Oya KozaciogluMuriel LangGregory LarinMuriel LaurentChristiaan LebensDorothée LoustalotTehila LeviJorge ManillaEmanuel ManoloCarolina Martinez LinaresCristina Martí MatóMärta MattssonAude MedoriAndrea NabholzGitte NygaardMichal OrenChristina Pauls Galatée PestreGaston RoisAlicia RosseletKobi RothNina SajetLucy SarneelDana SeachugaConstanze SchreiberNolia ShaktiSteinbeisserDeganit Stern SchockenLuisa SchwarzPatricia ThomazoVivi TouloumidiIris TsanteNelly Van OostAriëtte van Osnabrugge & Jack Van OsnabruggeEdda Vardimon GudnasonLaurence VerdierJulia WalterCaro WeissLucie ZampovaArnaud Zill
Bea Correa   D.I.Y GOD Charm Chain (buy now)


Christiaan Lebens & Fien de Graaf, Artist in Residence Galerie Marzee :
Christiaan LebensBroche Ode to Imperfection, 2010 Materiaal: polyurethaan, zilver, parels

Christiaan Lebens and Fien de Graaf worked with the same subjects for some time.  Both fascinated by the dominant ideals surrounding beauty and the layers we create around the physical self. They decided to bring their work together.


Maaike Ebbinge, Iris Tsante & Noémie Doge (

Where the heart is

”Strong wind in the face, the sea roaring loudly, lots of curious materials hidden in the sand, my thoughts explore the freedom of space. This is where the heart is, this is where my jewellery pieces are born.” M.E.

“I like working intensively with materials. When the materials start “speaking” and taking their own way, that is where their heart is.” I.T.

“I search for hidden stories by dismantling forgotten relics; I reinvent them picking up the pieces; I’m a treasure hunter, ferreting where their heart is. ” N.D.

————————————- collection of Jeff Grundy earrings resembles a collection of coral branches 

lelletje : All our earrings are designed by well-known Avant-Garde designers  .A pair of earrings is never an adornment in itself. They are inspired by bright ideas which gives birth to a range of creations. (you can find the earrings from Dinie Besems)

Patricia Thomazo- broche - plexiglas, silver


expo « What’s Yours? » par A⁶ collectiveA⁶ = Noémie Castillo, Aurore De Geer, Cécile Guenat, Alicia Rosselet, Luisa Schwarz, Arnaud Zill
For the B-Side Festival, the Collective A⁶ offers you an entry into the world of creation, allowing you to compose, decompose, recompose… Through a specially designed booklet of illustrations, assemble your own unique combination that could become real…
3.-6. November 2011
Lauriergracht 160 – AMSTERDAM


We are Isabelle Hertzeisen & Dorothée Loustalot, two young jewelry designers from Switzerland. On the occasion of the B-side festival, we are going to collaborate with the candyshop Pappabubble. In the “Underwater-designed” shop window, you will discover our jewelry pieces as well as other special stuff!
Papabubble, Caramels Artesans, Haarlemmerdijk 70
Open Friday: 13:00-18:00, Saturday: 10:00-17:00, 
Sunday: Window exhibition


Galatée Pestre, Laurence Verdier and Aude Medori : et que sonne le GLA !
OBA Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (4th floor),
Oosterdokskade 143 
Open all days: 10:00-10:00   -  artists presence: 11:00-15:00
Bracelets bulle de Galatée Pestre – Bagues cadavre exquis de Laurence Verdier – Bague menu d’Aude Medori

Jewellery from Words
The girls from GLA love to play with words, having each their own process in jewellery making, which in their hands, becomes both profound and funny. Galatée Pestre tells the importance of jewellery with signs, while Laurence Verdier explores sensuality, and  Aude Medori shows  commitment to adornment.


Julia Walter & Antje Godglück

Studio Babel, Derde Kostverlorenkade 35
Open Thursday: 13:00 – 18:00, Friday – Sunday: 13:00 – 19:00

B-SIDE Festival - 2nd Edition - Amsterdam - 3-6 Nov. 2011 dans A6 collective (CH)(Antje Godglück necklace – Julia Walter brooch)

News from Nowhere
We met by coincidence, we drifted apart, we found each other again. Now we are here! Meet us in Julia’s atelier and have a look at what we create in moments of love, happiness, confusion and madness.


Nolia Shakti & Lucie Zampova

19 Pieter Jacobszstraat
Open Thursday-Friday 13:00-19:00,  Saturday 11.00 – 18.00, Sunday 12.00-18.00
Nolia Shakti - ‘Odessa’ – Necklace, 2011 – Nespresso Capsules, gold
Same same but different
The collection of Nolia Shakti focuses on modern society values. The collection “Throw away Gold” is made out of Nespresso capsules and gold.

Lucie Zampova will present, for the first time, her collection of jewellery inspired by her trip to Hong Kong, the striking differences between the modern and old fashioned way of life in this metropolis


MIN-Association presented B-side Festival in Head-Geneva
Min-association is happy to invite you to the lecture of B-side DownTownArtJewellery festival in Jewellery Design and Accessories Department in Geneva on monday 20th. of June 2011 at James-Fazy.
HEAD-Geneva University of Art and Design
Bd. James-Fazy 15, 1201 Geneva
Muzenplein 2
open thursday-sunday 14:00-20:00
 Headquarters: HYM concept store Magna Plaza Shoppingcenter- 2nd floor Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 182
Amsterdam, Netherlands
You can find information of the different exhibitions on
Free maps are available at B-side’s headquarters:
HYM concept store




EXPO ‘No Problem (?)’ Nine Israeli Jewelers – Gallery Loupe, USA – 9 Fev-14 Mar 2010

« No Problem (?) » addresses the tension that exists between the monumental problems of the State of Israel and the « flippant » jargon of everyday speech that often seems to belie these problems.
This exhibition brings together the outstanding talent of contemporary studio jewelers from two renowned Art Schools — Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan.

« NO PROBLEM (?) » is curated by Deganit Stern Schocken – a leading force in the field of Contemporary Art Jewelry and one of Israel’s most important studio jewelers.

Participating Artists :
Shirly Bar-Amotz, Rory Hooper, Aviv Kinel, Gregory Larin, Tehila Levi, Michal Oren, Dana Seachuga, Deganit Stern Schocken, Edda Vardimon.

Dana SEACHUGA (IL)'hollow cries' brooch- 2009 - ivory, deer horn,pearls,silver, nail polishDeganit STERN SCHOCKEN (IL)'figure of speech - the eye' neckpiece- 2009Michal OREN (IL) 'a place to hide' bracelet- 2009 - oxidised silverTehila LEVI (IL) 'ventricular fibrillation- for my baci' neckpiece- 2009 - silver, alpacaAviv Kinel (IL) street hearts ring 2009 - silver, pvc
Dana SEACHUGA (IL)’hollow cries’ brooch- 2009 – ivory, deer horn,pearls,silver, nail polish
Deganit STERN SCHOCKEN (IL)’figure of speech – the eye’ neckpiece- 2009 -stainless steel, polystyrene,silver, gold, zircon
Michal OREN (IL) ‘a place to hide’ bracelet- 2009 – oxidised silver
Tehila LEVI (IL) ‘ventricular fibrillation- for my baci’ neckpiece- 2009 – silver, alpaca
Aviv Kinel (IL) street hearts ring 2009 – silver, pvc*
Gallery Loupe
50 Church Street
Montclair, NJ 07042 (USA)
Tel : 973 744 0061
Fax : 973 744 0062
email :
Tuesday – Friday 11-6
Saturday & Sunday 12-5
or by appointment



EXPO ‘Le ROUGE’ – Chateau de Bonaguil, Fumel (FR) – 2 avril-4 juillet 2010

Exposition sur le thème « Le Rouge« 

EXPO Le rouge

Artistes français :
Brune Boyer, Clara Breen, Florence Croisier, Sophie Hanagarth, Karen Gay, Joanne Grimonprez, Esty Grossmann, Beate Klockmann, Aline Kokinopoulos, Florence Lehmann, Patricia Lemaire, Géraldine Luttenbacher, Catherine Mauger,  Amandine Meunier, Astrid Meyer, Eliane Michel, Agnès Moulinot, Laurence Oppermann, Philip Sajet, Agathe St Girons, Christophe Vérot.

Artistes israëliens :
Vered Babai, Michal Bar-One, Reip Chopin, Ohada Hay Gordon, Rory Hooper, Vered Kaminski, Aviv Kinel, Gregory Larin, Einat Leader, Hadas Levin, Tehila Levi, Sigal Meshorer, Michal Oren, Galya Resenfeld, Kobi Roth, Edda Vardimon-Gudnason..

Aline KOKINOPOULOS-ronde des Etoiles de mer-PGregory Larin (IL) Fragmentations-invasion necklace- 2009 - silver, plastic
Aline Kokinopoulos – bague « la ronde des etoiles de mer » – argent & corail
Gregory Larin (IL) Fragmentations-invasion necklace- 2009 – silver, plastic

Philip SajetPatricia Lemaire- jardin d-ailleurs - broche
Philip Sajet  - bague
Patricia Lemaire - ‘jardin d’ailleurs’ – broche

Patricia LEMAIRE- bague 'péché d'orgueil'Esty GROSSMAN bo_meduses-polypes
Patricia Lemaire – bague ‘péché d’orgueil’
Esty Grossmann - b.o. ‘méduses-polypes’

Vered Babai - ‘The Dubi works can be regarded as compositions of metal threads and grid

Vernissage le jeudi 1 avril de 18h30 à 20h, l’exposition est ouverte au public du vendredi 2 avril jusqu’au dimanche 4 juillet.

Château de Bonaguil – salles du Donjon
Mairie de Fumel
47500 FUMEL (FR)
Tel : 05 53 71 90 33
Fax : 05 53 71 09 70
Email :
(Le château de Bonaguil se trouve dans le lot et Garonne sur l’axe Toulouse/Bordeaux)


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