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EXPO ’40 Jewels (40 Joias)’ – Galeria Tereza Seabra, Lisbon (Portugal) – 29 Oct.-19 Nov. 2013

40 Jewels (40 Joias) -     Galeria Tereza Seabra (Lisbon, Portugal)

“40 Jewels” celebrates the 40th anniversary of Ar.Co – Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual, Lisbon, Portugal, and the 35th anniversary of its Jewellery department. Founded in 1978 by Tereza Seabra, Ar.Co’s Jewellery department became her responsability for 25 years, until it was passed on to Cristina Filipe in 2004. This was the first (and is still the only) contemporary jewellery program fully integrated into an art school in Portugal. National and international collaborations with artists,  jewellers, public and private schools and other entities were and have remained a crucial part of the Jewellery department’s identity. “40 Jewels” will present selected works by 40 ex-students who have completed Ar.Co’s Studies Plan between 1978 and 2013.

40 Jewels (40 Joias) -   -  Galeria Tereza Seabra (Lisbon, Portugal) 29-Oct-2013 - 19-Nov-2013  website: mail:
Artists:  Alexandra Rodrigues — Amália Rosa — Ana Henriques — Ana Margarida Carvalho — Artur Madeira — Beatriz Mousinho — Cláudia Cabral — Catarina Silva — Catarina Simões — Cristina Filipe — David Pontes — Diana Silva — Gabriela Coelho — Inês Nunes — Joana Mota Capitão — João Martins — Laura Rose Graham — Lúcia Abdenur — Luís Torres — Madalena Avellar — Manuel Machado — Manuela Domingues — Manuela Sousa — Maria Emília Martinho — Marília Mira — Marta Boino Eliseu — Miriam Castro — Natalia Olarte — Nininha — Nuno Miguel Gomes — Paula Crespo — Paula Paour — Pedro Cruz — Rita Faustino — Rita del Rio — Sónia Brum — Susana Beirão — Teresa MilheiroTyphaine Le Monnier — Zélia Nobre
Marília Maria Mira, Brooch, 1989Marília Maria Mira, Brooch, 1989 – Oxidated alpaca
Paula Crespo, Necklace, 1994Paula Crespo,  Necklace 1994 – Oxidated silver
Natalie Olarte, Necklace, 2011
Natalia Olarte – Necklace 2011 – Tights, modeling past, PVC
Joana Mota Capitão, Necklace, 2008Joana Mota Capitão – Necklace: Landscapes 2008 – Recicled cardboard, silver 925
Tereza Seabra, Necklace, 2003Tereza Seabra, Necklace, 2003
Tereza Seabra – Necklace: Pompei 2003 – Gold, coral, silk thread, painted ivory by Antonio Marques
Lisbon, Portugal


EXPO ‘Cair para dentro do corpo, cair para fora do corpo’ – galeria Articula, Lisboa (Portugal) – 9 Avril-14 Mai 2011

« Cair para dentro do corpo, cair para fora do corpo »

« The meaning of the exhibition is « falling inside of the body, falling outside from the body » it was a theme that the gallery gave to those group of artists to develop … So each one made her own interpretation from the theme , it is very interesting. »

Artistas: Alexandra Rodrigues, Beatriz Mousinho, Christie Bassil, Dani Soter, Manuela Domingues, Miriam Castro e Sónia Brumm
Beatriz MousinhoSilver ring with balloons

EXPO 'Cair para dentro do corpo, cair para fora do corpo' - galeria Articula, Lisboa (Portugal) - 9 Avril-14 Mai 2011 dans Beatriz MOUSINHO (PT) 7
Dani Soter« First aid kit » necklace mixed media


Rua dos Remédios 102
1100-450 Lisboa, Portugal


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