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Preziosa Young 2015 selection

First selection of 24 artists – Among them, 6-8 artists will be choose to participate to the Preziosa. Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition

Preziosa Young 2015
The first selection was made!! We received over 120 entries, and among these participants we have selected 24 artists:
Lisa BjörkeBifei Cao — Chae Sekang — Yu Fang Chi Bartosz Maria ChmielewskiMarion Delarue — Duan Yanli — Annie GobelDaniela Hedman — Holland Houdek — Jhang Hao-Han – Lauren Kalman — Charlotte Kreuter — Tithi KutchamuchLee Seoyeon — Vicky Lew — Bruno Micolano — Luigi Piantanida — Sang Deok Han — Jie SunMichal Taharlev — Yen-Yu Tseng — Youmi KimSangji Yun.

Among this group we will choose the artists (6-8) that will participate in the exhibition in Florence, and will be included in the catalogue.

PREZIOSA is a cultural project designed and co-ordinated by “Le Arti Orafe”, since 1985 the most prestigious contemporary jewellery school in Italy.
The project, launched in 2005, has become one of the most important European events devoted to contemporary jewellery.
The conceptual quality, the presence of artists of international fame, the prestigious set-up, the elegant catalogues and the original formula that comprises the organisation of conferences with the artists taking part, make “Preziosa” an appointment that lovers of contemporary jewellery cannot afford to miss.
A country of exquisite jewellery traditions, Italy has no museum devoted to jewellery, and temporary exhibitions have always been rare.
The attention devoted by the communication media and the cultural institutions to initiatives devoted to this art form has – apart from a few shining exceptions – always been limited, while great interest has always been expressed by lovers of contemporary art.
Through the organisation of events such as PREZIOSA, the school wishes to help to fill a gap the discrepancy of which is more or less consciously acknowledged.
Since 2008, a « parallel » exibition for young artists is organized: PREZIOSA Young is already an international reference for new artists and goldsmiths

Lisa Björke Brooches made of copper and paintLisa Björke Brooches made of copper and paint

Youmi KIM - Root of plant ,Brass wire, acrylic wire, porcelain, 2014  Youmi KIM – Root of plant ,Brass wire, acrylic wire, porcelain, 2014 

Bartosz Maria ChmielewskiBartosz Maria Chmielewski

Sangji YUN - Confrontation with the past – Stranger, aluminum, steel, installation and brooches, 2013Sangji YUN - Confrontation with the past – Stranger, aluminum, steel, installation and brooches, 2013

Yu Fang ChiYu Fang Chi

Bifei Cao 2013Bifei Cao 2013

Tithi KutchamuchTithi Kutchamuch pearly white  2011-2013

Michal TaharlevMichal Taharlev

Annie Gobel- RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) - ring, Cut From a Block , 2012, resin, timber, plastic toysAnnie Gobel – RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) – ring, Cut From a Block , 2012, resin, timber, plastic toys

The PY exhibition will take place in conjunction with the international event PREZIOSA 2015, in Florence, in the prestigious Marino Marini Contemporary Museum of Art. The organizers could also plan other exhibitions along the year: the selected artists are committed to deliver their work to all the scheduled events. Each of the selected winners must present 5 to 10 pieces for the exhibition. These pieces must be the same (or similar) to those submitted for the selection


Contacts : +39 055 2280131


EXPO ‘Distant Relations: Jewelry between East and West’ – Two Cities Gallery, Shanghai (China) – 7-29 Oct. 2014

Distant Relations: Jewelry between East and West -
Two Cities Gallery (Shanghai)
Management: Shannon Guo and Anja Eichler

The exhibition establishes the connections between the East and West. Despite the distance, the show reveals how sometimes we’re close to the distant ones and how jewellery makes this bridge between continents. Distant Relations: Jewelry between East and West

 This Jewelry Exhibition consists of 15 International and Chinese artists. The five young Chinese artists have studied abroad and adapted the Western philosophy of contemporary jewelry concept, and they are trying to create their works with their own cultural Chinese heritage. On the other hand, some of our Western artists on exhibit had lived in China or other cultures and were influenced by the globalization of our modern world.

Artists:  Brigitte Adolph — Alice Bo-Wen ChangEsther BrinkmannBifei Cao – Xiang Dai — Laura DeakinAnja EichlerMing Gu – Jutta Haase — Peter HogeboomJulia Maria Künnap Jorge ManillaKarin Roy Anderson – Lei Shen — Shiqian Zhao (Tina Chao ?)

Karin Roy Andersson - Catching Big Fish, 2013 - Recycled plastics, textileKarin Roy Andersson – Catching Big Fish, 2013 Recycled plastics, textile

Karin Roy Andersson - Catching Big Fish, 2013 - Recycled plastics, textileKarin Roy Andersson

 Ming GUMing Gu

Esther Brinkmann - broochesEsther Brinkmann – brooches

Alice Bo-Wen ChangAlice Bo-Wen Chang

   Peter Hoogeboom, Necklace, "red lantern" 2014Peter Hoogeboom, Necklace, « red lantern » 2014

Laura Deakin - Pearl SeriesLaura Deakin – Pearl Series

Tina ChaoTina Chao

Tina ChaoTina Chao


Two Cities Gallery  
20 Shaoxing Road   (is a 5 minute walk north of Metro Line 9, Dapuqiao station)
200020 -  Shanghai




Prix/concours ENJOIAT 2014 – sélectionnés – remise des prix le 9 Oct. 2014



 L’esdeveniment dels premis Enjoia’t 2014 tindrà lloc durant la tarda i la nit del 9 d’octubre. A partir de les 20.00 hores començarà la festa a la Fàbrica Mòritz amb el lliurament de premis i la revelació dels guanyadors de les diferents categories !

Remise des prix le 9 OCT. à partir de 20h à la  Fàbrica Mòritz  (Barcelona)

ENJOIAT 2014(Categoria Professional)

El Enjoia’t es una actividad que nació, hace 15 años, con la voluntad de difundir, entre el gran público, el mundo de la joyería contemporánea. Una iniciativa que pretende apoyar y difundir a las jóvenes generaciones de creadores emergentes y dar reconocimiento a los profesionales.
El Enjoia’t ha sido, desde sus inicios, una plataforma de lanzamiento para muchos diseñadores, ya que les ha otorgado un reconocimiento a su trabajo y ha incentivado puentes de comunicación con destacadas empresas del sector. Este acontecimiento, que se celebra anualmente,  es la única iniciativa de esta índole en todo el estado español, en el que se pretende difundir el arte de la joyería y estimular las buenas prácticas entre sus creadores. 

Enjoia’t is an activity born 15 years ago with the intention of spreading among the general public, the world of contemporary jewellery making. It is an initiative aimed at giving support and diffusion to the younger generations of emergent creators and to grant recognition to professionals.
It has been, from its origins, a launching platform for many designers since it has awarded them  recognition for their work as well as establishing links with relevant companies in the jewellery making industry.
This event, which is held annually, is the only initiative of its kind in Spain, which strives to diffuse the art of jewellery and encourage fair practices among its creators.

 Photo(Categoria Estudiante)

seleccionats als Premis de Joieria Contemporània Enjoia’t 2014 :
Categoria Estudiant :
Anna Martínez — Anna Norrgrann — Mariko Kumon — Bifei Cao Isabella Liu – Linda Horská — Iria Heredia – Coralie GrzesSue Ibars –  Ssu-Ya Hsiung — Sangji Yun.

Categoria Professional :
Silvia Beccaria –  Agnès WassermanInbar Shahak Angela CiobanuMarta HerraduraRodrigo AcostaGalit Barak Mirèia Calaf — Gerard Duch.

RODRIGO ACOSTA. …..muy contento de ser FINALISTA del ENJOIA’T 2014 con mi proyecto Rito Cardíaco…. fotos: Adolfo López.
RODRIGO ACOSTA.RODRIGO ACOSTA – broche « rito cardiaco »
Mireia Calaf - 'TEIXINT LA VIDA' collar Plata,llautó i fil- 2014Mireia Calaf - (Categoria Professional ) ‘TEIXINT LA VIDA’ collar Plata,llautó i fil- 2014
Angela Ciobanu  "Forget-me-not" Brooch - Keum boo, recycled silk paper, fretsaw blades, fine gold.Angela Ciobanu  (Categoria Professional ) « Forget-me-not » Brooch – Keum boo, recycled silk paper, fretsaw blades, fine gold.


agnes WO ( Agnès Wasserman)Agnes Wo (Agnès Wasserman) paper necklaces


Sue Ibars - FINALISTA en ENJOIA’T 2014 (Categoria Estudiant), con mi collar ‘A través del silencio’.

Sue Ibars - Sue Ibars -  collar ‘A través del silencio’

Sue IbarsSue Ibars -  collar ‘A través del silencio’ (detalle)

Bifei CaoBifei Cao (Categoria Estudiant)

Galit Barak - Brooch  Brass, nickel silver, silver plating  2013Galit Barak - Brooch  Brass, nickel silver, silver plating  2013

 Shoulder wing by Inbar ShahakInbar Shahak (Categoria Professional)

Silvia Beccaria - "la speziale"Silvia Beccaria – « la speziale »

Anillo Hipodérmico de Marta Herradura | @Apb Joyeria Contemporanea para ((ENJOIA'T FINALISTA 2014))Anillo Hipodérmico de Marta Herradura

Coralie Grzes - broche 08001 (ENJOIA'T 2014)Coralie Grzes -  « mes toits » broche 08001



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