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EXPO ‘PARADIGMA’ – Escola MASSANA, Barcelona (ES) jusqu’au 16 mars 2010

Exhibition « Paradigma » at Escola Massana in Barcelona.

Teachers from the jewelry departments at BIAD, Birmingham City University, and Escola Massana show their work that ranges from more conceptual projects to jewels of more typical use such as necklaces and pendants. The exhibition makes it evident that diversity of ideas and concepts does not owe as much to any certain culture ; communication and globalization are in control and iron out the similarities and differences.

Birmingham : Jack Cunningham, Jivan Astfalck, Jo Pond, Zoe Robertson, Terry Hunt, Anna Lorenz, Karen Bartlett & Bridie Lander.
Barcelona : Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Silvia Walz, Judy McCaig, Carmen Amador, Ursula Viñolas, Carles Codina & Elisabet Puig.

PARADIGMA - Carmen AmadorJack Cunningham-PARADIGMA expoEXPO PARADIGMA - Bridie LANDER EXPO PARADIGMA - Silvia WALZ EXPO PARADIGMA - Karen Bartlett - 3.jpg
Carmen Amador  Jack Cunningham  Bridie LANDER  Silvia WALZ  Karen Bartlett

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Escola Massana
Sala Busquets
Hospital 56
08001 Barcelona (ESP.)
Tel. 93 442 20 00
Fax 93 441 78 44


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