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EXPO during JOYA Barcelona OFF 2015 : ‘BÓRAX 08001: Celebrando 5 años’ – Escola Massana , Barcelona (ES) – 8-13 Oct. 2015

exhibition being part of « OFF JOYA » 2015

BÓRAX 08001: Celebrando 5 años

Escola Massana -  Barcelona

Opening: 8 October at 18h

Una exposición Bórax08001-5 years y una presentación/debate del resultado de la edición especial de nuestra acción ¿Qué tienes entre las manos?, en el marco de JOYA 2015

The contemporary art jewellery collective Bórax08001 is pleased to invite you to the inauguration of the exhibition Bórax08001, 5 Years, on Thursday, October 8, at 6 pm, in the Blava Room of the Escola Massana (Carrer Hospital 56, 08001, Barcelona, Spain). The exhibition, framed within OFFJOYA, commemorates the collective’s first five years of life with a selection of its members’ most representative projects. The show will remain open until October 10th.

BÓRAX 08001: Celebrando 5 años.

Artist list   Aline BerdichevskyTrinidad ContrerasPatrícia Correia DominguesCarolina GimenoDalia JuradoCristina Marti MatóCarolina Martinez LinaresAndrea NabholzGastón RoisNelly Van Oost

Con la exposición Bórax08001- 5 years regresaremos a nuestra alma mater para mostrar los momentos más significativos de esta aventura en colectivo. Te esperamos en la inauguración, que será el jueves 8 de octubre a las 18h en la Sala Blava de la Escola Massana. La exposición podrá visitarse hasta el 13 de octubre de 2015

También puedes participar de la mesa redonda que haremos el sábado 10 de octubre a las 14h en la sala de conferencias del JOYA 2015 en Arts Santa Mònica, C/ La Rambla 7. Invitamos a varios joyeros a vivir nuestra acción ¿Qué tienes entre las manos? Allí podrás ver el resultado audiovisual; habrá un espacio abierto donde los participantes podrán compartir sus vivencias, dando pie al debate..

BoraxConference BORAX 08001 « What do you have in your hands? »
The Bórax08001 collective has invited JOYA 2015′s participating artists to collaborate with them and carry out the What do you have in your hands? project in their own cities, with their own jewels and with their own unknown public. The goal of this project is to reach a part of society that is unaware of Contemporary Art Jewellery. By going out on the streets, direct contact between the creators and the passers-by can be established and feedback gathered. During Bórax08001′s conference, the collection of reactions and dialogues obtained from these interventions will be shared and reflected upon by the members of the collective, the participants and the audience.


Bórax08001 is a basic component in jewellery because it prevents oxide from forming and, at the same time, works as a flux favoring the flow of metal when it is being soldered and fused. The Bórax08001 collective acts as an antioxidant that drives our artistic creation, but also as a flux, favoring the flow of ideas and concepts as well as the development of new techniques and trends in contemporary art jewellery.
We come from multiple geographic coordinates and backgrounds. This particularity has enriched us personally and as a group ever since our paths crossed at the Escola Massana (Barcelona, Spain). As we grew up and deepened our skills as jewellers at Massana, strong synergies and complicities were created between us. And we have chosen Bórax08001 as the means to keep them alive, searching for new horizons and goals while sharing experiences and learning from each other.
Our work can be defined as the cartography of personal and experimental dialogues through contemporary art jewellery. Dialogues through matter, space, color… based on quests, poems, memories, doubts, thoughts, mistakes, games, dreams, intuition, perfection, light, consciousness, unconsciousness, beauty, and emotions.
Bórax08001 means contemporary, signature, art jewellery. Signature, because we value work from beginning to end and we wish to recover the value of authenticity, taking pride and joy in creating high-quality jewellery, putting special emphasis on the details. Contemporary, because our pieces of jewellery speak for us and reflect the society we live in. And art(istic) because we strive to express ourselves through metaphors and symbols while we create unique pieces.We conceive our collective as a medium, a tool, a channel that allows us to disseminate contemporary jewellery culture to the public unaware of this form of art. We are convinced that to make our work known it’s not only important to show it in the traditional established places, but also to approximate our artistic and conceptual vision  to people who are outside of the contemporary jewellery circuit. We try to do so by taking jewellery to their own territory in a natural, open and simple way through actions in public spaces which  occur in different places.  Our intention, through these direct interventions with society, is to bring closer the contemporary jewellery concept and to extend the conception of art to jewellery



Escola Massana 
Calle Hospital 56
08001 -  Barcelona

Lu-Vi de 8h a 21h



EXPO ‘Arritmia’ – Amaranto Joies Galeria, Barcelona (ES) – 5 Mars-4 Avril 2015

Borax08001 welcome you to join us for the opening of Arritmianext Thursday March 5th, from the bottom of our hearts.  This exhibition has a special meaning since it’s an ideal occasion to meet once again in Barcelona, the city that watched us develop as jewellers and as a collective, almost five years ago. This show will be hosted by Amaranto Joies, a true example of a gallery committed to contemporary artistic jewellery and its dissemination.

Exhibition from the 5th of march till the 4 of April 2015.


Durante una Arritmia  el corazón puede latir demasiado rápido, demasiado despacio o de manera irregular.
Entender como una Arritmia el proceso creativo es una metáfora que nos acerca a la realidad que el colectivo Bórax08001 ha experimentado desde sus inicios.
Con Arritmia, el colectivo busca reflejar estos distintos estados a través de una selección de joyas, creadas en este último tiempo. Siendo una muestra que da a conocer el ritmo de los latidos creativos y las variaciones en la frecuencia que va haciendo que cada uno de los miembros se destaque por su impronta personal.
 During an arrythmia the heart can beat too fast, too slow or in an irregular manner. Understanding the creative process as an arrythmia is a metaphor that brings us closer to the reality that the Bórax08001 collective has experienced since its beginnings. With Arritmia the collective wishes to reflect these diverse states, through a selection of jewels created in recent times. Being an exhibition that displays the rhythm of our creative beats and variations in frequency which make each member shine by their own personal imprint.

 Nelly-Van-Oost  Nelly Van Oost - brooches

 Aline Berdichevsky Light vessels 1  Aline Berdichevsky – Light vessels 1

Andrea Nabholz Andrea Nabholz

Gaston RoisGaston Rois

Trinidad ContrerasTrinidad Contreras

Bórax08001 - Cristina Marti Mato _ SwingersCristina Marti Mato _ Swingers

Bórax08001 - Carolina Martinez LinaresCarolina Martinez Linares


Amaranto Joies Galeria
Sant Domènec 23
08012 Barcelona


EXPO ‘Delirio y Cordura’ – Velvet da Vinci gallery (USA) – 9 Juill.-10 Aout 2014

Velvet da Vinci : Coming in July… « Delirio y Cordura » (Delirium and Sanity)
Chilean Contemporary Jewelry

Opening Reception: Friday July 11, 6-8 pm

Artist’s Talk: 6:30 pm

Coming in July... Delirio y Cordura (Delirium and Sanity)Chilean Contemporary Jewelry
In the ten years since Joyas Jóias, Velvet da Vinci’s first exhibition of Latin American jewelry, there has been a growing awareness and appreciation for the achievements of contemporary jewelers in Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Brazil. For our exhibition, Delirio y Cordura (Delirium and Sanity) we concentrate on contemporary Chilean jewelry artists. Each jeweler was inspired by the themes of delirium and sanity, choosing one or both concepts. The idea of harmony and balance versus  insanity and irrationality influence the creation of each work through an exploration of shape, color, material, and concept.  Chaos, out of order.
Participating ArtistsCarolina Gimeno Carolina Hornahuer — Claudia Correa — Claudio Pino — Francisco Ceppi — Gabriela Fissore — Maria Eugenia Munoz — Maria Ignacia Walker — Nicolas Hernandez — Paola Raggo — Pia Walker — Rafaella Pruzzo — Rocco Napoli — Valentina Rosenthal — Veronica Perez Artigas — Walka Studio — Yessica Bordon

​Gabriela Fissore Piece: Cor Silver, copper, japanese lacquer 19cmGabriela Fissore Piece: Cor Silver, copper, japanese lacquer 19cm

Rafaella Pruzzo Necklace: Molindore Oxidized silver, book pages 21 x 18 x 5 cmRafaella Pruzzo Necklace: Molindore Oxidized silver, book pages 21 x 18 x 5 cm

Walka Studio , Brooch, Walka Studio T-Oro Sagrado Bull horn, gold plating brass, steel

Pia Walker, Pendant, Pia WalkerPendant: Rotamiento – Steel, copper, acrylic, aluminium

Carolina Gimeno Velvet da VinciCarolina Gimeno Encounter IV, Brooch Birch, sterling silver 13 x 11 x 5 cm

Carolina Hornauer Brooch: Ismos #1 Rigid polystyrene foam, japanese lacquer, silver, enameled stoneware ceramic 7 x 6 x 7 cmCarolina Hornauer Brooch: Ismos #1 Rigid polystyrene foam, japanese lacquer, silver, enameled stoneware ceramic 7 x 6 x 7 cm

Maria Eugenia Munoz Ring: Delirium Tremensdoscópicos Sterling silver, copper, acrylic, mirror, Swarovski crystal 4.5 x 2.5 x 3 cmMaria Eugenia Munoz Ring: Delirium Tremensdoscópicos Sterling silver, copper, acrylic, mirror, Swarovski crystal 4.5 x 2.5 x 3 cm
Claudio Pino Ring: Interactive Mirror, 2 14k gold, 925 sterling silver, mirror, carnelians, pearls Kinetic RingClaudio Pino Ring: Interactive Mirror, 2 14k gold, 925 sterling silver, mirror, carnelians, pearls Kinetic Ring



EXPO ‘Carolina Gimeno – portable pleasures’ – Degree exhibition – Konstfack, Stockholm (SE) – 15-25 Mai 2014

Carolina Gimeno – portable pleasures

 Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2014

« My project is being shown in S7 Seminargatan, together with the works of othersBachelors . Come to visit us !! »

Konstfack presents the 2014 degree candidates: artists, designers, craftspeople and art educators. All 177 degree projects, both master’s and bachelor’s, exhibited at the same time.
Degree exhibition 2014
Thur May 15–Sun May 25

Carolina Gimeno - portable pleasures


Carolina Gimeno - portable pleasures
Portable Pleasures: When Intimacy becomes Public

« The series of jewels, Portable Pleasures seeks to challenge the notions of intimacy and the public realm, two aspects that are involved in the act of wearing jewellery in society.

In my Master’s project, I investigate how jewellery, intended as an ‘apparatus’ of communication and disorientation, offer both to the wearer and viewer, to challenge social conventions in regards to the feminine and the masculine. What happens when a shape reminds us of an intimate area of the human body and is displaced to the public sphere, in the form of a jewel?

The act of decorating the body with these jewels leaves the viewer with no choice but to cross the boundary of the wearer’s intimacy. Can this act create a new order of connectivity and communication between the wearer of a jewellery piece and the viewer that is forced to confront it ? »

Carolina Gimeno - portable pleasuresCarolina Gimeno - portable pleasures
« it looks like vaginas! , but they are not, the are electroformed and enamelled worn socks, I have collected from more than hundred of people….« 
Carolina Gimeno - portable pleasuresNecklace: Portable Pleasures, When Intimacy becomes Public, 2014
Copper, silver, vitreous enamel, leather
Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
Visiting address :
LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm
Postal address :
Box 3601
126 37 Hägersten
+46 8 450 41 00
Degree exhibition 2014
Thur May 15–Sun May 25
Mon–Fri 12pm–7pm
Sat–Sun 12pm–4pmWelcome to the exhibition opening on May 15, 12pm–8pm
Inauguration at 4pm


Bórax08001 Tombola in Paris – 19-21 Sept. 2013


bannière Circuits Bijoux 

Bórax08001 Tombola in Paris !  The Bórax08001 collective will stroll in Paris on September (19-21 sept)

 10 Jewels by 10 Artists for (only!) 10 Euros

Bórax08001 Tombola in Paris!  The Bórax08001 collective will stroll in Paris on September (19-21 sept) - - X
but ….   WHAT PRIZES can you win ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
Aline Berdichevsky - "Niche 19"
Aline Berdichevsky – « Niche 19″ brooch
Andrea Nabholz
Andrea Nabholz necklace
Carolina Gimeno - Encounter 3
Carolina Gimeno – « Encounter 3″ brooch
Carolina Martínez Linares - Schüchternheit
Carolina Martínez Linares – « Schüchternheit » necklace
Cristina Martí Mató
Cristina Martí Mató earrings
Dalia Jurado
Dalia Jurado earrings
Gastón Rois
Gastón Rois necklace
Nelly van Oost
Nelly van Oost brooch
Patrìcia Correia Domingues
Patrìcia Correia Domingues brooch
Trinidad Contreras - Wind Canteen
Trinidad Contreras – « Wind Canteen » brooch


EXPO ‘Delirio & Cordura’ – Centro Cultural Scuola Italiana, Santiago (Chile) – 8 Aout-13 Sept. 2013

Delirio & Cordura – 8-08/13-09 – Centro Cultural Scuola Italiana

Delirio & Cordura - 8-08/13-09
El Centro Cultural Scuola inaugurará el día jueves 8 de Agosto a las 19:30 horas la muestra de Joyería Contemporánea “Delirio y Cordura”. La exposición está conformada por las obras de 26 joyeros, 16 chilenos y 10 de diferentes nacionalidades quienes actualmente están estudiando en la prestigiosa escuela de joyería Alchimia en Florencia, Italia.
Para la muestra, cada orfebre se inspiró en la temática sobre el delirio y la cordura, escogiendo uno o ambos conceptos, por tanto la armonía y equilibrio versus la locura e irracionalidad de las formas, colores, materiales, fueron el motor creativo de cada joya. « Nos gusta mantener delirio y cordura separados mutuamente. Hay espacios para el orden, como las universidades, y también hay momentos para la locura, como el carnaval. Pero ¿Qué pasaría si estuvieran juntos? », es la reflexión que plantearon este grupo de orfebres y que se ve reflejada en este montaje. Cabe recalcar que en esta muestra el trabajo de los diferentes materiales utilizados (plata, oro, cobre, piedras, acrílicos, ceras, cerámicas, entre otros) y técnicas con que se realizó cada joya, dan forma a diversas piezas que destacan por su creatividad, complejidad, manufactura y destreza que trascienden lo meramente ornamental, convirtiéndose en objetos exclusivos y únicos que dan cuenta del estado de la joyería contemporánea.
La exposición estará disponible en la Sala Terracota del Centro Cultural Scuola Italiana del 8 de Agosto hasta el 13 de Septiembre. .
Centro Cultural Scuola Italiana
exponen : Carolina GimenoCarolina Hornauer — Claudia Correa — Claudio Pino — Francisco Ceppi — Gabriela Fissore — Maria Eugenia Muñoz — Nicolas Hernandez — Paola Raggo — Paulina Jaschan — Pia Walker — Rafaella Pruzzo — Rocco Napoli — Veronica Perez Artigas — Valentina RosenthalWalka Studio — Yessica Bordon
Carolina Hornaüer -  …”Todos saben bien, seguro, un importante secreto, excepto individuos de un estilo como yo. Nos mecemos en la ilusión de que afuera hay un espacio libre para los fuera de lo común. Es claro el impulso interior y el anhelo de vivir igual que todos. Tu ves que por ejemplo todos los autistas estamos de acuerdo en saber que rodeados de gente estamos solos como nadie en el mundo”…
Carolina Hornaüer -  …”Todos saben bien, seguro, un importante secreto, excepto individuos de un estilo como yo. Nos mecemos en la ilusión de que afuera hay un espacio libre para los fuera de lo común. Es claro el impulso interior y el anhelo de vivir igual que todos. Tu ves que por ejemplo todos los autistas estamos de acuerdo en saber que rodeados de gente estamos solos como nadie en el mundo”…

expo DELIRIO y CORDURA - brooch by ... ?WALKA STUDIOHorn, goldplated brooch

Pia Walker Foto: Karen Clunes
Pia Walker - Foto: Karen Clunes
Paola Raggo y sus "Delirios nocturnos", estarán presentes en la muestra "Delirio y Cordura" Fotografía: Karen Clunes

Paola Raggo y sus « Delirios nocturnos »- Fotografía: Karen Clunes

Carolina Gimeno - muestra "Delirio y Cordura"
Carolina Gimeno
Gabriela Fissore  "De la cordura me quedo con el COR (del latín corazón) Antiguamente se pensaba que en el corazón yacían las facultades de la memoria, era el centro de la vida interior, en donde se ubicaban sentimientos, pensamiento, voluntad. Tres piezas que muestran parte de este corazón. Abstracción de arterias coronarias."
Gabriela Fissore  uno de los colgantes que presento en la expo « delirio o cordura »-  plata, cobre, laca japonesa - « De la cordura me quedo con el COR (del latín corazón) Antiguamente se pensaba que en el corazón yacían las facultades de la memoria, era el centro de la vida interior, en donde se ubicaban sentimientos, pensamiento, voluntad. Tres piezas que muestran parte de este corazón. Abstracción de arterias coronarias. »
Claudio Pino - Interactive Mirror 14k Gold, 925 Silver, mirror, pearls, opals. 2012
Claudio Pino – Interactive Mirror 14k Gold, 925 Silver, mirror, pearls, opals. 2012


Sala Terracota del Centro Cultural Scuola Italiana
Avenida Las Flores 12707
San Carlos de Apoquindo
Las Condes – Chile
Mayor información contactar a Ma. Gabriela Castillo Coordinadora Centro Cultural Scuola Italiana 2 5927544
Lunes a Viernes de 8 a 17 hrs.
tel Fono: (56) 02 5927544


EXPO ‘Borax08001′ – The Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau (DE) – 14 Mars-28 Avril 2013

Bórax08001… una vez más!.  Asociación de Joyeria Artística -

Bórax08001.. One more time!

at  Association for Goldsmiths’ Art. Hanau (Germany) – 14 mars-28 avril

Working in a multicultural group of 10 artists from eight nationalities enables the collective BORAX08001 to develop Artist Jewellery projects, which are not limited to a collection with its’ respective group exhibition, but it grants them the liberty to invent different ways to catch the publics’ attention outside the context usually defined.
That being a high street, a square, a museum, a workshop or a bar … public places that have all seen performances directed to one purpose: Make known BORAX08001’ work and idea of jewellery as art applied to the body to a public as wide as possible. The collective is conscious that opportunities need to be generated and that together they can reach bigger goals with a broader projection.

 Bórax08001... una vez más!. Asociación de Joyeria Artística- Hanau (Alemania)  Bórax08001.. One more time! Association for Goldsmiths' Art. Hanau (Germany) - 14 mars-28 avril

Artists: Carolina GimenoCarolina Martínez LinaresTrinidad ContrerasAline BerdichevskyGastón RoisDalia JuradoNelly Van OostPatrìcia Correia DominguesAndrea NabholzCristina Martí Mató

 Aline Berdichevsky (Borax08001) - Untitled, jewellery pieceAline Berdichevsky 

Gaston Rois "Cinco ya puesta" (Borax08001)Gaston Rois « Cinco ya puesta »

Landscape 3 Necklace by Patricia Domingues (Borax08001)Patricia Domingues Landscape 3 Necklace
BORAX08001 - Nelly Van Oost  Earrings: Rencontre 8 2012  Silver, new silver, paintNelly Van Oost  Earrings: Rencontre 8 2012  Silver, new silver, paint
ABORAX08001 - Carolina Martínez  Necklace: Encefalo 2009  Bullseye glass, silver, stainless steelCarolina Martínez  Necklace: Encefalo 2009  Bullseye glass, silver, stainless steel
BORAX08001 - Andrea Nabholz García  Necklace: Hex 7 serie 2010  Porcelain, silverAndrea Nabholz García  Necklace: Hex 7 serie 2010  Porcelain, silver
BORAX08001 - Carolina Gimeno  Brooch: Welfare Nº 1 2012  Leather, fabrics, copper, silver  8,5 x 13,5 x 3 cmCarolina Gimeno  Brooch: Welfare Nº 1 2012  Leather, fabrics, copper, silver  8,5 x 13,5 x 3 cm
Jewelry by Trinidad ContrerasTrinidad Contreras
Dalia Jurado -  "Lilith and the Loves Affairs" BroochDalia Jurado -  « Lilith and the Loves Affairs » Brooch
Cristina Martí Mató (BORAX08001)Cristina Martí Mató


The Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus
Altstädter Markt 6
63450 – Hanau
Telephone: +49 (0) 6181 2565-56
Fax: +49 (0) 6181 2565-54



VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Oh my!’ – Institut Français, Valencia (SP) – 4-31 Mai 2012

4 mayo/31 mayo Oh my!
Inauguración: 4 mayo, 18.00 h.
VALENCIA ... MELTING POINT - SCHMUCK 2012 in Valencia (Spain) but not only... - 4 avril-7 mai 2012 dans Espagne (ES) couvertureok%2521%2521
Traveling exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery
Our society keeps giving definitions. Each object has its own definition, its own function, so what happens when the rules are changed, when the object becomes poetry?
  It gives birth to a desire to understantd what is unknown, to file it in a familiar universe.
Nevertheless, the poetry of the object, of these contemporay jewels, implies feelings, discovery. You surrender to the desire of wearing a piece of the universe of an artist. It is a way to give it another identity, to find its own definition.
  Through this exhibition „oh My !“ I am introducing different artists from varied backgrounds, each in their own way telling us a story. And this is conveyed through these contemporary jewels which are so surprising, fascinating, and make us wonder… A special link develops between the public and these objects.
Nelly Van Oost – Curator of the traveling gallery projet.


Exposition itinérante de Bijouterie Contemporaine
Notre société nous donne des définitions. Chaque objet a sa propre définition, sa fonction, alors que se passe-t-il quand on change les règles, que l’objet devient poésie ? Il nait alors une envie de comprendre cette inconnue, de la classer dans un univers connu.
    Cependant  la poésie de l’objet, de ces bijoux contemporains, passe par le ressenti, la découverte. Il faut se laisser surprendre par l’envie de porter un morceau de l’univers d’un artiste. Par ce geste il est possible de lui donner une autre identité, de lui trouver sa propre définition.
    Au sein de cette exposition « Oh My !»,  je présente différents artistes d’horizons très variés, qui chacun à leur façon nous content une histoire. Et cela se transmet au travers de ces bijoux contemporains qui nous surprennent, nous fascinent, nous interrogent… Il se crée un lien particulier entre le public et ces objets.
Nelly Van Oost – Commissaire du projet de galerie itinérante.
VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO 'Oh my!' - Institut Français, Valencia (SP) - 4-31 Mai 2012 dans Alexander FRIEDRICH (DE) 3Alexander Friedrich
05-Blei+XLcarmen dans Carmen HAUSER (DE)Carmen Hauser
br+exuvia dans Carolina GIMENO (Chili)Marielle Debethune
Hylonome dans Cristina Marti MATO (ES)
Tabea Reulecke
GIORGADSE+tatjana+-+mtredi1 dans Exposition/ExhibitionTatjana Giorgadse

Moro Zeit, 6 – 46001 Valencia
Tel. 0034 963 153 095
Fax 0034 963 920 681
Lunes a viernes de 09.00 a 21.00 h.
Sábados de 09.00 a 14.00 h.

VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Bórax08001 & Viruthiers’ – Valencia (SP) – 3 mai-3 Juin 2012

3 mayo/3 junio Instint Col.lectiu. Bórax08001 & Viruthiers
Inauguración: 4 mayo, 19.30 h. (dixit Melting point)
Inauguració: dijous 3 de maig a les 19.30h (dixit Centro de Cultura) ………

VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO 'Bórax08001 & Viruthiers' - Valencia (SP) - 3 mai-3 Juin 2012 dans Aline BERDICHEVSKY (MX) activitat1597
Fragment of a piece of jewellery by Trinidad ContrerasFragment of a piece of jewellery by Aline BerdichevskyFragment of a piece of jewellery by Gastón Rois
Trinidad Contreras                      Aline Berdichevsky                       Gastón Rois
Fragment of a piece of jewellery by Carolina MartínezFragment of a piece of jewellery by Carolina GimenoFragment of a piece of jewellery by Dalia Jurado
Carolina Martínez                      Carolina Gimeno                     Dalia Jurado
Fragment of a piece of jewellery by Nelly van OostFragment of a piece of jewellery by Patricia DominguesFragment of a piece of jewellery by Andrea Nabholz
Nelly van Oost                              Patricia Domingues                  Andrea Nabholz
Fragment of a piece of jewellery by Cristina Martí MatóFragment of a piece of jewellery by Diana Rolo
Cristina Martí Mató                 Diana Rolo

Conferences by Bórax08001 and European premiere of the Jewellery Displaced audiovisual : 
We cordially invite you to attend the conferences we will be offering soon in Barcelona and Valencia, Spain. We will talk about the origin, workings and projects of the Bórax08001 collective of contemporary artistic jewellers. As a part of these events, we will project the audiovisual Jewellery Displaced, recently premiered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Sunday, May 6th, 2012 at 1 pm at el Salón de Actos, MuVIM (Museu Valencià de la Il·lustració i de la Modernitat) as part of the conferences within the Melting Point 2012. C/ Quevedo 10, Valencia, Spain.

Bórax08001 audiovisual entitled Jewellery Displaced
Centre de Cultura Contemporània Octubre  (CCC Octubre)
Sant Ferran 12 – Valencia – España
Lunes a viernes de 09.00 a 21.00 h.
sábados de 09.00 a 14.00 h.
Centre de Cultura Contemporània Octubre  (CCC Octubre)
C/ Sant Ferran, 12 – 46001 València. Tel. (0034) 96 315 77 99
Lunes a viernes de 09.00 a 21.00 h.
sábados de 09.00 a 14.00 h.


EXPO ‘Die Renaissance des Emaillierens’ – Galerie Handwerk, Munich (DE) – 9 mars-14 avril 2012

Sonderöffnung Die Renaissance des Emaillierens – Internationaler Schmuck und Gerät, — Galerie Handwerk

Das Emaillieren gehört zu den klassischen Gold- und Silberschmiedetechniken. Das seit über 3500 Jahren bekannte Verfahren stellt eine der ältesten und haltbarsten Methoden dar, Farbe auf Metall aufzubringen und den betreffenden Gegenstand, Schmuck oder Gerät, damit besonders zu akzentuieren.

In der zeitgenössischen Gold- und Silberschmiedeszene hat das Emaillieren in den 1970er und 1980er Jahren eher ein Schattendasein geführt. Seit einigen Jahren erlebt die Technik eine Renaissance. Die Galerie Handwerk in München nimmt dieses Phänomen zum Anlass einer Ausstellung, zu der 41 Gestalter aus 15 Ländern eingeladen wurden. Gezeigt werden Schmuck und Gerät.

Seit den 1990er Jahren spielt Email im Avantgardeschmuck zunehmend eine größere Rolle. Dabei wird mit den unterschiedlichsten Verfahren, Zellenschmelz, Grubenschmelz, Fensteremail, gearbeitet und oftmals auch experimentiert. Viele Goldschmiede haben ihre ganz eigene, persönliche Herangehensweise gefunden. Auffallend ist, dass das Verfahren sehr unkonventionell gehandhabt wird und ganz offensichtlich nicht nur die dem Email klassisch zugeschriebenen Effekte – Farbe, Transparenz, Leuchtkraft – gesucht werden.

Der Aspekt, durch Email Farbe auf das Metall aufzubringen, ist nicht mehr entscheidend, längst sind Lack und Farbe gebräuchlich. Nicht, dass die farblichen und malerischen Möglichkeiten des Emaillierens ihre Wichtigkeit verloren hätten, doch scheint heute die Auseinandersetzung mit der Oberfläche und das Spiel mit ihren reizvollen haptischen Qualitäten der gemeinsame Nenner zu sein.

Email kann transparent, glatt, in kräftigen Farben leuchtend sein und sich durch eine makellose, perfekte Oberfläche auszeichnen. Häufig wird aber auch eine matte oder körnige Oberfläche wie bei Pigmentpulver gesucht, oder die Oberflächen sind aufgebrochen und wirken wie korrodiert.

Beim Gerät hat sich die Verwendung von Email in den letzten 20 Jahren grundlegend geändert. Eine sinnliche Oberflächengestaltung, die ihre Ästhetik häufig in schlichten Formen und monochromen Farben sucht, hat das Figürliche und Ornamentale verdrängt.

Die Ausstellung in der Galerie Handwerk versucht, die unterschiedlichsten Positionen zeitgenössischer Schmuckkünstler zum Thema Email vorzustellen und dabei auf die Aktualität dieser alten Goldschmiedetechnik hinzuweisen. Sie wird wenige Tage vor Beginn der Internationalen Schmuckschau eröffnet und ist ein Teil der umfangreichen Schmuckpräsentationen während der Internationalen Handwerksmesse München.

Artists on the show:

Jamie Bennett, USA| Adrean Bloomard, IT | Stephen Bottomley, GB | Helen Carnac, GB | Bettina Dittlmann, DE | Gemma Drapper, ES | Beate Eismann, DE | Ulo Florack, DE | Christiane Förster, DE | Carolina Gimeno, CL | Christine Graf, DE | Kirsten Haydon, AUS | Hiroki Iwata, JP | Karin Johansson, SE | Ike Jünger, DE | Kaori Juzu, JP | Astrid Keller, DE | Young-I Kim, KR | Nikolaus Kirchner, DE | Jutta Klingebiel, DE | Beate Klockmann, DE | Esther Knobel, IL | Daniel Kruger, ZA | Gualan Liang, CN | Stefano Marchetti, IT | Katharina Moch, DE | Nazan Pak, TR | Francesco Pavan, IT | Ramón Puig Cuyàs, ES | Jacqueline Ryan, IT | Phillip Sajet, NL | Isabell Schaupp, DE | Barbara Seidenath, USA | Vera Siemund, DE | Silke Trekel, DE | Elizabeth Turrell, GB | Jessica Turrell, GB | Graziano Visintin, IT | Agnes von Rimscha, DE | Silvia Walz, ES | Annamaria Zanella, IT .

EXPO 'Die Renaissance des Emaillierens' - Galerie Handwerk, Munich (DE) - 9 mars-14 avril 2012 dans Adrean BLOOMARD (IT) renaissance
Francesco Pavan
14c0830454824f6cd3da0390603886f1size2 dans Allemagne (DE)
Francesco Pavan
Bettina Dittlmann, DeutschlandBettina Dittlmann
 dans Annamaria ZANELLA (IT)Bettina Dittlmann
 dans Barbara SEIDENATH (DE)Elizabeth Turrell
NECKLACE;+plastic,+enamel,+cz,+pvc+cord dans Beate EISMANN (DE)
Silvia Walz, SpanienRamon Puig Cuyàs, Spanien
Silvia Walz                —                   Ramon Puig Cuyàs
3ca4c5bdf02814872a37d90801aafc65size2 dans Bettina DITTLMANN (DE)
Christine Graf
6fb5a9a26a8ad7818cb07f68a52923b8 dans Carolina GIMENO (Chili)
Stephen Bottomley – Deep blue brooch – 2012 – Oxidised silver, enamel, and gold
Annamaria Zanella, ITEsther Knobel, Israel
Annamaria Zanella                —                  Esther Knobel
9657766b2d7773b20b3c39fc3282bfddsize2 dans Christine GRAF (DE)
Beate Klockmann
Christine Graf, DENazan Pak, TR
Christine Graf            —                 Nazan Pak

Adrean Bloomard, ItalienJacqueline Ryan, Italien

Adrean Bloomard            —         Jacqueline Ryanf516d717553db4ef78e7562e4e89de03size2 dans Daniel KRUGER (DE)Vera Siemund

fbc0f2f162d6a0c7fd4cfac99fff9d40size2 dans Elizabeth TURRELL (UK)Jamie Bennett
9b6231cb9d2f96f6accd8c6faa15fb0esize2 dans email / enamel
Silke Trekel

Downloads : Broschüre zur Ausstellung « Die Renaissance des Emaillierens » ( PDF 3926 kB)

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