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EXPO ‘Not Too Precious’ – National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny (Ireland) – 22 Janv.–30 Mars 2016

 Not_Too_Precious exhib
(Attai Chen on left – Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary on right)
Not Too Precious explores inspirational work by 25 international jewellers using materials for their expressive potential rather than for their intrinsic value. Radical artist jewellers of the late 1960s and 70s vigorously rejected the idea that jewellery should be considered ‘precious’ simply because of the materials of which it was made. Today, the use of a huge variety of materials in jewellery is far more accepted, but economic pressures are putting that freedom of artistic expression at potential risk as people revert to traditionally ‘valuable’ materials for ‘safety’. Not Too Precious challenges preconceptions about ‘non-precious’ materials by encouraging us to consider ‘accrued value’: what talented makers bring to their work through their ideas and skill.
The selected artists, who currently work in the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, create innovative, skilfully-made jewellery that is insightful and culturally resonant. Sometimes poignant, sometimes witty, their work communicates at many levels. It is above all honest and – for want of a better term – not too precious.

Jewellery by 25 international makers :  Attai ChenCarina Chitsaz-Shoshtary Eunmi ChunWarwick FreemanEmmeline HastingsChristel van der LaanFelieke van der Leest Sari LiimattaMärta MattssonJasmin MatzakowKazumi NaganoShinji NakabaLina PetersonZoe RobertsonMichihiro SatoMariko SumiokaEmiko SuoTore SvenssonJanna SyvänojaMirei TakeuchiTimothy Information LimitedTerhi TolvanenCatherine TrumanFlóra VágiHeather Woof.

Kazumi NaganoKazumi Nagano

Marta Mattson - not too precious  Marta Mattson

Not Too Precious - Shinji Nakaba: Shinji Nakaba

Catherine TrumanCatherine Truman

Not Too Precious - Warwick Freeman:  Warwick Freeman

Not Too Precious - Sari Liimatta: Sari Liimatta

Not Too Precious -  Michihiro Sato: Michihiro Sato

Not Too Precious - Heather Woof: Heather Woof

Carina Shoshtary; Necklace "The green Escape"; 2015; Graffiti, silver.: Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary

Eun Mi Chun  Eun Mi Chun

National Craft Gallery, Ireland

 Castle Yard, Kilkenny, Ireland

T +353 56 7796147


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