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EXPO ‘Via Hong Kong’ – AME Gallery, Hong Kong (CN) – 16-27 Sept. 2014

Via Hong Kong

AME Gallery

(this exhibition, in Hong-Kong on 16-27 sept. 2014, will held in JOYA 2014 Barcelona on 9-11 Oct. 2014)

Anna Cheng said, “We curate ‘Via Hong Kong’ to showcase the great works of Hong Kong’s local artists. Since it is Ame Gallery’s third anniversary, we also want to take this opportunity to unite the contemporary jewellery community in Hong Kong, which includes some dedicated artists, educators and supporters. We believe through working together, we can create a healthy environment for this art form to blossom in this city. By bringing the exhibition to JOYA, we hope to encourage more artistic and cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and the world.”

Via Hong-Kong


Artists: Mary Lee HuKee Ho YuenCicy ChingTricia TangBella MungCathy Wang — Chan Po Fung — Cherry ChanCissy Chan — Gloria Ng — Hugo Yeung — Pilz Au-Yeung — Pinky Wong — Rosette Chan — Victor Wong

Cicy Ching Sze-Yin - The Fragility of City Living Jewellery Cicy Ching Sze-Yin - The Fragility of City Living Jewellery  2012 Sterling Silver, Porcelain

Cissy Chan, Bracelet, 2014Cissy Chan, Bracelet, 2014

Bella Mung, Necklace, 2013Bella Mung, pearl Necklace, 2013 (Central Saint Martins BA Jewellery Degree Show ) 

Tricia Tang, Neckpiece, 2012Tricia Tang, Neckpiece, 2012

Kee Ho Yuen, Ring, 2013Kee Ho Yuen, Ring, 2013

Gloria Ng, Piece, 2008Gloria Ng, earPiece, 2008  Wear it Inside, Brass

Mary  Lee Hu, Brooch, 2009Mary  Lee Hu, Brooch, 2009 – 18K & 22K gold


AME Gallery
12/F Tin On Shing Commercial Building
41-43 – Graham St, Central
Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 3564 8066


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