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SIERAAD 2014 – International Jewellery Art Fair – Amsterdam (NL) – 6-9 Nov. 2014

SIERAAD  6-9 nov 2014 – Amsterdam

List of participants 2014

sieraad 2014



La liste des participants commence somptueusement !!! : « Erato Kouloubi, ALCHIMIA Jewellery school in Florence, Alina Carp, Andrea Coderch Valor ……. Catalina Brenes, Catalina Gibert,  …. Wu Ching-Chih, David Choi ……….. Dora Haralambaki, Edith Bellod, ……… Gabrielle Desmarais, George Giannoutsos, etc etc etc pour ne citer que mes préférés ……… la Royal Academy of Fine Arts d’Anvers … (voir la liste (lien ci-dessus)

ceramic jewellery Dora Haralambaki.ceramic jewellery Dora Haralambaki - at stand 84

George GiannoutsosGeorge Giannoutsos at stand 1

 Erato Kouloubi  -  Deconstructing the Faith Ring / Sterling Silver www.eratojewellery.comErato Kouloubi  -  Deconstructing the Faith Ring / Sterling Silver  at stand 1

Niki Stylianou presents " Vessels and Matter II: Metaphors on Courtship, Intimacy and Domesticy" Necklace - Hand cut rubber, silk thread, watercolorNiki Stylianou –  » Vessels and Matter II: Metaphors on Courtship, Intimacy and Domesticy » Necklace – Hand cut rubber, silk thread, watercolor – at stand 1

Maria Tsimpiskaki, Corruption collection, brooch, 2014Maria Tsimpiskaki, Corruption collection, brooch, 2014  at stand 1

SO, stand 1 is a « GREEK » stand, with : Maria Tsimpiskaki - Niki Stylianou Erato Kouloubi   & George Giannoutsos

Catalina Gibert | Serra_2014 NecklaceCatalina Gibert - Serra_2014 Necklace – at stand 41B

Andrea Coderch Valor - 2011. Silver, wood (bois de violet), silk.Andrea Coderch Valor - 2011. Silver, wood (bois de violet), silk.  – at stand 41A

Liisa Hashimoto -  5set Red Seed Ring - at SIERAAD 2014Liisa Hashimoto (HINGE Dept.) -  5set Red Seed Ring – at stand 48

Cécile Bertrand - SIERAAD 2014Cecile Bertrand – broche « GUN » – at stand 74
stand 74 avec la « dream team » : Cécile BertrandSylvie Jousset & Isabelle Carpentier

Sylvie Jousset -  "catch me cactus" bracelet - Argent, maillechort, vrais cactus et plantes grassesSylvie Jousset -  « catch me cactus » bracelet – Argent, maillechort, vrais cactus & plantes grasses - at stand 74

Nevin Arig brooch-simple5 - at SIERAAD 2014Nevin Arig – brooch simple5 – at stand 71

SIERAAD 2014 International Jewellery Art Fair | Gabrielle DesmaraisGabrielle Desmarais at stand 75,
sharing with Isabelle Busnel, Edith Bellod and  Eun Mi Kwon


they made a collective necklace !

sieraad 2014 - collective necklace - Isabelle Busnel sharing a stand with Mia Kwon, Gabrielle Desmarais and Edith Bellod and this is our collective necklace Isabelle Busnel sharing a stand with Mia Kwon, Gabrielle Desmarais and Edith Bellod and this is our collective necklace

Eun Mi Kwon - spring on skin #07 - 2014 porcelaine Eun Mi Kwon (Mia Kwon jewellery) – spring on skin #07 – 2014 – porcelaine  at stand 75

SIERAAD 2014  International Jewellery Art Fair | Isabelle BusnelIsabelle Busnel - neckpiece – at stand 75

Edith Bellod Necklace  Kaléidoscope Necklace Bouton 3 rows - at SIERAAD 2014Edith Bellod – at stand 75

CHING CHIH WU - SIERAAD 2014Wu ching-chih- at stand 18

 Judith Bloedjes - ring precious triplet 2014 - porcelaineJudith Bloedjes – ring precious triplet 2014 – porcelaine


SIERAAD 14 -  Catalina BrenesCatalina Brenes  at stand 64

Alina Carp - broochAlina Carp – brooch – at stand 25Lauren Markley - SIERAAD 2014Lauren Markley -at stand 44

SIERAAD -  Raewyn Walsh (- NTJ)Raewyn Walsh Vessel pendant, 2012 NZ, silver, epoxy, silk thread

Eily O'Connell at SIERAAD 2014Eily O’Connell-  at stand 31

Han-Chieh Chuang - red brick brooch serie - silver, copper, enamel, steel wireHan-Chieh Chuang – red brick brooch serie – silver, copper, enamel, steel wire – at stand 38

Silvia Beccaria - at stand 100Silvia Beccaria - gorgiera Splendor – 2011 -  at stand 100

Jeehyun ChungJeehyun Chung

papallona - Karolina Bik -  'graphium' ring - peridot, argent oxydéKarolina Bik -  ‘graphium’ ring – peridot, argent oxydé

Linda Ezerman - Necklace with a storyLinda Ezerman - Necklace with a story

Linda Ezerman - Sea Seed Brooches - SIERAAD 2014Linda Ezerman - new work ! – Sea Seed Brooches – Balsawood, pigment(powder), laquer and stamen -
SIERAAD 2014 at stand 53

SIERAAD 2014 --Jillian-MooreJillian Moore – at stand 33

maria diana, bracciale perle, 2013  (porcelain, stoneware, gold) ph federica cioccoloniMaria Diana, bracciale perle, 2013  (porcelain, stoneware, gold) – at stand 67

Mariko Sumioka -Mariko Sumioka

Merav O. Roth JewelryMerav O. Roth Jewelry

YUNG HUEII CHAO (TAIWAN), Bracelets (2010)  Nilckel silver I   Window Series  8 X 10 X 3 cm (each)   Selected Artist ,Talente 2011Yung Huei, Chao (Taiwan). « Windows Series ». Nickel silver Bracelets (2010) 

stand of Royal Academy of Fine Arts d’Anvers, with Vincent Verstrepen, Elitsa Macheva, Annika Wirken, Elya Tettelin, Josefine Mass, Mara Gabriela Grigoriu :

Annika Wirken -  ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS ANTWERP - Annika Wirken

  Vincent Vestrepen - ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS ANTWERP   Vincent Vestrepen

Josefine Mass - ANTWERPJosefine Mass

stand of Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, (stand 101), with :
Daria Borovkova (Russia), Amani Boudargham (Lebanon), Francesco Coda (Italy), Elena Gil (Costa Rica), Sana Khalil (Lebanon),  Daniela Malev (Germany), Lilian Mattuschka (Austria), Carla Movia (Italy), Federica Sala (Italy), Maria Ignacia Walker (Cile)

Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School - with here Federica Sala neckpieceFederica Sala neckpiece

María Ignacia WalkerMaría Ignacia Walker

Klonneplein 1,
1014DD Amsterdam
tel +31 20 586 0710










EXPO ‘EXTREME WEARABLES’ – MadLgallery, Taipei (Taiwan) – 14 Juin-6 Juill. 2014

Classé dans : Ching-Chih WU (Taiw.),Exposition/Exhibition,GALERIES,Taiwan (RC) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:04

« Extreme Wearables » Wu Ching-Chih Solo Exhibition。

@MadLgallery。  opening: 6/14  3:00pm

Photo de mad L.
Wu Ching-Chih : « This series of wearable sculpture was inspired and made while I stayed at Anderson Ranch Art Center studio. The purpose of this series is to find possible relations between sculpture and jewelry. Among these sculptures, they are not only seen as pieces of art, but also are wearable accessories for one’s collection. On the other hand, these art pieces are able to « interact » with people by being a part of their daily wearing accessories.As for the shapes and colors in these artworks, they demonstrated the beautiful nature that I encountered during my residency in Anderson Ranch Art Center. I used simple colors, such as black, gray and white, to illustrate the contrast between landscapes and snow. During this period, I also expected my work to have interaction with different residential artists. Thus, I used photography to bring back my original concept “the relationship between sculptures and wearable » « .


EXPO ‘Gioielli in Fermento 2014′ – Torre Fornello (Italy) – 4-22 Mai 2014

Gioielli in Fermento 2014 Torre Fornello
Gioielli in Fermento 2014
Torre Fornello – La Vigna delle Arti
inaugurazione domenica 4 maggio alle ore 16.00
opening Sunday May 4th at 4pm

Gioielli in Fermento 2014(Silvia Beccaria “Bijou à boire” for Gioielli in Fermento 2014)

con la collaborazione di | in collaboration with
AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo
JOYA Contemporary Jewellery Fair
Klimt02 Art Jewellery Online
« Every yaer  Gioielli in Fermento/Jewels in ferment  aims to gather the infinitely individual expressions of contemporary jewellery authors in relation to popular passions: wine and territories, looking at this terroir as an ensemble of cultural deep-rooted issues.
wearing intensities, wearing the colours of wine
as you can wear sensibilities, identities, mediterranean cultures, 
through a piece of contemporary jewellery

This Year we introduce a theme that concerns with the world of colours  as a main concept applied to the contemporary jewellery, as a means of expression at all the degrees of intensities, almost a  metaphor of all added value as it happens for instance in music in representing the real scale of intensities to perform a composition.
The authors which met our project before already testify the aim of our suggestion: as for the previous editions, Gioielli in Fermento means to think at a work designed and produced as a unique piece or limited edition jewellery and this year in particular it means to conceive the colour as an instrument of individual expression, material and immaterial simultaneously to commit to the piece the link between each single story and a wider project for the identification of that mediterranean accent such as the culture of wine and our territories may represent. »
Gioielli in Fermento 2014(Silvia Beccaria “Bijou à boire” for Gioielli in Fermento 2014)
Candidati al Premio Torre Fornello – Gioielli in Fermento IV edizione :
Selected authors for the Torre Fornello Award – Gioielli in Fermento IV editionSilvia Beccaria –  Sabina Bernardelli –  Maura BiamontiPatrizia BonatiIsabelle BusnelAlina Carp — Luisa Chiandotto — Bartosz Chmielewski — Patricia Cruz –  Katarina Cudic — Giuseppina Dallanoce –  Corrado De MeoClara Del Papa — E-vasiva — Nicoletta Frigerio – Gaspare Gaeta — Francesca Gazzi — Eleonora Ghilardi — Lucilla Giovanninetti Akis Goumas  Alexandra Kusch,  EunMi Kwon –  Carmela Lacerenza Camera Creativa –  Chiara Lucato — Elvio Lunian — Paola Mirai — Alessia Mocavero –  Olivia Monti ArduiniLaura MunteanuViktoria Münzker — Margareta Niel — Tania Palazzi –  Liana PattihisMarco PiccialiHester Popma van de Kolk — Gianni Riva –  Maddalena Rocco — Kika Rufino — Marissa Ryan Racht –  Vicky SaragoudaSergio e Stefano Spivach — Simonetta Starrabba –  Claudia SteinerViolaine Ulmer –  Silvia Valenti — Amalia Vermell –  Laura Visentin –  Babette Von DohnanyiChing Chi Wu –  Caterina Zanca
wu chih ching - 2013 Green Square, copper / bronze / enamel / ring
Wu Ching Chih -  2013 Green Square,copper/bronze/enamel/ring
and the WINNERS are ………….  I premiati della IV edizione :
Liana Pattihis Necklace: Flow-Fileri Silver cable chain, enamelPremio Torre Fornello Gioielli in Fermento 2014 :
Liana Pattihis (Flow-Fileri necklace)
« per il perfetto equilibrio tra innovazione e sviluppo: per aver saputo trasformare un elemento semplice di oreficeria in un linguaggio unico e proprio.« 
Akis GoumasGioielli in Fermento 2013 – menzione speciale JOYA :
Akis Goumas (Thera, brooch)

Claudia Steiner _ brooch - paesaggio color vinaccia - prix 2014
Premio Gioielli in Fermento 2014 – menzione speciale AGC e Klimt02:
Claudia Steiner (Paesaggio color vinaccia, brooch)
« per la resa fisica del paesaggio, per l’aspetto tecnico, formale ed esecutivo, che lega concetto tecnica e tema del concorso. »
 Nicoletta Frigerio (Mediterraneo-Attraverso / Poteri e fame, spilla) - Premio Gioielli Fermento in 2014 - Special menzione KLIMT02:Nicoletta Frigerio (Mediterraneo-Attraverso/Poteri e fame, spilla)
– Premio Gioielli in Fermento 2014 – menzione speciale KLIMT02



Torre Fornello Vineyard
29010 – Ziano Piacentino
Tel: 335 8083039


EXPO ‘WU CHING-CHIH jewelry’ – ZE gallery (Taiwan) – 7-25 Avril 2014

Classé dans : Ching-Chih WU (Taiw.),email / enamel,Exposition/Exhibition,Taiwan (RC) — bijoucontemporain @ 21:09

WU CHING CHIH ‘s Jewelry Solo Exhibition 4/7- 4/25  – Ze gallery opening:4/12 11:00am

WU CHING CHIH's Jewelry Solo Exhibition 4/7- 4/25 國立新竹教育大學 澤文創實習商店 Ze gallery opening:4/12 11:00am
Ching-Chih WU graduated with BFA and MFA from Department of crafts and Design at National Taiwan University of Arts. Being a residence artist in Sculpture studio at Anderson Ranch Art Center in 2013. Working in the field of metalwork, sculpture and enamel jewelry design, Ching-Chih WU is good at plique-a-jour enameling, chasing , repousse, and patina, or oxidizing staining. From the university years to his recent solo exhibition in the Anderson Ranch Art Center at Flat Gallery in US, Ching-Chih WU sticks to his path in his own pace. Ching-Chih WU gradually turned away from demonstrating skills to questing for creative content and transcendental meanings. His art works has already transcendental the traditional metalworking framework. His signature is establishing though combing enamel to break through the restrictions from metalworking techniques and concepts.Ching-Chih WU’s earlier works were generally bright colored thanks enamel color and show. His works also turned from small accessory to spatial sculpture. He began to approach in a more subtle way to make his sentiments well expressed throughout.  In his graduated school years, Ching-Chih WU has taken active parts in various competitions both domestically and internationally has been highly regards of. For example, his works were selected in the US’ NCEG International Juried Enamel Exhibition in 2012 and 2013 Crafts forms.  He was awarded foreign group President Award of the 46th Exhibition of Japan Enamelling Artist Association. In 2011, he was awarded the third prize and 2013 first prize by the Taiwan Craft Innovative Design Contest. Ching-Chih WU is one of most anticipated young Taiwanese artists in modern accessory field and sculpture object. Ching-Chih WU was fascinated by metal-smith out of all the different kinds of materials during his study in the university. Being an artist for many years, devoted to the creation of contemporary jewelry, specializing on enamel design and making. Most of his works are inspirited by the plants and insects from Taiwan, through these organic forms, creatures by using various technique of enamel, Ching-Chih WU would love to evoke the emotions of human. Aiming to combine the transparency of enamel with a unique and complex metal structure.

Wu Ching-Chih (TW) – Brooch Figure Copper, fine silver, bronze, enamel, stainless steelWu Ching-Chih (TW) – Brooch Figure Copper, fine silver, bronze, enamel, stainless steel - leaf series 2013wu ching chih - 2013 - copper, enamel plique-à-jour  Leaf lll

Wu ching-chih – 2013 – copper, enamel plique-à-jour  Leaf lll – leaf series 2013
Wu Ching-Chih (Taiwan) -The sound of withering of flower series- Ching-Chih   -The sound of withering of flower series 


ZE Gallery
National Hsinchu University of Education
300, Taïwan, Hsinchu City, Dong District,
+886 3 521 3132



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