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During SCHMUCK 2015 – EXPO ‘Mythen/Myths 2015′ – Galerie Weltraum, Munich (DE) – 11-17 Mars 2015

«Mythen/Myths 2015» A contemporary insight in precious Greece

Galerie Weltraum

Opening: 11 March, 7 – 10 p.m.
Sofia Zarari,  "Chronos", 2013, Photo credit: Myrto KoutoulSofia Zarari  -  « Chronos », 2013, Photo credit: Myrto Koutoul
Thirteen visual artists, architects and designers and four guest stars turn their daily experience in Greece into jewellery: family violence, mother’s Alzheimer, unconditional love, negation of death, bankruptcy, androgynous sexuality, Charlie hebdo’s impact on freedom of speech etc.
Exhibits make part of a sculptural, walk-in installation reminding of a broken ancient Greek temple or a human-sized trap, a double symbol for the Greek crisis. Daily art performances inspired by contemporary Greek culture reflect on archaic uses of jewellery.
« The Greek drama is taking place right now, almost a third of the young do not have a job, many people live hard lives. Their hardships can be connected to the suffering that heroes from the great Greek stories underwent. Our contemporary dramas both in world politics as in our personal lives resemble those tragedies described in the great Greek theater.
We lose a loved one, we encounter unfaithfulness, we are in warlike situations due to real war or we seem to be in a battle to keep our health or sanity and all of us cope with these things in different ways. All these themes are expressed in the great Greek myths. Every Greek is steeped in her or his heritage as I know from having travelled many times in Greece.
For the artists of this show their Greek background is a focal point that one can always go back to. In the jewelry and other art, made by the exhibiting artists the Greek myth has been an enormous rich well to draw from as you will see.  »
Marietta de Bruïne, Art historian, Amsterdam.
Artists: Katerina GlykaChristina KarababaAnna Kitsou –  Maro KornilakiYakinthi OikonomouSofia PaschouLoukia RichardsHeleni Siousti — Margarita Skokou — Eleftheria SpantidakiSystemalab (Sofia Daniilidou) — Konstantina Tzavidopoulou — Marianna Tzouti — Sofia Zarari
Guest artists: Eugenia Feroussi — Elina Kakourou — Katerina Kolonellou — Sofia Paschou.

 Yakinthi Oikonomou, Bonds, 2014, Photo by Orestis Rovakis
Yakinthi Oikonomou, Bonds, 2014, Photo by Orestis Rovakis
 Yakinthi Oikonomou  -"Tough love", Mixed technique, Canelloni, paper, silver, 2014 Photo credit: Orestis Rovakis  Yakinthi Oikonomou  - »Tough love », Mixed technique, Canelloni, paper, silver, 2014 Photo credit: Orestis Rovakis
  SYSTEMALAB Ring: Peristerionas Rings, 2013 Photo by: SYSTEMALABSYSTEMALAB Ring: Peristerionas 3D printed Rings, 2013 Photo by: SYSTEMALAB
Loukia Richards, "Sirens", 2013 Photo credit: Christoph Ziegler  Loukia Richards, « Pornogirls/Sirens », 2013 Photo credit: Christoph Ziegler
 Anna Kitsou, Athens  Anna Kitsou, “Kyklikos Chronos” (“Κυκλικός χρόνος”), 2012, Ρhoto credit: Giannis SeferosAnna Kitsou’s reference to aesthetics can be traced back to the Neolithic settlements, the Acropolis of Tiryns with the Cyclopean Walls, the Cycladic idols or the harmonious aerial photographs of excavations.  Her jewellery reflects magic rituals and the hope of humankind that with fire, gemstones and knots can gain control over destiny. Long before the construction of houses, roads, airplanes or refrigerators, mortals created jewellery to give them strength to confront not only enemies of the terrestrial world, but also the demons from beyond.  Jewellery was a companion for eternity, emphasizing faith in immortality.
“Each piece is a journey through land, water and fire… My inspiration is the Earth, Greece and cultures,” says the young designer and ceramist.
Mix & match of shapes and materials by Maro Kornilakh Mix & match of shapes and materials by Maro Kornilakh
"Synapsis/Alzheimer". Work in progress by Heleni Siousti. 2015  for Myths 2015 @ SCHMUCK Munich Jewellery Week: Heleni Siousti « Synapsis/Alzheimer ». Work in progress  2015 -
Helices or spirals are characteristic patterns of ancient Greek jewellery. They symbolize the moon, mazes, snails, snakes, ebb and flow, cyclical time, regeneration, perpetual motion, echo, appearance and disappearance, consciousness and unconsciousness, memory and oblivion, even the human brain itself.
The jewellery of Helen Siousti, often unfinished or imperfect, signifies memory fading away due to Alzheimer disease.
It illustrates the pain of those who, unable to act, watch their loved ones crossing the river of Lethe while being alive. Her pieces are relics of beautiful, powerful moments – the offspring of the unknown future and love.
Heleni Siousti uses her art to unite robust remembrances with glimpses of memory in an attempt to explain how fragile and vulnerable we become through the memory of what has been and will not be — no more.
She hauls childhood fears to the surface, fears which become alive as our parents walk slowly, but steadily, towards the dark forest of fairy tales while we – like helpless Hop-o’-My-Thumbs – have only crumbs in our pockets to help them trace the path leading back to us…
Heleni Siousti studied Economics in Athens and worked in the private sector. She is an acrtive member of the ecological movement in her home town Kozani in Macedonia.

Christina Karababa, Peace man! "Bang-Bang 1", 2014 Photo credit: Christina Karababa - Myths 2015 @ SCHMUCK, Munich Jewellery Week 11-17 March Galerie Weltraum: Peace man!  -  Christina Karababa, « Bang-Bang 1″, 2014 Photo credit: Christina Karababa

and should god Hephaestus, the famous blacksmith of Olympus, continue making weapons and jewellery in his workshop, he would possibly use a 3D printer.
Renowned for its decoration and apotropaic/defensive perfection is the shield Hephaistos made for Achilles.
Bang bang!
The sound of the gun in comic strips suits the myth of revolutionary subversion of aesthetics standards.
Such myths are endlessly created by fashion and technology in modern urban centers.
Everything goes, but in a different way…
« In my work I mould odd objects with contradictions as far as their operation, meaning and interpretation are concerned. These items should be conceived mostly as comments, as toys or as dangerous and naive fantasies, » writes Christina Karababa.
The artist teaches in Applied Science University Düsseldorf. She has held numerous individual and group exhibitions and co-curated the international art jewellery meeting « Zimmerhof Symposium » in 2014.
"war-like jewellery" of Katerina Glyka  Katerina Glyka  – « Lethal Jewellery » -  « war-like jewellery » of Katerina Glyka which has as starting point scenographic imitations of archaic weapons made with the technique of paper mache and ends up being potentially lethal tools made from cement.


Galerie Weltraum
Rumfordstrasse 26, Munich
Opening 11.03.2015 19:00 – 22:00
12.03.2015 – 17.03.2015
14:00 – 20:00
Rumfordstrasse 26, Munich
Opening 11.03.2015 19:00 – 22:00
tel : 0175 1121656




EXPO ‘mineralART 2014 – Between Layers’ – Staatlichen Antikensammlungen, Munich (DE) – 13 Mars- 11 Mai 2014

 SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Staatlichen Antikensammlungen, Preisverleihung mineralART 2014

« between layers – Innenwelten des Achats »
“between layers – worlds within agate”

The prize-giving will take place on Thursday, 13 March 2014, as part of a celebratory event inside the Munich State Collection of Antiques. The competition-winning pieces and other outstanding works will be on display here during SCHMUCK 2014 and until 11 May 2014 during museum opening hours.

After the opening, please join the CURRENT OBSESSION PARTY!!! :
Thursday, 13th March 2014, 9 – 12 pm
84 GHz, Georgenstraße 84, Munich

Flyer mineralART

Award ceremony & opening: Thursday, 13th March 2014, 7:00 pm
State Collection of Antiques, Königsplatz, Munich.mineralART 2014“between layers – worlds within agate”

 mineralART 2014 is proud to present the work of following artists in Munich :

Claudia Adam — Penka Arabova-Pasheva — Paula Bahadian — Frans Beelen — Tereza Borlova –
Carolin Denter — Katharina DettarPatrícia DominguesMatthias DyerTanja Emmert – Elvira Golombosi — Lina Goltsios — Elena Gorbunova — Taehee In — Levani Jishkariani — Christina Karababa – Yeonkyung Kim — Beate Klockmann — Karina Lazauskaitė — Typhaine Le Monnier — Tianqi Li –  Cristina Martí Mató –  Judy McCaigViktoria Münzker – Tom Munsteiner — Julia Obermaier — Ruudt Peters — Hester Popma-van de Kolk — Sari Räthel — Philip Sajet — Nils Schmalenbach — Kvetoslava Flora Sekanova –  Giovanni Sicuro — Supavee Sirinkraporn — Jörg Stoffel — Karen Vanmol — Karol Weisslechner — Zindzi Wijminga — Getter Ziugand   ………..

An overwhelming number of 275 pieces by 161 participants ………………

#SCHMUCK14 -  MineralART competition - Annamaria ZanellaAnnamaria Zanella
MineralART - Sari RäthelSari Räthel
MINERALart- Li TianqiLi Tianqi
MineralART - Tatjana GiorgadseTatjana Giorgadse
MineralART - Julia ObermaierJulia Obermaier
MINERALart- Giovanni SicuroGiovanni Sicuro
MINERALart- Philip SajetPhilip Sajet



Staatlichen Antikensammlungen
Königsplatz 1
80333 München
Di-So 10-17, Mi 10-20 Uhr




EXPO ‘Maquina’ – Showcase 20a, Munich (DE) – 12-18 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Maquina – window display – 12-18 mars

***24h WINDOW DISPLAY*** OPENING 13. 03. — 17H
EXHIBITION 12. 03. — 18. 03.2014

during SCHMUCK :Maquina - window display - 12-18 mars
During SCHMUCK 2014 « Máquina » presents the work of a group of jewellery-makers eager to explore the potential of achieving new contemporary jewellery styles. They translate their creative ideas into tangible pieces of adornment by merging a range of modern production techniques, with traditional craftsmanship methods to materialize their vision.

Laura Alvarado - lost & foundLaura Alvarado - lost & found

EXPO ‘Maquina’ – Showcase 20a, Munich (DE) – 12-18 Mars 2014 dans Allemagne (DE) animation_01Daniel Michel – There Is No Single Story – 2010- polyamid (Selective Laser Sintering), lenticular print
This ring changes its colors if you change your or the rings position.
Same things are different. The impression you get depends on your position, your point of view, your socialisation, your associations.
Karin Maisch - Fachhochschule Düsseldorf, Germany - necklace, Kaleidoscope, the folded one, 2013, rubber, fabric, steel, magnet, paintKarin Maisch (Fachhochschule Düsseldorf) – necklace, Kaleidoscope, the folded one, 2013, rubber, fabric, steel, magnet, paint
 GUN-GUN #10, Polyamid, Silver, Christina Karababa, 2013Christina Karababa, GUN-GUN #10, Polyamid, Silver,  2013
phylicia gilijamse Andclose - Necklace, 2013 Every link of this chain is different but they all have in common that they consist of two incomplete parts. Only when the two parts come together can the link be closed.Phylicia Gilijamse – Andclose – Necklace, 2013 Every link of this chain is different but they all have in common that they consist of two incomplete parts. Only when the two parts come together can the link be closed.
the pins huh! by anne achenbach
 Anne Achenbach pins – rosa klapprad serie
Denise Julia Reytan, Schmuckdesign, jewelry Berlin 2011Denise Julia Reytan, Schmuckdesign, Berlin 2011
Showcase 20a
Donnersbergerstraße 20a
80634 München
24/24 Uhr, window display

REACH THE EXHIBITION : U-Bahn, bus and tram stop Rotkreuzplatz S-Bahn Station Donnersbergerbrücke Tram and bus stop Donnersbergerstraße


EXPO ‘Papallona / Mariposa / Butterfly’ – Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers, Granollers (Spain) – 29 Nov. 2013 – 2 Mars 2014

Papallona / Mariposa / Butterfly

Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers

Check the online catalogue here

papallona .....

Paticipating artists:
Adriano Castoro — Alexander Blank — Ana Toledo — Andrea Wagner Anne Wiedau — Annika Lange — Arek Wolski — Atsuko Fujishima — Attai ChenAtty TantivitBeate KlockmannBernhard Schobinger — Bruno Sievering Tornow — Chiara ScarpittiChristina KarababaCristina Martí Mató — Chang Wei Hsuan — Dana SeachugaDavid Bielander — Davide Zambon — Diana TipoiaDonald Friedlich Edu TarínEmi FukudaEva BurtonFanny Agnier – Felieke Ven Der Leest Florie Dupont — Francesca Ferrario — Gabi Dziuba — Gésine HackenbergGrego GarcíaGregory Larin — Hans-Joachim Härtel — Hector Lasso – Helen BrittonHerman Hermsen — Horst Feiler – Hu Jun — Jiro Kamata — Jordi Sànchez – Karina Lazauskaite — Karl Fritsch Karolina Bik Katharina Dettar — Kathleen Fink — Katja Prins – Kecskés Orsolya – Kvetoslava Flora Sekanova — Lisa Walker – Maarja Niinemägi — Manon Van Kouswijk Manuel VilhenaMari Ishikawa María Mamkaeva Marina Elenskaya/Christian Van Der Kaap — Marta Roca Solé — Martin Wipperfürth — Martina PontMartina TornowMelanie IsverdingMirei TakeuchiMontserrat LacombaNatalie Luder Nicolás Estrada Nina Sajet –  Noon Passama Otto KünzliPatrícia DominguesPavel Opocenský — Peter Skubic — Petr Dvorak Petra ZimmermanPhilip Sajet Ramon Puig CuyásRobean Visschers Rosa Nogués FreixasRudolf Kocea — Ryuichiro Nakamura –  Sandra Murray – Sara Shahak – Sehee Um –  Silvia Walz — Simone Knust –  Slawomir Fijalkowski — Stefan Heuser — Stefan Todorov – Stefano Marchetti — Surasekk Yushiwat — Suzan Rezac — Tabea ReuleckeTaweesak MolsawatTerhi Tolvanen –  Theodora Vasilopoulou –  Therese Hilbert — Thomas Dierks — Ulrich Reithofer – Uta Feiler — Vera SiemundVolker AtropsXavier Monclús.

Arek Wolski, Brooch, 2013Arek Wolski – Brooch: Untitled, 2013 -  Steel pins

Philip Sajet, Ring, 2013Philip Sajet – ring  Papallona/Butterfly, 2013  Niello on silver, enamel on silver, gold

Ulrich Reithofer, Ring, 2013Ulrich ReithoferRing: Grey on green with gold butterfly, 2013Jade, rock crystal, gold leaf

Marta Roca Solé, Pendant, 2013Marta Roca Solé – Pendant: Madame butterfly, 2013 – Glued newspaper, oxidised silver, cotton thread

Fanny Agnier - "papallona" ring Fanny Agnier – « papallona » ring
Beate Klockmann - 'papallona d'or' brooch
Beate Klockmann - ‘papallona d’or’ brooch 
papallona  - Christina Karababa (GR) 'crisalide' pendentif
Christina Karababa (GR) ‘crisalide’ pendentif
papallona - Karolina Bik -  'graphium' ring - peridot, argent oxydé
 Karolina Bik -  ‘graphium’ ring – peridot, argent oxydé
papallona  -Montserrat Lacomba - broche 'papallona blanca' - cobre, esmalte
Montserrat Lacomba - broche ‘papallona blanca’ – cobre, esmalte
papallona - Katharina Dettar - brooch - labradorite, or
Katharina Dettar - brooch – labradorite, or

papallona -Gesine Hackenberg - 'papallona de mandarina' brooch - cuivre
Gesine Hackenberg – ‘papallona de mandarina’ brooch – cuivre


Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers
Carrer de Palaudàries 102
08402 – Granollers
Telephone: 938 70 96 51


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