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Decouverte : Chuck DOMITROVICH – spiky jewels

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Chuck Domitrovich

I’ve been making jewelry since taking my first metals class at the University of Washington back in 1988. I love textures and motion and try to incorporate both into my work wherever possible. I love metal and continue to find it a challenging medium and worthwhile adversary.


Decouverte : Chuck DOMITROVICH - spiky jewels dans Chuck DOMITROVICH (US)
helios bangle – This bangle is very similar to the Libertas bangle but is double-layered. It is sterling silver with 38 silicone spines arranged in a « V » pattern from the central rim. This one feels more chaotic than the other bracelet even though it is not so different.

This piece reminds me a lot of a crown of thorns sea star…


 dans USA
Libertas bangle – one-layer bangle with 20 silicone spines.


Libertas hoop earrings


rooster ring



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