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EXPO ‘WYSIWYG – Chumeng Weng’ – Spazio Culturale MENTANA, Firenze (IT) – 26 Nov. 2016

WYSIWYG – Chumeng Weng


Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School Florence

26 November 2016 -  Opening: 18:00


WYSIWYG - Chumeng Weng

Alchimia presents WYSIWYG, solo exhibition of graduate student Chumeng Weng.
The exhibition consists of a series of 19 jewellery pieces, a humorous reflection on what determines our psychological discomforts. On Nov 26th 2016, you are invited to the representation of her fears based on a two-year self discovery journey.
WYSIWYG will take you behind the dark scenes of Chumeng Weng’s imagination, where everything is tied together through one specific shape to have her worst nightmares come true.
Weng’s work incorporates traditional metal forming techniques with elements that are not usually associated with jewellery, thus creating a sense of disturbance, much like how our inner struggle works against common perception. As she sharpens, scores, snaps the pieces on to the edge of a shirt with an aggressive gesture, they turn into a theatrical symbol rather than a physical threat. Weng becomes powerful through the process of creation, taking control of her growth once again.


 WYSIWYG - Chumeng WengWYSIWYG – Chumeng Weng

Chumeng Weng pendant aluminium, shibuichi, beaded wire, tiger tail wire - pendant  23x14x9cm: WYSIWYG – Chumeng Weng pendant aluminium, shibuichi, beaded wire, tiger tail wire – pendant  23x14x9cm

WYSIWYG - Chumeng Weng (ALCHIMIA 2016): WYSIWYG – Chumeng Weng

Chumeng Weng - WYSIWYG - pendant dim 50x6x6cm: WYSIWYG – Chumeng Weng  necklace – copper, shibuichi, acrylic paint, spray sealant, tiger tail wire 2016

« Chumeng Weng in her new collection moved from a more personal and biographical representation of fear to a broader and rather humoristic reflection on what determines our psychological discomforts.  Motion and sarcasm are paramount tools for her, and the question she seems to pose here might be how to neutralize fear’s paralyzing power. » (Alchimia blog)

Chumeng Weng 2016Chumeng Weng


Chumeng Weng lived and studied in Shenyang, China for 18 years before studying fine art in Canada. Still looking for a better self, she spent one year focusing on technical jewellery making. This led her to Alchimia, where not only her perception of jewellery has been altered greatly, but also her philosophy towards ways of living has been reinterpreted.



Via della Mosca, 5,

50124 Firenze






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