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EXPO ‘Celebrating 70′ – Facere Gallery, Seattle (USA) – 19 Aout-5 Sept 2010

This exhibition will celebrate Karen Lorene’s 70th birthday as well as the 38th anniversary of Facere Jewelry Art Gallery. The show will feature 70 pieces, one each from 70 artists, each representing and relating to a year from 1940–2010.

In conjunction with the exhibition, we have published a book titled ‘Celebrating 70: 70 years by 70 artists.’ This publication includes images of all 70 pieces in the show as well as short statements from the artists about their inspiration for their piece.

EXPO 'Celebrating 70' - Facere Gallery, Seattle (USA) - 19 Aout-5 Sept 2010 dans Biba SCHUTZ (US) Micki_Lippe_C70Veronica_von_Allworden_C70 dans BOOKS / BIBLIO
Micki Lippe – for year 1943 – « Where Have All the Soldiers Gone? » Necklace in sterling silver, wool, silk, beads, pearls 
Veronica von Allworden – for year 1974 – « Word Play » Bracelet in sterling silver and steel.

Julie_Speidel_C70 dans Cindy SUMMER (US)PAN_C70 dans Emiko OYE (US)
Julie Speidel – for year 1994 « Karnag » Necklace in steel and porcelain
Gina Pankowski  (US) 
for year 1945 « Slice of Life » Brooch in sterling silver, 14k gold, acrylic, and ink

YMK_C70 dans Exposition/ExhibitionML_C70 dans Gal. Facere (US)
Yeonmi Kang (Korea) for year 1999 « Eclipse » brooch – sterling silver, gold keumboo, copper, enamel,  quartz

Margaux Lange for year 2002 « Breast to Breast » brooch in stering silver, plastic Barbie doll parts, resin

SP_C70 dans Gina PANKOWSKI (US)LH_C70 dans Jan SMITH (CA)
 Seth Papac (US) for year 1951 « i.d. » Necklace in enameled steel, powder coated steel, resin, and powder enamel
Laurie Hall  (US) for year 1950 « Boomerang » Necklace- silver, ebony, beach pebble, pearl, bakelite, oxidized silver

MP_C70 dans Julie SPEIDEL (US)OYE_C70 dans Laurie HALL (US)
Maria Phillips for year 1998 « Executive Cigar Cozy » Necklace in wool and sterling silver (« As Monica told Barbara Walters, she survived her ordeal in part by knitting« emoticone )
Emiko Oye  for year 1959 « Dawning » Necklace in repurposed LEGO and cording

BI_C70 dans Margaux LANGE (US)SS_C70 dans Maria PHILLIPS (US)
Biba Schutz  for year 1972 « the was the PRICE » pin in sterling silver, steel, plexiglass, digital prints, and art medium
Suzanne Stern for year 1996 « Breathe One-Eucalyptus » Brooch – bronze, vermeil, Pate de Verre lead crystal, Tahitian pearls

KSL_C70 dans Micki LIPPE (US)SB_C70 dans Ramona SOLBERG (US)
Designed by Ramona Solberg in 2004 – for year 1987 « Untitled » Necklace in silver, shell, bone, die, and rubber.  Fabricated by Kiff Slemmons in 2010.
Cindy Sumner  (US)  for year 1986 « Icarus » Necklace in lithographic tin, brass, and found objects

TR_C70 dans Seth PAPAC (US)JAN_C70 dans Suzanne STERN (DE)
Todd Reed (US) for year 1976 « Pressed Flowers » Necklace – sterling silver, tourmaline in quartz, acrylic paint
 Jan Smith (CA)  for year 1967 « Right Now » Necklace- sterling silver, copper, enamel wool,  silk thread


Artist list:
Boris Bally, Davide Bigazzi, Nancy Bonnema, Ken Bova, Jana Brevick, Jessica Calderwood, Virginia Causey, Jude Clarke, Andy Cooperman, Nancy Mēgan Corwin, Kevin Crane, Peg Fetter, Lisa Fidler, Steven Ford & David Forlano, Suzan Gallup, Laurie Hall, Joan Hammond, Trudee Hill, Tom Hill, Ron Ho, Sarah Hood, Judith Hoyt, Mary Lee Hu, Lezlie Jane, Charra Jarosz, Yeonmi Kang, Deb Karash, Nadine Kariya, Linda Kindler Priest, Margaux Lange, Micki Lippe, Eve Llyndorah & Ray Lipovsky, Kristin Lora, Marty Lovins, Leslie MacInnes, Jane Martin, Karen McCreary, Marcia Meyers, Alisa Miller, Rika Mouw, emiko oye, Gina Pankowski, Seth Papac, Rosemary Pham, Lee Phillips, Maria Phillips, Todd Pownell, Gail Rappa, Jayne Redman, Todd Reed, Kait Rhoads, Biba Schutz, Barbara Seidenath, Kiff Slemmons, Jan Smith, Julie Speidel, Alex Stanyon, Suzanne Stern, Cindy Sumner, Patricia Telesco, Cappy Thompson, Cynthia Toops, Carmen Valdes, Veronica von Allworden, Hiroshi Watanabe, Sarah J. G. Wauzynski, Roberta & David Williamson, Nancy Worden, Liaung-Chung Yen, Kristi Zevenbergen.


Facere Jewelry Art Gallery
1420 Fifth Ave, 108
WA 98101 – Seattle
United States
Telephone: 206/624-6768
Fax: 206/624-2852



‘Celebrating 70: 70 years by 70 artists.’


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