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Claire Johnston …. une dent contre son dentiste ?? – Tooth Fairy Series

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« The tooth fairy series is a range of jewellery that is a contemporary take on Victorian Sentimental Jewellery. I took one of my cherished, irreplaceable possessions (my daughter’s baby teeth) and created a series of jewellery from castings of her teeth. Made in silver, the pieces have a traditional form to them, and are not instantly recogniseable as teeth. The Ceramic Tooth Fairy Series follows on from the silver collection, but I have explored the scale of the teeth. This was based on the reaction of the audience to the silver range. I wanted to make the jewellery more provocative, I set out to create a dialogue between the audience, wearer and objects. The teeth are exact replicas of an original tooth that has been enlarged by either 400% or 800% through the process of rapid prototyping. » (Claire Johnston)

Etonnant ! en tout cas, ce sont des bijoux qui ont … du mordant ! ;-)

Double Tooth NecklaceCeramic Tooth Fairy Series
Claire JohnstonDouble tooth necklace  - slip cast porcelain, silver

Ceramic Tooth Fairy Series
Claire JohnstonCeramic tooth fairy series – ring – slip cast porcelain with gold shank

Untitled Necklace, Tooth Fairy SeriesUntitled Necklace, Tooth Fairy Series detail.
Claire Johnston« Pompadour pearls » – pearls for a princess- Tooth fairy series

Untitled NecklaceCeramic Tooth Fairy Series, Untitled Necklace
Claire JohnstonSlipcast Porcelain, with silver catch and strung on hair


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