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EXPO ‘Snapshot’ – Galeria Reverso, Lisbonne (Portugal) – 28 Nov. 2015- 15 Janv. 2016

Galeria Reverso: « Snapshot« 

Christmas group exhibition with works by Patricia Domingues (MA 2013), Danni Schwaag (Diploma 2008), Edu Tarìn (MFA 2015) et al.

Opening saturday, November 28, from 5 to 8 pm 

Snapshot - REVERSO

Snapshot – photography project with Diana Laires:
Words cannot say much about jewellery. You have to see, feel and wear the pieces on the body. You have to live with them. Only then, the pleasure of the thought and made, of the formulated and fabulated with ideas, desires and matters, can irradiate fascination.
What should remain is the joy and the desire to understand and wear these pieces of jewellery as symbols of your own personality. /Jens-Rudiger Lorenzen (adapted) in Contemporary Jewelry, Stuttgart, 1989

Artist List:
Ana Margarida Carvalho
–  Andrea WagnerAnneleen SwillenBeate LeonardsBeatriz Horta Correia –  Beppe KesslerBirgit Laken –  Carlos Silva –  Castello Hansen Claude Schmitz  –  Cristina FilipeDanni SchwaagDulce Ferraz – Edu TarínEla Bauer Filomeno Pereira de SousaFloor MommersteegGabriela CoelhoHelena Johansson LindellHerman HermsenJoana Taurino – Kaori Juzu Laura RoseLeonor Hipólito  – Lina PetersonLuzia VogtManuel VilhenaMarc MonzóMasako Hamaguchi Mecky van den BrinkMirjam Hiller – Nikolay SardamovPatrícia DominguesPaula CrespoPaula RousseauSylvia BlickmanSofia GomesSuzanne Esser –  Tanel Veenre Telma SimõesTimothy Information LimitedUlrika Sward –  Valentim QuaresmaValéria Fazèkas.

Patrícia Domingues (MA 2013) • Brooch "Serie Duality " • Reconstructed coral and steel • 2015 • ©photo by Manuel Ocaña MascaronPatrícia Domingues (MA 2013 Idar-Oberstein) • Brooch « Serie Duality  » • Reconstructed coral and steel • 2015 • ©photo by Manuel Ocaña Mascaron

Edu Tarìn (MFA 2015) • Brooch "Antípoda 2" • Copper and gold • 2014 • ©photo by Manuel Ocaña MascaronEdu Tarìn (MFA 2015 Idar Oberstein) • Brooch « Antípoda 2″ • Copper and gold • 2014 • ©photo by Manuel Ocaña Mascaron

 Danni Schwaag (Diploma 2008) • Brooch "Jakop II" • Ebony, enamel on copper, bead cord, broken tile and steel • 2010 • ©photo by artistDanni Schwaag (Diploma 2008 Idar Oberstein) • Brooch « Jakop II » • Ebony, enamel on copper, bead cord, broken tile and steel • 2010 • ©photo by artist

Andrea Wagner Brooch: Cape Canaveral Porcelain, glass, and possibly other media, silver, wood, acrylic color and fibre: Andrea Wagner Brooch: Cape Canaveral Porcelain, glass, and possibly other media, silver, wood, acrylic color and fibre

 Anneleen Swillen Brooch: Glass of red fruits, 2014 Resin, plaster, stainless steel, iron: Anneleen Swillen Brooch: Glass of red fruits, 2014 Resin, plaster, stainless steel, iron

Leonor Hipólito Piece: Tout est sur la table, 2011 Sterling silver Photo by: Arne Kaiser: Leonor Hipólito Piece: Tout est sur la table, 2011 Sterling silver Photo by: Arne Kaiser

 Beppe Kessler Brooch: Skyline, 2013 Silver, wood, acrylic color and fibre 7.5 x 7 x 2 cm: Beppe Kessler Brooch: Skyline, 2013 Silver, wood, acrylic color and fibre 7.5 x 7 x 2 cm



Galeria Reverso
R. da Esperança 59/61
1200-655 – Lisbon
Telephone: +351 213 951 407
Fax: +351 213 951 407


EXPO ’40 Jewels (40 Joias)’ – Galeria Tereza Seabra, Lisbon (Portugal) – 29 Oct.-19 Nov. 2013

40 Jewels (40 Joias) -     Galeria Tereza Seabra (Lisbon, Portugal)

“40 Jewels” celebrates the 40th anniversary of Ar.Co – Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual, Lisbon, Portugal, and the 35th anniversary of its Jewellery department. Founded in 1978 by Tereza Seabra, Ar.Co’s Jewellery department became her responsability for 25 years, until it was passed on to Cristina Filipe in 2004. This was the first (and is still the only) contemporary jewellery program fully integrated into an art school in Portugal. National and international collaborations with artists,  jewellers, public and private schools and other entities were and have remained a crucial part of the Jewellery department’s identity. “40 Jewels” will present selected works by 40 ex-students who have completed Ar.Co’s Studies Plan between 1978 and 2013.

40 Jewels (40 Joias) -   -  Galeria Tereza Seabra (Lisbon, Portugal) 29-Oct-2013 - 19-Nov-2013  website: mail:
Artists:  Alexandra Rodrigues — Amália Rosa — Ana Henriques — Ana Margarida Carvalho — Artur Madeira — Beatriz Mousinho — Cláudia Cabral — Catarina Silva — Catarina Simões — Cristina Filipe — David Pontes — Diana Silva — Gabriela Coelho — Inês Nunes — Joana Mota Capitão — João Martins — Laura Rose Graham — Lúcia Abdenur — Luís Torres — Madalena Avellar — Manuel Machado — Manuela Domingues — Manuela Sousa — Maria Emília Martinho — Marília Mira — Marta Boino Eliseu — Miriam Castro — Natalia Olarte — Nininha — Nuno Miguel Gomes — Paula Crespo — Paula Paour — Pedro Cruz — Rita Faustino — Rita del Rio — Sónia Brum — Susana Beirão — Teresa MilheiroTyphaine Le Monnier — Zélia Nobre
Marília Maria Mira, Brooch, 1989Marília Maria Mira, Brooch, 1989 – Oxidated alpaca
Paula Crespo, Necklace, 1994Paula Crespo,  Necklace 1994 – Oxidated silver
Natalie Olarte, Necklace, 2011
Natalia Olarte – Necklace 2011 – Tights, modeling past, PVC
Joana Mota Capitão, Necklace, 2008Joana Mota Capitão – Necklace: Landscapes 2008 – Recicled cardboard, silver 925
Tereza Seabra, Necklace, 2003Tereza Seabra, Necklace, 2003
Tereza Seabra – Necklace: Pompei 2003 – Gold, coral, silk thread, painted ivory by Antonio Marques
Lisbon, Portugal


Schmuck 2013 – EXPO ‘This is where they met’ – Platina at Frame, Neue Messe Munchen, Munich (DE) – 6-12 mars 2013

Frame/Galerie Platina, This is where they met.

Messegelände München, Halle B1

09.03. 11-15pm meet the artistas @ Schmuck Bar

Jewellery Sessions 2013 : Beatrice Brovia & Nicolas Cheng –  Sofia Björkman — Helen Carnac — Hilde De Decker, Gemma Draper –  Cristina FilipeSilke FleischerAdam GrinovichDana Hakim –  Hanna Hedman — Hannah Joris –  Agnes LarssonMia MaljojokiMikiko MinewakiJorge ManillaRuudt Peters

Schmuck 2013 – EXPO 'This is where they met' - Platina at Frame, Neue Messe Munchen, Munich (DE) - 6-12 mars 2013 dans Adam GRINOVICH (SE) 2cd4940625bdbf702de40ee1db72a4baJewellery Sessions offers an online platform for artists from different disciplines. It aims at starting a dialogue, sharing thoughts, exchanging visions and collaborating freely. Hereby focusing on the synergy between a photograph, a piece of furniture, an installation, a jewellery piece, other artworks, and the way these artforms come together through extended research.
The visual, how you see things, how you approach them, how you view them from various perspectives, is a common denominator in how we work with contemporary jewellery today. In fact, we (from our discipline) are mostly interested in people; in things people create, why they create it, who is interested in it, and how people live with exceptional products of individual makers. Jewellery Sessions sets out to contribute to current debates of the notion of contemporary jewellery today as an artform, and its impact in the discourse of visual art and design. Within this context we present a platform for experimentation, reflection, discussion and display, to become more flexible and interconnected.
For Jewellery Sessions 2013, contemporary jewellery artists /artist groups are invited from Europe, Japan, U.S. , Latin America, … to join. In collaboration with a photographer, with similar artistic visions, these invited jewellery artists work towards a photograph. The image shows a narrative view on jewellery and should represent more than a profile as for example in a catalogue. The project is an artist initiative to investigate in and reflect on « crossover thinking » in applied and visual arts and a research in different forms of presentation or display of contemporary jewellery. 
Curator: Silke Fleischer

foto-31-1024x665 dans Agnes LARSSON (SE)Jorge Manilla

 dans Allemagne (DE)Ruudt Peters

mikiko-minewaki-JSsm-660x1024 dans Beatrice BROVIA (IT)Mikiko Minewaki

Adam_Grinovich_3_-732x1024 dans Cristina FILIPE (PT)Adam Grinovitch

gemma-site-sessions1-1024x1024 dans Dana HAKIM (IL)Gemma Draper

Hanna Hedman - Black Bile - Self portraitHanna Hedman – Black Bile – Self portrait



Platina at Frame, Neue Messe Munchen
Messegelände Halle B1
81829 – Munich – Germany


EXPO ‘PIN DESENHA ’12′ – GIEFARTE, Lisboa (PT) – 12-24 Nov. 2012

CORPO / GESTO / LINHA e MOVIMENTO · desenhos e pins -
PD’12 decorre no âmbito da Trienal Movimento Desenho
EXPO 'PIN DESENHA '12' - GIEFARTE, Lisboa (PT) - 12-24 Nov. 2012 dans Catarina DIAS (PT) desenha12
Participan :
Lúcia Abdenur — Ana Andrade — Rita Andrade — Ana Cristina Azevedo — Bagau — Susana Barbosa — Cristina Barros — Silvia Beildeck — Letícia Costa — Aglaíze Damasceno — Teresa Dantas — Catarina Dias — Isa Duarte Ribeiro — Rita Faustino — Ana Fernandes — Cristina Filipe / Rosário Rebello de Andrade — Filomeno — Hela Flávia — Ana Paula Feijó — Nininha Guimarães dos Santos — Sandra Manin Frias — Solange Jansen — Margarida Matos — Teresa Garcia de Matos — Typhaine Le Monnier — Miriam Mirna Korolkovas — Carolina Mota — Alice Neiva — Inês NunesNatalia Olarte — Maria José Oliveira — Luísa Pedroso — David Pontes — Áurea Praga — Bruno Prekatado — Soiis Rabelo — Cristina Roque dos Santos — André Rocha — Marina Sheetikoff — Raquel Soares — Inês Sobreira — Manuela de Sousa — Rudolf Ruthner — Carlos Silva — Joana Taurino — Carla Tomé — Valéria Tupinambá — Elma Vespermann — Sandrine Vieira
pindesenha_01 dans Cristina FILIPE (PT)« Estes desenhos foram reunidos num LIVRO/ OBJETO »
Coordenação Geral e Executiva
Maria José Oliveira, Cristina Filipe, Raquel Soares – PIN
PD ’12 tem a chancela do Alto Comissariado do Ano de Portugal no Brasil e do Ano do Brasil em Portugal 2012/2013 
« PIN DESENHA’ 12 é um recente projecto da PIN – Associação Portuguesa de Joalharia Contemporânea que resultou de uma parceria com a primeira edição da TRIENALMOVIMNETO DESENHO, este ano denominada DESENHA‘12.
Foi deste modo e sob este mote que a PIN se prontificou a lançar junto dos seus associados este novo projeto designado por PIN DESENHA ‘12. Responderam à chamada meia centena de autores joalheiros que se apresentam nesta exposição.
O projecto PIN DESENHA‘12 consiste no desenvolvimento do tema CORPO / GESTO / LINHA E MOVIMENTO, aplicado à conceção e à realização de um PIN – uma pregadeira que terá como elemento comum um alfinete e a ideia de representação e materialização de linhas, acompanhado pelos respectivos desenhos – num máximo de 10) – desenhos esses, técnicos ou livres, relativos aos trabalhos de Joalharia Contemporânea que os autores conceberam.
Estes desenhos foram reunidos num LIVRO/ OBJETO que corresponde por sua vez à narrativa gráfica e poética do presente projeto. Este objeto tem a configuração de um livro cujas páginas são constituídas pelos desenhos de cada um dos membros participantes, executados em papel vegetal. Todavia, a fim de se seguir o tema –CORPO / GESTO / LINHA E MOVIMENTO, os desenhos em papel vegetal são gráficos delineados através de uma perfuração artesanal feita meticulosamnet com a ajuda de um  alfinete de costura. Deste modo, com o alfinete usou-se uma técnica pontilhista e deu-se uso técnico a este elemento estruturante da PIN DESENHA‘12. Deverá ainda referir-se que este LIVRO/OBJECTO, insólito e único, foi concebido como uma caixa de luz que permite uma visão integral adequada à leitura dos diversos desenhos picotados.
Neste projecto está integrada toda a filosofia da PIN, na medida em que constituiu uma forma, assaz inovadora e imaginativa, de promover o intercâmbio de experiências e o desenvolvimento teórico e prático do título identificativo da Associação. JÓIAS/PIN recria uma aposta anterior no âmbito de alguns workshops, já realizados. Trata-se mais uma vez de jogar com algo que constitui a imagem da Associação e fazer variações a partir do conceito de emblema minimal em que assenta a própria Associação.
O projecto PIN DESENHA’ 12 assume por inteiro o objetivo de se fazer jóia, o que constitui por si só uma qualidade inerente à intrínseca especificidade da Associação, como ainda o de serem manufacturados uma série de PINS acompanhados dos respectivos desenhos, razão pela qual cerca de um quarto dos seus membros aderiram a este projecto que também tinha, claro está, os seus custos financeiros de participação.
PIN DESENHA’ 12 tem uma característica muito própria, digamos mesmo que essencial à criação do OBJECTO/PIN. Na realidade, a mais que célebre afirmação small is beautifull, veio alertar-nos para a necessidade de se atender com a maior honestidade à escala e à civilidade das nossas vidas no tocante à vitalidade, à integridade e à respectiva riqueza espiritual. Neste sentido, a dimensão do próprio PIN e as suas inerentes especificidades fazem deste objeto, um assumido ícone desta afirmação filosófica, política económica e cultural que criou escola a nível universal. Na verdade, small is beautifull constitui hoje em dia uma resposta alternativa à crise mundial que atravessamos e que vai deixar profundas marcas nesta e nas próximas gerações.
Deverá ainda destacar-se o facto da PIN DESENHA’ 12 ser ainda um programa internacional que engloba a participação de membros brasileiros, o que se revela da maior oportunidade neste ano de 2012/2013, em que tanto o Brasil como Portugal festejam em cada um seus territórios os seus eventos e as suas atividades culturais. Deste modo, a literatura, a pintura, o teatro, a música, a dança e agora a joalharia juntam os dois povos para oficialmente declararem este ano de 2012 como o Ano do Brasil em Portugal e o Ano de Portugal no Brasil.
A terminar, deverá ainda referir-se que o projecto PIN DESENHA’ 12 é da autoria de Cristina Filipe, Maria José Oliveira e Raquel Soares, nele tendo participado, como acima se mencionou, cerca de meia centena de membros da PIN cujos trabalhos figuram na Agenda PIN 2013, que corresponde por seu lado, à III edição destas publicações anuais que a Associação vem realizando. »
Madalena Braz Teixeira
Presidente da Mesa da Assembleia da PIN
Solange Jansen "pin" Jansen

Barbaea De Crim V. "pin" De Crim V.

Raquel Soares "pin" Soares



Rua da Arrábida, 54 B-C (Santa Isabel – Campo de Ourique)
Inauguração + Lançamento da Agenda PIN 2013
Sábado, 10 Nov 2012 das 17h às 21h
12 a 24 Nov 2012
Segunda a Sábado
11h-14h e 15-20h

GIEFARTE, Lisboa, 10 Novembro 2012

CASA ITANHANGÁ, Rio de Janeiro, 27 Novembro 2012


Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof – Bad-Rappenau, Germany – 7-10 Juin 2012

Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof

Zimmerhof symposium (44ème édition)
The public and private lives of jewellery ( 7 -10 juin 2012)
Un séminaire sur le bijou contemporain – programmé par brune boyer, emmanuel lacoste et benjamin lignel – sur l’invitation d’Yvonne von Racknitz et Uli Haass – avec Namita Wiggers, Cristina Filipe, Christoph Zellweger, Susan Pietzsch, Alena Alexandrova, Christian Hoedl, Carole Deltenre, Cécile Bulté, Pascale Gallien, Alexandre Bardin alias Vera Berkson, Philippe Liotard, Emmanuel Lacoste & Christian Alandete.


Concept 2012

This year, the symposium’s programme was put together by the French association la garantie. The program will tackle, on the first two days, the different public spaces in which contemporary jewellery can be found, and how actors in the field have sought to challenge the boundaries between those spaces. The last two days will focus more specifically on private spaces and the body.
Our primary aim is to deal with issues that have cropped up recently in opinion pieces and academic texts, and in contemporary practice: how makers sometimes produce for museums, and forget the user; how museums in turn try to propose ‘hands-on’ exhibition projects; how some individuals have literally gone ‘on the street’ to meet the user; how the body is at once a destination, a reference, and an arena of transformation. In short, we intend to provide a platform for debate on the exciting and problematic to and fro of contemporary jewellery between maker, wearer and institution.

Secondly, we hope that this program will give the attendees an opportunity to test a growing interest in the field for exhibition design against the larger historical and theoretical context of museology and (contemporary) jewellery exhibition history.

The results of this symposium will later be published both online and in print.

Brune Boyer, Emmanuel Lacoste & Benjamin Lignel, für la garantie


About Zimmerhof

Zimmerhof is a yearly reunion of around 200 members of the jewellery field – students, makers, designers and historians – taking place in an impressive old farmhouse estate in Bad Rappenau-Zimmerhof.
While the four-day event revolves around talks and presentations, it also provides the opportunity to chat at length with those peers we often only ‘bump into’ in other events: it’s an occasion to exchange information, communicate about one’s work, and generally have a good time together.

In order to keep both the attendants and the organisers on their toes, the lectures are always organized by a different team of jewellery professionals: two, sometimes three, people choose a theme, and select a roster of international speakers accordingly. The speakers come from Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, and France; alumni students from academies throughout Europe also present their work (talks are given either in English or German). According to the tradition, visitors are encouraged to bring a couple of their own pieces, which are shown on Friday night on the now legendary Schmucktisch (jewellery table).

Zimmerhof Symposium is the longest existing symposium of it´s kind. Through the years it has grown to be the time and place to be for contemporary jewellery people to meet and greet, to talk and discuss. Bolstered by tradition and ever changing programs, we feel sure that the symposium will continue to inspire for many years to come: we hope to see you there!

Programm/ Program
Donnerstag 07. Juni
• 14.30 Begrüßung
• Namita Wiggers (USA) Kuratorin
„Treasure House and/ or Pleasure House: Democratizing Experience in Museums“
• Christina Filipe (PT) Schmuckmacherin, Gründerin der PIN Association
„the private life of a piece of jewellery“
Freitag 08. Juni
Christoph Zellweger (CH) Schmuck und Objektmacher, Professor
„Bodies as Jewels – vom Körperschmuck zu Körpern als Schmuck“
• Susan Pietzsch (DE) Schmuckmacherin, Herausgeberin von Schmuck2
„Schmuck2 publications – Excerpt from the Practice“
• Alena Alexandrova (NL) Kuratorin, kulturtheoretikerin
„Around, but never at the center: Weaving an Atlas of Jewels and gestures.
On the Practice of Suska Mackert“
• Christian Hoedl (DE) Schmuckmacher, Kurator
„Resistance of the line“
Carole Deltenre (F) Schmuckmacherin
„ When intimacy is shown publicly“
bitte Schmuck mitbringen! Please bring Jewellery with!
Pecha Kucha
Kurzpräsentationen von 6’40”min (20 Dias/ 20 Sekunden). Jeder ist zur Teilnahme eingeladen.
a series of short 6’40” presentations (20 slides/ 20 seconds). This is open to everyone, and will be done on a first com/ first serve basis.
>check infos!
Samstag 09. Juni
• Cécile Bulté (F) PhD Studentin in Kunstgeschichte
„Pinned to the body, carved on the house: late medieval representations of sex“
• Pascale Gallien (F) Sammlerin
„How an intimate passion granted me collector status“
• Alexandre Bardin alias Vera Bergson (F) Performance Künstler
„Everscreen“ (eine Performance)
• Philippe Liotard (F) Soziologe, Universität Lyon 1, Herausgeber von Quasimodo
„On body modification“
Emmanuel Lacoste (F) Performance Künstler
„Share. (eine Performance)
When sharing the private space makes it larger“
Sonntag 10. Juni
• Runder Tisch
Namita Wiggers (USA), Alena Alexandrova (NL), Christian Alandete (F) ->to be confirmed.
Moderation: Benjamin Lignel (F)




Kontakt und Sekretariat (wochentag 9:00 bis 12h30)
Yvonne von Racknitz | Schloß Heinsheim | Gundelsheimerstr 36 | D-74606 Bad Rappenau
Tel. +49 (07264) 808853 | Fax +49 (07264) 808854


Cominelli Foundation Award 2011 – 10 Sept.-9 Oct. 2011

 Fondazione Cominelli -

Premio per il gioiello contemporaneo Fondazione Cominelli


With the second edition of the Fondazione Cominelli Award for Contemporary Jewellery 2011 there will also be the inauguration of the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Jewellery; each edition will enrich the Collection with new works, some by the competition participants and others by artists selected for this year 2011 by the historian and jewellery critic, Bianca Cappello. The permanent Collection will become an important document of the Fondazione Cominelli, an occasion for a visit by jewellery lovers and those of the trade.


The list of candidates selected by Mrs Graziella Folchini Grassetto:

Farrah Al-DujailiRinaldo AlvarezNikolai BalabinSuzanne BeautymanAdrean BloomardFrederic Braham — Donna Brennan — Ximena Briceno — Sungho ChoBeate EismannCristina FilipeChristine GrafAdam GrinovichNatasa Grandovec — Elisa Gulminelli — Catarina HallzonDana HakimPeter HoogeboomMarta HrycMeiri Ishida — Sirya Knaapi — Jimin Kim — Helfried KodreAgnes Larsson — Hadas Levin — Rita MarcangeloMi Mi MoscowMargherita De Martino Norante — Daniela Osterreider — Barbara PaganinRuudt PetersEmanuela Deyanova RamjuliIsabel Schaupp — Francine Schloeth — Sanna SvedestedtGiovanni SicuroKatrin Spranger Gisbert Stach — Maurizio StagniBernhard Stimpfl AbeleSilke TrekelFabrizio Tridenti Maria Trinidad Contreras — Barbara UderzoFelieke Van Der Leest Tanel VeenreLuzia VoigtAndrea WagnerKaori JuzuPetra Zimmermann.
Katrin Spranger- Skeleton of a necklace – Crude oil and its products, silver – 2011



1st prize for the contemporary jewellery competition Fondazione Cominelli 2011 has been awarded to Petra Zimmermann :
Petra Zimmermann: brooch,polymethyl methacrylate,crushed pearls, rhinestones, laquer, steel wire, gold leaf,blackened silver – 2010 


 The 2nd prize has been awarded to Dana Hakim

Cominelli Foundation Award 2011 - 10 Sept.-9 Oct. 2011 dans Adam GRINOVICH (SE) DANA%20HAKIM
Dana Hakim: brooch, iron nets, rubber glove, plastic, reflective lights threads – 2011


and three special mentions  to:


Jimin Kim (Korea): brooch, korean paper, latex, copper ,paint – 2010 

Barbara Paganin (Italy): brooch, methacrylate, oxidize Silver 2011 

Trinidad Contreras (Argentina): brooch, blue porcelain, ready made object, silver, gold leaf – 2011 





Palazzo Cominelli
Via Padre Santabona 9
25010 Cisano di San Felice del Benaco (Brescia)



EXPO ‘Under that Cloud’ – Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco (USA) – 13 Avril-29 Mai 2011

An exhibition of jewelry inspired by 18 artists stranded in Mexico City under the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud. Curated by Jo Bloxham

One year ago Eyjafjallajökull made a big impression. This is one of the results – Visit Under That Cloud at Velvet da Vinci :

Memories of Mexico
« In April 2010 I was in Mexico City to attend a jewellery symposium called Walking the Gray Area. After a week of wonderfully inspiring talks and exhibitions, it was time to come home. I said my goodbyes and went back to my hotel to pack in readiness for my flight home the next morning. Then, I heard a news flash, which said the skies over Europe were closed due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. This was too ridiculous to be true. I had to get home as I was travelling to Australia in two days’ time. But, as the hours morphed into days it quickly became clear that I was going nowhere soon…
A blitz-like camaraderie developed as dozens of jewellers gather in disbelief, talking of nothing other than how they were going to get home. We were all stranded under a dark cloud, and there was nothing anyone could do but wait for it to pass.
I sat in my hotel room, reluctantly listening to the screech of the organ grinder who had based himself beneath my window. It sounded cute at first, but after a week it became a nerve grinder. To block out this noise I began to think about my time in Mexico and its rich and colourful culture of chaos. It had been a wonderful experience, and I felt sad that this cloud, which was holding me prisoner, would overshadow the memories of my time there.
Then, it all became clear. Why not make something positive out of this? The idea for a new exhibition was born…
Needless to say, I never did get to Australia.«  Jo Bloxham, curator

Under that Cloud  (click to see more about this show)
Caroline Broadhead Bracelets


Participating artists:
Agnieszka Knap, Andrea Wagner, Benjamin Lignel, Caroline Broadhead, Cristina Filipe, Gemma Draper, Janina Stübler, Jiro Kamata, Jorge Manilla, Jürgen Eickhoff, Karin Seufert, Lucy Sarneel, Manon van Kouswijk, Nanna Melland, Nedda El-Asmar, Ramón Puig Cuyàs, Sarah O’Hana, Tore Svensson

All images from Under that Cloud at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Karin Seufert « Teotihuacan », « Torre Latino Americano » Brooches

All images from Under that Cloud at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Gemma Draper, « First-aid Easy Mantras » Brooches
Nedda El-Asmar « Structured Coloured Chaos » Necklace

EXPO 'Under that Cloud' - Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco (USA) - 13 Avril-29 Mai 2011  dans Agnieszka KNAP (PL) cloudmanonvankouswijkweb
Manon van Kouswijk « Perles d’Artiste » The Volcanic Version

All images from Under that Cloud at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Ramón Puig Cuyàs« Under that Cloud I » and « Under that Cloud II » « Net-Work » Brooches

All images from Under that Cloud at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Juergen Eickhoff – « Local » Brooch

All images from Under that Cloud at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Janina Stuebler – Object and Brooches 

All images from Under that Cloud at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Lucy Sarneel « Deadlock » Necklace 

All images from Under that Cloud at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Jorge Manilla « Two Possibilities » and « Please do it for me » 
All images from Under that Cloud at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Agnieszka Knap « Anatomy of Fear » Pendants



Velvet da Vinci Gallery
2015 Polk Street (between Pacific and Broadway)
San Francisco CA  94109 – USA
tel 415.441.0109


have a look at the CATALOGUE


EXPO ‘On the Other Hand’, Portuguese jewelers – Medellin 174 Gallery, Mexico – 14-30 Avril 2010

EXPO- ontheotherhand

This exhibition had as curators Paula Crespo (Gallery Reverso) and Miguel Matos and Elsa Garcia (Umbigo Magazine). It has launched the series of activities commemorating the fifth anniversary of PIN – Portuguese Association of Contemporary Jewellery. The result of a challenge to all PIN members, on the theme Five Fingers One Hand, the exhibition shows the work of 12 Portuguese artists, selected by Reverso and Umbigo.

Selected artists :
Alexandra Serpa Pimentel, Ana Albuquerque, Catarina Dias, Cristina Filipe, David Pontes, Dulce Ferraz, Filomena Praça, Filomeno, Inês Nunes, Leonor Hipólito, Madalena Avellar, Manuela Sousa and Paula Madeira Rodrigues. Guest artists include Marc Monzó, Catalan jeweler – invited by Paula Crespo, Portuguese fine artists Rui Effe and Carla Gaspar/Filipe Rego (Cíclope) – invited by Miguel Matos e Elsa Garcia, and Tereza Seabra and Filomeno Pereira de Sousa, honorary members of PIN.

EXPO- hand - Dulce Ferraz - RingEXPO- hand- Filomena Praça - ThimblesEXPO- hand- Filomeno -'sufficiency'- pinEXPO- hand- Paula Madeira Rodrigues - Jewel for the hand
Dulce Ferraz - Ring
Filomena Praça - Thimbles
Filomeno- ‘sufficiency’- pin
Paula Madeira Rodrigues - Jewel for the hand


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