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EXPO ‘Wonder/Wander’ – Alchimia, Firenze (IT) – 17-18-19 juin 2016

Alchimia presents at its premises « Wonder/Wander« , a group show with jewellery by Anna Okamoto Gayton, Dana AL-Nafisi, Diana Pantea, Lena Kostjuchenko, Sehnaz Erdal, all international graduating students of its BFA program.

Opening: Friday June 17, from 6.30 pm





with jewellery by An Na Okamoto Gayton Dana AL-Nafisi Diana PanteaLena Kostjuchenko  – Sehnaz Erdal

On Friday 17 June at 6pm in Florence, Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School is proud to present the opening of the graduation exhibition of five 3rd year BFA students. “Wonder/Wander” will showcase a collection of jewellery reflecting the diversity of ideas of its makers, developed over a year of research into the limits and possibilities of materials.

To wonder is to admire and marvel, to feel doubt and confusion. To wander is to get lost, to drift aimlessly and circle around an idea. These two words encapsulate the various paths taken by the five students to reach the conclusion of their final collection. This exhibition is an invitation to explore and question your notion of what jewellery is, and to wander through the physical and conceptual spaces in which it was created.

Anna Okamoto Gayton (Japan/Australia) grapples with her cultural identity through the use of languages, adopted and native.
Dana AL-Nafisi (Kuwait) is inspired by fossils and how they contain stories of the past, revealing the evolution of life through the ages.
Diana Pantea (Romania) plays with reality and transforms it into the imaginary.
Lena Kosztyucsenko (Russia/Hungary) explores movement and the connection between kinetic and static.
Sehnaz Erdal (Sweden/Turkey) creates a physical metaphor for inner improvement.

 Alchimia at melting Point 2016 -  Anna Gayton necklace:  Alchimia at melting Point 2016 -  Anna Gayton necklace

  Alchimia at Melting Point 2016 - Dana Al-Nafisi rings: Alchimia at Melting Point 2016 – Dana Al-Nafisi rings

Alchimia at Melting point 2016 - Lena Kostjuchenko. Alchimia at Melting point 2016 - Lena Kostjuchenko

Alchimia at Melting point 2016 -  Sehnaz Erdal - broche Alchimia at Melting point 2016 -  Sehnaz Erdal - broche



Along with the BFA graduates, the ongoing work of current MFA 1st year students will be on display.


Piazza Piattellina 3/r,
50124 Firenze
+39 055 239 6154



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