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AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair – Grand Hotel du Boulevard, Bucarest (Romania) – 13-14 May 2017

AUTOR 2017

ready for its 16th edition ! May 13-14,  Grand Hotel du Boulevard, Bucharest. Come discover the emerging talents of contemporary jewelry.

Out of the 190 applications received for the 2017 editionn, our jury selected 90 artists to be discovered during our international fair
AUTOR 2017
AUTOR <3 community. AUTOR takes its 8 years mission further by shaping the contemporary jewelry community. We connect artists with passionate jewelry lovers, collectors, international galleries, distributors or specialised media. The 2017 jury includes Sofia Björkman – Jewellery artist and Founder of Gallery Platina in Stockholm Doris Maninger – Director of Alchimia Jewelry School in Florence, Lucia Massei – Director of Alchimia Jewelry School in Florence, Ruudt Peters – Artist, Professor Opere Summer School in The Netherlands, Paulo Ribeiro – Founder and Director of Joya Barcelona, Dan Pierșinaru – Founder and Director of Autor. This spring we launch the 4th issue of AUTOR – the contemporary art magazine, one more reason to be there!
 CRUSHED by Andra Lupu, Romania - AUTOR 2017CRUSHED by Andra Oana Lupu, Romania
« A celebration of fragility, life and feelings in a beautiful brooch.
”Crushed is what you feel when something beautiful is ending, crushed is how you feel when you lose someone dear. But every ending is a new beginning, it’s up to you how you start over, or whether if you take the good or the bad of every experience. In my new collection, I use thin layers of « crushed » melted silver, to create a jewelry as a metaphor to the fragility of life, relationships, feelings”. »
 Tubular Collection by Ana Pina, Portugal - AUTOR 2017Tubular Collection by Ana Pina, Portugal
« Ana’s jewelries celebrate multiple possibilities using geometrical wiseness. To infinity and back!
”The Tubular Collection combines round wires and tubes in a subtle way, creating both minimalist and statement pieces that aim to celebrate pure geometric lines and its multiple possibilities of combination. The rationality of orthogonal alignments is challenged by the mutable character of movement and by the seeming idea that the connections between the different elements are fragile and unpredictable, which accentuates the sense that any combination is possible – from the simplest isolated element to infinity” »
16psyche Collection by Anna Börcsök, Hungary  16psyche Collection by Anna Börcsök,  Hungary 
« Can a jewelry collection be an exclamation sign? Anna’s answer is yes.
”The jewelry and the wearer should be inseparable. Without them we are naked and helpless. These pieces are fractal based Armours and they determinate the movement and actions of the wearer’s position. I was studying the Ancient societies and examining the current social models to get a predictable image of the future. The collection is an exclamation point, an invitation to face our own limitations”. »
Second Shape by Giulia Boccafogli fashion jewelry, Italy - AUTOR 2017Second Shape by Giulia Boccafogli fashion jewelry, Italy
« The forgotten becomes unforgettable.
”Second Shape is a second chance for the material to be used in a different way and also a second chance for my jewelry to become something different: an ornament or almost a dress. I like the idea that a ruin could be such a great source of beauty and this is the reason why I tried to explore a different way to work the “forgotten” leather: a super clean and modern material that can be worked in an apparent rough way” »
Night Writing by Letiția Pintlie, RomâniaNight Writing by Letitia Pintilie, România
« The sensory jewelry.
”Vision, our dominant sense, allows us to perceive the world through images, motion and colour. We use the information received from it to recognise and interact with objects and environments, interpret spatial cues. When impaired, one way of assisting it is by supplementing information through other means, like tactile. I translated this into the collection by constructing the pieces on elements that address both the vision and the touch” »
 Alien Flowers by Gülnur Özdağlar/ tertium non data, Turkey Alien Flowers by Gülnur Özdağlar/ tertium non data, Turkey
« Exploring new horizons of beauty  ”This collection is a search for creating deep sea corals and tropic flowers of another planet” »
 Necklace series by Magali Thibault Gobeil Joaillière, CanadaNecklace series by Magali Thibault Gobeil Joaillière, Canada
Lost in my imaginary world where everything is so delightful. That little place inside myself where everything is calm, joyful and pretty. Where my mind goes when everything is so hard outside, in the real world. These crazy forms of nature made from artificial materials are the result of that retreating into that special world that protects myself from not going crazy in the real world. They touch all our senses. We want to eat them as if they were candies, to touch them because of their appearance so smooth, spongy and colourful We all need that little break to full our body with a bit of joy. »"
AUTOR 2017 Sandra Tepla Jewellery, Czech Republic: Atomic Visions by Sandra Tepla Jewellery, Czech Republic
« Jewelry stand for a vision of future.
”Atomic Visions: Human Impulse is about futuristic textile structures, exploring empowerment/dominance in a pre-apocalyptic ‘rise before the fall’. My infatuation with textile cord has enabled me to create large scale work of colours previously unknown to me. It is this ‘WHY NOT?’ attitude that does the trick; often producing the most striking creations” »
 About Colour/ (Im)movable Collection by Konstanze Prechtl, Austria - AUTOR 2017About Colour/ (Im)movable Collection by Konstanze Prechtl, Austria
« Colour sets us free
« I use a range of colours derived from my personal life and surroundings which are applied in different ways to various materials. Depending on the line of sight, the viewer and wearer discover different colour schemes. The series “(Im)movable” reflects on Movement and Restraint – Freedom and Restriction. Although each joint is movable, they are restricting and limiting each other”. »
 REflections Collection by Kapka Jewelry, Macedonia  - AUTOR 2017REflections Collection by Jana Acevska/Kapka Jewelry, Macedonia
« Jewelry speaks for today.
“Jewels as reflection of our internality are containing stories of the present, but also past, transmitted through generations. Relating the traditional with the contemporary is an endeavour to generate new stories, unique and specific, which is the idea behind the Reflections, new KAPKA jewelry collection”. »
 Lamella Collection by Veronika Fazekas, Hungary - Playing with magic. - AUTOR 2017Lamella Collection by Veronika Fazekas, Hungary - Playing with magic. - AUTOR 2017
 Lamella Collection by Veronika Fazekas, Hungary – Playing with magic.
« With these pieces my aim was to make a setting in a ’magical way’, using optical illusion and the help of the light. To see the settled lens, you need light which reflects it into your eyes. I could reach this with the help of lamellar structures.” »
Identity by Franziska Höhne, Germany - A non-gender jewelry.Identity by Franziska Höhne, Germany – A non-gender jewelry.
« ”The collection sharpens the senses to become more sensitive in dealing with each other. It encourages thinking beyond simple categories so everyone can become aware of their own identity and develop it freely without constant external conditioning. There are no obvious gender markers in the collection. Each person can decide for themselves how the jewelry is worn, giving hints of one‘s own identity or masking it” »
Colorful Emptiness by Adriana Díaz, Colombia/SpainColorful Emptiness by Adriana Díaz, Colombia/Spain
« A piece of jewelry to remind us how time flies. Each and every moment. ”These pieces are small receptacles that actually contain nothing except a patina that is evocative of the passing of time. They are like rusty cans that have been abandoned in some forgotten corner, exposed to the elements and disuse” »
Balloon bracelet + Silver earrings by Tengely Nóra Jewelry, HungaryBalloon bracelet + Silver earrings by Tengely Nóra Jewelry, Hungary
« Playing with balloons and chain lines to find new balances.
”My jewelries are made of sterling silver with the technic of rigidified chains. Each link is soldered one by one. The balloon collection was made to find a new closure method. The bracelets consist two flat separated parts and the balloons press them together – they are the lock of the two parts”« 
 Deforested by Mona Velciov Monotip, Romania Deforested by  Mona Velciov Monotip , Romania
  Mona Velciov,  Her collection for AUTOR 16 is dedicated to transforming protest into a powerful aesthetic statement.
”Due to the last 20 years of vast illegal logging, both by private companies and the government, hundreds of thousands of hectares of Romanian forests, one of Europe’s last virgin forests, were deforested. This body of work is a protest and a confession: of the pain these actions are causing to the forests that it is also my pain”.
AUTOR 2017 - Girls in Red by Diederick van Hövell, Belgium: Girls in Red by Diederick Van Hovell, Belgium
 » What color is your mood? “With the contemporary jewel as a medium, I search, with detours, a specific color to translate a mood, a technique to express a touching feeling, to transpose emotions. A portrait, a jewel, a thought – as a testimony of an interest in the individual, as an evocation of the distinctive signs, to learn about the intersecting identities of each other. This is my subject matter”.:

Earth's four elements -  Bracelets by Isabel Sabato Argentina Earth’s four elements -  Bracelets by Isabel Sabato Argentina


AUTOR 2017 with mydaybyday gallery
Laura Forte, Linda Ezerman, Fabrizio Bonvicini, Francesca Mazzotta, Mia Maljojoki, Noelia Macchi Joyas Singulares, Tal Barash Efraim with myday-byday Gallery in Rome selected at the Autor Fair 2017 !!
 Grand Hotel du Boulevard, Bucharest
Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 5, București, Roumanie
Téléphone : +40 21 210 2363




JOYA 2016 – selected galleries – ICKX Contemporary Jewelry (BE)

Selected galleries at JOYA 2016, avec la galerie Ickx

« ICKX Contemporary Jewelry » is a new gallery in Brussels that offers a very exclusive selection of contemporary jewellery. The pieces are chosen for their unique design and made in limited series, ranging from sober to minimalist,and sometimes made from unexpected materials and techniques. »ICKX Contemporary Jewelry » is an intermediary between customers and creators. It aims to establisha relationship based on trust and promote talents. All in all, it is an interesting opportunity for some and a springboard for others.

Selected Galleries JOYA 2016 - gal. ICKX (Belgium)  *


Galerie ICKX à JOYA 2016Galerie ICKX à JOYA 2016
Next week in Barcelona ! – avec Diederick Van HovellLou Treausau (Lou Sautreau), Isabelle Carpentier, Cécile Bertrand , Nevin Arig et Anne Goy.

Anne Goy at ICKX galleryAnne Goy

Cécile Bertrand -  at galerie ICKX:Cécile Bertrand

Diederick Van Hovell at gallery ICKXDiederick Van Hovell

Isabelle Carpentier at gal. ICKXIsabelle Carpentier

Lou Treausau (Lou  Sautreau) (Lous )- argent, laiton, tissage, plexiglas, caoutchouc Lou Treausau (Lou Sautreau) (Lous ) – broche – argent, laiton, tissage, plexiglas, caoutchouc

ICKX Contemporary Jewelry - "Things" by Nevin Arig - brooch: Nevin Arig « Things »  brooch


 THANKS to this gallery for the jewellers they make me discover ! always a PLEASURE !





EXPO ‘Et si on exposait des Belges, une fois?!’ – ICKX Contemporary Jewelry, Bruxelles (BE) – 1er Sept.-3 Dec. 2016

« Et si on exposait des Belges, une fois?!« , c’est bientôt!
A partir du 01/9 au 03/12/2016 -  «ICKX Contemporary Jewelry»

inauguration  jeudi 8 septembre   18:00 – 21:00

ICKX gallery (BE) "Et si on exposait des Belges, une fois?!"

Exposition du 1 septembre au 3 décembre 2016.
Pour cette saison, le «made in Belgium» est mis à l’honneur.
Une vingtaine de créateurs Belges ou vivants en Belgique nous proposent leur vision du bijou contemporain mais aussi une sélection de designers d’objet, une créatrice de bijou pour cheveux et un créateur de montre.
Les pièces sont choisies pour leur design singulier, épuré à minimaliste; pour les matériaux variés parfois inattendus; pour les techniques utilisées (fabrication artisanale et nouvelles technologies).
Le concept store proposent des pièces uniques ou de petites séries pour tous les budgets.

For this season, the «made in Belgium», is in the spotlight.
Around twenty Belgian creators or creator who live in Belgium offer you their interpretation of contemporary jewelry but also a selection of designers, a creatror of hair jewelery and a creator of watch.

 Créateurs de bijoux contemporain/Creators of contemporary jewelry  Cécile BetrandFrédérique CoomansNoana GiambraAnne GoyAudrey IckxSylvie JoussetChristine Keyeux-Schnöller — Claire LavendhommeBrigitte Mathieu — Camille PennequinAlain Roggeman — Lou Sautreau –  Stéphanie Seutin — Dominique Thomas VansteenbergheUbustine — Diederick van Hövell Karen Vanmol —  Isabelle Carpentier - et les pin’s de Boon’s

 ICKX gallery (BE) "Et si on exposait des Belges, une fois?!",




ICKX Contemporary Jewelry
Av. Georges Henri 435
1200 Bruxelles – BELGIQUE
Heures d’ouverture du mardi au samedi de 11h à 18h30.

+32 494 64 93 36




EXPO ‘TIRAGE A L’APPUI’ – L’Etable, Anciens Abattoirs de Mons (BE) – 27 Juin-23 Aout 2015



Aux Anciens Abattoirs De Mons.

Exposition du 27 juin au 23 août 2015

Tirage à l'appui(Diedrick Van Hovell – « Julie » – Broche – Plumes et argent. Photo : D.Van Hovell //
Lisa Kereszi – Dancer on stage, 2003. Coll. Musée de la Photographie. (c) Lisa Kereszi.)

Le Musée de la Photographie à Charleroi et le WCC-BF collaborent le temps d’une exposition.
C’est à l’issue d’une visite de la collection permanente du Musée de la Photographie à Charleroi que 37 artistes membres du WCC-BF ont chacun sélectionné un cliché qui a éveillé leur sensibilité. Les créateurs, exerçant dans le domaine des arts appliqués, se sont pris au jeu et ont interprété la photo choisie pour créer une oeuvre dans un style qui leur est propre.
Diedrick Van Hovell "Julie", "broche qui dance", en plumes et argent- Photo: D. Va Hovell.Diedrick Van Hovell « Julie », « broche qui dance », en plumes et argent- Photo: D. Va Hovell.
The Museum of Photography in Charleroi and the WCC-BF collaborate for the time of an exhibition.
After the visit of the permanent collection of the Museum of the Photography in Charleroi, 37 artists, members of the WCC-BF, have each selected a picture which awakened their sensibility.These makers practicing in the field of applied arts, got hooked and interpreted the chosen photograph to create a work in their one style.

avec  Jean-Pol Urbain — Sarah Guilloux – Anne-Marie Trignon – Faezeh Afchary-Kord — Coryse Kiriluk – Chantal TramasureMaria Fernanda GuzmanNevin ArigDiederick Van HovellSylvie JoussetMarie Agnès MarlairDominique Thomas VansteenbergheIsabelle Carpentier Caroline LégerSafia Hijos Nelly Van Oost — Vincent Kempenaers — Isabelle FrancisAurore De HeuschFrancine Delmotte — Jeoung Hee Kim — Antonino Spoto – Valérie Ceulemans — Fiorella Colacito – Jacques IezziMonique Voz — Fabienne Withofs — Sophie Ronse — Sonja DelforceMichel Jedwab – Chantal DelporteNathalie Doyen — Hugo Meert — Jean Claude Legrand — Marie-Noelle RisackFrancine Michel

Dominique Thomas Vansteenberghe-  Sans titre - Parure de buste, fibre de carbone, découpe de segments à la scie. Technique textile d’enfilageDominique Thomas Vansteenberghe-  Sans titre – Parure de buste, fibre de carbone, découpe de segments à la scie. Technique textile d’enfilage / Chest adornment, carbon fi ber, saw cutting of segments. Textile threading technique // PHOTO: Yvan Cancelier (Belgique, 1943) Ascenseur n°2 du Canal du CentreHoudeng-Aimeries, novembre 1977 -Coll. privée, en dépôt au Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi

Nelly Van Oost  Nelly Van Oost – collier – Sans titre – Maillechort, peinture /Nickel Silver, paint // PHOTO: Denis Stock (Etats-Unis, 1928) Festival Rock – Venice Beach, Californie, 1968 – Coll. Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi

Nelly Van Oost - collier - Sans titre - Maillechort, peinture /Nickel Silver, paint Nelly Van Oost - collier – Sans titre – Maillechort, peinture /Nickel Silver, paint

Sylvie Jousset - "Memento" -  Pectoral en cuivre forgé, patiné et vernis, perforé par les tirs des forces de police de Bruxelles au moyen d’un fusil Steyr AUG 9 mmSylvie Jousset – « Memento » -  Pectoral en cuivre forgé, patiné et vernis, perforé par les tirs des forces
de police de Bruxelles au moyen d’un fusil Steyr AUG 9 mm (l’officier de Police qui a bien voulu participer à ce projet a été formé sur ce fusil dans sa jeunesse en Tchécoslovaquie), douilles et balles de 9mm / Pectoral in forged copper, polish and varnished, drilled by shootings from the Brussels police forces using a rifl e Steyr AUG 9 mm (the police offi cer who kindly cooperated in this project was trained on this rifl e during his youth in Czechoslovakia), cartridges and 9mm bullets // PHOTO:  Josef Koudelka (République tchèque, 1938) Annulation d’une manifestation lors du Printempsde Prague – Prague, août 1968 – Coll. Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi



Anciens Abattoirs De Mons
Rue de la Trouille, 17 (entrée Place de la Grande Pêcherie)
7000 Mons (BE)
Tous les jours, sauf les lundis de 12h00 à 18h00 ,
Every day, except on Mondays, from 12.00 to 18.00
Entrée libre / Free access


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