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EXPO ’3 from Sofia’ – Galeriehaus Grosche, Castrop-Rauxel (Germany) – 16-30 Juin 2012

3 from Sofia : Zwetelina Alexieva, Dimitar Delchev, Nikolay Sardamov

EXPO '3 from Sofia' - Galeriehaus Grosche, Castrop-Rauxel (Germany) - 16-30 Juin 2012 dans Allemagne (DE) 0139f860a3

Zwetelina Alexieva
I think about my pieces the way I think about living things.
Some of them have a skeleton and a skin, others have twigs and leaves. Some have similar building schemes, but none of them are identical.
The process of making is like growing an organism. I use wax wires and elements to build a structure and to form a shape. My pieces emerge slowly and are sometimes intricate. They need a patient observer and time to be appreciated.

Dimitar Delchev
The inspiration for my works I get from different sources, mostly, from the nature. I’m also getting my inspiration from stores like Bauhaus, Praktiker etc. The transformation of lifeless nets, pipes and other industrial stuff into something else brings about emotions and joy in a playful mode.

Nikolay Sardamov
Butterflies with wide spread wings and beetles with long feelers are arranged in a circle with legs next to each other and form brooches, pendants, rings and bangles. They also occur individually, as an ear stud sitting on the tip of the ear, or as a pin, nonchalantly crawling on the lapel. The insects are their own silhouettes: silver shadows, sometimes gilded or blackened. They sit in symmetric ornaments which grow into three dimensional constructions and resemble flowers in bloom. The beetles and butterflies turn into petals.

And the secret of the garden? Its flowers can spread their wings and fly away.

Nikolay Sardamov  Brooch: The Secret Of The Garden  Gold  Photography: Mladen PenevNikolay Sardamov  Brooch: The Secret Of The Garden  Gold  - Photography: Mladen Penev

Zwetelina Alexieva  Brooch: Red  Plastic foil, silver  Photography: Angel PenchevZwetelina Alexieva  Brooch: Red  Plastic foil, silver  – Photography: Angel Penchev

Dimitar Delchev  Brooch: Red  Plastic, silver  Photography: Angel PenchevDimitar Delchev  Brooch: Red  Plastic, silver  – Photography: Angel Penchev








Galeriehaus Grosche
Karlstraße 20
44575 – Castrop-Rauxel
Telephone: 02305 – 92 10 92


EXPO ‘The RING’ – TESTA gallery, Sofia (BG) – 12-27 Mai 2012

THE RING - jewellery exhibition

TESTA gallery’s exhibition will present rings by 16 jewelers, each of whom will show three to six pieces.

The Ring - Sofia (BG)

Participants: Angelina Tsvetkova — Antoaneta Petrova — Atanas Konstantinov — Bogdana Topreva — Vanya Dimitrova — Viktor Pavlov — Dimitar DeltchevDora HaralambakiEvgeniya TsankovaEmanuela Deyanova — Kalina Tchankova — Neva BalnikovaNikolay SardamovSabrina Hauser — Teodor Lultchev — Zwetelina Aleksieva

The exhibition wil open on May 12th, Saturday, at TESTA gallery, 8 Shishman St, from 12 pm to 6 pm, and will run through May 27th.

Simply an adornment, vanity, or an object to wear with a specific message, the ring has the potential to say a lot of things. Inspired by different aspects of life and the world around us, it can show attitude and require attitude, express position, surprise and stimulate both the mind and the feelings. Used as a symbol of power, social status, or religion, in contemporary times the ring is to a greater extent an expression of one’s own identity. Regardless of whether it is made of silver, gold, platinum and precious stones or alternative materials used in unpredictable ways, the ring is eager to say: “I love you, I am beautiful, I am rich, I hate you, I come from Ireland or Austria, I have enough, I am taken, I am funny, I am scared, I am important, I can’t help you. I am.”

 EXPO 'The RING' - TESTA gallery, Sofia (BG) - 12-27 Mai 2012 dans Bogdana TOPREVA (BG) THE-RINGEmanuela Deyanova – ring « shaving » – synthetic hair, paint, felt, silver

Emanuela DeyanovaEmanuela Deyanova – ring »5 ways to paint in red » – paint, felt, aluminium, silver, synthetic hair

Neva Balnikova

 Neva Balnikova ‘Ugly’ – polymer clay, silver electroforming, amethyst

Sabrina Hauser, ring "Palma"Sabrina Hauser, ring « Bali » – silver, oxidised

Evgeniya Tsankova - "tied" - aluminium, cottonEvgeniya Tsankova – « tied » – aluminium, cotton
Evgeniya Tsankova, "Tied"  Materials: aluminium, cottonEvgeniya Tsankova, « Tied »  – aluminium, cotton
Vanya Dimitrova – Ring « Colourful captured memories » – Coat powdered copper, textile, rubber
Bogdana ToprevaBogdana Topreva – « nature » – silver, moss
Bogdana Topreva - "nature" - silver, mossBogdana Topreva – « nature » – silver, moss
Dimitar DeltchevDimitar Deltchev - aluminium, balloon
Teodor LultchevTeodor Lultchev – « Communication » - sterling silver, steel
Dora HaralambakiDora Haralambaki - « my country my sea » – glazed porcelain

  Nikolai Sardamov ringsNikolai Sardamov rings

Victor PavlovVictor Pavlov



TESTA gallery
8 Ulitsa Tsar Shishman
Sofia, Bulgaria 1000
tel 00 359 88 764 8973



Grassimesse Leipzig 2011 – Leipzig (DE) – 28-30 Oct. 2011

 Grassimesse Leipzig 2011


Grassimesse Leipzig

The GRASSIMESSE is an international forum and a fair for applied art and product design from all fields. It stands in the tradition of the historical GRASSIMESSE, founded in 1920 and famous as “Meeting Place of Modernity.” Since the reestablishment in 1997, the fair has been held once each year on the last weekend of October


exhibitors :

Aliki ApoussidouMiriam Arentz Antje Bräuer – Dimitar Delchev Beate EismannTamara GrünerBirgit Hagmann – Margit JäschkeLeonore JockUlla und Martin Kaufmann – Ulrike Kleine-Behnke – Jasmin MatzakowGertrud MenzelMelanie NützelKarla Schabert Isabell SchauppBeatrix Schmah Susanne Elisabeth Schmitt Heike Schönfeld Susanne SchumacherMarkus Schürmeyer Hiawatha Seiffert Volker Senger Ja-Kyung ShinSilke Spitzer Katja Stelz Anna Sykora Silke Trekel Lilli Veers Gabi Veit GELA-HÜTE Martin Wilmes Irene Wolf Bettina WürtenbergerSabine Zimmermann Galerie Brutto Gusto Angewandte Kunst SchneebergBauhaus-Universität Weimar Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule HalleBurg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle – Studienrichtung: BuchkunstBurg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle – Studienrichtung: PlastikBurg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle – Studienrichtung: Textil Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Anhalt (FH) Hochschule für angewandte Kunst und Wissenschaft Hildesheim (HAWK) Universität der Künste Berlin
Leonore Jock - « Klunker für Uschi » –

Grassimesse Leipzig 2011 - Leipzig (DE) - 28-30 Oct. 2011 dans Aliki APOUSSIDOU (GR) Gruener_Tamara_Halsschmuck_Dorium_01
Tamara Grüner Halsschmuck „Dorium“, 2011. Historische Press- und Stanzteile, farbiges Porzellan, Silber, Kunststoff –
Phantasievolle Schmuck-Käfer zeigt uns im Herbst Melanie Nützel auf der Grassimesse 2011!
Miriam Arentz bei der Grassimesse 2011:

Schabert_Karla_Ohrschmuck_01 dans Allemagne (DE)
Karla Schabert- Ohrschmuck « Spezial 1″, seit 2004. 100% Baumwollgarn, Glasperlen, 925er Silber (Brisuren), umhäkelte Glasperlen
Aliki Apoussidou -Dreifacher Ring, 2011. Eisen, heiß geschmiedet –
Добре дошли! Broschen aus Waschmaschinenschlauch zeigt Dimitar Delchev auf der Grassimesse 2011
Beate Eismann in ihrem Schmuck – zu sehen auf der Grassimesse 2011 und hier:

Braeuer_Antje_Brosche_01 dans Beate EISMANN (DE)
Antje Bräuer - brooch 2010. Titan, Gold, Edelstahl, gesägt, montiert.



GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst, 04103 Leipzig, Germany



EXPO ’3×2=Schmuck’ – Galerie Mangold, Leipzig (Germany) – 13 Sept.-13 Nov. 2010

Artists: Nikolay Sardamov, Dimitar Delchev, Zwetelina Alexieva

They represent three generations and exhibit often together: the three jewellery makers from Sofia show works, inspired by classical techniques like a jour, forging, welding, in precious metals, and on the other hand exploring the decorative qualities of other materials like rubber and plastic.
Dimitar Delchev (Bulgarie) - ‘Layer 20′

EXPO '3x2=Schmuck' - Galerie Mangold, Leipzig (Germany) - 13 Sept.-13 Nov. 2010 dans Allemagne (DE) delchev_07
Dimitar Delchev
Zwetelina Alexieva- red brooch, plastic, silver

IMG_2010_01_23_0335 dans Dimitar DELCHEV (BG)
Zwetelina Alexieva- necklace « comma », silver, hematite

sard_01 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Nikolay Sardamov
Nikolay Sardamov – soft construction


Galerie Mangold
Thomaskirchhof 17
04109 – Leipzig


EXPO ‘Funny Things – Dimitar Delchev’ – Galerie Reverso, Lisbonne (Portugal) – 22 mai-18 Juin 2010

« ‘It is not the high cost of the material that makes a jewel valuable. It is up to the designer’s imagination and that of the person who possesses and wears it”, says Dimitar Delchev, Bulgarian jeweler and silversmith who will be exhibiting in Reverso as of May 22nd. In addition to jewels in traditional materials, Delchev will present in “Funny Things” a series of “objects for wearing”. These pieces are more like toy-jewels made from non-conventional materials which play with the idea of the value of the jewel concept and investment. They sell creativity and impress through it.  »

EXPO 'Funny Things - Dimitar Delchev' - Galerie Reverso, Lisbonne (Portugal) - 22 mai-18 Juin 2010 dans Dimitar DELCHEV (BG) 2010_dimitar102010_dimitar11 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Dimitar Delchev – rings – Aluminum, rubber – 2010

2010_dimitar02 dans Gal. Reverso (PT)2010_dimitar03 dans Portugal (PT)
Dimitar Delchevbracelets – Plastic, silicone  – 2010

2010_dimitar12 dans www Klimt022010_dimitar13
Dimitar Delchev – necklaces – silver



Galeria Reverso
R. da Esperança 59/61
1200-655 – Lisbon
Telephone: +351 213 951 407


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