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SCHMUCK 2014 – 66th International Trade Fair, Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Schmuck ‘2014
55th Special Jewellery Show
66th International Trade Fair, Munich
de 12 Mar a 18 Mar 2014


This special exhibition is the eldest exhibition of contemporary jewellery work in the world. It takes place since 1959 every year during the International Trade Fair in March. Except the transport cost until Munich the participation in the special show is free of charge for you. Three contributions of Schmuck 2013 will be awarded with the Herbert Hofmann Prize. The prize commemorates Dr. Herbert Hofmann, the founder of the special show in 1959. In addition the jury of the Bavarian States Prize will look at the works in the special show. The Bavarian States Prize is awarded to 10 contri-bution of applied art within all contribution of the International Trade Fair. This prize is awarded with 5.000€.

More than 552 goldsmiths from 43 countries around the globe applied to participate in the special “Schmuck” (Jewellery) show at the International Crafts Fair in Munich next year. This great interest once again confirms the importance of this event in the context of contemporary jewellery-making and the significance attached to it worldwide. An above-average number of applications were received this year from Australia, Japan and Taiwan, but also from New Zealand and Argentina, the latter having been among the applicants for only a few years now. The selection for 2014 was made especially interesting thanks to the many new exhibitors nominated by the curator Jorunn Veiteberg of Copenhagen. Unusually, “Jewellery 2014” features over 25 new exhibitors, who will be represented in this renowned exhibition for the first time.

For the year 2014, a total of 66 participants from 25 nations were invited to exhibit. Numerically most strongly represented are goldsmiths from Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Denmark and Sweden. The applicants grow younger by the year, an indicator that even before or immediately after finishing their training goldsmiths seek to compete in our special show, present their work to an interested public, experts, gallery owners and museum curators, and rapidly find their way into the jewellery avant-garde. “Jewellery” is an important venue for making a name for oneself in international goldsmiths’ circles, establishing contacts, and not least, witnessing the award of the prestigious Herbert Hofmann Prize on Saturday.

The special “Jewellery” show is characterized by the choice of certain themes which, in the eyes of curator Jorunn Veiteberg, represent salient traits of current jewellery design. As signs of our times and selection criteria, she sees found objects of metal or wood, things that bear definite marks of use, materials that speak an expressive, earthy language, forms and structures reminiscent of architecture, as well as masks, a tendency to mysticism, and forceful color schemes.

Honored as next year’s Modern Classic will be Dorothea Prühl, a goldsmith who lives in Halle. A teacher at Burg Giebichenstein Art College, she not only helped shape an entire generation of young goldsmiths but, over and above her teaching activity, has created an admirable, original oeuvre that holds a very special place within contemporary jewellery design.

Curator of “Jewellery 2014” is Jorunn Veiteberg, a Norwegian art historian who lives in Copenhagen. An arts journalist and exhibition curator, Veiteberg has taught since 2002 at the National Academy in Bergen, Norway. Since 2013 she has been guest professor at the University of Göteborg, Sweden, and chairwoman of the Norwegian Crafts Association. She has published in the fields of contemporary jewellery and ceramics. Veiteberg says it was a great honor for her to make the selection for “Jewellery 2014.” She was especially impressed by the quality of the submissions and their international range. For her as a Scandinavian, it was an enriching experience to see so many submissions from South Korea, Japan, Argentina, the U.S., and many other countries from around the world.

The Handwerkskammer organizes the special shows Exempla, Talente, Modern Masters and Schmuck at the International Handwerksmesse München with the Herbert-Hofmann-Award 2014 ceremony on Saturday 15th March at 4 p.m. We will show in our Galerie Handwerk the exhibition WUNDERRUMA – Jewellery from New Zealand.


Program HERE


Patrícia Domingues – Reconstructed MaterialPatrícia Domingues – Reconstructed Material 

Anne Achenbach (DE) — Tobias Alm (SE) — Sawa Aso (JP) — Rut-Malin Barklund (SE) — Peter Bauhuis (DE) — Nicole Beck (DE) — Alexander Blank (DE) — Iris Bodemer (DE) — Bas Bouman (NL) — Sungho Cho (KR) — Eunmi Chun (KR) — Kat Cole (USA) — Annette Dam (DK) –  Rian de Jong  (NL) — Laura Deakin (AU) — Peter Deckers  (NZ/NL) — Paul Derrez (NL) — Bin Dixon-Ward (AU) — Georg Dobler (DE) — Iris Eichenberg (NL/USA/D) — Réka Fekete (HU) — Benedikt Fischer (AT) — Kyoko Fukuchi (JP) — Antje Godglück (NL/D) — Andi Gut(DE) — Gésine Hackenberg  (NL/D) — Cecilia Hecker (RA) — Hanna Hedman (SE) — Akihiro Ikeyama (JP) — Karin Johansson (SE) — Mareike Kanafani (DK) — Beppe Kessler (NL) — Ulrike Kleine-Behnke (DE) — Jun Konishi (JP) — Manon van Kouswijk (NL/AU) — Marie-Louise Kristensen (DK) — Daniel Kruger (DE) — Dongchun Lee (KR) — Sally Marsland (AU) — Sharon Massey (USA) –  Yutaka Minegishi  (JP/DE) — Shelley Norton (NZ) — Maria Nuutinen (FI) — Kristi Paap (EE) – Noon Passama (TH/NL) — Ruudt Peters (NL) — Lina Peterson (GB) — Nicole Polentas (AU) — Jo Pond (GB) — Auba Pont (ES) — Tabea Reulecke (DE) — Patricia Rodriguez (RA) — Mette Saabye  (DK) — Karin Seufert (DE) — Despo Sophocleous (CA/DE) — Christoph Straube (DE) — Jie Sun (CN) — Fumiki Taguchi (JP) — Anna Talbot (NO) — Sabina Tiemroth (RA) — Karola Torkos (DE) — Karen Vanmol (BE) — Gabi Veit (IT) — Andrea Wagner (NL) — Florian Weichsberger (DE/I) — Wen-Miao Yeh (TW)

Retrospektive bei Schmuck 2014: Dorothea Prühl, Deutschland


EXPO ‘Au-delà du précieux – Créateurs de bijoux contemporains européens’ – Galerie Paul Fort, Paris (FR) – 5-24 Nov. 2013

Parcours du Bijou «Circuit Bijoux» – Paris – à partir de SEPT. 2013

De septembre 2013 à mars 2014

bannière Circuits Bijoux

Hélène Aziza’s gallery will participate to the « Circuits Bijoux » in Paris w/ an exhibition titled “Beyond precious” presenting jewellery that challenges traditional notions of preciousness.


Beyond Precious - European jewels - 5-24 nov
Le mot «bijou» évoque immédiatement une notion de «précieux», de matériaux nobles, de valeur (monétaire).
Egalement, s’associe au mot bijou la notion de «portable». Or, il s’agit ici de montrer comment des créateurs réussissent à donner une nouvelle définition du précieux, en transformant des matériaux récupérés, en utilisant des matériaux «pauvres», ou en associant éléments précieux et non précieux, mais toujours de manière iconoclaste.
 Deuxième volet de l’exposition « Au-delà du Précieux » :

Du 5 au 24 novembre 2013 :  «  Au-delà du précieux  – Créateurs de bijoux contemporains européens »

Beyond Precious - 5-24 Nove


Grande-Bretagne : Peter ChangLiana PattihisAdam Paxon — Mahrana — Mark Woods
Allemagne : Bettina DittlmannMirjam HillerDaniel KrugerDorothéa PrühlBettina Speckner
Suisse : David BielanderOtto KunzliAlla Malova GuyBernhard Schobinger — Verena Sieber-Fuchs


Liana Pattihis, Necklace, 2013Liana Pattihis – 2013 -Necklace: ‘Istos’ Victoriana Choker – Silver cable chain, enamel
Bettina Speckner
Bettina Speckner - Brooch 2010 - Photoetching in Zinc, Silver, Diamonds
Alla Malova Guy - necklace Post Fossil 2011, ceramics, metal chain, flocking, epoxy resin, iron, magnet – Switzerland, Geneva, HEAD
Alla Malova Guy – necklace Post Fossil 2011, ceramics, metal chain, flocking, epoxy resin, iron, magnet
To-Have-and-to-Hold by Marc Woods - "Beyond Precious" Gallery Helene Aziza Paris

To-Have-and-to-Hold by Mark Woods


Galerie Hélène Aziza / 19 PAUL FORT
19 rue Paul Fort
75014 Paris


Portraits de collectionneuses …..

collectionneuses « déjantées », mes amies, mes consoeurs ….. ;-)
portrait avec tendresse
Giant, bold, impressive neckpieces !

COLLECTIONNEUSE !!! Prolific jewellery collector, Tuan Lee showcased a necklace by Adam Paxon (crafts council UK)Prolific jewellery collector, Tuan Lee showcased a necklace by Adam Paxon (crafts council UK)

COLLECTIONNEUSE !!! - Ann Graham, adorned with a huge necklace of fabricated paper (Art Jewelry Forum)Anne Graham, adorned with a huge necklace of fabricated paper (Art Jewelry Forum)

COLLECTIONNEUSE !!!  Nancy Yoneyama is 50 today... with Seth Papac necklace (velvet da Vinci)Nancy Yoneyama … with Seth Papac necklace (Velvet da Vinci)

COLLECTIONNEUSE - MARZEE at KunstRAI 2013 – à KunstRAI - collier Dorothea Pruhl necklace 'Vögel' Birds 2003, cherry woodMARZEE at KunstRAI 2013 – Dorothea Pruhl necklace ‘Vögel’ Birds 2003, cherry wood

COLLECTIONNEUSE !!! - COLLECT 2012. Image by Sophie Mutevelianat COLLECT 2012. photo Sophie Mutevelian

COLLECTIONNEUSE - Iris Apfel has bought pieces from Kathleen Nowak TucciIris Apfel has bought (& wears) pieces from Kathleen Nowak Tucci

COLLECTIONNEUSE - Iris Apfel - Arm candy.....the bangles or Alexis Bittar??Iris Apfel – Arm candy…..the bangles or Alexis Bittar??

COLLECTIONNEUSE - Sheila HicksSheila Hicks wearing one of her textile creations

Collectionneuse at JOYA 2012 ! collier de  Francesco Coda (Alchimia)Collectionneuse at JOYA 2012 ! collier de  Francesco Coda (Alchimia)

COLLECTIONNEUSE ! me ... with my huge Uli Rapp necklace !  (2011) - textile & rubber & screenprintingand .. hum ! me … with my huge Uli Rapp necklace !  (2011) – textile & rubber & screenprinting




EXPO ‘Substance’ – Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Gustavsberg (Sweden) – 22 Mars-12 Mai 2013


Substance -   Artists: Alexander Blank, Peter Hoogeboom, Hanna Liljenberg, Dorothea Prühl, Lucy Sarneel  -  Gustavsbergs Konsthall  (Gustavsberg, Sweden)  22-Mar-2013 - 12-May-2013    website:    mail:

The exhibition Substance, curated by Hnoss Initiative, presents five leading exponents in the international jewellery field: Dorothea Prühl, Peter Hoogeboom, Lucy Sarneel, Alexander Blank and Hanna Liljenberg. The first three have long enjoyed international careers while the last two come from a younger generation. What they have in common is their strong roots in specific materials as well as the fact that they have developed their own approaches to the relationship between material and ornament. Hnoss describes the theme in these terms:

“Artists often choose the material or materials that best enables them to describe or communicate what it is that they want to narrate in their work. This has been characteristic of the cutting edge of international jewellery design. Working consciously with a material comes naturally to jewellery artists. What the artists invited to take part in Substance have in common is the fact that they use and identify themselves with a profound knowledge of a specific material and, in a highly convincing manner, use the material to communicate. Certain artists have become almost synonymous with a particular material.

Artists: Alexander BlankPeter HoogeboomHanna LiljenbergDorothea PrühlLucy Sarneel

Lucy Sarneel  Brooch: Daily Offer II 2012  Zinc, bamboo, paint, varnish, nylon threadLucy Sarneel  Brooch: Daily Offer II 2012  Zinc, bamboo, paint, varnish, nylon thread
Hanna Liljenberg  Brooch: YEARN 2013  Paper, steel, lacquerHanna Liljenberg  Brooch: YEARN 2013  Paper, steel, lacquer
Peter Hoogeboom  Necklace: Westland  Terracotta, silver, nylonPeter Hoogeboom  Necklace: Westland  Terracotta, silver, nylon
Dorothea Prühl  Necklace: Flyer 2010  Elm woodDorothea Prühl  Necklace: Flyer 2010  Elm wood


Gustavsbergs Konsthall
Odelbergs väg 9
134 40 – Gustavsberg
Telephone: +46 (0)8 570 102 91


Schmuck 2013 – EXPO ‘Neuer Schmuck für die Götter’ – Galerie Handwerk, Munich (DE) – 7 Mars-5 Mai 2013

Neuer Schmuck für die Götter / New Jewelry for the Gods

Galerie Handwerk zu Gast in den Staatlichen Antikensammlungen,
Vernissage 6. mars., 19 h -

Le titre de l’exposition se réfère à l’exposition ayant lieu au même moment « Unsterblichen – les dieux de la Grèce » / The title of the exhibition refers to the current exhibition “the Unsterblichen – Gods of Greece”.
in the National Antique collections Gallery.
The collection of antique and gold jewellery of the National Antique collections Gallery has a world-wide reputation. It appears extremely delightful to place contemporary jewelry of internationally renowned designers into this unusual context.

during SCHMUCK : Neuer Schmuck für die Götter -  Georg Dobler, DE (Georg Dobler necklace)

Teilnehmer :
Robert Baines, AU — Peter Bauhuis, DE — Manfred Bischoff, DE — Bettina Dittlmann, DE — Georg Dobler, DE — David Huycke, BE — Daniel Kruger, ZA — Christa Lühtje, DE — Bruno Martinazzi , IT — Francesco Pavan, IT — Dorothea Prühl, DE — Gerd Rothmann, DE — Jacqueline Ryan, IT — Philip Sajet, NL — Bernhard Schobinger, CH — Hubertus von Skal, DE — Tanel Veenre, EE — Graziano Visintin, IT

Neuer Schmuck für die Götter - brooch by Bettina Dittlmann, DE brooch by Bettina Dittlmann

Bruno Martinazzi - Ausstellung "Neuer Schmuck für die Götter" - Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern - Bruno Martinazzi

Neuer Schmuck für die Götter - by Francesco Pavan, IT Francesco Pavan
"Neuer Schmuck für die Götter" - Graziano VisintinGraziano Visintin
"Neuer Schmuck für die Götter" -  Bernhard Schobinger, CHBernhard Schobinger ring
Neuer Schmuck für die Götter - by Philip Sajet, NL Philip Sajet
Neuer Schmuck für die Götter - Tanel Veenre  Tanel Veenre
Neuer Schmuck für die Götter - by Daniel Kruger, ZA Daniel Kruger
Dorothea Prühl, DE  ("Neuer Schmuck für die Götter") Dorothea Prühl
"Neuer Schmuck für die Götter" - Georg Dobler Georg Dobler brooch
Diashow zur Ausstellung "Neuer Schmuck für die Götter" - Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern - Hubertus von Skal (DE) Hubertus von Skal – ring
Robert Baines, AU Robert Baines ring
Manfred Bischoff, DE - Ausstellung "Neuer Schmuck für die Götter" -  Manfred Bischoff


Galerie Handwerk
Königsplatz 1,
80333 München
Di-So 10-17, Mi 10-20 h


EXPO ‘UNEXPECTED PLEASURES’ – NGV International, Melbourne (AU) – 20 Avril-26 Aout 2012


The Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery

A Design Museum, London touring exhibition
at NGV (National Gallery of Victoria)


Unexpected Pleasures looks at what we mean by jewellery from a number of different perspectives.  Taking as its starting point the radical experiments of the Contemporary Jewellery Movement that challenged a conventional understanding of the language of personal adornment, and looking instead at the essential meanings of jewellery, the exhibition brings together important work from around the world, and looks at it from the point of view of the wearer as well as the maker. Contemporary  Jewellery in this sense is at the intersection of art and design.

Curated by Dr. Susan Cohn for the Design Museum, London with exhibition design by Ab Rogers Design and graphics by Barnbrook.

« UNEXPECTED Pleasures, an exhibition of the world’s ugliest, loveliest, most intriguing contemporary jewellery, opened at the National Gallery of Victoria International yesterday.
 »Everything here is designed to be worn, » said guest curator and jewellery designer Susan Cohn.
Visitors took that as a challenge, moving through 180 dimly lit curiosities by the world’s most radical designers, trying to imagine what it would be like to wear a necklace of glass and ceramic dildos. Or a tubular  »veil » collar like a pearly plastic version of Ned Kelly’s helmet. Or a cluster of rusted bolts and nails on a silver  »Screw Ring ».
 »After procreation and survival, our next instinct as humans is adornment, » Cohn said when asked,  »Why? »
 »Adornment is about attracting a mate, which in turn, is about procreation and survival. »
Some humans, however, obviously require more complex, intellectual adornments than others.  »Yes, some wearers will want something that speaks that way for them, » Cohn said. Among the exhibits was a vast choice of such expression, from the minimalist exquisitry of a grey sunray-pleated yoke, to a clump of small pale  »tumours », photographed bursting through a model’s frock. The latter was in a category of radical ideas.
NGV director Gerard Vaughan said the exhibition offered  »a fresh view of the many meanings associated with jewellery ».
The visiting director of London’s Design Museum, Deyan Sudjic, said it was the result of a  »long, drawn-out, cerebral process », and that is precisely how it felt.
Unexpected Pleasures: The Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery, is a Design Museum, London, exhibition funded by the Joan and Peter Clemenger Trust.
It is free and runs until August 26, when it will travel to London. (Daily

Art and design come together through its exploration of the radical experiments of contemporary jewelers who have pushed the boundaries. Navigate your way through the labyrinth of themes; Worn Out (celebrating the experience of wearing jewellery), Linking Links (looks at the way in which narratives are expressed through sub-themes and creative systems) and A Fine Line (offers insight into the origins of contemporary jewellery today) in an exhibition that is not to be missed.

MEGA,  2009
Camilla Prasch – MEGA 2009 – red dyed snap fasteners, nylon thread, silicone discs – Photo: Dorte Krogh

EXPO 'UNEXPECTED PLEASURES' - NGV International, Melbourne (AU) - 20 Avril-26 Aout 2012 dans Australie (AU) EXHI016680Sally Marsland (AU) – Flat colour, brooches (2002) – epoxy resin mixed with powdered pigment - Photo: Jeremy Dillon

Doug Bucci, USA, Trans-Hematopoietic neckpiece (2010).Doug Bucci, USA, Trans-Hematopoietic neckpiece (2010).

Susie Ganch, USA, Yellow dust, brooch (2010).Susie Ganch, USA, Yellow dust, brooch (2010)

Unexpected pleasures exhibition.David Bielander, Scampi, armband/bracelet, 2007

Unexpected pleasures exhibition.Karl Fritsch Screw ring 2010 silver, nails, screws


Karl Fritsch, New Zealand, Steinhaufen, ring 2004.Karl Fritsch, New Zealand, Steinhaufen, ring 2004

Unexpected pleasures exhibition.Hyewon Kim -  Torn 1 (2011) – resin, twigs Photo: Myoungwook Huh

Unexpected Pleasures exhibition
Tiffany Parbs – Extension (2008) – hand woven hair, digital print – photo Terence Bogue
Caroline Broadhead, England, Veil, necklace (1983).
Caroline Broadhead, England, Veil, necklace (1983).
Susanne Klemm, « Frozen » necklace, plastic

Blanche Tilden  Speed, neckpiece  2000  borosilicate glass, titanium, anodised aluminium  1.2 x 24.0 cm  Collection of the artistBlanche TILDEN – Speed, neckpiece  2000  borosilicate glass, titanium, anodised aluminium

Paul Derrez  Pleated Collar  1982  Plastic, steel  Collection of Paul DerrezPaul Derrez  Pleated Collar  1982  Plastic, steel 

Felieke van der Leest - necklace Felieke van der Leest – necklace

Rose by Gijs Bakker: Colour photograph in laminated plastic (1983) necklace by Gijs Bakker: Colour photograph in laminated plastic (1983) 

Dorothea Prühl - Habicht (Hawk), 2006 necklace, elm wood - H 40 cm Dorothea Prühl Habicht (Hawk), 2006 necklace, elm wood – H 40 cm

Noon Passama, Brooch, 2010Noon Passama, Brooch, 2010


First on show at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 20 April – 26 August 2012, this exhibition will also tour to the Design Museum in London, 5 Dec 2012 – 3 Mar 2013. Melbourne based designer and maker Dr. Susan Cohn (interview with The Age) has curated this exhibition for the Design Museum and is also co-author of the substantial catalogue documenting this event as well contributing to the discussion about contemporary design and making.





NGV International
180 St Kilda Road
Melbourne (AU)
Contemporary Exhibitions
Level G


EXPO ‘Dorothea Prühl – Out of the Marzee-Collection’ – Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein (DE) – 18 mai-21 Juin 2011

Classé dans : Allemagne (DE),Dorothea PRUHL (DE),Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Marzee (NL) — bijoucontemporain @ 16:28

Dorothea Prühl – Aus der Marzee-Collection

18th May – 21st Juni 2011 / Villa Bengel
Opening: Wed, May 18, 2011 – 6 pm

EXPO 'Dorothea Prühl - Out of the Marzee-Collection' - Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein (DE) - 18 mai-21 Juin 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) 203567_227507753929280_4458777_n
(Habicht (Hawk), 2006 – necklace, elm wood)


Dorothea Prühl (*1937, Breslau) is one of the most outstanding protagonists of contemporary jewellery. Not only does Prühl create with expert hand statements made out of gold and silver, wood, aluminum, titan or stainless steel, her works are at the same time awe-inspiring testemonials of her interpretation of the essential, without neglecting the interrelations of jewellery with society. From 1994 to 2002 Dorothea Prühl led the jewellery class at the Hochschule für Kunst und Design „Burg Giebichenstein“ in Halle.

This exhibition set up in cooperation with the gallery Marzee in Nijmegen (NL).
Dorothea Prühl – Große Winkel (Large Angles), 1999 necklace, silver – L of one shape 10 cm

Collier Vögel in der Luft 2007
Dorothea Prühl-
Birds in the Air -2007 -  stainless steel gold

Collier Haken 2011Collier Haken 2011 - Detail
Dorothea Prühl- Haken | Hook  – gold, stainless steel (and detail) -2011

Collier Flieger 2010
Dorothea Prühl- Flieger | Flyer  2010 -  elm wood

2008%20Rabe dans Dorothea PRUHL (DE)
Dorothea Prühl- Rabe (Raven), 2008 necklace, stainless steel, titanium, gold

2008%20Libellen dans Exposition/Exhibition
Dorothea Prühl- Libellen (Dragonflies), 2008 – necklace, stainless steel, gold


Villa Bengel
Wilhelmstraße 44
Idar-Oberstein, Germany


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