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EXPO ‘Not the Family Jewels!’ – gallery1724, Houston (USA) – 6 Fev-14 Mars 2010

« Not the Family Jewels! » is an exhibit of non-traditional approaches of wearable artworks curated by Emily Sloan and including the artwork of Gabriel Craig, Arthur Hash, Lauren Kalman (image), Masumi Kataoka, Katja Korsawe, Edward McCartney, Gwendolyn McLarty, Erika Pahk, Natalya Pinchuk, Gary Schott, Amy Weiks, and Kristi Wilson.

« This year the Society of North American Goldsmiths will hold its annual convention in Houston. That event inspired curator Emily Sloan to put together this small show of distinctly non-precious jewelry at Gallery 1724, the funky hair salon/art gallery hybrid on Bissonnet.  “Not the Family Jewels!” explores the modern practice of craft. [...]  there are plenty of actual pieces of jewelry in the show. Edward McCartney created a necklace made of bobbers (called Fishing Necklace). The little spheres, bisected with red on one side and white on the other, make a rather large, attractive piece of neckwear, though probably too bulky to be practical. German artist Katja Korsawe’s necklace, made of twisted rubber bands, is likewise impractical; the rubber will harden and become brittle. But it looks great: red and knobby and textured. The curious Eskimo Kissers by Gary Schott look like colorful felt-covered pacifiers. It is hard to know whether they are meant to be jewelry or tiny sculptural objects. Ultimately, that is what this entire show is asking. » (Thanks to Robert Boyd at Labs, Houston blog)

 Lauren Kalman's 'Pearls'katja korsawe  elastic bands necklaceEdward McCartney

Lauren KALMAN – ‘Pearls’  –
Katja KORSAWE (DE) necklace (rubber-bands) - (photo Robert Boyd)
Edward McCartney – Fishing necklace

Gallery 1724
1724 Bissonnet St. (between Dunlavy and Woodhead)
Houston, Texas 77005 – USA
tél 713-582-1198
Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm, appointment recommended
For an appointment, call 713-582-1198.


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