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EXPO ‘The Year was 2006′ – Studio2017, Waterloo NSW (AU) – 19-30 Juin 2012


An exhibition of 100 jewellery pieces made in 2006

The Year Was 2006 Waterloo Australia exhibitions unique custom jewelry custom handmade jewellery exhibitions

2006. It was a common year that started on a Sunday. John Howard was PM and Pluto was no longer classified as a planet. It is often bandied about that art is a reflection of our society; intrigued, we set out to find what 2006 might have looked like in terms of contemporary jewellery. 100 jewellers from across the globe have been invited to present one piece of jewellery they made 6 years ago. Presented as a salon hang, this exhibition will showcase an incredibly diverse array of jewellery and will give an overall snapshot of what these jewellers were thinking, making and the materials they were using all those years ago in 2006.

Alice Potter — Alice Whish — Alida Cappelletta — Amy Renshaw — Andrew Welch — Barbara Cotter — Bernadette Trainor — Beatriz Ruiz — Birgit LakenClaire McArdle — Coconut Lu — Bridget Kennedy — Danielle Butters — Danielle Sweeney — Deborah Rudolph — Diane Beevers — Elfrun Lach — Elfi Spiewack — Emma Fielden — Erin Timony — Francine Haywood — Heidemarie Herb — Helen Mok — Ilse-Marie Erl — InSync Design — Jacomien Labuschagne — Jandy Pannell — Jane Millard — Jane Pollard — Jane Reynolds — Jasmine Matus — Jennifer Gehbauer — Jessica McMullen — Jessica Morrison — Jessica Page — Judy McCaigJulie Usel — Julie Kiefel — Justine Austine — Karen Thompson — Karin Jakobsson — Karina Hunnerup — Karola TorkosKate BartonKath Inglis — Katrina Freene — Kelly McCallum — Kim Ebbeck — Linda Blair — Linda Van Niekerk — Lisa Furno — Luke-John Matthew Arnold — Madeleine Clark — Manuela Gandini — Mark Vaarwerk — Melanie Ihnen — Melinda YoungMelissa Cameron — Mervi Kurvinen — Michelle Kelly — Michelle Taylor — Minnette Michael — Mirca Maffi — Miriam Andraus Pappalardo — Nadine Smith — Naomi Schwartz — Paula Rodrigues — Phoebe Porter — Rachel Bell — Radka Passianova — Renee Damiani — Robi Szalay — Rudee Tancharoen — Sandy Marker — Shan Shan Mok — Sharon Fitness — Sharon Massey — Shauna Mayben – Shimara Carlow — Sian Edwards — Simon Cottrell — Sonya Scott — Stefanie Koelbel — Stephen Gallagher — Susan Frisch — Susanna Dwyer — Suzanne Esser — Szilvia Gyorgy — Tatjana Panyoczki — Teresa Faris — Vernon Bowden — Vicki Mason — Ximena Natanya Briceño — Zoe Brand
Flowering Gum Brooch Susan Frisch – Flowering Gum Brooch 

Alice Potter - spotty-necklaceAlice Potter – spotty necklace

Elfrun Lach - 'Corallium Rubrum' necklace - natural red coral branches, Elfrun Lach – ‘Corallium Rubrum’ necklace – natural red coral branches

carlow bangleShimara Carlow bangle
Birgit Laken -   Big Thumbnail, pendant hard fabric, 2006,Birgit Laken -   Big Thumbnail, pendant hard fabric, 2006


6b/ 2 Danks St
Waterloo NSW 2017  (AUSTRALIA)
Ph/fax: 02 9698 7999
Open: Tues – Sat 11 – 6pm
Email –


EXPO ‘Pieces of Fate’ – Pieces of Eight Gallery, Melbourne (AU) – 24 Mai-2 Juill. 2011

 Have you ever come across a piece of jewellery, and thought to yourself, this must have been made for me… And there it was, just sitting there, quite simply, waiting to be found.


Pieces of Eight Gallery presents Pieces of Fate, a group exhibition of exquisite handcrafted pendants. Drawing inspiration from Professor Robert Baines, who coined the term, the exhibition includes works from 37 of the gallery’s represented artists who broadly explore the idea of an objects fate. Within the pendants various manifestations lay inherent intentions, purposes and appeal; an unquestionable right to exist. What then becomes its destiny?
Historically, pendants have provided all kinds of meaning and perceived powers for the wearer. Pieces of Fate explores how the modern day pendant can tell a story, possess magical powers or provide particular protection to an individual. It playfully engages with conversations about how materials, symbols and personal concepts give power or inscribe meaning to a piece of jewellery, and consequently how this may cause it to potentially determine its wearer.
With the making of each pendant, the artist was asked to record who or what the pendant may be for. This confidential text travels with the piece as a secret exchange between the creator and wearer of the pendant. As Kevin Murray states in his essay about the exhibition, « These incantations represent an important step forward in the restoration of jewellery power. They’re more than reflections on the personal inspiration of the jeweller. They also anticipate how the pendants will be experienced by the wearer. »


Participating artists
Bridget Bodenham — Cesar Cueva — Cinnamon Lee — Craig Spark — David Parker — Djurdjica Kesic — Dougal Haslem –  Elfrun LachJin-Ah Jo — Justine Austen — Karla Way — Katie Jacobs, — Katrina Freene — Katrina Tyler — Krista McRae — Lucy Folk — Marcus Foley — Mark Edgoose — Melinda Young — Meredith Turnbull — Nadja Soloviev — Natalia Milosz-Piekarska — Nicky Hepburn — Nina Oikawa — Nina Ellis — Pennie JagielloPeta Kruger — Raymond de Zwart — Shimara Carlow — Sian Edwards — Sim Luttin — Steffi Kalina — Tamara Dixon — Teresa Lane — Tessa Blazey — Tim Fleming — Zoe Crowder

 Meredith Turnbull, Nadja Soloviev, Tim Fleming, Marcus Foley, Mark Edgoose From left:  Meredith Turnbull, Nadja Soloviev, Tim Fleming, Marcus Foley, Mark Edgoose

EXPO 'Pieces of Fate' - Pieces of Eight Gallery, Melbourne (AU) - 24 Mai-2 Juill. 2011 dans Australie (AU) blank fate_main_large dans Cinnamon LEE (AU)Katrina Freene, Zoe Crowder, Lucy Folk, Craig Sparks, David Parker

fate_large2 dans Djurdjica KESIC (AU)
From left: Tessa Blazey “Geo neckpiece”– Bridget Bodenham “In Spirit” — Teresa Lane “The weight of a large bird falling”

fate_large3 dans Elfrun LACH (DE)
From left: Katie Jacobs “Memento mori” — Shimara Carlow “Yin and Yang” — Djurdjica Kesic “An amulet for a traveller” – Sim Luttin “Ode to Craft”

fate_large4 dans Exposition/Exhibition
From left: Justine Austen “Beauty and the Beast” — Steffi Kalina “Time Piece” — Dougal Haslem “The Crossing”

fate_large6 dans Gal. Pieces of Eight (AU)
From left:  Elfrun Lach “Universal Amulet” — Jin-Ah Jo “For the monkey, rat and dragon” –  Natalia Milosz-Piekarska “Instrument” of Divination” 




Pieces of Eight Gallery
28 Russell Place
VIC 3000 – Melbourne
Telephone: +613 9497 8121



EXPO ‘‘Winter’ Neckpieces’ – studio2017, Waterloo, Sydey (AU) – 3 Mai–4 Juin 2011

‘Winter’ Neckpieces
For the 4th year running we will be hosting our successful annual ‘Winter’ group exhibition exploring the breadth, depth, and width of a particular area of jewellery or the body. Our previous winter exhibitions have showcased contemporary brooches. This year the focus will be the neck.

This year we invite a selected number of Australian and International artists to make contemporary versions of this ancient form of self expression. Expect to see works ranging from eye catching, oversized statement pieces, through to delicate pared back jewels. The only limitation will be that the finished work can be worn around the neck.

New work by :

Karin Jacobsson – Karin Findeis — Helena Bogucki — Karen Thompson — Joung-mee Do — Daehoon Kang — Melinda YoungLauren Simeoni Phoebe Porter — Raewyn Walsh (NZ) — Kristin D’agostino Djurdica KesicMelissa CameronElfrun Lach — Leslie Matthews — Bridget Kennedy — Diane Appleby — Farah Bandookwala  (UK) –  Saori KitaZoe Veness – Michelle Taylor — Vernon Bowden — Naomi Stewart — Valerie Odewahn — Melanie Ihnen — Sheridan Kennedy — Maureen Faye-Chauhan
Melinda Young – tenticular-neckpiece
Lauren Simeoni
Melissa Cameron, White Lace – nonconsecutive planes, 2011. Titanium, silk thread
Melissa Cameron, Watery Gothic Window, 2011. Titanium, 925 silver, stainless steel cable
Phoebe Porter - transit necklace
Elfrun Lach snowflakes-detail
Joung-mee Do   – rebirth
Saori Kita





studio2017 – contemporary jewellery and objects

Studio 20/17
6b/2 Danks St
Waterloo NSW 2017
Ph/fax: 02 9698 7999
Tues – Sat 11 – 6pm


EXPO ‘Australian Jewelry TOPOS’ – Gallery Loupe, Montclair (New Jersey, US) – 10 Mars-2 Avril 2011

« The theme of « topos » (place) is explored through a diverse and fascinating group of jewelry objects. The group will be joined by Professor Elizabeth Grierson, Head of the School of Art, RMIT University, and Professor Robert Baines, PhD, Postgraduate Coordinator of the Gold and Silversmithing Department.
“Jewelry is a bearer of cultural and historical meaning and memory. In particular it is concerned with the relations of those meanings with the personal and urban settings, acting as a way of defining and interpreting ‘topos’ (meaning ‘of place’, Greek). The concern of this jewelry research is to recognise and explore the ways the jewelry artefact opens our engagement with, and understanding of, the personal and external places we inhabit. Jewelry conveys settings of human identity and presence as well as external settings such as urban spaces and ‘topos’ takes on a broader significance as place itself becomes an expanded notion. Jewelry Topos explores the ways jewelry engages with our understanding of the physical and metaphorical places we inhabit.”
 » Professor Robert Baines

 Topos (Dougal Haslem – the elephant & the umbrella ring)

Katherine BrunacciRobert BainesElfrun LachAnita Van Doorn — Dougal Haslem — Julie Mitchell — Karla Way –  Kirsten HaydonLucy HearnMel MillerNatalia Milosz-Piekarska — Nicholas Bastin — Nina Oikawa — Penelope Pollard — Renee UgazioLinda Hughes — Christopher Earl Milbourne — Nicole Polentas.

  Lucy Hearn Lucy Hearn

 Natalia Milosz-Piekarksa Natalia Milosz-Piekarksa

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Nicole PolentasNicole Polentas

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Kirsten Haydon Kirsten Haydon

Linda HuguesLinda Hugues

Robert BainesRobert Baines

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Renee UgazioRenée Ugazio


Gallery Loupe
50 Church Street
NJ 07042 – Montclair/ New Jersey
United States
Telephone: 973.744.0061
Fax: 973.744.0062



COUP de … ROUGE avec Elfrun LACH

My jewellery results from ongoing research into the historic use, depiction and symbolism of coral in connection with making contemporary artefacts. Coral is one of the oldest materials used for human adornment, and because of its difficulty to obtain, has been simulated throughout history by bone, glass, wood, porcelain and plastic.
The process of simulation, substitution of materials and the combination of precious and found objects is relevant to all my work. By using coral as a metaphor for strength and fragility, growth and decay I want to generate readings concerning human interaction with the environment, and question the ethical use of materials and the nature of the real and the represented.” (Elfrun Lach)

(ACTUAL EXPO : « Corollary« , Craft Victoria, Melbourne (AU) 21 Jan.– 5 March2011)

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Elfrun LACH dans Allemagne (DE) blank Bangle #1
Elfrun LachBangle #1, 2005 – leather, aluminium flashing, sterling silver (« Correlation » exhib.)


Elfrun Lach is born in 1955, Ratingen, Germany – She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gold and Silversmithing, RMIT University, 2004, followed by Honours, 2005, and a Master of Art, 2010. Elfrun has exhibited her jewellery since 2001. Highlights include SOFA New York and Chicago, Charon Kransen Arts, New York, 2009; Jewellery Topos, Galerie Marzee, The Netherlands, 2009; and Beyond Metal: Contemporary Australian Jewellery and Holloware (toured to India, Malaysia and Singapore), 2007. Her work is held in private collections in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, USA and Japan



lach03 dans corail / coral

Brooches with found branch, wool felt and sandblasted glass beads, 5W x 5.5Hcm. $300 each.
Elfrun LachBrooches with found branch, wool felt and sandblasted glass beads (« Correlation » exhib.)



lach08 dans COUP DE COEUR


lach07 dans Elfrun LACH (DE)

lach02 dans Gal. Charon Kransen (US)
Elfrun Lach – ‘Sprung’ necklace (« Correlation » exhib.)

lach06 dans Gal. Pieces of Eight (AU)
Elfrun Lach‘Corallium Rubrum’ necklace – natural red coral branches, polypropylene, sterling silver, silk cord  2005 (« Correlation » exhib.)

blankElfrun Lach
Elfrun Lach

blank Untitled Brooch
Elfrun Lach – ‘Untitled Brooch’ – natural twig (Eucalyptus Caesia), cotton thread, stainless steel  (« Correlation » exhib.)

blank Corallium Osseus Necklace, 2005
Elfrun Lach -Corallium Osseus Necklace- Hand built percelain, red coral beads, nylon cord  2005 (« Correlation » exhib.)

Brooch with found branch, wool felt and sandblasted glass beads, 5W x 5.5Hcm. $300.
Elfrun Lach -Brooch with found branch, wool felt and sandblasted glass beads

Elfrun Lach

Elfrun Lach -ring ‘Annulus parvus’ 2008, bamboo, coral, polymer clay


Pieces of Eight is a contemporary jewellery and small object gallery in Melbourne, Australia.
see their exhibitions of Elfrun Lach : « Correlation » (2006)

« Correlation is the result of a continued exploration by gold and silversmith Elfrun Lach into the symbolism, materiality and historical use of coral. The jewellery pieces made for the exhibition come from an investigation into this precious material and these wearable works stand as a metaphor for growth and decay, strength and fragility.
A natural material, coral has been highly prized throughout various cultures and periods, the oldest surviving finds are coral beads and artefacts from Neolithic burial sites dating back to 10,000BC. Red coral in particular has been considered precious by southern European cultures, and sometimes appears in medieval and renaissance paintings being worn or held by the infant Jesus.
Lach creates contemporary offerings and interpretations of coral as well as including some real pieces of different corals in her work. She also has used a variety of other materials like felt, glass beads, wood, silver, porcelain and recycled plastics. By using these materials alongside coral, with all its associations, she offers up new objects of desire.
Considering how humans have now endangered the very existence of coral by dredging the sea floor, Lach’s jewellery pieces elevate humble materials to present a new preciousness in her works which evoke rather than mimic this material. She is currently continuing to explore these themes whilst undertaking a Masters in Fine Arts at RMIT, Melbourne. « 


EXPO ‘Elfrun Lach: Corollary’ – CRAFT VICTORIA, Gallery 2, Melbourne (AU) – 21 Janv.–5 Mars 2011

Classé dans : Australie (AU),corail / coral,Elfrun LACH (DE),Exposition/Exhibition — bijoucontemporain @ 0:55

 Endangered marine organism raises questions of supply in Corollary.

Corollary explores the history and ongoing symbolic function of red coral, one of the oldest traditionally used materials in gold and silver-smithing. Despite the rarity of coral, its application within jewellery practice has persisted over time due to a belief in its talismanic qualities. Combining actual and simulated forms of this precious material, the works in Corollary aim to raise questions about ethical supply and usage.

Originally from Düsseldorf in Germany, Elfrun Lach studied Art History, Egyptology and Archaeology at Cologne University before moving to Melbourne and embarking on a degree in Silversmithing at RMIT University. Lach has exhibited in Australia and overseas and recently completed a Masters degree, researching the symbolism, historicity and materiality of coral in the context of contemporary artefact.
Elfrun Lach, 34 Random Pieces, mixed media (coral, cotton thread, enamel paint, felt, gesso, glass beads, leather, natural twigs, polymer clay, polystyrene, porcelain, recycled plastic, shell, wood) (2005-2008)(Photo Screaming Pixel) 


« In the past coral has been imitated by glass, horn, rubber, bone and plastic, which only increased the demand for gem quality material. My exhibition aims to create an awareness of origin of the material and future implications of its use. By combining the readings of man-made contemporary materials with selected symbolic orders of the past I want to generate readings which highlight the complexity and historicity of coral.  » Elfrun Lach


EXPO 'Elfrun Lach: Corollary' - CRAFT VICTORIA, Gallery 2, Melbourne (AU) - 21 Janv.–5 Mars 2011  dans Australie (AU) elfrun2
Elfrun Lach, Graft Brooch, bone, coral, glass, wood, monofilament, silk, 925 silver, (2009)(Image courtesy of the artist)



31 Flinders Lane
Melbourne 3000
Phone +61 3 9650 7775
Fax +61 3 9650 5688
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