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EXPO ‘Not Too Precious’ – National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny (Ireland) – 22 Janv.–30 Mars 2016

 Not_Too_Precious exhib
(Attai Chen on left – Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary on right)
Not Too Precious explores inspirational work by 25 international jewellers using materials for their expressive potential rather than for their intrinsic value. Radical artist jewellers of the late 1960s and 70s vigorously rejected the idea that jewellery should be considered ‘precious’ simply because of the materials of which it was made. Today, the use of a huge variety of materials in jewellery is far more accepted, but economic pressures are putting that freedom of artistic expression at potential risk as people revert to traditionally ‘valuable’ materials for ‘safety’. Not Too Precious challenges preconceptions about ‘non-precious’ materials by encouraging us to consider ‘accrued value’: what talented makers bring to their work through their ideas and skill.
The selected artists, who currently work in the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, create innovative, skilfully-made jewellery that is insightful and culturally resonant. Sometimes poignant, sometimes witty, their work communicates at many levels. It is above all honest and – for want of a better term – not too precious.

Jewellery by 25 international makers :  Attai ChenCarina Chitsaz-Shoshtary Eunmi ChunWarwick FreemanEmmeline HastingsChristel van der LaanFelieke van der Leest Sari LiimattaMärta MattssonJasmin MatzakowKazumi NaganoShinji NakabaLina PetersonZoe RobertsonMichihiro SatoMariko SumiokaEmiko SuoTore SvenssonJanna SyvänojaMirei TakeuchiTimothy Information LimitedTerhi TolvanenCatherine TrumanFlóra VágiHeather Woof.

Kazumi NaganoKazumi Nagano

Marta Mattson - not too precious  Marta Mattson

Not Too Precious - Shinji Nakaba: Shinji Nakaba

Catherine TrumanCatherine Truman

Not Too Precious - Warwick Freeman:  Warwick Freeman

Not Too Precious - Sari Liimatta: Sari Liimatta

Not Too Precious -  Michihiro Sato: Michihiro Sato

Not Too Precious - Heather Woof: Heather Woof

Carina Shoshtary; Necklace "The green Escape"; 2015; Graffiti, silver.: Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary

Eun Mi Chun  Eun Mi Chun

National Craft Gallery, Ireland

 Castle Yard, Kilkenny, Ireland

T +353 56 7796147


EXPO ‘SPECIAL’ – Lesley Craze Gallery – 8-30 Mai 2013

Lesley Craze Gallery SPECIAL – Our next exhibition! ‘Special.’ will host 15 makers who have each made 3 new and special pieces for our Gallery! We cant wait! 8th – 30th May 2013 with two private views (no excuses!) on Wednesday 8th May 6-8pm and Saturday 11th May 12-3pm  SPECIAL - 8-30 mai 2013


Dewdrop Jewellery: Brooches - Craig MacauleyCraig Macauley Dewdrop Jewellery: Brooches

Daphne Krinos - COSMIMA - JEWELLERYDaphne Krinos

Jane Adam: Triangle NeckpieceJane Adam: Triangle Neckpiece

Elizabeth Bone - Geometric_Brooch - silk & silverElizabeth Bone – Geometric_Brooch – silk & silver

Entropy Necklace in leather by Tania Clarke Hall. Clarke Hall Entropy Necklace in leather

Emmeline Hastings "My latest work explores perspex as a material in its own right. Exploiting a carving process, the perspex is worked sculpturally in a solid piece and later segmented and dyed." 2013Emmeline Hastings neckpiece  « My latest work explores perspex as a material in its own right. Exploiting a carving process, the perspex is worked sculpturally in a solid piece and later segmented and dyed. »
Daphne Krinos tourmaline quartz silver, diamond earrings two pairs - Lesley Craze GalleryDaphne Krinos tourmaline quartz silver, diamond earrings two pairs




Lesley Craze Gallery33 – 35a Clerkenwell Green
London EC1R 0DU
Tel: +44 (0)20 7608 0393
Fax: +44 (0)20 7251 5655



LOOT 2012: Mad about Jewelry – EXPO-VENTE – MAD Museum, NY (USA) – 11-15 Sept. 2012

 LOOT 2012: Mad about Jewelry

The Museum of Arts and Design will present LOOT 2012: MAD about Jewelry, its juried selling exhibition of artist-made jewelry for four days this October. Now in its 12th year, LOOT: MAD about Jewelry has become known as the ultimate pop-up shop for contemporary art and studio jewelry by both artists and collectors alike; it affords the public the rare opportunity to acquire pieces directly from some of the most innovative jewelry artists in the world. This year, the creations of 50 emerging and acclaimed jewelry artists will be on sale. Prices will range from $200 to $12,000, with $1000 the average. Proceeds from the selling show will benefit the Museum’s exhibition and education programs. LOOT 2012  (Artists: Nikolay Sardamov)  11-15 sept 2012

LOOT 2012: MAD About Jewelry, the ultimate pop-up shop for contemporary art and studio jewelry, whose proceeds benefit the Exhibition and Education programs of the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD Museum), will run from Tuesday through Saturday, September 11 – 15, 2012.
Unlike any other jewelry event in the country, LOOT 2012 gives jewelry lovers the opportunity to meet some of the most innovative creators in the field and acquire work directly from them. This 12th edition of LOOT will be the largest and most international ever, with jewelry by more than 50 emerging and acclaimed artists, hailing from 12 countries.
It will also showcase the work of jewelry students from New York’s own Fashion Institute of Technology.

LOOT 2012  (Necklace by Emmeline Hastings)
(Necklace by Emmeline Hastings)

Like last year, the exhibition and sale has been curated by Bryna Pomp, a jewelry specialist, and Nancy Olnick, a noted collector; they selected the artists for their originality, use of materials, and expert craftsmanship. Much effort was also made to find distinguished artists from around the world.

Among those in this year’s roster will be the acclaimed German bead artist Axel Russmeyer, who in addition to participating in the exhibition and sale will be awarded the inaugural LOOT Award for Contemporary Art Jewelry. This annual prize is in keeping with the long-standing commitment of the Museum of Arts and Design to presenting jewelry as an art form. MAD is the only American museum to possess a gallery dedicated to the display of both temporary jewelry exhibits and its own collection of contemporary and modern studio and art jewelry, which it began assembling soon after its founding in 1956.

“Axel Russmeyer is an artist whose outstanding achievement in crafting highly original and exceptionally beautiful jewelry sets the standard of excellence for all in this medium,” says Michele Cohen, the Chair of LOOT 2012. “His color and texture combinations and his sense of design take beaded jewelry to another level of the imagination. You have only to see and touch his pieces to understand why his work is coveted by the most prestigious museums and private collectors around the world.”


Other notable jewelry artists participating in LOOT 2012 are:
Eimear Conyard
This Irish artist views jewelry as object as much as adornment. In addition to producing splendid, yet spare pendants, brooches, and rings, she also makes limited-edition timepieces. For LOOT 2012, she will offer a new
collection of timepieces, specifically designed for the exhibition.
Eva Eisler
In Europe, this Czech artist is as well known for her tabletop, lighting, and furniture designs, as for her minimalist art jewelry. The chair of the metals department at Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design, she will bring along the work of six of her top students, two of whom will be in attendance.
Emmeline Hastings
A sculptor as well as a jeweler, this British artist works in Perspex and a variety of metals to create wearable objects that evoke the motion and pattern of waves.
Dominique Labordery
Working in agate, oxidized silver, and gold, this Belgian-born, Dusseldorf based artist uses minimalist details to the maximum effect.
Jeremy May
This British artist makes jewelry from carved out book pages, which he laminates and polishes. The excavated tome then serves as the jewelry container.
Kazumi Nagano
The Tokyo-based Nagano brings the sensibilities of traditional Japanese painting to jewelry making. Woven out of strands of silver and gold, silk, nylon, and Japanese paper thread, her jewelry is subtle, yet sumptuous,
and gossamerlike in weight.
Linda van Niekerk
Rare Tasmanian wood and tidal stones, ribbons of sterling silver, chunky discs of African amber, and oxidized Turkomen beads are among the materials from which this master artist, born in South Africa, now based in
Tasmania, makes striking wearable sculpture.
Joe Pillari
This Philadelphia-based artist makes enigmatic hand-painted enamel brooches inspired by old photographs.
Nikolay Sardamov
This Bulgarian artist jeweler creates a rigid meshwork out of clusters and layers of circles in silver and gold. While the geometry is simple, the effect is rich in pattern and density.

necklace by Dominique Labordery -- made out of agate, oxidized silver, and gold. Dominique Laborderynecklace  made out of agate, oxidized silver, and gold.
Emmeline Hastings    UK-based artist Emmeline Hastings finds her inspiration in the visualization of sound waves, music, and correlating natural phenomena. She is fascinated by the molecularEmmeline Hastings
beautiful beaded earrings by the legendary jewelry artist Axel RussmeyerAxel Russmeyer beaded earrings 

Kathleen Nowak TucciKathleen Nowak Tucci


2012 Graduates of the Jewelry Design Program at FIT, New York   Dana Bodourov — Kaitlin Dunn — Alison Francis — David Hakimian — Melissa Kaye — Selin Kent — Ana Kim — Alexandra Kouadia-Borno — Cole Lopez — Enjung Sung — Veronica Ledovsky



Museum of Arts and Design (MAD Museum)
2 Columbus Circle,
New York, NY 10019


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