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Decouverte : Esteelee NEOFELD – fantasies and colors

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Esteelee NEOFELD, from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Jewelry department, & discovered on the website « Design in Israel« 

« Once Upon A Time » :  « This project was inspired by gentle, distant and unclear childhood memories featuring various fantasies and colors. «  »Once upon a time / This is her story / The story of the day she found courage in her heart / A needle and a thread in her hand, she embroidered her dream / To leave home, her childhood refuge / to wander as a blind person in the alleys of her mind / Thus / between purple kites / obscure golden balls / pink silk threads and the whisps of clouds / my soul was forever captivated. »" The pieces of jewelry are produced by a mixed technique. Materials: sewing threads, polymer, sterling silver, 22 karat gold coated sterling silver.«
Esteelee NEOFELD – ring


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