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COUP de ROUGE avec Eve VAUTIER – bijoux de LAQUE

Eve VAUTIER, créatrice de bijoux en laque

Lauréate 2011 du concours jeunes créateurs d’Ateliers d’Art de France

Eve VAUTIER’s passion for lacquer started in Paris where she trained as a lacquer artist. She studied a BA in Jewellery Design in Australia also learning basic jewellery techniques. Study trips to Thailand, Vietnam and Japan opened her eyes to the potential of lacquer for contemporary culture.
She recently completed an MA (Distinction) in Jewelry Design from Central Saint Martin’s, London.

Reminiscence represents a radical re-interpretation of lacquer exploring its poetic possibilities for contemporary jewellery. Lacquer craft originally used tree sap, mainly developing in Asia and reaching its apotheosis in Urushi, Japanese lacquer practice. European lacquer techniques, such as Vernis Martin developed as a response to Japanese lacquer during the 17th century. In Europe as well as Asia, the craft of lacquer is slowly disappearing due to dramatic life style changes and shifts in its traditional clientele.
The Reminiscence project researches the ‘memory’ of lacquer and the multiple layers of culture and history embedded within it, to generate new identities in the realm of jewellery. The collection uses the concepts of fossils, encapsulation and erosion to evoke the memory of lacquer on both a physical and abstract level offering wearable artefacts that are unfamiliar yet desirable.
Part of the collection has been realised by re-interpreting Vernis Martin into contemporary jewellery. The other has been developed in a ground breaking collaboration with Japanese lacquer craftsmen from the Aomori prefecture, one of the birthplaces of Japanese lacquer. This collaboration established new bridges and provides a base for future cooperations between lacquer communities worldwide.
Eve VAUTIER- Memory l necklace. 2010. Vermillon lacquer (Vernis Martin) on modelling clay, cultured pearls, oxydised silver chain
Eve VAUTIER- Encapsulation II ring. 2010. Red lacquer (Vernis Martin) on modelling clay, cultured flat pearls, 18c gold plated silver

Eve VAUTIER- Fossil II ring. 2010. Orange lacquer on modelling clay, cultured pearls, oxydized silver.


voir : l’Association LAC (Lacqueurs Associés pour la Création)


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