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EXPO ‘Secret Garden’ – New Values Gallery, Berlin (DE) – 18 Nov. 2011-15 janv. 2012

Secret Garden


The Opulent Project  Jenny Klemming  Frida Aberg Nora Rochel Eily O’Connell –  Coco Dunmire –   Alejandra Solar –  Gitte Nygaard –  Mia Maljojoki — Märta Mattson – Q Hisashi Shibata –  Ksenia Obukhova – Begoña Prats –
Begoña Prats
Mia Maljojoki
The Opulent Project (TOP)  (TOP was founded by Meg Drinkwater and Erin Gardner in 2007 while finishing their BFA at the University of Oregon)
Ksenia Obukhova (kko is a young experimental jewellery brand, created by Ksenia Obukhova. She finished the Rietveld Art Academy in  Amsterdam in 2010)
Eily O’Connell

Nora Rochel

Coco Dunmire
Gitte Nygaard
Q Hisashi Shibata




New Values, conceptual jewellery gallery
Knaackstraße 96
10437 Berlin
phone Ksenia Obukhova: +49 (0) 157 84837323
open 14.00 – 21.00 every day



Frida Åberg : why do we wear jewellery ?

Frida Åberg’s expression combines poetic value with romantic memories.
The material and tactical qualities of her jewellery reveal strong intent and judgement and a most sensitive approach to making.
The beauty of her jewellery lives in the space between the inner and outer expression of the object. The pieces are created around a feeling. Hidden memories materialise into objects that simultaneously appear to be fragile and immortal, and behold a strangeness that will capture the viewer.
Year of birth 1981 Place of birth Gothenburg, Sweden

Frida Åberg : why do we wear jewellery ?  dans bois / wood shapeimage_1

« My project started with the question; why do we wear jewellery? And after that came; why do I make jewellery?
Through asking these questions I have found answers, some are for me and others are universal.
It is the emotional value the jewellery contain that makes the whole difference, that makes it worth wearing. The dreams and memories, people and places that lives within, and the abilities that seeps into it when we wear it.
I have chosen the branch as a material to work with. The branch is a small part of the whole tree, with the wind in its leaves and the roots in the soil. The small piece still contains the memory of the whole tree, and some part of it is feeling the wind and the soil, still being a part of a tree. Which people and what places are living in your jewellery?
 » (Frida Aberg, Bachelor work 2009, Konstfack Spring Exhibition)

 dans COUP DE COEUR dans Frida ABERG (SE) dans KONSTFACK Adellab (SE) dans recup' / recycled
 dans Suede (SE)


« Remember and dream, 2009″ (Frida Aberg, Bachelor work 2009, Konstfack Spring Exhibition)



Current work :

« Sand and Oil« various fabrics, sewing thread and linseed – April 26, 2010

« The desert has time.The wind is slowly but surely turning the mountains into sand, the sand turning into sand dunes. Underneath is the oil, plant material that over an unimaginable time turns into this thick, black, desirable liquid.
And the cultures are quickly blinking by. Forming and disappearing.
This is the piece which is going to be in the « I Care A Lot » exhibition.




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