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EXPO ‘A Jewellery Circus’ – SILO, Gothenburg (Sweden) – 2-31 Oct. 2010

We are a group of 3 swedish jewellery artists, located in Gothenburg:
Therese Stawlin, Gertrud Heinerud and Elin Ryd.
This fall we have invited 11 guest artist with different characters, talents and nationalities to form A Jewellery Circus!!
Different characters, talents and nationalities will meet under one roof and the uniqueness of each artist will be drawn to extremes.
Jewelry artists fron Sweden, Italy, USA, Greece and Japan have been working around the theme Circus and the result will be shown at SILO in Gothenburg/Sweden.
Welcome under the circus tent!

EXPO 'A Jewellery Circus' - SILO, Gothenburg (Sweden) - 2-31 Oct. 2010 dans Asa HALLDIN (SE) 41787_128406000545652_8495_n

Participants of « A Jewellery Circus »:

Annemari Bernhardt, Sweden
Helle Rasmussen-Theliander – Sweden
Kikkan Hulthén – Sweden
Linda Lidman – Sweden/USA
Monica Buongiovanni – Italy
Poly Nikoloupoulo – Greece
Sara-Lo Af Ekenstam – Sweden
Suzanne Beautyman – USA
Yuki Sumiya – Japan
Åsa Skogberg – Sweden
Åsa Halldin - Sweden
Klara Brynge – Sweden
+ organizers: Therese Stawlin/Gertrud Heinerud/Elin Ryd – Sweden

23682_1227437492342_1421209603_559503_2137403_n dans Asa SKOGBERG (SE)
Elin Ryd

60099_1569782841059_1130128048_1626379_905623_n dans Elin RYD (SE)
Poly Nikoloupoulo

ice_04 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Yuki Sumiya

n578777105_312188_3525 dans Gertrud HEINERUD (SE)
Suzanne Beautyman  - « Working With Dad » Necklace – Gold, Shibuichi, Iron, Silk  2007

glada_katten dans HDK Goteborg (SE)
Gertrud Heinerud - brooch - Porcelain, textile, 

therese dans Klara BRYNGE (SE)

Therese Stawlin - bijoux inspirés des virus & bactéries – collier, nylon, coton (HDK, School of Design & craft, Göteborg)
Åsa Halldin ring


Waernsgatan 1A
41670 Göteborg, Sweden
Tel. 0735-593883



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