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EXPO ‘Celebrating 70′ – Facere Gallery, Seattle (USA) – 19 Aout-5 Sept 2010

This exhibition will celebrate Karen Lorene’s 70th birthday as well as the 38th anniversary of Facere Jewelry Art Gallery. The show will feature 70 pieces, one each from 70 artists, each representing and relating to a year from 1940–2010.

In conjunction with the exhibition, we have published a book titled ‘Celebrating 70: 70 years by 70 artists.’ This publication includes images of all 70 pieces in the show as well as short statements from the artists about their inspiration for their piece.

EXPO 'Celebrating 70' - Facere Gallery, Seattle (USA) - 19 Aout-5 Sept 2010 dans Biba SCHUTZ (US) Micki_Lippe_C70Veronica_von_Allworden_C70 dans BOOKS / BIBLIO
Micki Lippe – for year 1943 – « Where Have All the Soldiers Gone? » Necklace in sterling silver, wool, silk, beads, pearls 
Veronica von Allworden – for year 1974 – « Word Play » Bracelet in sterling silver and steel.

Julie_Speidel_C70 dans Cindy SUMMER (US)PAN_C70 dans Emiko OYE (US)
Julie Speidel – for year 1994 « Karnag » Necklace in steel and porcelain
Gina Pankowski  (US) 
for year 1945 « Slice of Life » Brooch in sterling silver, 14k gold, acrylic, and ink

YMK_C70 dans Exposition/ExhibitionML_C70 dans Gal. Facere (US)
Yeonmi Kang (Korea) for year 1999 « Eclipse » brooch – sterling silver, gold keumboo, copper, enamel,  quartz

Margaux Lange for year 2002 « Breast to Breast » brooch in stering silver, plastic Barbie doll parts, resin

SP_C70 dans Gina PANKOWSKI (US)LH_C70 dans Jan SMITH (CA)
 Seth Papac (US) for year 1951 « i.d. » Necklace in enameled steel, powder coated steel, resin, and powder enamel
Laurie Hall  (US) for year 1950 « Boomerang » Necklace- silver, ebony, beach pebble, pearl, bakelite, oxidized silver

MP_C70 dans Julie SPEIDEL (US)OYE_C70 dans Laurie HALL (US)
Maria Phillips for year 1998 « Executive Cigar Cozy » Necklace in wool and sterling silver (« As Monica told Barbara Walters, she survived her ordeal in part by knitting« emoticone )
Emiko Oye  for year 1959 « Dawning » Necklace in repurposed LEGO and cording

BI_C70 dans Margaux LANGE (US)SS_C70 dans Maria PHILLIPS (US)
Biba Schutz  for year 1972 « the was the PRICE » pin in sterling silver, steel, plexiglass, digital prints, and art medium
Suzanne Stern for year 1996 « Breathe One-Eucalyptus » Brooch – bronze, vermeil, Pate de Verre lead crystal, Tahitian pearls

KSL_C70 dans Micki LIPPE (US)SB_C70 dans Ramona SOLBERG (US)
Designed by Ramona Solberg in 2004 – for year 1987 « Untitled » Necklace in silver, shell, bone, die, and rubber.  Fabricated by Kiff Slemmons in 2010.
Cindy Sumner  (US)  for year 1986 « Icarus » Necklace in lithographic tin, brass, and found objects

TR_C70 dans Seth PAPAC (US)JAN_C70 dans Suzanne STERN (DE)
Todd Reed (US) for year 1976 « Pressed Flowers » Necklace – sterling silver, tourmaline in quartz, acrylic paint
 Jan Smith (CA)  for year 1967 « Right Now » Necklace- sterling silver, copper, enamel wool,  silk thread


Artist list:
Boris Bally, Davide Bigazzi, Nancy Bonnema, Ken Bova, Jana Brevick, Jessica Calderwood, Virginia Causey, Jude Clarke, Andy Cooperman, Nancy Mēgan Corwin, Kevin Crane, Peg Fetter, Lisa Fidler, Steven Ford & David Forlano, Suzan Gallup, Laurie Hall, Joan Hammond, Trudee Hill, Tom Hill, Ron Ho, Sarah Hood, Judith Hoyt, Mary Lee Hu, Lezlie Jane, Charra Jarosz, Yeonmi Kang, Deb Karash, Nadine Kariya, Linda Kindler Priest, Margaux Lange, Micki Lippe, Eve Llyndorah & Ray Lipovsky, Kristin Lora, Marty Lovins, Leslie MacInnes, Jane Martin, Karen McCreary, Marcia Meyers, Alisa Miller, Rika Mouw, emiko oye, Gina Pankowski, Seth Papac, Rosemary Pham, Lee Phillips, Maria Phillips, Todd Pownell, Gail Rappa, Jayne Redman, Todd Reed, Kait Rhoads, Biba Schutz, Barbara Seidenath, Kiff Slemmons, Jan Smith, Julie Speidel, Alex Stanyon, Suzanne Stern, Cindy Sumner, Patricia Telesco, Cappy Thompson, Cynthia Toops, Carmen Valdes, Veronica von Allworden, Hiroshi Watanabe, Sarah J. G. Wauzynski, Roberta & David Williamson, Nancy Worden, Liaung-Chung Yen, Kristi Zevenbergen.


Facere Jewelry Art Gallery
1420 Fifth Ave, 108
WA 98101 – Seattle
United States
Telephone: 206/624-6768
Fax: 206/624-2852



‘Celebrating 70: 70 years by 70 artists.’


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« This virtual exhibition presents, for the first time, the « virtual jewel community »: 250 works that, for methodological reasons, have been grouped into five macro-categories based on the material used: metal, paper, plastic, organic and fabrics. Within each of these categories however the initial heterogeneity has been preserved, as a conscious choice as well as well as to value the individuality and the geographical and semantic specificity of each piece. The works presented are those of great masters and young students alike, coming from all aver the world, characterized by different backgrounds and languages, alternately high or low technologies, manual or serial manufacture processes: the red thread that unites them all is the project, the necessary connective tissue in the contemporary babel.
Each of these works contains within it a world which unfolds before our very eyes, gifting us with the preciousness of a reflection and the emotion of a suggestion. Extraordinary pieces, for their making and the ideas behind them, from which we can sense memories of places and lives, shadows of incidental trajectories. And passion: in the form of challenge.
«  (
Alba Cappellieri)


‘METAL’ gallery : Colleen BARAN (CA), Harriete Estel BERMAN (US), Agata BIENKOWSKA (PL), Sabrina BOTTURA (IT), Patrizia BONATI (IT), Enrico CABERLON (IT), Corrado De MEO (IT), Francesca GABRIELLI (IT),  Valentina Gaia GAMBETTA (IT), Manuela GANDINI (IT), Maria GOTI (ES), Raffaele IRACE (IT), Sandra KOCJANCIC (SI), Stefania LUCCHETTA (IT), Rosalba BALSAMO (IT), Angela GERHARD (US), Ariel Matias ORTEGA (Arg.), Rossana RO (Niiro Jewelry) (IT), Barbara PAGANIN (IT), Stefano PEDONESI (IT), Gina PANKOWSKI (US),  Alessandro PETROLATI (IT), Fabrizio TRIDENTI (IT), Janos Gabor VARGA (HU), Gonzalo PALMA (Peru), Corinna COLOMBO (IT), GianCarlo MONTEBELLO (IT), Emanuela DUCA (IT), etc etc etc …

12638_1197400788560_1634701230_502161_7833041_n dans Alessandro PETROLATI (IT)
Rosalba Balsamo  – bracciale, argento, 2006 (dentro vuoto….tecnica galvanica)

2897_69334538353_695088353_1748733_5163542_n dans Angela GERHARD (US)
‘METAL’ gallery – Gonzalo PALMA Joyas (Peru) – Collar ‘Central one black city’  - Silver 950, Peridots

n1518280846_1152790_6375278 dans Ariel Matias ORTEGA (RA)
‘METAL’ gallery – Agata Bieńkowska (PL) – ‘OTCHŁAŃ /ABYSS’ white metal (alpaca silver) & plexiglass jewelry

25651_380306569916_787244916_3543948_181159_n dans Barbara PAGANIN (IT)
‘METAL’ gallery -  Harriete Estel Berman (US) – Flower Pins
« Each April Flower Brooch is a one of a kind pin constructed from multiple layers of recycled tin cans. The use of recycled materials becomes metaphorical foundation for the flower motif. Each and every petal is cut by hand, the edges are smooth, then the flower petals are lifted and twisted to make the flower petals more rigid and dimensional in appearance. » (to shop on Etsy …)

n29074566782_1193529_7005 dans Colleen BARAN (CA)
‘METAL’ gallery -  Angela Gerhard (US) – ‘Cha cha’ earrings – vitreous enamel on copper
25506_1391716065380_1006470301_1146329_1659437_n dans Corinna COLOMBO (IT)
‘METAL’ gallery – Maria Goti (ES) ‘Criaturas Marinas XI’ – oxidised silver, gold, Coral Fosilizado, cultured pearls

25414_1314627199066_1632295109_800153_5985859_n dans Corrado De MEO (IT)
‘METAL’ gallery – Raffaele Irace – ‘enigma’ ring – semiprecious stones and silver
25414_1314631039162_1632295109_800164_2149598_n dans Cynthia del GIUDICE (RA)

24068_1309841277685_1580206137_30777587_2258857_n dans Dominika NABOROWSKA (PL)
‘METAL’ gallery – Stefania Lucchetta – Silk 51 bangle – titanium

19245_1255861528733_1595446064_30655454_8197345_n dans Emanuela DUCA (IT)

GianCarlo Montebello (IT) – rings SOFTNESS – stainless steel mesh, yellow gold, stone cut-metal gems in yellow gold

13361_207639331066_623746066_2980953_6028806_n dans Emily WATSON (US)

10226_1174407533947_1640828533_492148_6290065_n dans Exposition/Exhibition
Barbara PAGANIN (IT) – Vasi Alchemici . Collana in argento patinato e vetro soffiato a lume

24976_362516287748_149648387748_3657576_6426224_n dans Fabrizio TRIDENTI (IT)22451_1231656505708_1058002920_30580152_7488017_n dans Francesca GABRIELLI (IT)
Gina Pankowski (US) – New Architectonic Necklace – silver
Rossana RO  (Niiro Jewelry)

19878_325220210947_628670947_4563215_7865013_n dans GianCarlo MONTEBELLO (IT)n1040760246_303173_457 dans Gina PANKOWSKI (US)
Janos Gabor VARGA (HU)Hatch’ ring in progress
Fabrizio TRIDENTI - ‘chs2′ ring 2007- oxidized silver, enamel

12410_323198903413_640018413_3437335_2813121_n dans Gonzalo PALMA (Peru)
Corinna Colombo  – « Spinosa » di nome e di fatto, collana realizzata con fili di rame e di ferro di diversi diametri

Dominika Naborowska (du blog panie Pfor...)
Dominika Naborowska (PL) – necklace (le blog Panie-Przodem c’est elle ! :-) )

12938_1306769987935_1191110743_30942883_5227870_n dans Harriete Estel BERMAN (US)
Emanuela Duca- ‘petals’ necklace – oxidised silver, diamonds 


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