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balles à blanc, balles perdues ?

La broche de Miktoria Munzker semble dire « même pas mal !! na na nère … » comme pour nous narguer, comme pour minimiser « l’impact » -pour reprendre un vocabulaire guerrier-, en ces temps de tant de « balles perdues », urbi et orbi ……, en cité « civilisée » comme en pays en guerre …. transformer l’objet qui tue -et Halász Előd nous le rappelle bien- en « bijou qui tue » ……..


MARIANNE ANSELIN    « Bartavelle » 2009 - Collier composé d'éléments formés par des assemblages de cartouches en métal patiné et cerisier du Japon, fil de lin et fil d'or. Monté sur câble d'acier gainé. Réalisé en deux exemplaires, légèrement différents. Monogrammé.Marianne Anselin  « Bartavelle » 2009 – Collier composé d’éléments formés par des assemblages de cartouches en métal patiné et cerisier du Japon, fil de lin et fil d’or. Monté sur câble d’acier gainé. Réalisé en deux exemplaires, légèrement différents. Monogrammé.

Marianne Anselin, BartavelleMarianne Anselin, Bartavelle

Sophie Hanagarth - Mises à l'index, bagues, cuir, fer-blanc, 2001- Sophie Hanagarth – Mises à l’index, bagues, cuir, fer-blanc, 2001-  -To put on index, rings, leather, tin can, 2001 -   

Viktoria Munzker - New inferno - "Doesn´t hurt me" Brosche, 2010Viktoria Munzker – New inferno – « Doesn´t hurt me » Brosche, 10 x 2 x 2 cm    Patronenhülse, Messing, Stahl    2010,

Malaika Najem, pendantMalaika Najem, pendant

Halász Előd: "Bang! You're Dead" brooch Halász Előd: « Bang! You’re Dead » brooch 2012

Halász Előd - "Bang! You're Dead " brooch - Polyurethane, gold-plated silver, gold -plated brass, magnum cartridge case  Dimension: 80x135x20 mmHalász Előd – « Bang! You’re Dead  » brooch – Polyurethane, gold-plated silver, gold -plated brass, magnum cartridge case  Dimension: 80x135x20 mm




EXPO ‘Brooch / Bross’ – Sterling Gallery, Budapest (HU) – 26 Mai-17 Juin 2011

The Sterling Gallery cordially invites you to an exclusive exhibition, entitled BROOCH, of young contemporary artists.

Sterling Gallery located in Budapest (H) organizing an exclusive exhibition, entitled BROOCH in order to create an interactive information exchange, a dialogue, a conversation or a meeting between Hungarian and international artists from different countries.

The jewel as a « household object » has pronounced functional complexity.
It has both a role and a tradition in each community.
It can be inferred from certain eras, cultures, ethnic groups and lifestyles, habits and thinking.
It might be a sign, or a symbol which is answering to a non-asked question.
It can refer to the wearer’s age, identity, the religious affiliation, marital status.
It is the distinguishing sign of the everyday and the holidays, a status symbol.
It is a part of magical and practical function in people’s lives.
A jewel fits the body and it’s present in clothing.
The jewel expresses the relationship between people.
The brooch, brooches have also been made in the Bronze Age, Greek, Roman and in other European workshops.

These had a functional role as indispensable elements of clothing and self representation.
The brooches had the force to join, screw and fix the fabric of the cloth.
The use of the buttons and buckles took the practical role of the brooch away, but in the same time the aesthetic function of the brooch has been enhanced.

Exhibited artists : 
Abaffy Klára — Adám Krisztián — Bartl Dora — Dávid Attila Norbert –Egri Zoltán — Egi Marcell — Ferenczi Vanda –Fördős Bence — Noémi Gera  –Gaál Gyöngyvér — Előd Halász  — Huber Kinga — Kecskés Orsolya — Király Fanni –Krámli Magdolna — Réka Lőrincz  –Marosi László — Péter Vladimir — Simon Viktória — Sfomfai Krisztina –Slavei Tamás — Tóth Zoltán –Varga Viktór — Flóra Vági  — Vékony Fanni — Visy Dóra — Wladis –

Denise J. ReytanFelieke van der LeestJimin Park  — Constanze SchreiberSari LiimattaNoon PassamaLi Chu WuManuel Vilhena — Nick Mullins — Marta MattsonHelena LehtinenUdi Lagallina — Martina Mühlfellner — Valeria Hasse & Marcela Muñiz (Tota Reciclados) –  The IdiotsSofia Björkman
Réka Lörincz – brooch ‘Super Trend’ 2011 -Gold, brand labels (textile)

EXPO 'Brooch / Bross' - Sterling Gallery, Budapest (HU) - 26 Mai-17 Juin 2011 dans broochesValeria Hasse (de TOTA Reciclados)

Sari Liimatta  Brooch: Not Enough 2005  Glass beads, metals, paint, rubber toys  Three brooches – avec Sterling Galéria Sari Liimatta – three brooches  ‘Not Enough’ 2005 – Glass beads, metals, paint, rubber toys

Helena Lehtinen  "garden" brooch –  Sterling Galéria Helena Lehtinen – garden
Li-Chu WUMountain Landscape Brooch

Halász Előd - "Bang! You're Dead " brooch Előd Halász – Bang! You’re Dead

Flora Vagi brooch - wood Flora Vagi

Noon Passama jewelry -- brooches Noon Passama pins « extra button »


STERLING Ékszergaléria / Sterling Gallery
H-1092 Budapest. Ráday utca 31.
Nyitva: Hétfő-Péntek 12-20h
Phone: +36 1 323 0037

Szombat: 10-14h



"I was five and he was six We rode on horses made of sticks He wore black and I wore white He would always win the fight

Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down…. » (Nancy Sinatra)

Reka Lorincz  Brooch: Pinocchio 2011  Plastic,rubin, gold, rubber  Dimension: 90x40x70 mmReka Lorincz  Brooch: Pinocchio 2011  Plastic,rubin, gold, rubber  Dimension: 90x40x70 mm

Ted Noten
Ted Noten ‘haunted by 36 women’ exhibition  - ‘macha’ as a ring

Michael Dale Bernard, MLTV Evening, plastic, rubber, silverMichael Dale Bernard, MLTV Evening, plastic, rubber, silver

Two creeds jewel collection by Nicolas EstradaNicolas Estrada, Rosary 7, 2008, silver, semiprecious stones, plastic, paper

Nicolas Estrada - Blood / Sangre Nicolas Estrada – Blood / Sangre Necklace

Malaika Najem-‘Forgotten’ pendant

This piece (‘Forgotten’ pendant) is about child soldiers and is called “Forgotten”. A subject that sadly still exists in 3rd world countries that are in war whether in Africa, the Middle East or Asia. The average child soldier is under the age of 18 and is forced and manipulated in doing and committing horrors that they are not aware off due to the use of drugs or brainwashing. The child is just an instrument, just a number; just a slave to the gun…the gun is the symbol of power.” (Malaika Najem)

Malaika Najem Najem, « A long way gone » necklace, silver, zinc, brass, aluminium, iron, fabric

Boris Bally’s Brave No. 2, 2006Found steel handgun triggers, gold, white sapphire, silver, steel cableMuseum of Arts and Design; gift of the artist in honor of Alex Schaffner, Basel, Switzerland, 2006.
Boris Bally’s Brave No. 2, 2006 – found steel handgun triggers, gold, white sapphire, silver, steel cable – Museum of Arts and Design

Bety Majernikova -  "WRAF" serie - 2008-2009         In this series I try to reflect the omnipresent "war" of today's women with the world surrounding themBety Majernikova ‘Wraf’ series necklace -2008-2009

« In this series I try to reflect the omnipresent « war » of today’s women with the world surrounding them. On one hand I criticize that nowadays society expects from women unrealistic results in many aspects. On the other hand I also aim criticism at women, because they themselves put up with these unrealistic criteria and strive to comply with them. I choose well known symbols as a gun, flower heart… and I am using this cliché symbols on the purpose. I work with it; I build on it a new composition with readable meanings. Dark beats applied to perforated spots on the pieces of jewellery are a symbolic reminder of a gunshot – a bullet – an attack. They are made out of different materials – hematite, marble, glass, steel and pearl-shell. »

Bety Majernikova - WRAF serieBety Majernikova ‘Wraf’ series brooch

 dans blog ArtJewelryForum
Demi Thomloudis

Carole Deltenre – collier

In+god%27s+name+chlo%C3%A9+durand+bijou+contemporain dans Boris BALLY (US)
Chloé Durand – broche “in god’s name”
Emmanuel Lacoste - »Human Nature » -  box closed & open (2010)
Emmanuel Lacoste - »Human Nature » – Implant – Bullet (2010)

 EXPO amber - Philip Sajet Philip Sajet – amberHalász Előd - "Bang! You're Dead " broochElőd Halász – BANG! You’re Dead


Bijoux made in « CACALAND » ………….. !!!

 made in « CACALAND » ………….. !!!
Je vous laisse libre à vous d’humer … la tendance !  ;-)

Bijoux made in
Märta Mattsson (SE) – ‘Oh deer’ (tan estilizada es la caca de venado que parece faceteada??) (perles du collier moulées d’après des crottes de cerf ….)
Sophie Hanagarth -  « Médaille merdeuse » 2008
Collection « Bijou sur le corps, une nature morte? » – 2000/2008 -  2 Broches Tôle d’acier (boîte de conserve), cuir, acier

Sophie Hanagarth - Vermines, broches, acier inox, fer-blanc, 2001-  -Vermins, brooch, stainlesssteel, tin can, 2001- Sophie Hanagarth - Vermines, broches, acier inox, fer-blanc/Vermins, brooch, stainlesssteel, tin can – 2001

« Extension, prolongation, parasites of the body, these jewels are a hymn of our material lives, between power, social identity and belief charge. These jewels are made of an association of popular image, highlighting the relationship with the body . Two oilcans as balls are an association of a wood nodule and the oilcan shape, connected by a wire they hang directly between the legs as a soap or lubricating boxes.«
Claire Baloge (FR) -  Camel dung, gold leaf, silk (collier en crottes de chameau … j’adore !!)

I have chosen to use camel dung, because  it’s shape and color. Although the use of camel dung in jewelry may provoke it also links: in those (not so) far-away countries, many people are still using these animals, and their excrement, in daily life, while some others, a few miles away , are smoking the cigars of the oil business. I have chosen to use gold because gold is the referential measurement on which the whole world economy is founded. It remains a major symbol for jewelry, almost everywhere around the world. While camels are traditionally emblems of the noble class, in the nomad society, a clear mark of wealth and importance. It seems to be two different temporalities, which are still sharing the same space, coexisting in the same territories.(Claire Balogeexpo ‘I care a lot’)
Frances Wadsworth Jones (UK) - collection called « Heaven Sent »  – …. yes…. Bird shit…that’s exactly what it is.   

Thomasin Durgin - crotte de chien peinte et 'décorée' !!
Thomasin Durgin – « ring_a_day challenge » – pearl and rhinestone encrusted dog poo
(crotte de chien peinte et ‘décorée’ !!)
« I found the poo and decided to put a coat of paint on it so that it would be dry for tomorrow. Then I put on two more coats of paint. Then I found the rhinestones in some old beading supplies and I was so enthralled that before I knew it the damn thing was made« 

Nicola Scholz - Necklace: Untitled 2011 - Horse Manure, gold -  yes, it's ..........Nicola Scholz - necklace- 2011 – Horse Manure, gold
Piero Manzoni in 1961 « merda d’Artista »
(merci à Christophe Burger pour sa contribution à ce post ! :-) …)

Halász Előd (HU) - HOLY SHIT  brooch Halász Előd (HU) – HOLY SHIT brooch


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