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EXPO ‘PILINO SOMA vol II’ – The Sowl gallery, Athens (GR) – 4-27 Nov. 2016

PILINO SOMA vol IIceramic jewelry 

OPENING: 4 November at 20.00h

The Sowl gallery

Ceramic jewelry? Ιs it possible? They do not break? Isn’t heavy?
These questions will be answered!
In November therefore, at an exhibition to be held in the “The Sowl” gallery we have the pleasure of hosting artists from abroad. We join our common love and present to you jewelry from clay and porcelain.
9 artists, 9 different approaches, 1 material!

Pilino Soma is a group of people involved in ceramic jewelry.
Pilino Soma in Greek means body of clay.

PILINO SOMA vol II - ceramic jewelry -  nov 4th 2016 - Athens:

Participating artists: the artistic team « Pilino Soma » : Agapi SimpokouDora HaralambakiAnastasia Gemeliari  plus six established artists from abroad: Hana KarimMia KwonMia MaljojokiOlivia Monti ArduiniPeter HoogeboomYana Tankovska

PILINO SOMA vol II - ceramic jewelry -  nov 4th 2016 - Athens:

Through gestural movements, the artists of ceramic jewelry display the material as a mean of expression and show the compatibility of the clay with the human body.
Achieve to imprint primordial memories: fragments and traces of historical and personal memory of each artist which lead in geometric forms, as if stepped on the frame of an architectural project. Or on the frame of the human figure, allowing many interpretations of semantic terms.

 PILINO SOMA vol II - ceramic jewelry -  nov 4th 2016 - Athens:

Pilinosoma is a group, a community made up of people involved in ceramic jewelry. They think, feel, gesture always driven by their material which is none other than the earth, clay and porcelain.
Looking for the harmony through the fragility of the clay that becomes an ornament resting on the body. And claim its position in the world of contemporary art jewelry.
They aim to unite their work and ideas and travel them showing and analyzing them through exhibitions and exchange of information. (Dora Haralambaki – Anastasia Gemeliari – Agapi Simpokou and, before, Iryna Voitenko)

 Pilino Soma in Greek means body of clay.Pilino Soma in Greek means body of clay.




The Sowl gallery
Iraklidon 10,
11851 Athens Greece
+30 697 322 7000
info@thesowl.comOpening: 4.11 at 20.00
Opening hours: Mon-Tue-Wen-Thur-Fr 18.00 -22.00
Sat-Sun 11.00 -21.00




EXPO ‘Hana Karim: fORMINORA’ – Galerija Lična hiša, Ajdovščina (Slovenia) – 26 nov. 2011-6 Janv. 2012

Classé dans : ceramique,Exposition/Exhibition,Hana KARIM (Sl),Slovenie (SI) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:04

Hana Karim : fORMINORA – razstava nakita @ Lična hiša || Ajdovščina
Of all collections that have found their way out of my workshop, the very fORMINORA collection most strongly reflects my creativity and my relation to ceramics, which after all is the first and foremost medium of my art design.
The FORMINORA collection attempts to place ceramic products into their non-typical milieus – through contrasting materials as well by enticing softness from ceramic objects, altering their form and assigning them new shapes.
Moreover, each piece of my ceramic jewellery has and tells a story – a story about the fascinating process each piece has to undergo to become a piece of jewellery; a story from the very beginning, when a set of earthly substances pass through fire, until the final transformation into a solid form.
While designing my jewellery I always ponder over the gravity factor, which guides me to the typical exaggerated dimensions that, however, often make me wonder about the wearability and functionality of my jewellery.
The bigger, the heavier is the rule when dealing with ceramics, which in fact impairs the practicality of ceramic jewellery, but, on the other hand, is the key factor in providing and emphasizing the aesthetic attributes of ceramic jewellery.
Contrasts are my passion – light and heavy, rough and gentle, geometric and organic, industrial and handmade. And ceramics precisely is the medium that enables me to explore all these aspects.

So far I have designed two cohesive collections – last year the Geometric/Organic Collection and recently the fORMINORA Collection, which was also exhibited at the Month of Design 2011 in Ljubljana. Both collections incorporate a considerable shift from the established jewellery design to the experimental design. At the same time my collections pay respect to the mother nature, especially to the fire, which is my associate and my best friend in the process of my art design.

Ceramic Jewelry by Hana Karim - fORMINORA Rings

Hana Karim - fORMINORA Rings

Hana Karim - fORMINORA Rings

Hana Karim - fORMINORA Rings
Galerija Lična hiša
Prešernova 7a
5270 Ajdovščina
Tel.: +386 (0)5 368 1929
Fax: +386 (0)5 368 1928



 Je passe mon temps à osciller entre « céramique » et « porcelaine » ….. :-( on a beau me le dire et redire ….. alors … merci wikipedia (après Violaine Ulmer et tant d’autres qui me l’ont si bien et si patiemment expliqué ……) : « La porcelaine est une céramique fine et translucide produite à partir du kaolin par cuisson à plus de 1200°. Elle est majoritairement utilisée dans les arts de la table »  ………..
pour plus approfondi que Wikipedia … : on peut aller voir le site de la Société Française de Céramique, Cé, le site de Sèvres Sèvres Cité Céramique, Le Pôle Européen de la Céramique (CeramEurop), le European Ceramic Workcentre (Europees Keramisch werkcentrum- EKWC) (NL), et, en anglais …. get ANSWERS about ceramics here ! :-)


* Violaine ULMER (FR) – bijoux de porcelaine
Violaine Ulmer - bagues – porcelaine et « granulations » d’argent
Spécial CERAMIQUE dans Anne PERBET (FR)
Violaine Ulmer - bagues – on a envie de toutes, les douces, les rondes, les lisses, les granuleuses, les blanches, les noires …….. aaahhh!!! 
Alors quand elle est venue me voir, à Collioure, et qu’à une table de café, devant la mer, elle a ouvert une boite avec toutes ses bagues ………… j’étais comme une gosse devant une malle aux trésors !!!!
Violaine Ulmer - bagues « diamants »

 dans Caroline GORE (US)
Violaine Ulmer -bague – ligne « galets »
Violaine Ulmer - collier plastron acier, porcelaine, caoutchouc
Violaine Ulmer -Collier ‘Petit Bruit’ – le bruit de l’absence/présence, capté dans un collier
Violaine Ulmer - collier


* Edith BELLOD (FR)
Edith Bellod – Bagues en porcelaine
Edith Bellod porcelain necklace (born in France, lives and works in Berlin)
Edith Bellod
Edith Bellodcolliers en porcelaine de limoges : “kaléidoscope” (en haut)  et “goutelettes” (en bas)


* Trinidad CONTRERAS (ES)’ porcelain and silver jewelry – calm & order….
qui parlait déjà de « Luxe, calme et volupté » ? juste Matisse et Baudelaire ……
« …Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté,
Luxe, calme et volupté…
 » (« L’invitation au voyage« , Charles Baudelaire)
Trinidad Contreras Brooch
Trinidad Contreras   tubular brooch
Trinidad Contreras brooch
Trinidad Contreras

« Contreras is drawn to the simple, the familiar, the roundness of things, explaining that it makes her reflect on “what can exist within a sensual and harmonious world. A world where time passes by slowly, but in a vital and ephemeral way, in a constant circular motion of “creation-destruction.”  «

* Pilar COTTER (ES) porcelain jewels – the 2011 collection
Pilar Cotter- Earrings, porcelain, oxidized silver

pendiente dans ceramique
Pilar Cotter-Pendiente (earrings) , porcelana.

anillo+negro dans Claire MARFISI (FR)
Pilar Cotter- ring , porcelana negra.
Pilar Cotter-  collar/necklace – porcelana y plata – 2006

pend010 dans Dora HARALAMBAKI (GR)
Pilar Cotter-Pendientes / earrings – Porcelana-plata.


* Joyas de la colección ‘La hora del té’, de María  Lasarga (ES) - Problema : muy bonito el resultado pero ……………. EXACTAMENTE lo mismo de lo que hace Gesine HACKENBERG !!! :-(

japones1 dans Edith BELLOD (FR)P1020010-r dans European Ceramic Workcentre (EKWC)(NL)
María  Lasarga- Plata 925 · Porcelana Japonesa.

P1010550-r dans Evert NIJLAND (NL)P1010741-r dans Fanny ACQUART-GENSOLLEN (FR)
María  Lasarga- « Willow » plate & earrings
Gesine HACKENBERG ceramic jewelry
Gesine HACKENBERG turquoise earrings


* Ceramic Jewelry by Hana KARIM (Slovenia)

 dans Gal. Dterra (ES) dans Gesine HACKENBERG (NL)
 dans Hana KARIM (Sl) dans Hildur YÌR JONSDOTTIR (ICL.)
Hana Karim – turquoise brooches

 dans Jet MOUS (NL)
Hana Karim collier « craquelé »

j’essaye de »résister » à ses « rouges » ‘déjà présentés dans un post (COUP de ROUGE ! Ceramic jewelry by Hana Karim)…) mais impossible  (de résister), trop beaux !

1cb12ef4e1a29c38fbf9c1fd6cbb4af4 dans Manuela GANDINI/Manuganda (IT)
Hana Karim – necklace
Hana Karim-  rings of fire
et allez contempler ces deux-là sur sa page Facebook ! :-)
ceramic brooch in black & yellow on her Etsy shop !


* ceramic jewellery Dora HARALAMBAKI (Greece)
« Earth with water, dry on air and bake with fire !  » ! comme pour une recette de gâteau ….. d’ailleurs, ses bijoux me font penser à des bonbons …..
Dora Haralambaki  « candy » rings

Ring <br /> Earthenware clay with underglaze stains<br /> 2009<br /> Photo: Dora Haralambaki » src= » » height= »289″ width= »394″ /><br />
<font size=Dora Haralambaki  Ring Earthenware clay with underglaze stains 2009

 dans Marion DELARUE (FR)
Dora Haralambaki - earthenweare clay rings with colour glazes

Ring<br /> Earthenware clay with underglaze stains<br /> 2009<br /> Photo: Dora Haralambaki » src= » » /><br />
</i></font><font size=Dora Haralambaki - Ring – Earthenware clay with underglaze stains 2009

Ring<br /> Earthenware clay with underglaze stains<br /> 2009<br /> Photo: Dora Haralambaki » src= » » /><br />
</i></font><font size=Dora HaralambakiRing Earthenware clay with underglaze stains 2009

36372_133554079997760_129993013687200_284590_1354199_n dans Marion VIDAL (FR)
Dora Haralambaki (Greece) – ceramic jewellery
  Dora Haralambaki ceramic jewellery


* Nicole BARTH, qui travaille souvent la porcelaine mêlée au feutre
Nicole Barth – collier « paillettes » porcelaine
Nicole Barth – bagues « design » – faience, porcelaine
Nicole Barth – collier « cercle » en porcelaine 


* MANUGANDA / Manuela GANDINI – GUIDO DE ZAN >>> porcelain experiments
Manuela Gandini – ‘MACCHIE’ collana porcellana bianca e smaltata nera, argento 925, pelle


* Roberta FERREIRA – Dterra Gallery (ES) – Contemporary Ceramics and Art Jewelry
voir aussi leur blog
« dterra was founded in 2001 as a workshop-gallery where Roberta FERREIRA and Laura Jener could develop their artistic careers in the field of jewellery and pottery. Thanks to the collaboration of Cristina Villar, in 2010 dterra was finallly established as a gallery specialized in contemporary jewelry. The gallery also offers courses and artistic events that help to spread artists’ creations and allow the audience to approach the world of contemporary jewelry. »

Dterra ( Roberta FerreiraLaura Jener) bagues « vase »
Roberta Ferreira – bague « vase »
Roberta Ferreira – Aigua: tresor – porcelain brooch


voir aussi expo/articles :

EXPO ‘Wearable Ceramics’ – PEWABIC Pottery, Detroit (USA) – 20 Mai-4 Juill 2011

 (Participating Artists:
Sebastian Buescher,
Peter Hoogeboom, Pilar Cotter Nunez, Jet Mous, Rian de Jong, Evert Nijland, Iris Eichenberg, Karin Seufert, David Elliott, Andrea Wagner, Ford & Forlano, Gaby Wandscher, Caroline Gore, Pauline Wiertz, Maria Hees, Shu-Lin WU)
Peter Hoogeboom ceramic jewelry
Peter Hoogeboom rings
Peter Hoogeboom – broche ‘Peony’
Caroline Gore “cookies from Odet” Porcelain bracelets
Jet Mous (NL) – Porcelain rings
Iris Eichenberg White Brooch
Evert Nijland – Brooch, Rococo, 2010
- porcelain, silver, steel
Evert Nijland -  white porcelain necklace  

Shu-Lin Wu – brooch


5537653130_cfd38c0cc4_b dans Nicole BARTH (FR)
David Elliott (CA) porcelain bead necklace with silver

et celle-ci, que j’ADORE ! :

Marie PENDARIES (FR) 'la dot' - 28 pieces en porcelaine
Marie Pendaries (FR) ‘la dot’ – 28 pieces en porcelaine

(voir l’article/expo  EXPO ‘Un peu de terre sur la peau’ – FONDATION BERNARDAUD, Limoges (FR) – 16 juin-16 oct 2010)


et enfin voir l’article/expo  EXPO ‘Bijoux de Porcelaine, et plus…’ – Galerie Helène Porée, Paris (FR) – 7 mai-5 juin 2010

Marion DELARUE - collier Empreintes
Marion DELARUE - collier Empreintes (mon grand favori !)
Hildur ÝR  (Islande) – ceramic necklace
Terhi Tolvanen


* Marion VIDAL
« Diplômée de l’Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts d’Anvers en Mode, elle crée sa société en mai 2006 et se consacre rapidement aux seuls accessoires. Elle dessine parures, plastrons, encolures, bijoux de corps. Elle conçoit le bijou comme partie intégrante de la silhouette.
La céramique émaillée reste le fil rouge de ses collections, mais elle se passionne avant tout pour les matières nobles, et pour le dialogue entre les matières. »
Marion VIDAL
Marion VIDAL
Marion VIDAL
Fanny Acquart-Gensollen - porcelain necklace
Fanny Acquart-Gensollen
Anne Perbet – porcelain, paper and glass rings
Claire Marfisi – sautoir « boa » en céramique  


….. et plonger dans le grand BLEU !

Classé dans : Akiko BAN (JP),Aldo MONDINO (IT),Alexis KOSTUK (CA),Aline BERDICHEVSKY (MX),Andi GUT (CH),Andrea JANOSIK (SK),Annamaria ZANELLA (IT),Anne GOLDFARB (FR),Anthony TAMMARO (US),Anya KIVARKIS (US),Arthur HASH (US),Babette EGERLAND (DE),Barbara PAGANIN (IT),Benedikt FISCHER (AT),Birgit SKOLIMOWSKI (EE),Blanche TILDEN (AU),Camilla TEGLIO (IT),Carola BAUER (DE),Carolina GIMENO (Chili),Catherine JACQUET (FR),Celio BRAGA (BR),Christian ASTUGUEVIEILLE (FR),Christophe MARGUIER (FR),Coco DUNMIRE (US),COUP DE COEUR,David BIELANDER (CH/DE),Denise Julia REYTAN (DE),Donald FRIEDLICH (US),Dora HARALAMBAKI (GR),Eleanor BOLTON (UK),Emiko OYE (US),Enrica PRAZZOLI (IT),Estela Saez VILANOVA (ES),Farah BANDOOKWALA (UK),Farrah AL-DUJAILI (UK),Floor MOMMERSTEEG (NL),Flora VAGI (HU),Gemma DRAPER (ES),Gesine HACKENBERG (NL),Giampaolo BABETTO (IT),GIIA (IT),Gijs BAKKER (NL),Giorgio VIGNA (IT),Graziano VISINTIN (IT),Gulnur OZDAGLAR (TR),Hana KARIM (Sl),Hanna LILJENBERG (SE),Hannah FEWTRELL-BOLTON (UK),Hanneke PAUMEN (NL),Helen BRITTON (AU),Helena LEHTINEN (FI),Helfried KODRE (AT),Jacqueline RYAN (UK),Jean-Francois PERENA (FR),Jean-Pierre DUSSAILLANT (FR),Jessica CALDERWOOD (US),Jillian MOORE (US),Joanna GOLLBERG (US),Julia deVILLE (AU),Karin KATO (JP),Kate BAUMAN (US),Kath INGLIS (AU),Katie SCHUTTE (US),Liana PATTIHIS (CY/UK),Lisa JUEN (CN),Lucia MASSEI (IT),Luis ACOSTA (RA),Maria Rosa FRANZIN (IT),Marijke de GOEY (NL),Marta MATTSSON (SE),Melissa TOLAR (US),Mia MALJOJOKI (FI),Mikiko MINEWAKI (JP),Mirjam HILLER (DE),Mirla FERNANDES (BR),Nel LINSSEN (NL),Nora FOK (UK),Paolo SCURA (IT),Patricia LEMAIRE (FR),Pawel KACZYNSKI (PL),Peter HOOGEBOOM (NL),Pilar GARRIGOSA (ES),Rallou KATSARI (GR),Ralph BAKKER (NL),Sam Tho DUONG (VN),Sara BORGEGARD (SE),Sari LIIMATTA (FI),Sayumi YOKOUCHI (JP),Shannon CARNEY (US),Silvia WALZ (DE),Stacey BENTLEY (UK),Stefano POLETTI (IT),Sue GREGOR (UK),Susanne ELSTNER (DE),Susie GANCH (US),Tabea REULECKE (DE),Tanel VEENRE (EE),Tobias ALM (SE),Ute EITZENHOFER (DE),Viktoria MUNZKER (SK/AT),Yoko SHIMIZU (JP),Yurij BYLKOV (RU) — bijoucontemporain @ 15:15

THANKS to  Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria page/selection on Pinterest, about blue jewellery !!!! it was the departure for this ….. blue OCEAN !! :-) or, to be more in the « intellectual » actuality, « 99 shades of … BLUE » !! ;-)
Giorgio Vigna – gorgoglio – vetro
Arthur Hash  Blue Wave (cast polyurethane)
Donald FRIEDLICH  (gal. Loupe)brooch ‘Translucence’ series – glass, 18k & 14k gold, diamond
Gésine Hackenberg- Table Glass: Dutch/Finnish Still Life, Brooch
Gésine Hackenberg Double Glass Still life BroochFinnish table glass (vintage by Itala); cut and ground
Giampaolo Babetto – Brosche
Graziano Visintinbroche – or, argent, niellage – 2009 

   Graziano VISINTIN broche 2
Graziano VisintinBrooch, 2006 – 18k gold, enamel, gold leaf  (The David Collection)

Lisa JUEN - don't dream it wear it - blue brooch or necklace
Lisa JUEN – ‘don’t dream it wear it’ – blue brooch or necklace- Lasercut Stainless Steel, CZ, LED, LED Screen, Plastic, Cable, Light Switch, Battery

Maria Rosa Franzin Maria Rosa Franzin brooch

Pilar Garrigosa   broochPilar Garrigosa brooch
Julia deVille (AU) – ‘Mechanical Wing’
brooch, Kingfisher Wing, silver
Luis Acosta – paper bracelet
Märta Mattsson
Rallou Katsari - ‘whispering loud’ ring

..... et plonger dans le grand BLEU ! dans Akiko BAN (JP) Reconstruction-8-300x225Reconstruction-1-300x225 dans Aldo MONDINO (IT)

Aline Berdichevsky – brooches “Reconstructio »
Benedikt Fischer – brooches
Christian Astuguevieille – Bracelet éponge bleue (La Piscine, Roubaix – don de l’artiste en 1995)
Stefano Poletti- Collier en éponge naturelle teintée et perle recouverte de feuille d’or monté sur fil d’or

The Scottish Gallery Nel Linssen - blue bangleNel Linssen – blue bangle – paper

ute_eitzenhoefer dans Alexis KOSTUK (CA)
Ute Eitzenhöfer – brooch – Mixed media (labradorite)
Eleanor Bolton – blue(s) necklaces
Tabea Reuleake – ring
Birgit Skolimowski (EE)
Estela Saez Good by(e) nest.” serie  2008- ‘SEPIA’ – silver/wool/fabrics/paint
Carolina Gimeno- portable objects

Phacella Congesta from Portable Objects 2010
Carolina Gimeno-‘Phacella Congesta’ from Portable Objects 2010 – brooch

Zurciendo cuerpos sobre el mapa 2009
Carolina Gimeno- ‘Zurciendo cuerpos sobre el mapa’ 2009 – Brooch – Copper, Vitreus Enamel, wood, silver , steel
Carolina Gimeno (Chili) – série “dibujando en el espacio”

Flora Vagi – curious wish – brooch Flora Vagi – curious wish – brooch
Susie Ganch – blue dust enamel brooch

Flora Vagi  azur reverse necklace  ebony, silk, cord enamel,18 ct gold - 2005 Flora Vagi -azur reverse necklace – ebony, silk, cord enamel,18 ct gold – 2005
Stacey Bentley brooch – enamel

Blanche Tilden - Compress necklace
Blanche Tilden – “Compress” necklace - glass
Christophe Marguier – ‘esperance de vie de l’homme’ necklace- plastic, silver, steel
Gulnur OZDAGLAR – PET jewelry
Gulnur OZDAGLAR – PET jewelry necklace
Catherine Jacquet – collier cascade – plastiques

Barbara Paganin - broche 'fiore di luce'
Barbara PAGANIN (IT) broche ‘fiore di luce’ – verre  (Galerie SLAVIK)

GIIA - blue wave
GIIA (IT) “blue wave” felt neckpiece

"Mimesi n2"  Collana: legno, carta giapponese, argento, colore Camilla Teglio – « Mimesi n2″  Collana : legno, carta giapponese, argento, colore
 Lucia Massei - pendant ‘Comunque e sempre’ 18kt yellow gold, silver, iron, ruby, black spinels 2009
 Lucia Massei -  bague « la bella adormentata »

Mirla Fernandes - "Herança" necklace - latex, paint, porcelain
Mirla Fernandes- Herança necklace- latex,paint, porcelain – 2006

Peter  Hoogeboom - chainmail porcelain necklacesPeter  Hoogeboom – chainmail porcelain necklaces
Liana Pattihis  - Blue Circle Brooch 2007 – Silver, copper, enamel stainless steel – Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s Painting ‘Blue Circle’
Liana Pattihis - Brooch: Blue Istos 02 2010 -silver Light Trace Chain, Copper, Enamel, St. Steel
Viktoria Münzker- Kollektion PARADISO
Mirjam Hiller - Catopsia – brooch – stainless steel powdercoating, titanium

Sari Liimatta "The Costume I", necklace, 2006glass beads, fresh water pearls, metal, plastic toySari Liimatta « The Costume I », necklace, 2006 glass beads, fresh water pearls, metal, plastic toy
Mia Maljojoki - 2010 (Photo: Mirei Takeuchi)
Sara Borgegård  2009 necklace, wood, paint, iron, cotton
Sara Borgegård necklace
Yuri Bylkov - ring- metal, paper, acrylic – 2009
Alexis Kostuk“high gear” brooch- copper, which I used a patina on to darken, pearls & gem beads, sterling silver ball chain, resin, and flocking.

I gioielli di Denise Julia Reytan
Denise Julia Reytan

Momentaufnahme_9 par DENISE JULIA REYTAN
Denise Julia Reytan- Snapshots”

Dora Haralambaki - earthenweare clay rings with colour glazes Dora Haralambaki - ceramic ring
Edith Bellod - collier en porcelaine de limoges : “kaléidoscope”
Annamaria Zanella – brooch
Andi Gut - ring

Orden%20saabujale-01 dans Aline BERDICHEVSKY (MX)
Tanel Veenre“Orden for the one who is arriving”

Helfried Kodré - brooch

102210 dans Andi GUT (CH)Helfried Kodré, Bague
Helfried Kodré - ring, silver, lapislazuli – ring, gold, silver, turquoise, bronze, 2007
Aldo Mondino, BIC – cristallo di rocca, lapislazzuli e tappo in oro smaltato blu, esemplare unico – 2008
Aldo Mondino, BIC necklace
Paweł Kaczyński
Paweł Kaczyński – Silver and Steel Water Bracelet

 dans Andrea JANOSIK (SK)
Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton - restriction 3 – conceptual textile
Jean-Pierre Dussaillant- Bague “Cactus”
Anya Kivarkis – copper, silver, enamel brooch
Emiko Oye – duchess2_ Necklace from My First Royal Jewels Jewellery Collection. Repurposed LEGO necklace inspired by Cartier’s diamond, emerald and platinum necklace, and Harry Winston’s pendant, 1960. emiko-o 2008.

Enrica Prazzoli, necklace, 2011 (Alchimia school)Enrica Prazzoli – Ives Klein (Alchimia – 2011)

Enrica Prazzoli (from Alchimia) blue Klein collection rings 

Floor Mommersteeg, Pebble-necklace, nylon Floor MommersteegPebble-necklace, nylon
Floor Mommersteegbroche

Hana Karim Ceramic Jewelry Hana Karim  Ceramic Jewelry

Helen Britton broochHelen Britton – brooch 

Quinault3_640 dans Annamaria ZANELLA (IT)
Hanna Liljenberg -  Quinault 3, halssmycke järn, oljefärg, lintråd, silver

babetteblauerballon dans Anne GOLDFARB (FR)
Babette Egerland- ring “Ballonschmuck” 925 Ag rhodiniert

FARAH BANDOOKWALA -blue hair brooch Bandookwala (UK) – blue hair brooch
Mikiko Minewaki-
‘toy-camera’ necklace

Katie Schutte - cluster necklace - crocheted silver wireKatie Schutte – Cluster necklace – crocheted, electroformed, and powdercoated found wire, cubic zirconia

Shannon Carney ring
Kath Inglis  “Blue Pollinator” Brooch

AKIKO BAN / Collar 2010Akiko Ban- collar – 2010  (from Alchimia)

Jillian Moore -  brooch-pendant ‘Cucurbits’ 2008 Fiberglass, resin, copper, paint, felt

Joanna Gollberg - prong series blue broochJoanna Gollberg - prong series blue brooch
Sayumi Yokouchi - ‘Layered’ Brooch in plastic, silk thread, and stainless steel.
Karin Kato – ‘QU4DRO’ Brooch in sand, resin, and silver

b99bajoagua dans Anthony TAMMARO (US)
Silvia WalzUnder water brooch-  Series: Burbujas   – silver, copper, resine, enamel, glas – 2010

All images from ¡Genial!  New Jewelry from Spain at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Silvia Walz La visionaria (Geometria Series) Brooch

Tobias Alm – Summer series – Necklace. Cotton, wood, paint. Picture from Tobias Alm - Summer series 2009 Necklace. Cotton, wood, paint

Jessica Calderwood, Portrait of an Eye Brooch/Pendant, Enamel on copper, sterling, stainless steel
Jessica Calderwood -Portrait of an Eye’ Brooch/Pendant – Enamel on copper, sterling, stainless steel

blue-white-ruins-ring_Gal700px dans Anya KIVARKIS (US)
Gésine Hackenberg  – ‘blue white ruins’ ring

Carola Bauer necklace – Silver, enamel

Jacqueline Ryan 18kt gold and vitreous enamel brooch

Jean-François PEREÑA - bracelet -cuir, lapis-lazuli, plexiglas (bleu), argentJean-François PEREÑA - MON bracelet ! PETIT
Jean-François PEREÑA -  bracelet -cuir, lapis-lazuli, nacre, plexiglas (bleu), argent

Patricia Lemaire – Aspara la Bleue 1- 1999 défilé Lapidus

Anne Goldfarb OUT OF AFRICA - 2011 Collier Soie, Argent, Fil d’aluminiumAnne Goldfarb – OUT OF AFRICA – Collier Soie, Argent, Fil d’aluminium – Afedap 2011

Andrea Janosik- Blue Brooch - sIlver and suede - 2007

00360-0-10-1-blue-amdder-cuff dans Arthur HASH (US)
Sue GREGOR – cuff,foto1,118&c=390x390
Gijs Bakker- Bracelet « Porsche bracelet » stéréolithographie, polyuréthane -, 2000
David Bielander – Enzian Brooch – titanium
Sam Tho Duong

0501_Hanneke_Paumen_Tule_Blauw dans Babette EGERLAND (DE)Hanneke Paumen (NL) – Tulle blauw Collar (detail)- felt

kate bauman Kate Bauman  - barnacle no.9 (ring) – enamel, copper, sterling silver
Anthony Tammaro – « neck object » – Gypsum/Epoxy/Silicone*O9Hi3lxisakPgZBUId-p9pV0nc3mA6a3nZT836RickOMkqUzEjWHCd5mhH1UkXM5Bs1JHUN3*UJMTIdeAPCfl2tzTVas0M/brooch3royalblue2.jpg?width=605&height=600
Farah Bandookwala (UK) Parasite series: magnetic brooches – Rapid prototyped nylon, stainless steel, dye, rare earth magnets. Collection of brooches with interchangable magnetic backs
Melissa TOLAR  - Enamel, hand-cast gems, and pearl jewelry

Mirla Fernandes

Mirla Fernandes ring

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Ralph Bakker “the Fly” – earrings
Yoko Shimizu – necklace – resin, pigment, silver

Yoko Shimizu  (from Alchimia school), necklace from the « transformation » series – 2010
Celio Braga, Brazil (Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery exhibition)
Marta Mattsson- The Human Touch – Cricket brooch

Susanne Elstner, brosche Susanne Elstner, brosche

image16 dans Barbara PAGANIN (IT)
Farrah Al-DujailiNecklace – Copper, enamel paint, watercolour pencil, thread2010
Carolina Gimeno (Chile) resinas – bracelet
Shannon Carney – medium collar resin necklace
Helena Lehtinen- Gardens Collection, Blue brooch, 2011 Wood, thread, beads DE GOEY – 1999 – Pièce unique. BAGUE « Curly » en or or et titane à patine bleue Hiller  brooch Draper, Barcelona- brooch Fok  ring Scura - ring 


COUP de ROUGE ! Ceramic jewelry by Hana Karim

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Hana Karim (Slovénie)

« When creating my ceramics pieces, I can never tell where the creative process will take me from an initial lump of clay up to the point when I take it from my kiln, still a bit warm. I focus on seemingly coincidental shapes, which flow from detailed and structured surfaces to purified smoothness. First and foremost, I engage in uncovering line impressions and incorporating relief features. I have found my artistic voice in combining many different shapes, which intertwined present a unified entity. I like to leave gaps here and there between individual elements – with doing so, I try to achieve primal and natural aspects of my designs. The natural is also portrayed with the help of colors and thus I glaze with gray, black and white shades, yet I add an array of blue shades as well. Glazes, which I use, often develop special effect while baking and this is another feature of designing ceramics, which is a result of chance. Mostly, I design brooches and necklaces. Another demanding part of the whole designing process is shaping the final product; namely choosing the right string and endless possibilities, which accompany the use of it.
Of course, the perfect ending to my ceramics fairy tale is when my work becomes an accessory and adorns a heroin’s outfit. »

COUP de ROUGE ! Ceramic jewelry by Hana Karim dans ceramique 45573_150157961675391_130214847003036_341581_7589709_n
Hana Karim- broche – céramique

bd6919f4f27a29fc2a9ba64c4ab9d8ba dans COUP DE COEUR
Hana Karim- broche – céramique

bae74b6a2f1dae2ba76a2aa6debf8548 dans Hana KARIM (Sl)


a4248fa3549cdace85cdf7c64f2c2787 dans Slovenie (SI)


Hana Karim- broche – céramique


Bien sûr, j’ai fait ma petite sélection en ROUGE, mais allez voir son site : de superbes bleus, profonds, des verts vernissés, et des noirs et blancs du plus bel effet …..  très « Artigas » (Josep Llorens Artigas, le céramiste de Miró) comme céramique !