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TALENTE 2011 – during SCHMUCK, Munich (DE) – 16-22 mars 2011

where ? Internationale Handwerksmesse Munich (Munich, Germany)

Over 500 students and graduates from leading colleges around the world applied to exhibit in the special show TALENTE. A total of 96 young designers from 28 countries were chosen and invited to exhibit their works in TALENTE. The most interesting submissions will be awarded the TALENTE Prize on Saturday 19 March 2011. 


Selected participants for Talente 2011 :
Jewellery :
Farrah Al-Dujaili, Großbritannien/UK
Rachel Bell, Neuseeland/New Zealand
Aline Berdichevsky, Spanien/Spain
Eleanor Bolton, Großbritannien/UK
Roberta Burchardt, Schweden/Sweden
Yung-huei Chao, Taiwan, Saudi-Arabien/Taiwan, Saudi-Arabia
Nicolas Cheng, Schweden, Hong Kong /Sweden, Hong Kong
Marielle Debethune, Frankreich, Spanien/France, Spain
Matthias Dyer, Deutschland/Germany
Maaike Ebbinge, Niederlande/The Netherlands
Carolina Gimeno, Chile, Spanien/Chile, Spain
Sachiyo Higaki, Deutschland, Japan/Germany, Japan
Younghee Hong, Südskorea, USA/South Korea, USA
Samantha Kelly, Neuseeland/New Zealand
Vinit Koosolmanomai, Thailand
Nadine Kuffner, Deutschland/Germany
Hyorim Lee, Südkorea/South Korea
Zhao Li, Belgien, China/Belgium, China
Hanna Lundborg, Schweden/Sweden
Carolina Martinez Linares, Deutschland, Kolumbien/Germany, Columbia
Jasmin Matzakow, Deutschland/Germany
Timothy McMahon, USA
Veera Metso, Finnland/Finland
Mel Miller, Australien/Australia
Natalia Milosz-Piekarska, Australien, Polen/Australia, Poland
Nick Mullins, USA
Rosa Nogués, Spanien/Spain
Deborah Rudolph, Deutschland/Germany
Kvetoslava Flora Sekanova, Neuseeland, Slowakei/New Zealand, Slovakia
Wen-Tzu Sun, Taiwan
Lilli Veers, Deutschland/Germany
Li-Chu Wu, Taiwan, Großbritannien/Taiwan, UK
ceramics : (I saw) Vivi Touloumidi, Deutschland/Griechenland – Germany, Greece
Aline Berdichevsky (membre de Bórax08001 ) ‘Reconstruction’ brooch

TALENTE 2011 - during SCHMUCK, Munich (DE) - 16-22 mars 2011 dans Aline BERDICHEVSKY (MX) Brooch-II-300x225
Carolina Gimeno (membre de Bórax08001 )

image16 dans Allemagne (DE)
Farrah Al-DujailiNecklace – Copper, enamel paint, watercolour pencil, thread2010
Zhao Li - ring ‘Finding Neverland’- textile, plastic, silver

Greyrope_mainimage dans Carolina MARTINEZ LINARES (Col.)
Eleanor Bolton - Necklace: Grey Coiled Rope 2010 dyed cotton rope and yarn
Marielle Debethune – série ‘Carapace’
Timothy McMahon (US) – Necklaces 2010

medousa_web_2 dans Concours / Competition


Vivi Touloumidi – ‘Medousa’ fine silver , email , steel
Younghee Hong (USA/South Korea)-  ‘Unconscious #1′-  brooch- cable ties

Carolina-Marti%CC%81nez-Linares-3 dans Eleanor BOLTON (UK)
Carolina Martinez Linares
Li-Chu Wu paper brooch


Talente 2011
Internationale Handwerksmesse Munich
Max-Joseph-Str. 4
80333 – Munich
Telephone: 089 5119-293
Fax: 089 5119-245


EXPO ‘BROOCHMANIA’ – Galerie Rob Koudjis, Amsterdam (NL) – 5 juin-3 juill. 2010

a project of Ädellab,
the jewelry department of  Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft & design,  Stockholm - Here are the results of study about brooches that students have been doing during the last year.

« Ädellab, the jewellery department of the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm has developed in recent years into one of the leading educational centers of its kind. The jewellery made by its graduates is as surprising as it is pioneering. The Rob Koudijs Gallery gladly accepted professor Karen Pontoppidan’s invitation to participate in the Broochmania project.
During the last school year, students closely studied every facet of brooches in a series of five workshops. The ultimate goal of Broochmania was the realization of pieces crystallized from the training that would be suitable to exhibition in a gallery. Ward Schrijver was invited to Stockholm to serve as the curator selecting pieces for the exhibition. He chose brooches from 13 artists, ranging from first-year students to recently graduated masters.
The diversity of the work is spectacular: colourful, complicated collages contrast with clearly recognizable forms; the techniques vary from wildly proliferating growth processes to montages using existing perforated material. The distinctive individuals who study at Ädellab learn to manipulate every aspect of the brooch phenomenon as a means of artistic expression. «  (Copyright Galerie Rob Koudijs)

Click on the image to go back to the profile pageEXPO ‘BROOCHMANIA’ - Galerie Rob Koudjis, Amsterdam (NL) - 5 juin-3 juill. 2010 dans Annie HAGVIL (SE) lisabj%f6rke3.jpg-for-web-small
Lisa Björke - brooch

Yasar Aydin

Dana+Hakim dans Bernhard STIMPFL-ABELE (AT)Maki+Okamoto dans blog ArtJewelryForum
Dana Hakim - brooch – iron, rubber, tape
Maki Okamoto - brooch – silver

Dana-Hakin_My-four-guardian-angels-e1279168916171 dans Dana HAKIM (IL)
Dana Hakim - brooches – ‘my four guardian angels’

Yi-Shen_Untitled dans Emelica LIDMAN (SE)
Yi Shen, Untitled, 2010, mixed media

Nicholas-Cheng_Untitled dans Emille de BLANCHE (SE)
Nicolas Cheng, Untitled, 2010, mixed media

Annie-Hagvil_Untitled dans Exposition/Exhibition
Annie Hagvil, Untitled, 2010, bronze

Klik op afbeelding om het venster te sluiten
 Emille de Blanche

Klik op afbeelding om het venster te sluiten
 Hanna Lundborg ‘in between’ brooch

Klik op afbeelding om het venster te sluiten
Emelica Lidman‘Impressions/Imprints’ brooch
Sarah Vedel Hurtigkarl (DK)


Dana Hakim, Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele, Nicolas Cheng, Jacob Erixson, Lisa Björke, Yasar Aydin, Maki Okamoto, Annie Hagvil, Yi Shen, Emille de Blanche, Emelica Lidman, Hanna Lundborg, Sarah Vedel Hurtigkarl.


Galerie Rob Koudijs
Elandsgracht 12
1016TV – Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 (0)20 331 87 96
Telephone: +31 (0)6 139 05 554


Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
P.O. Box 3601
S-126 27 Hägersten  ( STOCKHOLM) Sweden

Telephone: + 46 (0)8 450 41 00
Fax: + 46 (0)8 450 41 29


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