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EXPO ‘Forever Plastic’ – Studio 20/17, Waterloo (AU) – 16 Oct.-3 Nov. 2012

Leanne Marshall and Hannah Carlyle : Forever Plastic

In a culture awash with disposable objects, is it possible for contemporary jewellery made from resin, a material often associated with mass-produced junk, to be considered ‘precious’ and be handed down through the generations?
Leanne Marshall and Hannah Carlyle explore these notions though their jewellery and showcase these ideas in their collaborative exhibition ‘Forever Plastic’. These artists are driven by challenging audience’s ideas about plastic jewellery, what it stands for and what it should look like. By combining resin forms with other materials and Sterling Silver; Hannah with semi-precious stones and Leanne with enamel, gem stones and cast organic silver forms, they elevate plastic jewellery into the realm of the artistic and precious.
Common to both artists is their love of colour and the processes of making resin – the pouring, layering of colour, and working the cured material to carve, sculpt and finish. Through experimentation these artists have developed different and specialised approaches to the material.
‘Forever Plastic’ will showcase new and original pieces of jewellery (earrings, neckpieces, rings and bracelets) from both Leanne Marshall and Hannah Carlyle.

Resin Earrings - Hannah Carlyle - look like "bonbons" ! :-)Hannah Carlyle – orange Resin Earrings

  Dark Crystal Garden brooch 3, Leanne Marshall 2012, 7.5 x 5.5cm, Resin, nickel silver, silver, steel, blue-green sapphire, cold enamel, Image by Kara Goodwin - Marshall – Dark Crystal Garden brooch 3,  2012 – Resin, nickel silver, silver, steel, blue-green sapphire, cold enamel, Image by Kara Goodwin

Hannah Carlyle - rooftop broochHannah Carlyle – rooftop brooch


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