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EXPO ‘Alchemists: New concepts in jewellery’ – New Brewery Arts, Cirencester (UK) – 14 Janv-27 Fevr. 2011

 Alchemists: New concepts in jewellery

Jewellers are not defined by traditional materials and today’s makers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what jewellery can be.
Be it big and bold or pale and subtle, the innovative world of studio jewellery will delight and challenge in equal measure often making us re examine our pre conceptions of what jewellery means.
ALCHEMISTS, the latest jewellery exhibition to be curated at New Brewery Arts, sets out to investigate and present the work of contemporary jewellers who take precious or unexpected materials and transform them into unusual and desirable jewellery.
The notion of using precious and non-precious materials within jewellery is hardly new, but this show seeks to highlight the breadth of approaches and range of materials used by today’s makers when exploring the adornment of the body.
New Brewery Arts is proud to present the work of over 25 artists. Internationally renowned and award winning contemporary jewellers will be exhibiting alongside the fresh talent of new makers just stepping out in their careers.

Jane Adam, Jivan Astfalck, Karen Bartlett, Sally Collins, Jack Cunningham, Anna Gordon, Maria Hanson, Yoko Izawa, Tanvi Kant, Hannah Louise Lamb, Bridie Lander, Alison Macleod, Lindsey Mann, Toni Mayner, Maria Militsi, John Moore, Grainne Morton, Louise Parry, Kathryn Partington, Betty Pepper, Lina Peterson, Jo Pond, Mah Rana, Katherine Richmond, Zoe Robertson, Ruth Tomlinson, Jessica Turrell.

Jivan Astfalck
Jivan Astfalck – ‘Vanitas’
Lina Peterson

Jack Cunningham
Jack Cunningham

Sally Collins' brooch
Sally Collins - brooch
Grainne Morton Ruth
Lindsey Manncombines brightly printed sheet aluminium & other non-precious materials (found objects)

< />Scribble Series</em><br />brooches, silver, copper, vitreous enamel, 2009  » width= »284″ height= »348″ /><br />
<font size=Jessica Turrell- Scribble Series – brooches, silver, copper, vitreous enamel, 2009 : brooch - given a kite
Jo Pond- brooch – given a kite (cocoon serie)



EXPO 'Alchemists: New concepts in jewellery' - New Brewery Arts, Cirencester (UK) - 14 Janv-27 Fevr. 2011 dans Alison MAcLEOD (UK) Maria-Militsi---Inner-Voice
Maria Militsi

Karen Bartlett - Ring-Copper, silver,CZ,gold plate,powder coat



New Brewery Arts
Brewery Court, Cricklade St
GL7 1JH – Cirencester
United Kingdom
Telephone: 01285 65718


Coloured Aluminium Jewellery: design & make – Lindsey Mann -
Published by A& C Black Publishers Ltd, London – 128 pp


EXPO ‘PAPERFICIAL’ – Craft2Eu, Hamburg (DE) 10 mars-8 Mai 2010


« … is like paper, either of delicate transparency or of flexible stability, it can be cut like paper, or folded, scrunched up or pressed together, it wants to be painted and printed like paper.
Paper creations are the big subject of many current exhibitions and catalogues. Inspired by this there is a trend in design and craft which turns many other things into something paperficial, just as if it were made of paper. We have put together some astonishing examples of this for your delectation. » Hannah Louise Lamb  – this young british artist trained at Royal College of Art, has won a number of prizes and her silhouette cut-out inspired jewellery is receiving a lot of attention in England.
Hannah Louise Lamb – necklace ‘Large chalcedony pattern’ 2010 – Silver, chalcedony, rock crystal, ribbon.


Sarah Kelly – ‘Saloukee, « obverse bracelet« , 2009 – this young jewellery designer from England makes incredibly subltle paper jewellery which astonish.

Tithi Kutchamuch « All-Year-Rings« , 12 different paper finger-rings, one for each month of the year, which can be folded from a card – Tithi Kutchamuch from Thailand studied at the Royal College of Art and is one of the most innovative designers currently to be found in London. Her work, which is mostly about everyday phenomena from a humorous point of view has had many awards and recognitions. She developed the « All-Year-Rings » together with Nutre Arayavanish.

Clara Breen, brooch made from paper and silver, 2009 – the young French artist lives and works in London were she creates jewellery pieces from found papers, silver and pearls.

Beate Eismann, « brooch 2010″ going back to the theme on pralines « fragmentarium« , hand-created paper, silver, rubies, zirconia, high-grade steel – Beate Eismann studied amongst others at the Burg Giebichenstein, Art- and Design Academie in Halle, where she continued as an artistic assistant of the jewellery class. Her own jewellery is always made in the context of various projects.

Leah Miles, brooch 2009, paper glues and turned, yarn, pearls – Young English artist Leah Miles won the title of « best newcomer » in 2009 at the British Association of Contemporary Jewellery.

Paperficial - Beate Eismann,'brooch 2010' going back to the theme on pralines 'fragmentarium'
Beate Eismann,’brooch 2010′ going back to the theme on pralines ‘fragmentarium’
Beate Eismann, paper brooch
Leah Miles, brooch 2009, paper glues and turned, yarn, pearls
Saloukee  Oblique Bracelet
Saloukee  Observe Bracelet 2009

Clara Breen, brooch -paper and silver, 2009
Clara Breen (FR), brooch made from paper and silver, 2009
Saloukee- Un-Tied Revolution paper necklace – Hand folded, embossed, paper, rivets, satin ribbon.
Leah Miles - Untitled wine silk brooch
Tithi Kutchamuch -Nutre Arayavanish- RingsPaper -12 different paper rings which can be folded from a card.

PAPERFICIAL EXPO- all-year-rings-by-tithi-kutchamuch-150x150_01
Tithi Kutchamuch -Nutre Arayavanish- RingsPaper
Clara Breen - necklaces 2010 -Printed paper, 925 silver
Clara Breen – blue paper & silver brooch
Clara Breen- Lime green Paper and silver brooch
Clara Breen-Corrugated silver & paper earrings



Craft2eu – Agency and Gallery for European Craft & Design
Eppendorfer Weg 231
D – 20251 Hamburg
fon: ++49 (0)40 480 928 22
fax: ++49 (0)40 480 928 24


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