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EXPO ‘Worthless’ (during AJW 2017) – IOS22 Creative Gallery, Athens (GR) – 19-21 May 2017


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19/05 :  19.30 : opening : “Worthlessby Arkivet Collective (group exhibition)
@IOS22 Creative Gallery
Dates: 19/5 – 21/5

AJW 2017 - 19-05 : 19.30 : opening : “Worthless” by Arkivet Collective

Welcome to the opening of The ARCHIVEs exhibiton « Worthless » opening Friday the 19th of May 19.30 at Gallery IOS22 in collaboration with ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK 2017

ARKIVET (the Archive) is a group of Norwegian artists consisting of Putte H. Dal, Hilde Dramstad, Elsie-Ann Hochlin, Camilla Luihn and Heidi Sand.
As jewelry artists they each have their artistic distinction. What they have in common is that they like to apply a theme based and conceptual approach to their craft. Since their debut as a group in 2014 they have had numerous exhibitions both in Norway and abroad.
ARKIVET sets out to investigate, through their individual works, different angles on how jewelry may work as a medium to promote dialogue in society today. Projects are developed through discussion and research with a common wish to bring jewelry as an artistic expression into contemporary society. As an example ideological, socialist, capitalist or ecological values may be analysed and processed through jewelry to artistic expression that fosters reflection.
The jewelry materials, artistic idiom and narrative content discusses concepts in the context of sitespecific exhibition design. For each project ARKIVET reaches out to interdisciplinary collaborators such as musicians, writers and philosophers, and ARKIVET also publishes annual publications.
In the WORTHLESS project the group wishes to explore how worth or value is perceived in today’s society. What makes something valuable? What is worthless? ARKIVET promotes a visual and mental association space for a discourse about the social and economic mechanisms that govern what is considered valuable. ARKIVET emphasizes the communicative aspects of jewelry and chooses to reveal something about human dignity, political aspects, self-esteem and the environment. 

Putte H. Dal - "Idle Wandering" Pendant Machine parts, stopper, brass, aluminium, steel Putte Helene Dal  - « Idle Wandering » Pendant Machine parts, stopper, brass, aluminium, steel

 Hilde Dramstad - "Transit" Pendant Ash, plaster, silver, sponge, wood, lacquerHilde Dramstd – « Transit » Pendant Ash, plaster, silver, sponge, wood, lacquer

Heidi Sand  "Good for Nothing"  Pendant Silver, laminate, plastic-coated steel, nylon threadHeidi Sand  « Good for Nothing »  Pendant Silver, laminate, plastic-coated steel, nylon thread

Elsie-Ann Hochlin  "Grab Them by the Pussy"  Brooch Chessmen, brass, hemp thread, paperElsie-ann Hochlin  « Grab Them by the Pussy »  Brooch Chessmen, brass, hemp thread, paper

Camilla Luihn  "The Aleppo Piece. Fragments of a broken country"  100 Brooches Enamel, copperCamilla Luihn  « The Aleppo Piece. Fragments of a broken country »  100 Brooches Enamel, copper



IOS22 Creative Gallery (art + architecture)
Tzaferi 10, 11854, Gazi  – Athens (GR)
tel. (+30) 210 3460710
www.ios22.comopening hours: Friday: 12.00 – 21.00, Saturday: 11.00 – 19.00, Sunday: 11.00 – 17.00



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