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EXPO ‘Svolte, tra riforma luterana e gioiello contemporaneo’ – Alchimia School, Firenze (IT) – 24 Mars-6 mai 2011

« Svolte, tra riforma luterana e gioiello contemporaneo« 

13e Erfurter Schmuck symposium

Since 1984  the  Schmucksymposium in Erfurt takes place every two years in the German city of Erfurt, with the aim of supporting the creative work of jewellery artists. A group of artists invited for this occasion and Volker Atrops, artist in residence at Erfurt in 2009, have worked together in July 2010 for the preparation of a symposium on the theme of Martin Luther’s journey to Italy between 1510 and 1511. This journey was the  turning point in the life of the great theologian who initiated the Reformation and had a huge impact across the continent, not only on the  political history but also on social relations and costume.
The radical questioning of decoration (the churches, but not only ..), the reference to a vision of monastic life (with the condemnation of ornament), the establishment of principles which then unexpectedly became the foundations of capitalist ethics are all themes that are of great interest to art and  art jewellery.
Dana Seachuga
Fabrizio Tridenti
Daniela Boieri


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Erfurter Schmucksymposium – Schmuckfrage Gallery, Berlin (Germany) – 18 Sept.-16 Oct. 2010

Since 1984 The Erfurter Schmucksymposium takes place every two years for two weeks. The Schmucksymposium aims to establish and foster national and international contacts, facilitate the creative work of jewelry artists through the exchange of experience, the exploration of possibilities in the design and execution of jewelry, and expand the understanding of jewelry.
The invited participants and the “Stadtgoldschmied” Volker Atrops who stayed as jeweller in residence at Erfurt in 2009 worked in July 2010 together at the Erfurter Künstlerwerkstätten.

According to the cultural double years focus in Erfurt the theme of the SYMPOSIUM was Martin Luthers journey to Italy in 15150/1511 and his thereby setting out in a new direction.


Participating artists: 
Volker Atrops (Germany), Iris Bodemer (Germany), Daniela Boieri (Italy), Heike Gruber (Germany), Federica Pallaver (Italy), Mandy Rasch (Germany),Philip Sajet (Netherlands), Dana Seachuga (Israel/ Netherlands), Beate Klockmann (Germany), Fabrizio Tridenti (Italy).

Erfurter Schmucksymposium - Schmuckfrage Gallery, Berlin (Germany) - 18 Sept.-16 Oct. 2010 dans Allemagne (DE) fabrizio%20tridenti_schmuckfrage
Fabrizio Tridenti, neckpiece black, rubber, magnet, recycled plastic, brass, glass, epoxyresin, wood, alpaca ca. 50cm length 

Heike%20Gruber_schmuckfrage dans Beate KLOCKMANN (DE)
Heike Gruber, necklace, alpaca painted, felt

Iris%20Bodemer_Schmuckfrage dans Dana SEACHUGA (IL)
Iris Bodemer, brooch, silver

Volker%20Atrops_schmuckfrage dans Daniela BOIERI (IT)
Volker Atrops, ring, iron

Dana saechuga_ schmuckfrage
Dana Seachuga – ‘Games Kings Play’ necklace – ebony, silver, copper, and paint


more information about the Erfurter Schmucksymposium

The organizer of the Erfurter Schmucksymposium is the VBKTh (Verband Bildender Künstler Thüringen e.V. – Association of the Thuringian artists)


Brunnenstraße 187
10119 – Berlin
Telephone: +4930 43205348
Fax: +4930 43205349


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