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EXPO ‘(Lost) Paradise’ – Alliages, Lille (FR) – 10 Dec.2016 –21 Janv.2017

an exhibition of contemporary jewellery & ceramics proposed by Alliages from Dec. 10th 2016 to Jan. 21st 2017.

Artificial, inanimate, painful, lost … Where is your paradise ?

The opening of the exhibition will be held on Friday Dec. 9th, 2019 at 6 PM

Alliages - (Lost) paradise - dec 2016:


Showing works of   Ana Garcia MoyaAnke HuybenCaterina ZancaChing-Ting YangClaudia Steiner Xenia Deimezi – Eero Hintsanen — Eleanor Symms — Emmanuelle Durand — Fabienne Christyn — Gabriela Secarea — Hebe ArgentieriHeidemarie HerbHelmi Lindblom Isabelle BusnelIzabella Petrut Juan Riusech Kristin Beeler — Lucy Morrow — Ludmilla Buga — Mabel PenaMar SanchezMargarita AlonsoMartina Dempf Michelle Kraemer — Nadine Smith — Nanna MellandNicole SchusterPhilip Sajet Rodrigo AcostaRosa BorredáSébastien CarréSelma LealSergio e Stefano Spivach – Sònia Serrano — Victoria IoannidouViktoria Münzker Wiebke Pandikow – Ying Chen.


(Lost) Paradise, with Ying Chen(Lost) Paradise, with Ying Chen
« As a jewellery artist, I believe my work is the bridge connecting myself with the outside world, which shows my thoughts, inner feeling and philosophy. What reflect on me from outside? How do I reply to it? I address my answers by making the questions tangible and personal. Fortress Besieged is one of my projects. The whole project is about my thought and feeling of the renovation in my city. “Shikumen”, the typical kind of buildings in Shanghai which I used to live, has been replaced by high-rises. I can not help but doubt, whether the demolition of Shikumen is necessary. Shikumen is like a paradise of all the memories from dwellers who have spent most of their time in Shikumen. However, their opinion was neglected. My work shows my inner struggle and sadness in the journey of finding the right answer. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Selma Leal  (Lost) Paradise, with Selma Leal 
« The piece ‘Danger… woodworm!’ it is part of the exhibition ‘Life in the Urban Paradise’ , which was born from a previous collection, ‘Cities’. Nowadays, urban parks and public gardens are a safe haven. They are green areas where we can relax and recover the energy we nees for life. This piece is a subtle critique our society, because I think the man is the woodworm of the planet. Love the planet is to love ourselves. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Victoria Ioannidou (Lost) Paradise, with Victoria Ioannidou.
« Ominus, Pesimistic,Disapointing, contradicting,negative messages deprive the oxygene from our little but important beings.. However there is a small spark of hope far away that fills our dull lifes with color and light. My own paradise is my concern to strengthen the spark ,prevent and restrain the evil.. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Viktoria Münzker(Lost) Paradise, with Viktoria Münzker
« Breathless attention fills two parts of a complex called life. Tenderness and violence, love and hate, harmony and conflict, birth and death, heaven and hell. The emotional side of my work is based on my personal experiences. Suggestions for the creation of Paradise were my emotional forces, experiences and mental images. Paradise – Garden of Eden from that we were expelled forever, and what we must now create alone. This term, in old Sumerian « Adina » – Garden means a place that seemed to be fruitful… Did we lost it? This land is real, it is an another dimension in this world, the real paradise can’t be lost. It is inside of us. If we believe that we are a part of it, there will always be a place that we call paradise. Jewellery is my art to show the world my own inner self, the inner world where I feel safe and beautiful. It’s the inner paradise that survives only with our power. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Caterina Zanca(Lost) Paradise, with Caterina Zanca
« My paradise is a small space rediscovered in the middle of a chaotic reality, tended to the geometric and formal. A non-enclosed space, but yet communicative with new points of view from different perspectives. Apparently aseptic but a generator of light, ideas, energy, thus of a new life! Il mio paradiso è un piccolo spazio ritrovato fra una caotica realtà, teso alla pulizia geometrica e formale. Uno spazio non chiuso, ma comunicativo di nuovi punti di vista, di diverse prospettive. Apparentemente asettico ma generatore di luce, idee, energia, dunque di nuova vita! »
(Lost) Paradise, with Sergio Stefano Spivach(Lost) Paradise, with Sergio Stefano Spivach
« The Archangel into pieces / THE BODY, THE HEART, THE WING The falling Archangel, crashing into pieces, is the metaphor of man who is walking on a road paved of self-destruction. Falling on lost paradise, The Archangel crashes into pieces: his heart moves from the body in order to survive – aware that his own wing will lead himself safe. On the contrary, the body will wear down gradually. The stone we have used for creating the three parts of The Archangel testifies, with its color and its porosities, the consequences of its own closeness with the human being. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Nanna Melland(Lost) Paradise, with Nanna MellandLost Paradises. In 1977 Bob Marley sang; “Exodus, movement of Jah people!” His words could not fit better for the situation of refugees today. Masses of people in a seemingly endless flow, leaving their home country in search of a better future somewhere else. Paradise lost. Paradise search. I chose to work with the suitcase as an object of our time. A time of flux, of movement, of wanted and unwanted journeys. It can be disturbingly absent or disturbingly present. For the exhibition Lost Paradises, I present a serie of rings called Suitcaserings. Cast in bronze in the lost wax technique, coloured afterwards. You need strength to wear and balance these heavy skin coloured Suitcaserings on your hand, A strong grip to get by in this world of suffering. Of Lost Paradises. »

Sebastien Carré - Lost Paradise(Lost) Paradise, with Sébastien Carré
« Just imagine… Living in a world in which we would not have destroyed our relationship to nature. In which, the society, the moral, the value or our belief would not have put us in a virtual cell. A world of difference, of similarity, of ambiguity but after all isn’t it what is making a more interesting world. Vegetation, Animal, and Mineral are all combined in objects reminiscent of organic forms, the shape of the central figure in all form of shamanism around the world, the Tree that connects us all together. Mixing materials in order to create a symbolic life in an object by using interactive mediums allows me to wake up a body which tends to be more insensitive due to an over-communicativity of society. Let’s hope for a world with more shamanism, more bound between all living forms. Let’s Cherish the diversity in our small world, being together is already a treasure. »

Rosa Borredá -  Lost paradise(Lost) Paradise, with Rosa Borredá
« LOST CIVILIZATIONS Accumulation of different objects left over the centuries that are worn, eroded by time. Ancient architectures with traces of gold leaf and polychromy. Lush vegetation but withered at the same time. Paradise and decay, everything has a place in the lost and imaginary paradises. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Claudia Steiner(Lost) Paradise, with Claudia Steiner
« The earth as the ideal for a happy and content existence, with indescribable natural beauty. Is this still true? This is not the case anywhere in the world. It is precisely our time that makes us doubt whether or not this is indeed true. Everyone has their own ideas of paradise and can explore it in a variety of ways. Sometimes with the look at hidden details sometimes viewed at large. The contrasts of geometric lines and round forms, the uneven surface, reflect the contrasting variety of our earth. The way to the personal paradise in life is different and sometimes requires detours, means unevenness in the life cycle – one up and down – in order to somehow have found his personal ideal of a happy and content life. Not everything is at first sight recognizable as such, some « paradise » requires a longer confrontation with it and will only be discovered in small. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Rodrigo Acosta(Lost) Paradise, with Rodrigo Acosta
« Deconstruct to build again. Giving a new shape to the existent object. Building your space, your place, your habitat, your paradise. Find back your lost paradise. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Xenia Deimezi(Lost) Paradise, with Xenia Deimezi
“The youth love, Pure and unconditional, almost dreamy, full of emotions and passion but also temporary. Now kept as a memory, idealized and distant. My beautiful secret (lost) paradise.”

(Lost) Paradise, with Michelle Kraemer(Lost) Paradise, with Michelle Kraemer
« Up and above in a far away land exploring an unreachable world dreaming of landscapes and possibilities… unreachable but with imagination so close yet so far that’s where I want to go… to be among these ethereal, ephemeral entities to touch them, to make them mine to materialize them into my own imagined reality »

(Lost) Paradise, with Philip Sajet(Lost) Paradise, with Philip Sajet
« paradise is nothing other than time passing sense that we realize that as time passes »

(Lost) Paradise, with Heidemarie Herb(Lost) Paradise, with Heidemarie Herb
« Since some years I’m working on the collection « time ». Keys are like magic tools, they open and close doors,diaries, treasures….they preserve secrets, memories and thoughts. You can meet positive or negative feelings…once again this opposites are attractions in my work. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Fabienne Christyn(Lost) Paradise, with Fabienne Christyn
« I’ll go sleep in the white paradise Where the nights are so long that we forget the time All alone with the wind As in my childhood dreams I will go running in the white paradise Far from the looks of hatred And fighting blood Find whales Talking to silverfish Like, like, like before M.Berger »

(Lost) Paradise, with Nadine Smith(Lost) Paradise, with Nadine Smith
« I live in Wellington and work part time as an artist and nurse. Caring for others has developed my fundamentally humanist philosophy. Fueled by this and the fragility of life, pieces often reference the relationship we have with the developing technological world and how this creates possibilities for enhancement or re-creation of our environment, our lives, even ourselves. Being an avid recycler with magpie tendencies and an active imagination lends itself to a diverse range of work. Medical and other recycled paraphernalia when used out of context can create a tension between the familiar and the unknown. The works aim to intrigue, inviting the audience to reflect and make connections from their own life experiences. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Eleanor Symms(Lost) Paradise, with Eleanor Symms
« Demolition Neckpiece This piece is made using found electrical components gathered at the beach beside Cockenzie coal-fired power station, along the coast from my home. The power station, which dominated the coastline since the 1960s, was demolished in 2015. It was the cause of much pollution, changing the nature of the coastline, creating miles of new land with infill of the spoil it generated and leaving huge ‘lagoons’ of fly ash, some of which are now reserves for birds and wildlife. The power station destroyed a wild, natural coastal habitat, but nature is slowly reclaiming the site. In using found plastic components from the site, which have been sea and weather-worn in combination with silver and opals, I aim to question notions of preciousness and disposability. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Mar Sanchez 2016(Lost) Paradise, with Mar Sanchez
« Return to origin. We yearn for happiness, seek peace, love. And, generally, we seek outside ourselves. I suspect none of this depends on external circumstances. My heart tells me that the lost paradise is inside me, waiting to be found. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Wiebke Pandikow(Lost) Paradise, with Wiebke Pandikow
« Without the ubiquitous plastic our civilization could hardly have become what it is today, but at the same time it is a burden on the environment with far-reaching consequences. Especially plastic bags are an obvious symbol for mindless consumerism and a throw-away society. This makes them so interesting for me to work with, to create from them, with the help of a clothes iron and a soldering iron, textures and structures that recall forms of the natural world which we have set ourselves apart from. Hand-formed leaves form lush necklaces, but they can only ever be pale images of the real thing. We feel safe with plastics, at home and comfortable in our modern paradise of artificiality. But it is the natural world around us which is the real paradise, in danger of becoming a paradise lost. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Mabel Pena(Lost) Paradise, with Mabel Pena
« My natural paradise, my oasis, flows the meandering waters of the Parana River Delta. I find no better place to muse about life and to relax than when I am rowing my boat in this maze of water and rainforest. Every concern or fear seems to vanish while I row my way through this cluster of islands. Nature in all its glory to admire: golden water, green trees and vines and colorful birds. This brooch illustrates the landscape of this Delta, its colors and textures, and the feelings it arises in me. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Isabelle Busnel   (Lost) Paradise, with Isabelle Busnel
« Black jewellery is often associated with mourning jewellery. This collection is inspired by Victorian jewellery and relates to any loss in life, or in Paradise… »

(Lost) Paradise, with Helmi Lindblom(Lost) Paradise, with Helmi Lindblom
« Fruitfully Yours, extinction With this work I focus on today’s paradox: simultaneous population growth and entering the sixth mass extinction. Jewelry from Extinction are silent in comparison to their colorful opposites (Fertility) like extinction is silent in comparison to birth. With color contrast from black balloons I want to put forth the feel of fading away. « 


111, Bd. Victor Hugo
F-59000 LILLE
Horaires : Mo/Fri : 10-13h & 14-17h – Sa : 10-12h & 12h30-16h30





SIERAAD Art Fair 2016 – Amsterdam – 10–13 Nov. 2016

SIERAAD Art Fair 2016 – Amsterdam – 10–13 Nov. 2016


SIERAAD Art Fair 2016 - Amsterdam - 10-13 Nov. 2016


Here is a little SELECTION :

MYTHS 2016 Loukia Richards, Valia Karapidaki, Marietta Karamaria, Maria Rousso, Jacqueline Vugs-Voets, Hadas Levin, Christoph Ziegler and Atelier Myths - - stand 3MYTHS 2016Loukia Richards, Valia Karapidaki, Marietta Karamaria, Maria Rousso, Jacqueline Vugs-Voets, Hadas Levin, Christoph Ziegler and Atelier Myths - - stand 3
  MARION LEBOUTEILLER  French  stand 65
  RIA LINS Belgium  stand 68RIA LINS  Belgium  stand 68

YANNICK MUR -  French - -  stand 45  YANNICK MURFrench –   www.yannickmur.frstand 45

  PROCHAINE By: Andra Lupu Romanian  stand 87aPROCHAINE By: Andra Lupu  Romanian  stand 87a
  RB DESIGN By: Raluca Buzura Romanian  stand 87cRB DESIGN  By: Raluca Buzura  Romanian  stand 87c
ZETA TSERMOU  -  Georgia Tsermou - Greek - - stand 10ZETA TSERMOU Georgia Tsermou – Greek – - stand 10

ANNA VLAHOS  -  Greek/Australian - - stand 11ANNA VLAHOS Greek/Australian – - stand 11

  PEGGY BANNENBERG Dutch  stand 81PEGGY BANNENBERG  Dutch stand 81
ALEJANDRA SOLAR     Spanish-Mexican stand 21ALEJANDRA SOLAR   Spanish-Mexican stand 21


BYTOMSKI/ BYTOMSKA JEWELLERY          Polish  stand 30bBYTOMSKI/ BYTOMSKA JEWELLERY    Polish  stand 30b
LIISA HASHIMOTO  Japanese  stand 32bLIISA HASHIMOTO  Japanese  stand 32b
  Joo Hye Kim South Korean  stand 88. CSM 2009Joo Hye Kim  South Korean  stand 88. CSM 2009
  Chen Wenting Chinese  Stand 88. CSM 2009Chen Wenting  Chinese  Stand 88. CSM 2009
RITA BEY YU LIN  American  stand 34aRITA BEY YU LIN  American  stand 34a
NK STUDIO  Korean   Namkyung Lee   stand 39NK STUDIO  Korean   Namkyung Lee   stand 39
JO MCALLISTER      British  stand 44bJO MCALLISTER      British  stand 44b
ALICE CLARKE British  stand 42ALICE CLARKE British  stand 42
  LINDA EZERMAN Dutch  stand 52bLINDA EZERMAN  Dutch stand 52b
  JILLIAN MOORE American  stand 52aJILLIAN MOORE  American stand 52a
  YAN-ZE LUO Taiwanse  stand 53dYAN-ZE LUO  Taiwanse stand 53d
  SHIH-DEA DEBORHA TSENG Taiwanse  stand 53b SHIH-DEA DEBORAH TSENG Taiwanse  stand 53b
  HENG LEE Taiwanese  stand 53aHENG LEE Taiwanese  stand 53a
  JOHN MOORE British  stand 55bJOHN MOORE  British stand 55b
  ATELIER BLOEDJES By; Judith Bloedjes Dutch  stand 56  ATELIER BLOEDJES By  Judith Bloedjes Dutch
  stand 56
  AMY RIDYARD DESIGN British amyridyarddesigns/  stand 60
  AMY RIDYARD DESIGN British amyridyarddesigns/  stand 60
KSENIA VOKHMENTSEVA  Russian  stand 63
KSENIA VOKHMENTSEVA  Russian  stand 63
  CHRISTINE JALIO Finish  stand 70CHRISTINE JALIO Finish stand70






Gasholder Westergasfabriek
Klönneplein 1
1014 DD – Amsterdam – Netherlands
Telephone: 00 31 (0)33 4337009
mail:  and on FB




AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair – Grand Hotel du Boulevard, Bucarest (Romania) – 16-17 April 2016

AUTOR 2016   International Contemporary Jewelry Fair – the 15 edition – will be held during the weekend 16 – 17 April in Bucharest, Romania.

Throughout the last 7 years, AUTOR has grown bigger, wider, better. It turned into the complete and perfect event we wanted, and it has now expanded to the amplitude of an annual event. Starting this spring, AUTOR will happen once a year.

Your only chance to … See the newest contemporary jewelry collections from designers
reaching in form all over the world: more than 150 artists have sent their proposals for the first annual edition of AUTOR Fair !

AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair – Grand Hotel du Boulevard, Bucarest (Romania) – 16-17 April 2016 dans Ana BARBU /UZURA (RO) AUTORFair_poster

 THE « AUTHORS » :  AUTOR 2016 will bring together the Fantastic worlds of 70 artists:

Adriana Díaz Higuera — Aleksandra Atanasovski — Alessandro Morosani — Ana Barbu Uzura — ANA BRAGANÇA — Ana Marchetanu — Ana Oglejan — Ana Wagner — Andra LupuAndrea Vaggione — Andreia Gabriela Popescu — Atelier Jamais — Christine Jalio — Contemporia — Corina Mardari – Corrina GoutosCleopatra CosuletDoru Dumitrescu Wearable Sculptures — Egle Sitkauskaite — Elina Spyridou For Innocenti — Emma Nacht — Etay MalkaHakan AktugHelmi Lindblom — Ioana Enache — Isabelle Busnel — Isabelle Géréec — Iulia Ivan –  JOC -art en joia (Júlia Ortega Canalda) — Jonathan Hens — Julia Baudler — Katerina Stoyanova — Katherine Dannenberg — Katja Toporski Konstantinos Georgopoulos (Giftforever) — kostadinos jewellery — Krama — Loredana Cleja — Lucienne — Madara Keidza — Malute by Luiza Teodorescu — Mariana Tanasescu — Marilena Karagkiozi Design — Mesteshukar ButiQ — Miriam Mirna Korolkovas — Monotip — Moogu — Noha Nicolescu — Panayiotis Panayi — PÿR — Roxana Davidescu — Ruta Naujalyte — Sara Chyan — Sara Marzialetti — Simeon Shomov – SI Sabato Isabel –  Simona Ghiga – Contemporary Jewelry – snob. (Iza Visoianu) — SunYoung Kim — Sylvie Lissa Alusitz — T–SQUARED Tami Eshed — Thorning Astrup // aarhus — Utopic by Mona Vulpoiu — Vika Mayzel — Vika Tonu –  Ye Seul Seo – Yujin Lee.

 "Recycled Powder" collection - T Squared Tami Eshed - Israel. Selected for AUTOR 2016 ★Tami Eshed – Israel – « Recycled Powder » collection – T Squared – Selected for AUTOR 2016  
« Keep thinking green! » says Tami. « In this specific collection, I have decided to create a limited edition of pieces, which are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. Instead of dying the pins, necklaces and rings with a standard Epoxy paint, I have decided to use the powder of leftover metal paint as the main coloring ingredient. »

"Sponge" by Konstantinos Georgopoulos Giftforever from Greece  « Sponge » by Konstantinos Georgopoulos Giftforever from Greece ★
“I’ve always been fascinated by objects such as wood, rocks or bone carved from the power of nature, or “bizarre” forms and combinations such as a root stuck between two rocks or a garnet crystal as a rough diamond inclusion. The greek sponges that can be found mainly in the sea of Kalymnos Island was -this time – my inspiration.”

Pressure by Panayiotis Panayi from Cyprus★ Pressure by Panayiotis Panayi from Cyprus★
Since the dawn of man, we humans had an intrinsic desire to further evolve our species.This intellectual tendency that leads us to our goals, leaves us oblivious to any negative consequences to our surroundings or ourselves. We will pursue our goals at any cost.
These days we have managed to lose control, we have imprisoned our spirit and we are fed on a daily basis a banquet of stress and pressure to further accommodate our own ambitions or the ones of our peers.
The collection is inspired by that burden; by the pressure that seems to distinguish modern man. This collection is made out of titanium (lightweight elastic, hard metal). As it wraps around the finger it applies a small amount of pressure.

Isabelle Busnel  necklaceIsabelle Busnel  necklace  My work explores all the stereotypes of classical jewellery. After a first collection playing with the kitsch imagery of cheap and popular jewellery (owls, skulls, cameos, tigers…), my second body of work focuses on the aesthetics of pearls. In my last new collection I investigate the attraction of stones. I am still using silicone rubber as material but this time I am adding translucent coloured silicone to mimic stones. White is still predominant in my necklaces and magnetic brooches but I give them a new twist with a large range of colours.
For AUTOR 2016, I am planning to show a mix of the “pearls” and the “stones” collections.

 Pink Crush by Andra Lupu, from Romania« Pink Crush » by Andra Lupu, from Romania

Birds by Youjin Lee from South Korea. Selected for AUTOR 2016Birds by Youjin Lee from South Korea. Selected for AUTOR 2016
« My jewelry shows calmness and quietness in a various and showy society using gray metal’s own characteristic. I combined the wood and metal to express heavy hearts and worries because of incompleteness communication between people. »Cleopatra Cosulet -  ·   reCYCLE Collection -   Brooch - Sterling Silver - Recycled Plastic - Miyuki Delica 11/0 (cylindrical glass beads) - Fireline (nylon) Thread.: « reCYCLE Collection » by Cleopatra Cosulet from Romania. Selected for AUTOR 2016 –  reCYCLE Collection -   Brooch – Sterling Silver – Recycled Plastic – Miyuki Delica 11/0 (cylindrical glass beads) – Fireline (nylon) Thread -
« In the physical, concrete level, we are the result of our actions , reactions and interactions. Their amount structurally determine the whole assembly which we are part of. Its isuues are also ours issues. Yet by awarness and appropriate behaviour the equilibrium can be restored.The collection is a honest and transparent statement, revealing the intentions of personal involvement and its purpose. The materials used (recycled plastic, Sterling Silver, patina, glass beads, nylon thread) and the colors chosen reveal the implicit message: « Let’s do something that matters. »

 Tule design by Helmi Lindblom, Finland [Photography by Ninni Vidgren] Tule design by Helmi Lindblom, Finland [Photography by Ninni Vidgren]
« I would like to tell the stressful world, but I can not. Nor do I want to underline the seriousness of
our time and human insecurity. Instead, I want to bring people something to hold on to.
With my current work I try to get the viewer to forget the seriousness so often connected to art. I wish that my pieces will encourage approaching touching and wearing them. I hope that the wearers lose themselves in the repeated movement of their fingers on jewelry’s surface and into the varying fingertip feelings. »

 “Meat Animals In The Grass”, 2016 by Ana Barbu UZURA from Romania  “Meat Animals In The Grass”, 2016 by Ana Barbu /UZURA from Romania ★
« This collection’s theme is the city and its aberrations, the way it makes us live, in small safe antiseptic spaces, the way it makes us eat, packed food of unknown origin, the way it makes us move, traveling in cars and running on treadmills, etc. My choice of expressing this frankensteined urban life is by using the idea of diorama, of architectural small scale models, but not to represent buildings and townscapes, but a traditional, natural, almost idyllic landscape populated with animals that now we usually grow for food in industrialized farms. »

 [Re]Born by Rada Ureche from Romania [Re]Born by Rada Ureche from Romania
« [Re]Born is a collection that emphasises on the recycling of materials, giving us an impulse to reuse or to give another destination to the objects we think we no longer need. It represents an unspoken dialougue between the perfect shapes, texture or finish and the small marks of crafting that remain visible as a humble recognition of our human flaws and imperfections.
By using the keum-boo technique we wanted to highlight the beauty and different shapes of melted silver, showing that we can prevent the waste of potentially usefull materials. As gold fusions with silver, so does every action or innaction we have upon the world we live in.
Materials used: recycled sterling silver, 23.5k gold sheet. »

 "Thinking Building" collection by Etay Malka from Israel « Thinking Building » collection by Etay Malka from Israel
« This project deals with the architecture in Tel Aviv. The differences in the city today are mainly reflected by the character of the buildings and their height. Bauhaus buildings with 2 floors and rounded balconies stand alongside the skyscrapers, offices and cranes. »

  THE UNPREDİCTABLE FORM/FOAM collection by Hakan Aktug from TurkeyTHE UNPREDİCTABLE FORM/FOAM collection by Hakan Aktug from Turkey

By Corrina Goutos - representing Germany, from AmericaBy Corrina Goutos – representing Germany, from America
Based on my exploration of the archetype of The Souvenir, my current collection looks at the things we take, imbue with a memory, place or moment, and the objects and traces that we leave behind in the process. The ephemeral dialogue between man’s rituals and nature’s forces; between environment and inhabitants.
In a culture of convenience, consumption and transience, I seek out the lost and found objects and site installations that have the memory of a person. They are the unfinished stories of affection, and neglect, visible in objects we interact with.

 Christine Jalio”Loss” by Christine Jalio from Finland –
“The “Loss”- collection is a continuum of my earlier “Past, Loss, Future”- collection which tells a story of aging, personal loss and life before and after big turning points in life. In the new ”Loss”- collection I have been concentrating on personal loss, sadness, and loneliness; on what happens after you loose someone you love. I have gone even deeper into the emotional turmoil of an individual person and tried hard to capture these feelings in my work. The pieces have a sense of comfort and safety to them and look very heavy, but are actually really light. Like a person who carries great sadness within, I wanted my pieces to be very quiet and scream very loud at the same time.”



 Grand Hotel du Boulevard, Bucharest
Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 5, București, Roumanie
Téléphone : +40 21 210 2363



We are also happy to announce the support of our international friends for this edition of the fair: Bijou Contemporain, The Jewellery Activist, Art Jewelry Forum, The Morning Bark, Current Obsession, Mar de Color Rosa, Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo.













During SCHMUCK 2016 : EXPO ‘HATARA PROJECT, TIME PERCEPTION VOL.2’ – Galerie Vernon, Munich (DE) – 24-27 Fevr. 2016

Galerie Vernon

Opening 24.02 19:00-22:00 

Christine Jalio  - Hatara Project.

Having debutet at the Schmuck München for the first time last spring, Annea Lounatvuori and Christine Jalio return to München this year, this time with more international backup from Helmi Lindblom (Finland), Melina Lindroos (Finland), Wiebke Pandikow (Germany/Finland) and Ginta Zabarovska (Latvia). The six jewelry artists will revisit Hatara Project’s theme of last year, Time Perception, with a wide array of pieces in different styles and materials.

HATARA Project

with :  Christine Jalio Helmi LindblomMelina LindroosAnnea LounatvuoriWiebke PandikowGinta Zabarovska

   Time Perception  HATARA project


 PONY 'A4M6' ring with a screw thread, silver 925 and PONY bracelet, horse hair and various materials, Annea Lounatvuori 2015, picture Janne Lounatvuori - Annea Lounatvuori’s pieces are an extension of her work from last year. In Time Perception Vol.II she delves deeper into her passion of working with horse hair. Textures and surfaces determine her approach to the visual composition.: Annea Lounatvuori - PONY ‘A4M6′ ring with a screw thread, silver 925 and PONY bracelet, horse hair and various materials , Annea Lounatvuori 2015, picture Janne Lounatvuori –
Annea Lounatvuori is a jewellery designer currently living and working in Berlin and a 2015 Jewellery Design graduate from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences. In addition to running her brand PONY Jewelry for the past four years, she has worked together with institutions and organisations and sees her work as jewellery designer very widely. Her passion lies in visual arts and music. She likes to observe daily life but is also curious about escaping from it.
Annea Lounatvuori`s first solo exhibition in the gallery Vernon is a continuation of her work from the 2015 collaborative exhibition Time Perception. In Time Perception Vol.II she will be getting deeper and closer to her passion of working with horse hair through the means of contemporary jewellery. Textures and surfaces determine her approach to the visual composition.

 Annea Lounatvuori - rings with a screw thread, silver 925:  Annea Lounatvuori – rings with a screw thread, silver 925

 Christine Jalio - Past, Loss, Future 7', Christine Jalio 2015, brooch, Silk Clay and silver: Christine Jalio – Past, Loss, Future 7′, Christine Jalio 2015, brooch, Silk Clay and silver
Christine Jalio (1978) is extremely fascinated by the human psyche and the emotions and reactions that are part of it. She is intrigued by asceticism, old age and sensitivity. Her starting point is always an emotion to which she strives to find the correct combination of materials, shapes and colours. The “Loss” collection is a continuum of her earlier “Past, Loss, Future” collection which tells the story of aging and life before and after big turning points in life. In this new collection she has been concentrating on personal loss, sadness, and loneliness; on what an individual goes through emotionally when loosing someone loved. The main material she uses is still Silk Clay, but in addition she has been experimenting with other materials such as resin, acrylic and plaster this year.
Christine Jalio’s ‘Loss’ collection is a continuum of her earlier ‘Past, Loss, Future’collection which tells the story of aging and loneliness. In this collection she has especially been concentrating on personal loss, sadness, and the feeling of emptiness; on what an individual goes through emotionally when losing someone beloved. She is still using Silk Clay as her main material, but has also been experimenting with other materials in this project.

Hatara Project, Time Perception VOL.2 - Christine Jalio brooch 2016: Christine Jalio brooch 2016 ‘Loss’ collection

 Wiebke Pandikow - Necklace from the 'Tropaeolum'-series,  2015, recycled plastic bags and wood: Wiebke Pandikow – Necklace from the ‘Tropaeolum’-series,  2015, recycled plastic bags and wood
Wiebke Pandikow studied Jewelry Design in Lahti, Finland and now lives and works as a jewelry artist in Helsinki. She has been working with plastic bags since 2014. Without the ubiquitous plastic, our civilization could hardly have become what it is today, but at the same time it is an immense burden on the environment. Especially plastic bags are an obvious symbol for mindless consumerism and a throw-away society. This makes them so interesting for Wiebke to work with: to create from them textures and structures that recall forms of a natural world that we have set ourselves apart from. What was living organisms thousands of years ago, then became oil, then became plastic, now is returned into forms that resemble living plants once more. In our culture, plastics are commonplace, invaluable yet insignificant. For this artist, they bear the possibility of beauty.

Wiebke Pandikow - Necklacei 2015, recycled plastic bags and wood Wiebke Pandikow -  2015, recycled plastic bags and wood

Hatara Project, Time Perception VOL.2 #28 - 'Come', Helmi Lindblom 2015, brooches, mixed media, picture Ninni Vidgren: Helmi Lindblom   ‘Come’, 2015, brooches, mixed media, picture Ninni Vidgren
Helmi Lindblom is fascinated by the beauty of oddity.  
The jewelry series Come is made to mimic the object that awakens the child within us. Come is a series of brooches and necklaces that invites you to come and step closer maybe even touch. Series is inspired by a plant that consists of two cactuses crafted together by man.The combinations are made purely for aesthetic reasons regardless of the health of the plant. With this series Helmi recreates the feeling that the crafted cactus evokes in beholder: triggering a childlike curiosity and excitement based purely on the bizarre aesthetics of the plant.

Melina Lindroos  'Hiding Places',  2015, brooches, mixed media: Melina Lindroos  ‘Hiding Places’,  2015, brooches, mixed media
Melina Lindroos is a jewelry artist located in Helsinki. Themes that she feels especially drawn to are places, time and people’s inner lives. Melina is a listener and a searcher. Her approach could be seen as a life long journey, which lifts up bits of what she sees and what she wants to see, where she is coming from and where she is headed. « My series Hiding places lifts up the importance of shelter related to safety. These brooches are made through a slow meditative process in a comforting space. » says Melina.
The tender series of brooches invites the viewer to peek inside and hold them.

Melina Lindroos  'Hiding Places',  2015, brooches, mixed media  Melina Lindroos  ‘Hiding Places’,  2015, brooches

Ginta Zabarovska   'Home',  2014, necklace, silver plated brass, wood, plexiglas, aluminium: Ginta Zabarovska   ‘Home’,  2014, necklace, silver plated brass, wood, plexiglas, aluminium
Ginta Zabarovska (born 1989) graduated bachelor (2013) and master (2015) programs in the Art Academy of Latvia metal design department. While studying she actively participates in various exhibitions and competitions.
The artist draws her inspiration in traveling and by contacting with interesting personalities. As an important source of impact in the artist’s activities she considers studies at the Art Academy of Strasbourg in 2012/13. Due to the semester spent in France, the artist has found a growing interest in contemporary jewelry history and now continues her studies in the Art Academy of Latvia as a PhD student working on jewellery art history in Latvia during the post soviet period. While creating design for new jewelry pieces Ginta doesn’t spend long hours preparing sketches or technical drawings. Rather she prefers to work in the material; the idea gradually crystallizes in the working process. From a variety of experimental materials jewelry models are created searching for their compatibility with one another. The artist is bound by various types of graphic lines and delicacy in the plane so she fits these values in three dimensional pieces – they become jewelry.
Gintas jewelry theme for the exhibition Time Perception VOL.2 is home. As Ginta is repeatedly working in Strasbourg for a longer period she find’s the feelings of home and affiliation an inspiration for her work.


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