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2014 Shanghai Design Week – EXPO ‘Shanghai Jewelry Art Exhibition’ – Shanghai Exhibition Center (CN) – 9-12 Oct. 2014

2014 Shanghai Jewelry Art Exhibition, October 9-12, 2014

Shanghai Design Week


2014 Shanghai Jewelry Art Exhibition, October 9-12, 2014 Shanghai Design Week, Shanghai Exhibition Center, West Hall

We are very pleased to present the complete list of participating artists in the 2014 Shanghai Jewelry Art Exhibition, October 9-12 2014 :

Ezra Satok-Wolman Jie SunSerena HolmInbar ShahakRia LinsKaren Vanmol –  Marina Sheetikoff — Sina EmrichAnne Luz CastellanosLital MendelStephen BottomleyMette SaabyeAnna Fornari — Rebecca Rose (US) — Bethamy Linton — Siegfried De BuckDana BloomPeter HoogeboomFelieke Van der Leest – Evan Larson-Voltz — Anne Mondro — Thomas Madden — Susan Holt — Tanel Veenre Melissa Cameron — Holland Houdek — Margherita MarchioniAnnette DamKarin Roy AndersonReka Lorincz — Nicole Taubinger — Jen Townsend — Bas BoumanLinda EzermanIsabella Liu — Joanne Garner — Anshu Hu — Yu Hiraishi Wendy McAllister Terhi TolvanenCharlotte Gorse (UK) — Juliette Bigley — Mara Irsara (IT) — Ellie Corp — Steven Follen — Ayano Nakajima (JP) — Haruko Sugawara — Nagai Junko — Michie Kitada — Mami Katsuki — Ingjerd Hanevold

In addition to the exhibition, a lecture series will be presented featuring presentations by Machtelt Shelling (Ubi Gallery), Evan Larson-Voltz (Wayne State University), and Ezra Satok-Wolman (Atelier Hg). To register for the lectures or find more information about the scheduled events, please use the following links

Jichang Chai, Brooch, 2014Jichang Chai, « Welcome on Board » brooch, 2014 - Aluminum, copper, nature screens

Shao Hong En, Brooch, 2014Shao Hong En, Brooch, 2014 -Silver, gem

Li Sang, Necklace, 2014Li Sang, Necklace, 2014 – Silver

Ezra Satok-Wolman, Medallion, 2014Ezra Satok-Wolman, The Golden Ratio, medallion, 2014 – 791 (19k) yellow gold, 750 (18k) white gold, synthetic ruby spheres, silk
6.1 x 6.1 x 0.85 cm – Fabricated, Kumihimo braid – Back view

Isabella Liu, Pieces, 2014Isabella Liu, Pieces, 2014 - Mending- One Brooch in a Midi Ceramic Pottery, 2014 – Ceramic, gold plated metal – 13 x 10.4 x 3.9 cm -  Object and jewellery

Felieke van der Leest, Brooch, 2007Felieke van der Leest, Brooch, Jumbo Star Brother, 2007Plastic animal, textile, silver, cubic zirconium – 12 x 17 x 7 cm

Inbar Shahak, Necklace, 2014Inbar Shahak, - Woodland patina necklace, 2014 – Etched brass leaves, mix green patina with oxidize silver plating

 Annette Dam Brooch: Finding a safe way down, 2012 Silver, brass, wood, epoxy, fringes, elastic band, clipsAnnette Dam Brooch: Finding a safe way down, 2012 Silver, brass, wood, epoxy, fringes, elastic band, clips

Anne Luz castellanos - Anillos Ramas Anne Luz Castellanos – Anillos Ramas



Shanghai Exhibition Center, West Hall




some RINGS discovered here & there ……………

Each time I see great rings I think about the great « ring web site », « The Carrotbox » ! :-) and my dream would be to help her to discover new rings ….. but she knows ALL about rings before everybody ! :-( so keep up dreaming ! :-)

………….. and trying to STOP this post !!!! finding every hour new GORGEOUS rings !!!
Alina Alamorean

Julia  deVille

some RINGS discovered here & there ............... dans Agata FRIEDMAN (PL) ringe9
Lisbeth Nordskov ring – Nylon, sølv, elfenben og granater.
Susanne Klemm

Rita Marcangelo – silk (burnt) & silver rings

 dans Alina ALAMOREAN (FR)Lucia Massei- « Le parole vengono dopo  » 2011
Lucia Massei- 2 Pigmented shibuichi (silver & copper) rings
Patty Nieman – Ring (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)

 dans Amber O'HARROW (US) dans Anthi VOYATJES (ZA)
Marcus Marguillier- 3rd hologram series ring
Ingjerd Hanevold – Norway
Ingjerd Hanevold – Norway

Medan Toril ring (saw on blog)

Shannon Carney ring
‘s contribution to the book New Rings: 500+ Designs from Around the World :-)
Violaine Ulmer - céramique, argent

Tomasz ZaremskiTomasz Zaremski – Poland

Tomasz Zaremski (Poland) – rings

 dans Ashley AKERS (US)
Amber O’Harrowseashell ring
Esther Knobel
Tasso Mattar

Marie Bonfils  (DK) – ‘Ode to Manfred’ ring

existence+ring+on+the+body dans Augousta THEMISTOKLEOUS (CY)
Katherine Wheeler existence ring

Susanne Klemm – sleeping-beauties – couldn’t resist to them …………

Joe Wood (US) – ball rings 1999 – cast sterling silver, with 18K gold liner

Augousta Themistocleous  – ‘ping pong’ ring – collection 2009

Melanie Moulhen – émail – bagues ? (blog Bijouterra)

Winfried Krueger ring 1999
(blog Bijouterra)
Sun Kyoung Kim
Iwaki Yu

Agata Friedman

pj_2011_03-37 dans blog TheCarrotBox
Liisa Hashimoto – shoe ring
Margaret Bridgewater – ‘Floating’ rings
Anthi Voyatjes - « Death encapsulated » - Sterling silver, pearls, animal skull; hollow form construction

n679453139_913412_6129 dans BOOKS / BIBLIO
Keri Kwik (US) – ring
Kaylee Russotti
Robean Visschers so well-known « under-construction » structure ring -Gold, silver (oxidized)- 2006

Robean VISSCHERS ring
Robean Visschers  - another construction/structure ring – glorious ! :-)
Lisa JUEN – ring (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)
Yoko Izawa - veiled rings (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)
Nora FOK – ring ?  (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)
Rhona HOGG (UK) ring
Jenny Llewellyn set of rings -  like jelly worms …..
Isabelle Hertzeisen – twist tie rings
Ashley Akers


41I7KuDLL8L._SS500_ dans COUP DE COEUR

New Rings – 500+ Designs from Around the World – by Nicolas Estrada – Thames & Hudson, 272 pp – available in JUNE 2011 -


GREAT RINGS saw on this Flickr page about « Finger symbols » exhibition  held in 2010 by Shetland Arts (Finger Symbols, an exhibition exploring rings and finger ornaments, curated by Mary Smith can be seen at Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale, Shetland from 7 August to 5 September. 2010)
Felieke Van der Leest – ring ……. LOL !

VIDEO à voir ABSOLUMENT sur les bagues de l’expo  « Finger symbols » !


GREAT page too on this Flickr gallery : The Ring Show !!(The Ring Shows: ‘Then & Now’ and ‘Putting the Band Back Together’ at the Georgia Museum of Art in Georgia, US- It runs August 23-November 2, 2008)
Yael Krakowski
Vickie Sedman (US)


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