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OFF JOYA 2016 – EXPO ‘VERSUS’ – Color Triciclo taller/galeria, Barcelona (ES) – 27 Sept.-11 Oct. 2016

OFF JOYA 2016 – « VERSUS » Muestra colectiva de joyería artistica.

Group exhibition, with 9 classmates from the Escola Massana.

At Color Triciclo taller/galeria, Barcelona

Opening: 27 September 20.00h


OFF JOYA 2016 - "VERSUS" Muestra colectiva de joyería artistica. Color Triciclo taller/galeria

« Un proyecto nacido desde el encuentro entre compañeros que han compartido una experiencia común en la Escuela Massana, Barcelona.
Paul Adie, Èlia Aviñoa, Halena Bellver, Sílvia Casas, Gal-la Mor
Irene G. Barrera, Eva Mazana, Violeta Z. Torres, Belén Vassallo, Blanca Torrà Micheli.
Diez joyeros emparejados al azar se encuentran para hacer un cara a cara, para desarrollar un proyecto inspirándose en el trabajo del otro.
VERSUS se plantea no como una confrontación, sino como una oportunidad para trabajar como lo hace el otro, a través de nuestras manos, nuestra manera de ver su punto de vista, de entenderlo y sobre todo de sentirlo. » (colorTriciclo)


avec :  Paul Adie — Elia Aviñoa — Irene G. BarreraHalena Bellver — Silvia Casas — Eva Mazana — Mor — Violeta Z. Torres – Blanca Torá Micheli – Belén Vasallo

Ten jewelry makers in pairs, meeting each others to do a “face to face” to carry out a project with as inspiration the work of the other. VERSUS is not a confrontation, but it’s the opportunity to work as the other works, trying to understand his point of view, to feel it through our hands.

Paul Adie VERSUS Irene G. BArreraPaul Adie VERSUS Irene G. BArrera

Paul Adie / Irene G. BArreraPaul Adie / Irene G. BArrera
Estructuras sólidas encuentran formas flexibles y ligeras.« Irene G. Barrera, de Tenerife, escogió biologia como carrera, pero más tarde estudió Joyería Artística. Sus obras intentan ser algo más que un objeto bonito: un mensaje, un amuleto y una armadura. Investiga y estudia las formas orgánicas, interesada en las que no estan desarrolladas por completo o las que aún no han empezado a destruirse.

En VERSUS, pareja de Paul Adie, trabaja con técnicas y materiales familiares para ella, y se acerca poco a poco al trabajo de Paul. »

Irene G. BArrera
Irene G. BArrera
Irene G. BArrera Irene G. Barrera – work(s) in progress (3 pictures)
« Paul Adie, escocés, y que estudió filología y traducción antes de submergirse en el mundo de la joyería, centra su trabajo en la fina línia entre opuestos, en el lugar donde se encuentra el límite que los divide. Su proceso creativo se encuentra en este espacio gris, donde él trabaja intentando hayar respuestas.
En VERSUS, emparejado con Irene G. Barrera, intenta usar nuevas técnicas y materiales para acercarse al trabajo de ella, donde las formas son menos sólidas y más flexibles, ligeras.« 
Paul Adie (VERSUS Irene G. Barrera)Paul Adie (VERSUS Irene G. Barrera) Paul Adie works in progress (2 pictures) Paul Adie VS Irene G. Barrera Estructuras sólidas encuentran formas flexibles y ligeras...Paul Adie VS Irene G. Barrera Estructuras sólidas encuentran formas flexibles y ligeras…
Halena Bellver VERSUS Violeta Z. Torres: Halena Bellver VERSUS Violeta Z. Torres
Halena Bellver VERSUS Violeta Z. Torres:
Halena Bellver VERSUS Violeta Z. Torres
Halena Bellver (VERSUS Violeta Z. Torres)Violeta Z. Torres  (VERSUS Halena Bellver )
Halena Bellver  VERSUS  Violeta Z. Torres
Dibujo y ilustraciones encuentran formas voluminosas
Gal-la Mor VERSUS Blanca Torá Micheli  Gal-la Mor VERSUS   Blanca Torà Micheli   
Gal-la Mor    (VERSUS  Blanca Torà Micheli )Blanca Torà Micheli    (VERSUS Gal-la Mor)
Silvia CasasBelén Vassallo
Silvia Casas VERSUS Belén Vassallo
Aquí sigue el work in progress… esta es la cuarta pareja de VERSUS

Elia Aviñoa_VERSUSEva Mazana_VERSUS

 Elia Avinoa  VERSUS   Eva Mazana
…actuar dentro de un espacio común entre ellas…
« Èlia Aviñoa siempre se interesó en el arte, y por eso estudió Bellas Artes en Barcelona, llegando a la joyería después de haberse centrado en la escultura. Su proceso creativo es « descubrir, desplegar,viajar, transitar, tocar y sentir », el objeto debe transformarse.
En VERSUS, su pareja es Eva Mazana, y, usando materiales comunes, Èlia usa formas más curvas y orgánicas, que se hacen cómplices con las minimales y simples de Eva. »
As the artists tell us: « Versus is a way of getting in touch with the world of a person who you share a lot of experiences with. We came out from our bubble where we often isolate ourselves: we could be free of trying new things and – in some ways – able to think of ourselves. »
During the exhibition and in addition it, the 6th of October we’re going to invite you at the performance by the artist Amira Jalet into the gallery. It will be a night about creative synergies and the same interpretation of the VERSUS concept.
On Thursday October 6th 2016 at 19.00 h, an open door event to anyone who would like to participate actively :
Inferno by artist Amira Jalet will show us her creative process with sculpture.
La artista hará una escultura en vivo dentro de la galería, inspirándose en El Inferno de Dante Alighieri.
The idea of creating something in movement came up about one year ago in a middle of the afternoon when artist-jewelry designer Amira Jalet met gallery managers, Costanza Nannoni and Adele Giuntini at Color Triciclo. In a short time they connected to each other and decided  to work together. The first exhibit inspiration was the Amira’s wish of connecting her two creative impulses, Jewelry and Sculpture. In her art process they are not separate: the only difference is about dimension.
The Live Art Night  came up by this topic: the wish of sharing opinions about the division among the arts and considering them as a unity, as different aspects of the same person.By sculpture, Amira show teach us the experimental process of charcoal’s use, its many possibilities and the technique of hardening that she employs to ensure  the preservation of the  art works over time. The artist always takes care of studying different and unusual materials to create jewelry’s pieces: this year she has chosen charcoal in relation to Dante’s Inferno.
As Amira says: « Inferno is something that rises from ashes… it defends the bowels of the strength , the rebirth of what we almost lost, the last roar of a material as if all that remains were ruin.  It dresses up with transformation that almost completely consumed from its inner part and rises as an immortal masterpiece thanks to an explosion of magnificent feature. »
Amira Jalet - Inferno -  charcoal (vegetable) with óleo paintAmira Jalet – Inferno - Brooch – Oak charcoal from northern Costa Rica, oil paint. Miscellaneous in wood and bronze.
Amira Jalet - anillo INFERNO  Amira Jalet – ring  INFERNO


Color Triciclo taller/galeria
Carrer de Portal Nou 16, bajo,
Monday to Saturday, 11.00h to 14.30h and 16.00h to 20.30h



During SCHMUCK 2016 : TALENTE 2016 awards – 27 Fevr. 2016

  TALENTE 2016
Award Ceremony, 27.02.2016 16:30
Fairground Messe Munich, Hall B1

Talente 2016 presents the work of 102 artists, designers and craftsmen from 26 countries in 12 different areas of production. This year Talente has also participants from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, South Africa and Argentinia. Talente will show innovative and very different works in glass, ceramics and jewellery as well as a very large selection of textiles. The works are inspired by considerations of material and re-use, the specific haptic and visual qualities of materials and the effect of their combination. The artists experiment with various surfaces and use materials in unusual ways. It is fascinating to observe how surfaces contrast and harmonize how perfection and decay are evoked.
As in the last years, an unusual high number of applications arrived for “Talente” from the field of jewellery. The young artists show a special interest in the techniques and ideas of the collage and the use of unusual materials like basketry, ceramic, plaster, textile and different stones. The works concentrate more on the surfaces themselves less on decorative embellishments. In many instances they emphasise the archaic and rough side. A pattern is also created by the materials themselves.

Steffi Götze Brooches: Untitled, 2015 Silver, copper,enamel Photo by: Karlos Rodriguez Garcia From series: Inside Outside: Steffi Götze Brooches: Untitled, 2015 Silver, copper,enamel Photo by: Karlos Rodriguez Garcia From series: « Inside Outside »

Selected Artists:
for Jewelry:
Paul Adie — Tata Akhatova –  Irene G. Barrera –  Dovile Bernadisiute – Shachar Cohen — Maria Camila Fernández –  Katrin Feulner — Veronika Gocová –  Steffi Götze –  Jonathan HensAnnie Huang –  Sarah Yeonjeong Kim –  Maria Kobelová –  Eölisa Lutteral — Aiza MahmoodThanh-Truc Nguyen –  Darja Popolitova –  Eva Ruzickova –  Nina Sajet –  Dana Shapira –  Nelly Stein — Janina Stübler –  Fanmiano Tang –  Edu Tarin –  Karen Vanmol –  Sanna Wallgren –  Kun Zhang

Annie Huang -   My twigs are going off to Munich for Talente! #munichjewelleryweek #contemporaryjewellery #artjewellery: Annie Huang -   My « twigs » are going off to Munich for Talente!

 Dovile Bernadisiute Brooch: Untitled, 2015 Dry paint, Titan, stainless steel 12 x 6 x 1 cm From series: Layers of Paint: Dovile Bernadisiute Brooch: Untitled, 2015 Dry paint, Titan, stainless steel 12 x 6 x 1 cm From series: Layers of Paint

pendant by Sachar Cohen "The Postmodern Noble Savage" #enamel #mika #iron #cotton -TALENTE 2016 /   the selectees for #talente2016 on show during #munichjewelleryweek  Sachar Cohen pendant  « The Postmodern Noble Savage » enamel, mika, iron, cotton

Irene G. Barrera Jewellery - exhibited at TALENTE 2016: Irene G. Barrera Jewellery

Edu Tarin - winner TALENTE 2016Edu Tarin

 Katrin Feulner  necklace  -iron  - talente 2016 Katrin Feulner  necklace  -iron

Camila Fernandez Polo - Blend Ring -  C A M I L A Contemporary Jewelry, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Talente 2016 Múnich Camila Fernandez Polo – Blend Ring

Jonathan HENS talente2016  - pewter, rubber, leather, diamonddust, sutures -jonathan hens Jonathan Hens  – pewter, rubber, leather, diamond dust, sutures

Janina Stübler necklace  - textile, labels - talente2016 on show during #munichjewelleryweek #mjw16 Janina Stübler necklace  – textile, labels

Paul Adie    been selected to be part of Talente 2016, the only Scot and, incidentally, the only 'Brit' to be doing so. My Fruits from the Wasteland will be going to Munich early next year. I feel proud and know my parents and friends are too. See you in Munich!: Paul Adie – THE Scot ! :-) -  Fruits from the Wasteland

Eva Růžičková - ring, silver 2016Ava Růžičková – ring, silver 2016

Sarah Yeonjeong KimSarah Yeonjeong Kim

Nina SajetNina Sajet

Mária Kobelová  - Epi, jewelery and communication Mária Kobelová  – Epi, jewelery and communication

 Darja Popolitova JewelleryDarja Popolitova Jewellery

Kun Zhang, Hochschule Trier Idar Oberstein, Germany (JADE brooches) Marzee Graduate Show 2015 - Kun Zhang JADE brooches  (Hochschule Trier Idar Oberstein, Germany – Marzee Graduate Show 2015)

Aiza Mahmood (MFA 2015 Idar Oberstein) • Ring "3" • Iron and slate • 2015 Aiza Mahmood (MFA 2015 Idar Oberstein) • Ring « 3″ • Iron and slate • 2015

Thanh-Truc Nguyen Brooch: Untitled Powder coated stainless steel, silver 6 x 8 x 1.5 cm: Thanh-Truc Nguyen Brooch: Untitled Powder coated stainless steel, silver 6 x 8 x 1.5 cm


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