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During SCHMUCK 2016 : EXPO ‘A TRIBUTE TO MANFRED BISCHOFF’ – 3stations, Munich (DE) – 24-28 Fevr. 2016

A TRIBUTE TO MANFRED BISCHOFF   – 43 Students Pay Homage
43 of his former students from 22 countries who will each show a piece at the exhibition, dedicated to Manfred’s golden “Fingerpuppets” by creating their own little version of Manfred, the real golden boy.

Opening 24.02.2016 18:00

« About the exhibition :  A former student, Isabel Dammermann, took it upon herself to make a special event for the teacher Manfred Bischoff who inspired so many. At the same time, she has managed to create a very interesting exhibition that is on display during the Munich Jewellery week 2016. »

tribute to manfred Bischoff

43 Students Pay Homage :  Dina Abargil — Noriko Akao — Silvie AltschulerRinaldo AlvarezKatharina AsamEunjae BaekSuzanne Beautyman — Silje Bergsvik — Catalina BrenesDaniela BoieriShannon CarneyMarianne Casmose DenningMonica Cecchi – Yu- Chun Chen — Sungho Cho — Claudia Costa — Isabel DammermannElisa DevalCoco DunmireKatie GruberJoanne HuangSayaka ItoAnastasia KandarakiKarin KatoRallou KatsariMichelle KraemerAra KuoSiri O. KvalfossMaru LopezMartina MühlfellnerMalaika Najem — Naoka Nakamura — Angela O’KeefeSelen ÖzusNaama Reich Jimena RiosMarzia RossiAlessia SemeraroYoko ShimizuYuki Sumiya Rudee TancharoenFlora VagiAnne Wiedau

Jewellery artists from 22 countries all over the world come together in a memorial exhibition for Manfred Bischoff who passed away a year ago. At some point or other, they have all been taught by Manfred at Alchimia, contemporary jewellery school in Florence, and have each submitted one piece to the exhibition that honours a great teacher.
German born Manfred Bischoff lived in Tuscany in a house that was in itself a piece of exquisite art. Its magical interior made a natural and perfect framework for his work that has been called by many names: sensual, poetic, lyrical, great, intimate, strong, beautiful, satirical and always surprising. He worked in 22K gold, as pure as he could manage and still maintain a rigidity in the metal that allowed him to execute his ideas in delicate and well crafted pieces, often accompanied with subtle pink coral and drawings.
His dedication to the language of jewellery and his visions were most likely one of the reasons that the Alchimia school managed to become known and respected internationally in a relatively short time span.

  Manfred BischoffManfred Bischoff by Manfred Bischoff

Daniela Boieri, "Wind beneath my wings" - "A tribute to Manfred Bischoff" –  photo OHMYBLUE: Daniela Boieri, « Wind beneath my wings » – « A tribute to Manfred Bischoff » –  photo OHMYBLUE

 Catalina Brenes Orfebre, "My sheep and I say hi" - "A tribute to Manfred Bischoff" – photo OHMYBLUE: Catalina Brenes , « My sheep and I say hi » – « A tribute to Manfred Bischoff » – photo OHMYBLUE

Katie Gruber - "A tribute to Manfred Bischoff" –  - photo OHMYBLUE: Katie Gruber - « A tribute to Manfred Bischoff » – photo OHMYBLUE

Rudee Tancharoen, "In the memory of Manfred Bischoff"/ A tribute to Manfred Bischoff (photo OHMYBLUE): Rudee Tancharoen, « In the memory of Manfred Bischoff »/ A tribute to Manfred Bischoff (photo OHMYBLUE)

Noriko Akao, "M..." - "A tribute to Manfred Bischoff" –  photo OHMYBLUE: Noriko Akao, « M… » – « A tribute to Manfred Bischoff » –  photo OHMYBLUE

 collier Ara Kuo !!!!!!!!!! 'A tribute to Manfred Bischoff'  (photo Alliages):  collier Ara Kuo !!!!!!!!!! ‘A tribute to Manfred Bischoff’  (photo Alliages)

The teacher
« As a student at Alchimia, you never really met Manfred until the third year. He was a giant figure who arrived to the narrow street in Florence on Tuesdays. He spent time with the older students, watched the world from behind his sunglasses when he leaned onto the wall at coffee breaks, and then he vanished again.
It was not until you were there yourself – in your final year – that you met the myth and began to appreciate his capacity to engage in your work and to show you how you might develop it. He was a surprisingly selfless teacher, and during critiques in the small classroom he managed to create a space for you and him to engage in a dialogue about your work that was stripped of second agendas and based solely on how he could help you to become a better artist.
It is only later, you come to understand how exceptionally truthful and helpful he tried to be in order to make you grow as a person and as an artist. »



Welserstrasse 15,
81373 Munich
Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 – 18:00, Sun 10:00 – 14:00



EXPO ‘Beyond Textile’ – Galería Lalabeyou, Madrid (ES) – 11 Sept.-15 Oct. 2014

« Beyond Textile » – 11/09 – 15/10 – 2014  – Galería Lalabeyou – Madrid España -

inauguración / opening: jueves / thursday 11/09 21:00

"Beyond Textile" - 11/09 - 15/10 - 2014 Galería Lalabeyou -




extil en joyas, obras de 21 diseñadores de joyas argentinas. / Textile in jewelry, works of 21 Textil en

- Textil en joyas, obras de 21 diseñadores de joyas argentinas. / Textile in jewelry, works of 21 Argentine jewelry designers. comisario/curator Luis Acosta



Artistas / Artists : Fabiana Vodanovich Casañas — Patricia Trigub — Tota Reciclados (Valeria Hasse + Marcela Muñiz) Sabina Tiemroth – Mai Solorzano — Paola Victoria Saavedra — Jimena Ríos Mabel Peña — Bárbara Paz — María Rosa Mongelli — Graciela Lescano – María Alejandra Koreck — Elida Kemelman — Ansiosa Hormona (Jessica Morillo) Fabiana Gadano — Lilia Breyter — Gabriela Bonelli — María Boggiano — Ana Arlía — Alícia Antich — Luis Acosta



Galería Lalabeyou
Travesía de Belén 2 – Local 1
28004 Madrid España – Spain
+34 653300154




TOUT est bon dans le COCHON !!

A « porky pig » selection …… ;-)

Growth series - by Sung-Yeoul Lee - Copper mesh, Cast plastic, Pig intestine, Gold leaf Sung-Yeoul Lee – brooch: Growth series 2010 – Cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine

Sung-Yeoul Lee, Artist, Growth series, necklace, 2010, cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine, 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 3" Sung-Yeoul Lee – Necklace ‘Growth series’ 2010 – Cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine
Marta Mattsson’s brooches- sofa ny highlights part two: märta mattsson’s skins
at SOFA NY was jewelry artist Märta Mattsson, represented by Sienna Gallery.
while it might look like paper, the reality is that each piece is made of skin – goat skin, calf skin and reindeer skin. Repulsion quickly mixed with fascination (dailyartmuse)
Märta MattssonSkin flowers Brooches -  Goatskin, walnut wood, silver

TOUT est bon dans le COCHON !! dans Akiko KURIHARA (JP) img7130
Catarina Hällzon – beautiful necklace- Here comes the surprise: it’s the intestines of a pig, tightened around silver


Catarina Hällzon- Necklace 2006 – Material: Intestinal tract from a pig, silver  -detail

Catarina HällzonBrooch 2006 Material: Intestinal tract from a pig, silver, thread Hash – 2005 Dried Pig’s ear bracelet

intestines_crea-tiff_bijoux_ dans ALCHIMIA (IT)
Tiffany Rowe- “Made with fresh sheep intestines !”  (bon, c’est pas du cochon, mais on va pas chipoter !!)

All Maria Phillips images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, All Maria Phillips images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Maria Phillips (USA) – “Portrait” Brooches – gut (boyaux) (Velvet da Vinci exhibition)

Stephanie Hensle – MEAT serie Hensle brooch(es) Hensle brooch

Andrea Coderch Valor, necklace 2010Andrea Coderch Valor – necklace – 2010- Silver, plastic, white pearls, black pearls

Andrea Coderch Valor - ring - 2011 - silver, pearls, resin Andrea Coderch Valor – ring – 2011 – silver, pearls, resin
Ted-Noten- Evening Butterfly ring – 2010

David Bielander – brooch

Nikki Majajas   Pigs and Pearls Nikki Majajas, from the « tenmoregirls » group (Australia)

Jimena RiosJimena Rios


Jaanika Pajuste  Two in One  Necklace in porcelain, pearls, silver, thread and magnets. Shown with optional 'Sweets' magnets Jaanika Pajuste  Two in One  Necklace in porcelain, pearls, silver, thread and magnets. Shown with optional ‘Sweets’ magnets

Akiko Kurihara - necklace "thank you for the meat" 2010 - silver, acrylic resin, colour Akiko Kurihara – necklace « thank you for the meat » 2010 – silver, acrylic resin, colour (Marzee Gallery)

and the last two from ALCHIMIA :

« Alchimiajewellery school presents ‘Tastes just like chicken….’ the Quaternitas exhibition 2011, curated by Ruudt Peters.
Michelle Kraemer and Maru Lopez present the final results after a yearlong development under the guidance of their tutor and curator. The work of both started with an exploration of gender, identity, sex, skin, touch, within the borders generated around those concepts by the individual and society.
The artists have worked in a close dialogue and with corresponding materials like fabric, latex, nylon and foam, but the resulting jewellery pieces show clearly their difference in cultural identity and personal interest.
Set up in the beautiful entrance hall of Alchimia, the exhibition is articulated in two installations referring to the display of ‘organic material’ , one related to commerce (the butcher) the other to curiosity and science (the natural history museum).« 

michelle kraemer - "have you got the guts?" / necklace / wood, stockings, latex, embroidery thread Michelle Kraemer: ‘have you got the guts?’ latex, nylon thights, balsa wood, embroiderie thread

maru lopez Maru Lopez: ‘pass me the salt’, Fabric, acrylic paint, thread, plastic filling , iron, and shibuichi


EXPO ‘Cruzando Fronteras: del textil a la joya’ – Casa de la Cultura, Buenos Aires (Argentina) – 31 aout-29 sept 2011


La muestra de joyería contemporánea textil « Cruzando fronteras: del textil a la joya (2) » curada por Lilia Breyter se presentará en el Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Rufino de Elizalde 2831, a partir del 31 de Agosto.

En esta ocasión, la muestra estará acompañada por dos talleres gratuitos y una mesa redonda sobre joyería contemporánea.


Luis Acosta — María BoggianoLilia BreyterPaula BreyterVanina BujalterMarina Callis Paula Dipierro + Gabriela HorvatLaura GiustiElena IglesiasJuanamaraña (Laura Licandro + Rosa Alcántara)Ester KanerElida KemelmanGraciela LescanoSusana MasabeuMarina MassoneBárbara PazMabel PenaNorma RinaudoJimena RíosSilvia RoldánSilvina RomeroSusana MasabeuSabina WickiTota reciclados (Marcela Muñiz + Valeria Hasse)



Fondo Nacional de las Artes – Casa de la Cultura
Rufino de Elizalde 2831
Buenos Aires, Argentina


EXPO ‘Cruzando Fronteras: del textil a la joya’ – Museo Nacional de Artes Populares de Coyoacán, México – 25 Mai-3 Juill. 2011


La muestra de joyería textil argentina Cruzando Fronteras: del textil a la joya ha sido invitada participar de la VI Bienal Internacional de Arte Textil Contemporáneo WTA- Aire.  La exposición se desarrollará entre el 25 de mayo y el 3 de julio en el Museo Nacional de Artes Populares de Coyoacán, México DF. Esta muestra, curada por Lilia Breyter,  fue presentada en el Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández en noviembre 2010 y participan 21 joyeras argentinas y artistas textiles que han desarrollado su obra alrededor de la joyería textil.

(cf article :  EXPO ‘Cruzando fronteras, del textil a la joya’ – Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández, Buenos Aires (ARg.) – 10 Nov.-5 Dec. 2010)


María Boggiano, Lilia Breyter, Paula Breyter, Vanina Bujalter, Marina Callis, Paula Dipierro + Gabriela Horvat, Laura Giusti, Elena Iglesias, juanamaraña (Rosa Alcántara + Laura Licandro), Elida Kemelman, Graciela Lescano, Susana Masabeu, Marina Massone, Bárbara Paz, Mabel Pena, Norma Rinaudo, Jimena Ríos, Silvia Roldán, Silvina Romero, tota reciclados (Valeria Hasse + Marcela Muñiz), Sabina Wicki


Más información e imágenes aqui
Maria BoggianoAlegría Collar- Pañolenci, cordón de goma – Fabric felt, rubber strand Termofusión /Thermofusion
Bárbara Paz- ‘Cinco’  Collar – Capullos de gusano de seda Bómbix Mori, plata -Bombix Mori worm cocoon, silver Teñido manual, construcción, enhebrado -Hand dyed cocoons, fabricated, stringed
Mabel Peña  ‘De mares’-From the seas Broche – Plata 999, bronce, caracoles – Fine silver, bronze, seashells Cera perdida, macramé, oxidaciones -Cast, macramé, oxidized



Museo Nacional de Artes Populares de Coyoacán, México DF


EXPO ‘Cruzando fronteras, del textil a la joya’ – Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández, Buenos Aires (ARg.) – 10 Nov.-5 Dec. 2010

Quand je vous disais « TEXTILE is “in the air” …… air de la chanson ! «  …………..


Cruzando fronteras, del textil a la joya

EXPO 'Cruzando fronteras, del textil a la joya' - Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández, Buenos Aires (ARg.) - 10 Nov.-5 Dec. 2010 dans Argentine (RA) tarjeta+del+textil+a+la+joya



« La exposición pone de manifiesto la creatividad de joyeras y artistas textiles, quienes presentan obras que demuestran la posibilidad de trascender los tradicionales límites de los oficios, sin perder de vista el objetivo de las joyas: poder ser portadas, lucidas y embellecer a quienes las usen.
El tema en común entre estos trabajos es lo textil, ya sea por los materiales, las técnicas o la referencia de tipo simbólico o conceptual.
La exposición expresa la vigencia del encuentro entre dos mundos aparentemente muy distintos, donde las artistas se animaron a cruzar las fronteras preestablecidas por cada disciplina para unirlas.  » Lilia Breyter

exponen : Lilia & Paula Breyter, Maria Boggiano, Marina Callis, Paula Dipierro, Laura Giusti, Gabriela Horvat, Elena Iglesias, Ester Kaner, Elida Kemelman, Graciela Lescano, JuanaMaraña, Susana Masabeu, Marina Massone, Bárbara Paz, Mabel Pena, Norma Rinaudo, Jimena Rios, Silvia Roldan, Silvina Romero, Tota reciclados (Marcela Muñiz y Valeria Hasse) y los artistas invitados Vanina Bujalter y Luis Acosta.


El Jueves 11 de noviembre 19 hs, el artista textil Luis Acosta dará una conferencia, « Diseño de joyas a través de la percepción textil ». (Gaceta Europea)

69481_446355537321_608657321_5500754_3076329_n dans Elida KEMELMAN (RA)
Luis AcostaGorguera/Ruff – Seis capas de papel/Paper, six layers – Cosido a máquina/Machine sewn- 2010

Silvina Romero
Silvina Romero - Criaturas/Creatures Collar/Neckpiece – Textiles, hilo de seda, guata/Textile fabrics, silk thread, wadding -Bordado, cosido, técnicas experimentales/Embroidered, sewn, experimental techniques
Lilia & Paula Breyter (« PlataTextil ») – Bitono / Bitone Collar / Necklace Hilo de plata 1000, plata 925 / Fine silver wire, sterling silver. Telar manual, tejido de malla tubular, construcción / Manual loom, spool knitting, fabricated

Juanamaraña (Rosa Alcántara + Laura Licandro)
Juanamaraña (Rosa Alcántara + Laura Licandro) – Frida Collar/Necklace – Plata 999/Fine silver Tejido a crochet, costura/Crocheted, sewn
Elida Kemelman – Collar ‘Espuma’ - Neckpiece – Telas antiguas, plata 925, plata 1000, polímero/Antique fabrics, sterling silver, fine silver, polymer. Modelado con textiles, construcción/Modelled in textiles, fabricated

Marina Massone
Marina MassonePanal/Honeycomb Collar/Neckpiece – Chapa delgada de bronce bañado en plata sulfurada/Thin bronze sheet, oxidized silver plated – Plegados y curvados sobre chapa delgada/Plied and bent on thin sheet
Jimena Rios – Brooch ‘My friend is a chicken’ 2003 Silver, fabric
Tota reciclados (Marcela Muñiz y Valeria Hasse) Rojo y Negro/The Red and the Black – Textiles encontrados, pintura acrílica, piezas de Toledo, bronce, alpaca, oro, aluminio/Found textiles, acrylic paint, Toledo´s pieces, bronze, nickel silver, gold, aluminium- Ensamblado/ Assemblage


« Ornamentos textiles y las joyas-  historia-
Las joyas han sido utilizadas desde los primeros tiempos de la humanidad tanto como ornamentos míticos, religiosos, simbólicos o seculares.
Los ornamentos -al ser utilizados como signo exterior de riquezas, privilegios, rangos jerárquicos, políticos o religiosos de las personas que lo portaban – en diferentes épocas, formaron parte de los adornos a los muertos y también como ofrenda para los dioses.
La relación entre joyería y arte textil no es un encuentro contemporáneo. Las cuentas y piedras preciosas o semipreciosas se han usado cosidas a ropajes ceremoniales en diferentes culturas.
Uno de los registros escritos más antiguos de la combinación de joyería y textil se encuentra en el capítulo 28, versículo 4 del Éxodo, donde se describe la vestidura sacerdotal, “…y harán el efod de oro, de hilo azul celeste y púrpura y carmesí y lino torcido, trabajado con primor…”
Hay ejemplos de complementación de joyería y textil en el antiguo Egipto, como un brazalete de la Dinastía 18, compuesto por hileras de piedras semipreciosas unidas por hilo de oro.
Los usekh eran collares anchos con forma de cuello usados por la antigua nobleza egipcia sobre los hombros. Generalmente estaban compuestos por piedras preciosas y amuletos conectados con técnicas de tejido.
En sitios arqueológicos de las tribus íberas (siglo II AC) se han encontrado pendientes de hilo de oro enrollado en los extremos y torques (collares usados como insignia) de cables de plata circulares con remate cónico y centro afiligranado de plata.
En el siglo XX las técnicas textiles han sido utilizadas por distintos creadores de joyería que lograron combinar la dureza y frialdad del metal, con la suavidad y calidez de la tela y los hilados.
El uso de materiales no tradicionales en joyería, como hilados de origen animal, vegetal, monofilamento, fibras sintéticas y material reciclado, son objeto de continuas investigaciones.
Esta apertura hacia nuevos materiales y técnicas y el intercambio de conocimiento han creado una integración enriquecedora, constituyendo una importante manifestación cultural de nuestra época, al vincular joyería con diseño y arte textil.

4 dans Exposition/Exhibition

Silvina Romero 



 Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández
Av. del Libertador 2373
1425 Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
Tel. 54 (11) 4803-2384


EXPO ‘Gemme à la folie’ – Galerie Caractère, Neuchatel (CH) – 5 Nov.-24 Dec. 2010

Afin de fêter son dixième anniversaire avec éclat, la galerie caractère se réjouit de vous présenter : Gemme à la folie !!  du 5 novembre au 24 décembre

18 artistes en collaboration avec notre partenaire ‘J’aime les gemmes’
vous proposeront des manières ludiques, innovantes ou surprenantes de sertir une pierre précieuse / également expo-vente de belles gemmes sur mesure : vous pourrez choisir votre pierre précieuse et votre bijou!

EXPO 'Gemme à la folie' - Galerie Caractère, Neuchatel (CH) - 5 Nov.-24 Dec. 2010 dans Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR) 73189_1511879474745_1167130470_31244679_1265582_n

18 artistes : Sophie Bouduban — Sonia Ledos — Fabienne Vuilleumier  — Aline KokinopoulosGema Barrera — Jérôme Berbier — Pascal CretinViolaine UlmerSophie JuriensRachel McknightCréa-Tiff (Tiffany Rowe) – Yann Leiggener — Cilmara de Oliveira — Emmanuelle Hamet — Jimena RiosJulie Bouldoires — Gabriel Follonier — MadebyCaractère

n1167130470_30147525_1605 dans Cilmara de OLIVEIRA (Brasil)
Gemma Barrera – bague « croire aux petits hommes verts », argent, nylon, résine, divers coloris

b_bague0277 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Sophie Juriens

44198_1484646793945_1167130470_31190448_962914_n dans Fabienne VUILLEUMIER (FR)
Sophie Bouduban – b.o. et bague – fer, argent, verre fondu, divers coloris

36889_1379224398451_1167130470_30930585_3379858_n dans Gal. Caractere (CH)

Rachel McKnight -’Leaf’ – pendentif, argent et plexiglas – large palette de coloris

7127_1164669314708_1167130470_30438619_3197128_n dans Gema BARRERA (CH)
Cilmara de Oliveira- bague – dentelle en argent noirci

2365_1044655834446_1167130470_30151627_4136968_n dans Jerome BERBIER (CH)
Jérôme Berbier – bague, mobile ‘à la folie!’ argent, résine


bénéficiez le 10 novembre et le 10 décembre du 10% sur les bijoux et accessoires en boutique !

Galerie Caractère
Avenue de Bellevaux 24
Neuchâtel, Switzerland



EXPO ‘Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery’ – Museum of Arts and Design of New York (USA) – 13 Oct 2010-8 Janv. 2011

Museum of Arts and Design of new York (MAD) – (New York City) -  13-Oct-2010 – 08-Jan-2011 
Think Twice: New Latin American Jewelry Showcases Contemporary Jewelry From The Region For The First Time In a U.S. Museum

« Think Twice: New Latin American Jewelry, presented by the Museum of Arts and Design from October 12, 2010 through January 8, 2011, will feature unique work by nearly 60 jewelry makers, representing over 20 Latin American countries. Among the artists included are the Brazilians Mirla Fernandes, Dionea Rocha Watt, and Claudia Cucchi; Valentina Rosenthal and Walka Studio from Chile; the Argentinians Elisa Gulminelli, Francisca Kweitel, and Silvina Romero; Jorge Manilla, Martacarmela Sotelo and Eduardo Graue from Mexico; and Miguel Luciano from Puerto Rico. 
The show has been guest-curated by the Netherlands-based, Mexican-born architect and historian Valeria Vallarta Siemelink. 
Objects of adornment have played a significant cultural role throughout Latin America’s history, from the spiritually potent jewelry of the pre-Columbians to the eye-catching ornaments worn by Mexican drug gangs to advertise their status and menace. Now a new generation of jewelry makers working outside the field’s conventions are examining how this complex relationship with physical adornment evolved–and why. 
Think Twice aims to bring the audience a clear picture of the landscape of contemporary jewellery in Latin America and its development in the last 10 years, showing the way in which visual artists and jewellery makers born or living in Latin America view and relate, through jewellery, to such a vast and diverse continent. 
The exhibition, conceived by Otro Diseño, is born out of a passion for jewellery as a medium of personal and cultural expression and of the conviction that the fresh, intense and highly creative work of Latin American jewellery makers outstandingly represents and nurtures the culture they live in and therefore greatly enriches and diversifies the international landscape of contemporary jewellery.
“The new Latin American jewelry must be appreciated for what it is. One shouldn’t impose stereotypes or resort to clichés,” says guest-curator Valeria Vallarta Siemelink. “Far from being an imported concept from the West, jewelry-as-art in Latin America is very much a product of the region’s history and its diverse and dynamic modern societies.” 
“This is a very special show,” adds Ursula Neuman, MAD’s jewelry curator. “This jewelry is virtually unknown in the United States. The artists’ realize their sophisticated concepts through intriguing choices of materials and techniques, creating unique works that present a fascinating amalgam of indigenous cultural elements and the latest trends in international contemporary jewelry design.

” To bring clarity to Latin America’s complex culture and history, the exhibition is organized around three themes, addressing the region’s past, its unique fusion of ethnic influences, and its ever-changing socio-political realities. 

History, Memory, Tradition
The tension between tradition and modernity is crucial to Latin American history. Heritage and memory, both personal and collective, are among the subjects expressed by these artists through pre-Columbian and colonial jewelry methods and traditional craft techniques. Take the Colombian Mariana Shuk. She has made a series of rings using traditional ring shanks ordered from mega-jewelry suppliers. She creates a ring by interlacing two identical shanks. Its shape determines which techniques—stone setting, enameling, filigree—she will employ to customize it in the Colombian colonial style. The process has produced a perplexing assortment of rings that confronts past and present, value and insignificance. By contrast, another Columbian artist, Linda Sanchez, creates her jewelry pieces by employing weaving techniques that have been used by an Amazonian tribe since ancient times. 
A Flair for Invention
The artists in this section are some of the boldest jewelry makers anywhere. Skilled at improvisation, they make brilliant use of a rich variety of native materials along with such everyday objects as balloons and drawer handles. A spontaneous attitude and a contrary vision are central to their daring approach. The Mexican Andres Quiñones can make an exquisite choker from sticks of bamboo, a few broken guitar strings, a handful of freshwater pearls and silver wire, all of the materials collected from garbage dumpsters in Mexico City. Colombian Helena Biermann presents Hit the Road, a series of brooches that collect the insects stuck to a car in its 286 km trip from Munchen, Germany to Domaslav, Czech Republic. 
Forging Identity: Latin America as a Source of Inspiration 
These jewelry makers are creating an individualistic language, expressive of who they are and where they come from. Art, religion, money, violence, tradition, family, gender are among the themes that define their lives, uniting their collective and individual identities. Foreign-born artists, who are somehow bound up with Latin America or have had a profound impact upon it, are included in this section. Alcides Fortes, for example, was born in Cape Verde, trained as a gold and silversmith in the Netherlands, and today lives and works in Mexico. He specializes in politically charged jewelry, creating such works as a necklace made out of the porcelain portraits recovered from the graves of a family killed in the Mexican revolution. The piece reveals both an admiration for Mexico’s culture and history as well as a loathing of its corruption, economic disparities, and veiled racism. By transforming the common objects of his native land into fetishized commodities, Miguel Luciano examines how American consumerism has affected Puerto Rican culture. Plantainum, for example, is a series of necklaces and pendants featuring a platinum-covered plantain. The shell is seductive and pristine, but underneath the fruit is rotting. 
Figurative and abstract, conceptual and symbolic, traditional and experimental, contemporary Latin American jewelry is tremendously varied, and it is this diversity that enables it to communicate its ethnicity and to transcend it. » (Klimt02)
Artist list:
Mirla Fernandes (Brasil),Kehisha Castello, Helena Biermann (Col.), Tota Reciclados (Arg.), Udi Lagallina (Bresil), Martacarmela Sotelo (Mex.), Kika Alvarenga (Brasil), Silvina Romero (Arg.), Elisa Gulminelli (Arg.), Zinna Rudman, Célio Braga, Martha Camargo, Maria Paula Amezcua, Magali Anidjar (Arg.), Walka Studio (Chile), Mauricio Lara, Gabriela Horvat (Arg.), Jorge Castañón, Nilton Cunha, Jimena Rios, Thelma Aviani, Alcides Fortes (Cape verde), Samantha Fung, Alex Bourttiea, Marie Pendaries, Renata Porto, Martha Hryc, Teresa Margolles, Paula Isola, Beate Eismann, Aurelie Dellasanta (CH), Giselle Morales, Fiorenza Coredro, Francisca Kweitel (Arg.), Alina López, Ana Paula Campos, Dionea Rocha Watt (Brasil), Eduardo Graue (Mex.), Mariana Shuk (Col.), Stella Bierrenbach, Hugo Celi, Luis Acosta, Isel Mendoza, Dani Soter, Linda Sánchez (Col.), Andrés Fonseca, Ana Videla, Alex Burke, Benjamin Lignel, Alejandra Agusti, Lucia Abdenur, Claudia Cucchi (Brasil), Chequita Nahar, Ariel Kuipfer, Ximena Briceno, Julieta Odio, Guigui Kohon (Esp.), Nuria Carulla, Santiago Ayala, Carlos Martiel, Jorge Manilla(Mex.).
Silvina Romero (Argentina)

EXPO Think Twice - Mirla FernandezMirla Fernandes (Brasil) – necklace
Celio Braga, Brazil

AURÉLIE DELLASANTA - Switzerland/Mexico - Suicide Brooch, 2007 Painted metal, gilded metal, paper  (THINK TWICE)Aurelie Dellasanta – ‘suicide brooch’ 2007 painted metal, gilded metal, paper
 Francisca Kweitel (Arg.)

guigui kohon -   Basuradejoyería 2010.Guigui Kohon -’Basura de joyería’ – Jewelry waste 2010

Chequita  Nahar - brooch - Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery at the MAD NYC - Chequita Nahar Lontai – brooch, 2010, oak, porcelain, string

EXPO 'Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery' - Museum of Arts and Design of New York (USA) - 13 Oct 2010-8 Janv. 2011 dans Amerique Latine dans Andres FONSECA (Col.)





Kika Alvarenga (Bresil)

 Jorge Manilla - Palabras ( Think Twice)Jorge Manilla – ‘Palabras’
Jorge Manilla – necklace ‘de votos y ex-votos’
Dionea Rocha Watt (Brazil) – ‘Vanitas’ – image made with silver dust

 dans Aurelie DELLASANTA (CH)Claudia Cucchi (Brazil) – Brooch-  Untitled 2005 – Silk, perspex, nylon, emerald
Elisa Gulminelli (Argentina)*38K029P6Zsl2HIJqgb*7pLf8bMG5MNSExOPu-OtShWBD16Z81p2xg70d*aN0CKNCV/IMG_5997.JPG?transform=rotate(90)&width=450&height=600
Udi Lagallina (Brasil) – brooch

Gabriela Horvat, Necklace, 2009Gabriela Horvat, Sin titulo necklace 2009

Jorge Castañon, Dos cuencos brooch - nickel silver and woodJorge Castañon, Dos cuencos brooch – nickel silver and wood

Martacarmela Sotelo (Mex.) – collares linea ropa- proceso lineas ropa mezclilla roja

Marta HRYC - "aplastada"Marta HrycAplastada – Plata, algodon. 2009
TotaReciclados (Arg) (Marcela Muñiz + Valeria Hasse)


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