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EXPO ‘Only one’ – MOK SPACE gallery, London (UK) – 12 Juin-7 Juill. 2013

SeulGi Kwon :  If you are in London, or near London, you can see my work at MOK SPACE gallery.  Under the theme of the « Only one« , the exhibition will be on display from 12th Jun to 7th July 2013.

Opening Reception :  12th Jun 6:30 – 8:30PM

our first exhibition dedicated exclusively to contemporary jewellery

SeulGi Kwon :  If you are in London, or near London, you can see my work at MOK SPACE gallery.  Under the theme of the "Only one", the exhibition will be on display from 12th Jun to 7th July 2013.    Opening Reception :  12th Jun 6:30 - 8:30PM Kwon brooch)

artists :  Choonsun Moon — Mihyun Um — Joohee HanLee, Yu JinJunhee BAE — Rose Wood — Mariko SumiokaHyeju NamYeseul SeoHeejoo KimJimin KimFilipa OliveiraSunyoung Kim — Healim Shin — Seulgi KwonHyejeong Ko –  Ruth Laird

Choonsun Moon
Choonsun Moon - The elements of each piece are repeated to complete the form of a circle.
The accessories that create circles come to function as bracelets or necklaces, and materials with colors allows them to be in varied forms.
Mariko SumiokaMariko Sumioka
Joohee Han
Joohee Han
 Lee, Yu JinLee, Yu Jin
Rose Wood makes tactile jewellery from soft nappa leather  - BA Hons in Jewellery Design - Middlesex University - First Class Hons -Rose Wood  makes tactile jewellery from soft nappa leather
Heejoo KimHeejoo Kim
Jimin KimJimin Kim
Filipa Oliveira is a jewellery designer, originally from Portugal. After 6 years of studying jewellery, she graduated in 2011 with 1st class honours in Jewellery & Metal Design from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee
Filipa Oliveira
Sunyoung Kim  Metalwork and Jewelry, Graduate School of Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea.
Hyejeong KoHyejeong Ko
Ruth LairdRuth Laird
SeulGi Kwon  2013 - Ending ceremony / Brooch  silicone, pigment, thread, fabric, stainless steel  13 x 11.5 x 5.5 cm(HxWxD)SeulGi Kwon  2013 – Ending ceremony / Brooch  silicone, pigment, thread, fabric, stainless steel


MOK SPACE gallery
33 Museum Street,
London WC1A 1LH
T +44 (0) 20 7637 8880


Schmuck 2013 – EXPO ‘Flora eats Fauna’ – Nymphenburg Palace, Munich (DE) – 8-10 Mars 2013

Flora eats Fauna

Who are they?
(Animals? Plants? Organisms? Objects? Bodies? Humans?… Creatures?)
If we are vulnerable, how vulnerable are they?
Who nurtures who? Does life precede death, or does death precede life?
Come and wander amongst ‘the others’, let yourself get intertwined in a cycle caught between defense and protection, captivating beauty and cruelty.
Discover your own values through their bewildering characteristics. We need each other.

during SCHMUCK : Flora eats Fauna -  Artists: Nora Rochel, Dana Hakim, Susanne Wolbers, Leonore Jock, Jasmin Matzakow, Stephanie Hensle, Jimin Kim, Hannah Joris.  Place: Nymphenburg Palace, Johannissaal in the Orangery  (Munich, Germany)  08-Mar-2013 - 10-Mar-2013    website:

Artists: Nora RochelDana HakimSusanne WolbersLeonore JockJasmin MatzakowStephanie HensleJimin Kim — Hannah Joris.

  Nora Rochel  Necklace: Happy Easter! 2013  Felt, stuffed animal Nora Rochel  Necklace: Happy Easter! 2013  Felt, stuffed animal

Jimin Kim  Brooch: Hallucination Flower I 2013  Korean paper, latex Jimin Kim  Brooch: Hallucination Flower I 2013  Korean paper, latex

Jasmin Matzakow  Brooch: Arcus 2012  Amaranth-wood, silver, steel, 11x9x2,5 cm, chiselled, mounted Jasmin Matzakow  Brooch: Arcus 2012  Amaranth-wood, silver, steel, 11x9x2,5 cm, chiselled, mounted

Dana Hakim  Brooch: My Four Guardian Angels 2013  Iron Nets, Rubber, Mirrored Plastic, Paint, Lacquer  The Blue Series  Photo by Josef Bercovich Dana Hakim  Brooch: My Four Guardian Angels 2013  Iron Nets, Rubber, Mirrored Plastic, Paint, Lacquer  The Blue Series  Photo by Josef Bercovich


Nymphenburg Palace, Johannissaal in the Orangery
Schloss Nymphenburg
80638 – Munich
Telephone: (0 89) 1 79 08-0


EXPO ‘Color is more’ – iii-Gallery, Bruxelles (BE) – 1er Juill.-1er Sept. 2012


With the help of the creations of 16 artists/designers iii-gallery will be turned into an explosion of color

Color is moreavec :
Suzanne Esser — Falabrac — Pia Wustenberg — Misun Won — Thanh Truc Nguyen — Sabine Muller — Christiane Grinat — Dorit SchubertJimin KimYu PingJulia ReymannSofia SchaffsteinClaudia RinnebergAna HagopianMei Lee

EXPO 'Color is more' - iii-Gallery, Bruxelles (BE) - 1er Juill.-1er Sept. 2012 dans Ana HAGOPIAN (ES) 01-0Yu-Ping Lin - from Kaleido collection

Mei Lee -  "rosée" - 2 fingers ringMei Lee -  « rosée » – 2 fingers ring

Sofia Schaffstein -  Acrylglas, Furnierholz, Silber    schaffstein-schmuckdesign.deSofia Schaffstein -  Acrylglas, Furnierholz, Silber


Rue Sainte Anne 40
Brussels, Belgium 1000
tel 00 32 2 512 30 12
Closed until mercredi 12:00 – 18:00


SIERAAD Art Fair 2011 – 7 jewellers from South Korea – Amsterdam (NL) – 3-6 Nov. 2011

10th SIERAAD Art Fair 2011

among the Special projects:
7 jewellers from South Korea:
Choonsun Moon , Dongchun Lee, Heejoo Kim, Jimin Kim, Seulgi Kwon, Yeseul Seo, Woori Bae

SIERAAD Art Fair 2011 - 7 jewellers from South Korea - Amsterdam (NL) - 3-6 Nov. 2011 dans Choonsun MOON (S.KR) Choonsun-Moon1

Choonsun Moon

ldc01 dans Dongchun LEE (KR)

Dongchun Lee

Heejoo-Kim_2 dans Heejoo KIM (S.KR)

Heejoo Kim
Jimin Kim – brooch- brass, Korean paper, latex
Seulgi Kwon

C_Yeseul-Seo_1_RR dans Hollande (NL)

Yeseul Seo

01_woori dans Jimin KIM (S.KR)

Woori Bae

Gashouder WesterGasterrein
Klönneplein 1
1014 DD Amsterdam
the Netherlands


PREZIOSA YOUNG 2011 – 30 selected artists for the final

PREZIOSA YOUNG 2011 - 30 selected artists for the final dans Christiane KOEHNE (DE) 167881_10150124987219954_662939953_7934263_5107161_n


Since 2008 PY is the international competition/exhibition dedicated to young designers chosen for their individual research and the originality of their creations. This project was conceived and coordinated by Giò Carbone, Director of « Le Arti Orafe”, since 1985 Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence

For the 2011’s edition, the Art historian Dr. Maria Cristina Bergesio was called to give a critical contribution for the catalogue and to be responsible for the selection of the participants.
The first selection indicated the 30 finalists from among the 180 participants from all over the world
The international panel in charge of choosing the eight winner artists met in February 2011, during the fair inhorgenta, and was composed by:
*Dr. Petra Hölscher, senior curator at the Neue Sammlung, Monaco Munich, Germany;
*Dr. Wolfgang Lösche, Leiter der Abteilung Messen und Austellungen, Handwerkskultur, Formgebungsberatung, Akademie für Gestaltung, Galerie Handwerk, Munich, Germany;
*Dr. Barbara Schmidt, Director of the Bildungszentrum für Gestaltung in Munich, Germany;
*The artist Helen Britton, Australia;
*Dr. Maria Cristina Bergesio, art critic, Florence, Italy
The jury had chosen the 8 participants for the exhibition 2011, as follow
Dana Hakim, Israel/Italy
Sam Hamilton, Ireland
Hanna Hedman, Sweden
Lisa Juen, China
Heejoo Kim, South Korea
Seul-Gi Kwon, South Korea
Marie Pendariès, Spain
Elena Ruebel, Germany
A special prize (a  2.000 Euro’s voucher for one of the participants, as a contribution for the rental of a booth at Inhorgenta 2012) was awarded by the Exhibition Management of Inhorgenta Fair, partner of PREZIOSA project, to the Korean artist Heejoo Kim

I nomi dei 30 selezionati per la finale.
La giuria internazionale che si riunirà a Monaco di Baviera, durante Inhorgenta 2011, sceglierà gli 8 artisti che parteciperanno alla mostra PREZIOSA YOUNG 2011

The names of the 30 selected artists for the final.
The international jury will meet in Munich (Germany), during Inhorgenta 2011, and will select the 8 artists participating to PREZIOSA YOUNG 2011 exhibition.

Anna Osmer AndersenClaire BalogeChristiane KoehneDana Hakim — Elena RuebelFarrah Al-DujailiHanna HedmanHeejoo KimHyorim Lee — Jihyun LeeJimin KimKatharina MochKelly mcCallumLisa JuenMaria MamkaevaMaria SolorzanoMarie PendarièsMärta MattssonMisun WonNicolas ChengNicole BauerSabine LangSam HamiltonSaori KitaDanni Schwaag Oh SerinSeul-gi KwonShu-Lin Wu — Yi LiuYong Joo Kim.

162628_10150125540404954_662939953_7944795_1411683_n dans Claire BALOGE (FR)
Christiane Koehne

167086_10150125540454954_662939953_7944796_1987684_n dans Dana HAKIM (IL)
Claire Baloge

168473_10150125540779954_662939953_7944807_1200150_n dans Danni SCHWAAG (DE)
Farrah Al-Dujaili

167722_10150125541154954_662939953_7944817_6653338_n dans Farrah AL-DUJAILI (UK)
Katharina Moch

Dana hakim
Dana Hakim

Lisa Juean - preziosa Young 2011Lisa Juen

162603_10150125541419954_662939953_7944822_4625256_n dans Hanna HEDMAN (SE)
Maria Mamkaeva

Marie Pendariès - Preziosa Young 2011Marie Pendariès

165166_10150125541574954_662939953_7944827_6610915_n dans Jimin KIM (S.KR)
Märta Mattsson

168942_10150125541709954_662939953_7944831_2689987_n dans Katharina MOCH (DE)
Nicolas Cheng

165754_10150125541864954_662939953_7944834_6917622_n dans Kelly McCALLUM (UK)
Oh Serin

163118_10150125541924954_662939953_7944836_5038628_n dans Le Arti Orafe (LAO)(IT)
Sabine Lang

SeulGi KwonSeulGi Kwon

165692_10150125542554954_662939953_7944861_6757883_n dans Lisa JUEN (CN)
Yong Joo Kim

Heejoo Kim
Heejoo Kim
Sam Hamilton

Sam Hamilton


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