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Money money, money ……

sur l’air de la chanson des ABBA !!  ………….
« Money, money, money
Always sunny In the rich man’s world »

(en ces temps de « crise », mieux vaut chanter ……………)

Caren Hartley  ring    --    Fabrizio Tridenti- anello/ring 2009 -cardboard, paper, resin, pvc Fabrizio Tridenti - ring 2009 -cardboard, paper, resin, pvc

Money money, money ...... dans Fabrizio TRIDENTI (IT) M-KathyBuszkiewicz
Kathy Buszkiewicz – ‘Omnia Vanitas VIII’ Ring in 18k gold, U.S. Currency, and black pearl - 5268 $ !!!!
(gasp ! …. YES, money counts !)

Bracelet | Kathy Buszkiewicz. U.S. currency, wood.Kathy Buszkiewicz – bracelet, U.S. Currency, wood – 1996
Kathy Buszkiewicz – ‘Omnia Vanitas II’, 2001 -  18k yellow gold, pearl, U.S. currency
Kathy Buszkiewicz- Fortuitous Warmth, 2003 U.S. currency, cord, gold

Professor of Jewelry and Metals at the Cleveland Institute of Art since 1983, Kathy Buszkiewicz has exhibited throughout the world
Tine De Ruysser - banknote jewelry, recycled banknotes, recycled money
Tine De Ruysser - banknote jewelry – detail
Tine De Ruysser - banknote jewelry – bracelet – origami technique
Tine De Ruysser - Round Dollar Necklace -  24 banknotes of 1 dollar (paper) – 2010
Mi- Mi Moscow- Papīra gredzens, 2003. 100$ banknote. Foto: Klimt02
MI-MI MOSCOW- Mila Kalnitskaya -  necklace ‘Easy money’ 1997 from series ‘one day’s jewellery’ 

2010 Joan Dulla moneycollar. Joan Dulla - Money Collar- Hand crocheted gold wire with Shredded U.S. Currency

Monopoly money brooch from Liz Hamman Liz Hamman (UK) -  520 quids worth (monopoly money) brooch


Image de prévisualisation YouTube

see also post  EXPO ‘MONEY’ – Hera Gallery, Rhode Island (USA) – 26 juin – 31 juill 2010



EXPO ONLINE at JEWELLERY SCAPE -  PAPER  section dans Alice VISIN (IT) enter

‘PAPER’ gallery : Francesca VITALI (US), Emilie LIETEN (BE), Dana BLOOM (IL), Joan DULLA (US), Dimitra MARTZOUKOU (GR), Paulie SCHWARTZ, Alice VISIN (IT), etc etc etc ……

n1425946365_272381_6876201 dans Dana BLOOM (IL)
Emilie Lieten (BE)-  necklace made out of strips from a phonebook – 2008

Francesca Vitali of FRUCCI Design - paper banglesFrancesca VitaliFRUCCI DESIGN – paper bangles – recycled paper

ISOTTA ringFrancesca VitaliFRUCCI DESIGN‘ISOTTA’ anelli – recycled paper, silver – Woven, riveted. 2009

n566803122_1580392_7771780 dans Dimitra MARTZOUKOU (GR)
Dana BLOOM (IL) – Tissue earrings

n1274772700_267316_8495 dans Emilie LIETEN (BE)
Joan Dulla - Money Collar- Hand crocheted gold wire with Shredded U.S. Currency 

n1499747184_283223_1091318 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Dimitra Martzoukou (GR) – Necklace « MONTAGE » – Paper tubes painted with oil colours – Threads – Silver

n554503734_2125677_7988393 dans Francesca VITALI (US)
Alice Visin – silenzio stampa 2


Appel à candidature – OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS ! « MONEY »- deadline : 28 avril 2010

MI-MI MOSCOW- Mila Kalnitskaya -  necklace 'Easy money' 1997 from series 'one day's jewellery'Medium
MI-MI MOSCOW- Mila Kalnitskaya -  necklace ‘Easy money’ 1997 from series ‘one day’s jewellery’
Joan DULLA – crocheted « money » necklace


Background Information: In a time of increasing financial concern, the creative community is more and more affected by today’s economy. The objective of this show is to open a discourse reflecting the effect that money has on today’s cultural community. Whether reflecting upon your own personal relationship with money, or the ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ mentality, or reflections upon recent Wall Street debacles, or society as a whole’s attitudes towards wealth, the common denominator for works accepted to this show will be a critical look at MONEY.
Eligibility: This exhibition opportunity is eligible to artists working within any medium.

Juror: Nancy Whipple Grinnell ; Curator, Newport Art Museum.

Submission Deadline: April 28th, 2010
Notification: May 12th, 2010
Delivery of Work: May 24th, 2010
Exhibition Dates: June 5th – July 10th, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Guideline For Entries: Each artist may enter up to three works to this exhibition. Please do not exceed three images per applicant.

Digital entries should be standard JPEG format, at 300dpi with the longest dimension being 7inches. Please save files on disk, labeled with applicants last name followed by number (Doe01, Doe02, Doe03, etc.). Please label your CD with your name, and image file names.
Images must be in standard JPEG (.jpg) format. No Power Point presentations will be accepted.

Please also include a complete image list, brief artist statement, and resume. Please include a SASE for the return of any supplemental materials that you need back.

Fees: Include a $20.00 application fee, check or money order only.

Send Application to:
Hera Gallery
PO Box 336
Wakefield, RI 02880 (Rhode Island, USA)
Download prospectus:



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