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EXPO ‘Barocco’ – Museum of Art & Crafts ITAMI, Japan – 8-30 Sept. 2012

BaroccoBaroque Pearl Jewelleries by 24 Artists  08.09.2012 15:00 ~

Chitose Ohchi × Jun KonishiBarocco - Baroque Pearl Jewelleries by 24 Artist  08.09.2012 15:00~  Special Talk : Chitose Ohchi × Jun Konishi    The Museum of Art & Crafts ITAMI  www.mac-itami.comKarin Seufert - necklaces for Barocco Exhibition  Karin Seufert necklaces

« `Baroque-water-pearls´ got their name, next to other aspects, because of their irregular outer shape. And just because of this special shape, they are sometimes also categorist as `scrap water pearls´. They are not first choice, their shapes don’t fit into special norms and conceptions, they are not perfect round with a smooth straight surface and their luster is broken due to their vivid appearances.
The image, which came up into my mind was to hide every visible detail because they do not fulfill certain expectations. I thought to put them into textile in a way that you only can feel them. It is then your fantasy, which gives the pearls their beauty without seeing them ever.
But nevertheless pearls are always beautiful just because of their unique shapes, their special colors, their sizes and their luster. And every pearl is individual because of this. It is a creation of nature and this beauty is worth to be shown, unless different expectations.
To emphasize this idea, I decided to not hide them.
It seemed to be much more interesting to place them into transparent textile, instead of hides them totally inside an opaque material. Now it is possible to see a bit of their shapes, to feel the weight, to hear the sound when the pearls touch each other and to move them like you want.
The design, which was the result of this idea, is a square tube.
It should be as minimal as possible to give all attention to the pearls inside. The textile I used for this tube/bag is black organza silk. Depending on where the pearls are, the form of the bag will be different and is made by the movement of the pearls. » Karin Seufert

Karin Seufert - detailKarin Seufert – detail 1

Karin Seufert - detail 2 - for Barocco ExhibitionKarin Seufert – detail 2JIRO KAMATA -   Pearl Ring 2009 for Barocco ExhibitionJiro Kamata  Pearl Ring 2009
« So,”what does it feels like to be inside of a pearl?” With such a simple questions, these rings were coming. it’s just like a taking a taboo in my mind.When I shaved it, I found another pearl inside. As if you were in a time machine inspecting the history of pearls.Here are the extraordinary pearl rings.« Jiro Kamata - "So,”what does it feels like to be inside of a pearl?” Jiro Kamata « So,”what does it feels like to be inside of a pearl?”

Jun Konishi - Natural shapes and  artificial shapes.Jun Konishi – Natural shapes and  artificial shapesFelix Lindner - "How to put pearls in my jewellery?  Felix Lindner  - brooch, orange plastic & pearls
« How to put pearls in my jewellery? So easy – it was love at first sight – I guess I am not the first one – later on I try to classify, making small groups, some pearls are attracting me more then others, but in almost every kind I can find details that are beautiful – I am amazed! » – „ice cream“  Felix Lindner - „pimp my ride“       Felix Lindner – „pimp my ride“ – I can pimp your tin toy ride… cultured bubble pearl wheels – other parts were taken from my work “les nouveaux classiques”… „Babe we’ll ride in style movin’ all along…“Beate Klockman neckpiece  (for Barocco Exhibition)Beate Klockman neckpieceBeate Klockman neckpiece (detail) -  Beate Klockman neckpiece (detail) –
« The landscape around here inspires me. It is very rough and wild. The weather is changing fast, everything moves. Only the mountains are a constant. I find perfect harmonies in this chaos and bring those to the body. I create Jewelry in a same way as the nature grows. Letting the same coincidental imperfections, decide the character of the jewel. I make jewelry like drawings. The Pearls are the shiny dots in my composition… » Beate KlockmanAnnelies Planteijdt -  city-White place 2009  Annelies Planteijdt -  city-White place 2009Annelies Planteijdt necklace (EXPO Barocco)Annelies Planteijdt -  city-White place 2009

Mariko Yamashita - 'party' necklace - êarl, 18k, paint (EXPO Barocco)Mariko Yamashita – ‘party’ necklace – pearl, 18k, paintPhilip Sajet necklace (EXPO Barocco)Philip Sajet necklace & detail

Mirei Takeuchi - necklaces - pearl, panty (EXPO Barocco)Mirei Takeuchi – necklaces – pearl, panty

Mirei Takeuchi détails necklace redMirei Takeuchi - détails 2

Mirei Takeuchi détails necklacesIris Bodemer  (for Barocco Exhibition)Iris BodemerRobean Visschers earrings   Robean Visschers earringsEXPO Barocco - Katja Prins ringsKatja Prins ringsEXPO Barocco - Karolina Bik  necklaceKarolina Bik  necklaceEXPO Barocco - Florie DupontFlorie Dupont brooches

Dorothea Dahnick (EXPO Barocco) “floral swing”Dorothea Dahnick – “floral swing”



The Museum of Art & Crafts ITAMI 
2-5-28 Miyanomae, Itami, Hyogo 664-0895
Phone: 072-772-5557
Fax: 072-772-5558




EXPO : 4 SOLO exhibitions at Marzee – 20 Mai-28 Juill. 2012

Exhibitions 20 May until 28 July 2012 -  four solo-exhibitions and one group-exhibition :

Antje Bräuer, jewelry
Julie Mollenhauer, jewelry
Karin Seufert, jewelry
Jun Konishi, Michihiro Sato and Satoshi Nakamura, jewelry


Galerie Marzee
Lage Markt 3
6511 VK Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Phone +31 24 3229670
Fax +31 24 3604688


EXPO ‘Stephanie Jendis & Julie Mollenhauer’ – Galerie Pilartz, Cologne (Germany) – 29 Mai-17 Juill. 2010

Gallery Pilartz are presenting works of art you can wear. They are bold, fancy, ambiguous, poetic, humorous, provocative, austere or baroque and lush. This time two jewellery artists born in Germany are exhibiting their work in Cologne


« Both artists have been born in Göttingen. It is 10 years ago, that they learned about the similarities of their jewellery. Both have been studying at renowned schools and both got several  scholarships.
Julie Mollenhauer studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where she is living now. She loves to work with antique glass beads in a very simple and classical way. Her bracelets come into existence as they move perfectly with the body. Sometimes her works consist of two sides, such as two contrasting colours or materials.
Stephanie Jendis learned how to make jewellery at the School of Design of Pforzheim University, now she is living in Berlin. In her work she often combines unusual materials (bicycle bell) with gemstones – she is interested in contrasts. Her pieces range from  dark and curious to colourful and splendid.. »

Stephanie Jendis
Stephanie Jendis - brooch   &  ‘Kreuzberg’ ring in ebony set with zirconia

« I am examining differences, connecting contrasts – naturally grown and artificially manufactured materials. I am combining well-known jewellery forms with unusual materials and non-established techniques, developing hybrid forms. I am using objects from the world around me and naming them anew – rededicating them as jewellery. I am trying to establish
another kind of harmony, a different view on supposedly well known objects.
 » (Stephanie Jendis)
Stephanie Jendis - ‘New Order’. Brosche, 2008, Markasit, Silber

EXPO 'Stephanie Jendis & Julie Mollenhauer' - Galerie Pilartz, Cologne (Germany) - 29 Mai-17 Juill. 2010 dans Allemagne (DE) 114503114502 dans Exposition/Exhibition

Stephanie Jendis -ring ‘on earth’ – Uvraovit, Onyx reconstructed., Silver, oxid
Stephanie Jendis -brooch ‘castle’ – amethyst, ebony, silver, oxid  

114501 dans Julie MOLLENHAUER (DE)
Stephanie Jendis -ring – ebony, amethyst, gold

« Stones are where my work starts. I use natural stones, as well as crystalline and stone shapes, which I make from other materials like wood or plastic. My work consists of sorting and grouping-I arrange and re-arrange, create regularities, disorder and exceptions. Precious stones always possess a sense of glamour and secrecy. My jewelry is colorful but not brightly colored. Differences in colors and materials produce moods, which I have sought to capture.«   Stephanie Jendis


jmol0901 dans Stephanie JENDIS (DE)
Julie Mollenhauer – 2009 bracelet, steel, silver, enamel, azurite

TML20091007_JMO_0025 dans [Gal. Pilartz (DE)](CLOSED)
Julie Mollenhauer - bracelet, aquamarine, laboradorite, sapphire, tourmaline, coral, mother of pearl, iolite, peridot, black diamond, carnelian, turquoise, ruby, gold
Julie Mollenhauer - beaded cuffs – glass beads, rubies, sapphires and silver

« My work is often fragile and very flexible, especially those with tiny glass beads wich i use often for bracelets. I like the fact that bracelets more than other jewellry move and slip with the body.
The form is mostly simple and “classic” and it leans towards handcraft and things you can buy at the market through its time-consuming work and appearance.
 » ( Julie Mollenhauer )

Julie Mollenhauer - 2009 bracelet, glass beads, sapphire, pearls, silver, 18ct gold


Galerie Pilartz
Zeughausstraße 10
D-50667 Cologne
Tel +49 (0)221-168 268 77

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