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EXPO ‘Pensieri Preziosi 9 : Contemporary Australian Jewellery’ – Oratorio di San Rocco, Padova (Italy) – 30 Nov. 2013 – 23 Fevr. 2014

Pensieri Preziosi 9 : Contemporary Australian Jewellery 

Oratorio di San Rocco (Padova, Italy) 30-Nov-2013 – 23-Feb-2014

 This exhibition allows visitors to get to know, appreciate and examine highly original works created by eight specially chosen artists who have studied at the most important University of Design on the continent of Australia, under the guidance of Prof. Robert Baines”, notes Andrea Colasio, the Municipal Councillor for Culture. Robert Baines is Emeritus Professor at the RMIT University of Melbourne, and together with Nicholas Bastin, Simon Cottrell, Kirsten Haydon, Linda Hughes, Christopher Milbourne, Nicole Polentas and Katherine Wheeler, they have created an exhibition with about one hundred works that will give the Italian public the chance to get to know and appreciate the styles of Australian research goldsmithing.
The works selected for this exhibition use poor materials alongside precious gold, with original and unusual working techniques that combine tradition and innovation: they are conceptually complicated pieces which aim to express each individual artist’s thoughts, feelings and artistic reflection of both the past and the present.
According to Baines, the “poetry of making” needs a tòpos, a real and metaphorical “place” where you can create jewellery. In this search for the tòpos, the artist identifies and indicates four major areas for his students to focus on in order to design and create contemporary jewellery. The tòpos of the “found object”, namely remnants of industrial materials, discarded objects from everyday life, collected and reused by offering them a new dimension and new life; the tòpos of intimate space, personal and private, one’s own body, the home, individual and subjective memories; the tòpos of public space, streets, exteriors and architecture; and the tòpos of history and culture which is inevitably linked to history and personal thoughts.
Australian contemporary jewellery is mainly conceptual, displaying skilful technical experimentation in its use of materials, with a keen focus on personal and collective history, as well as elegant forms with echoes linked to the past but also to modern daily life. At times this produces abstract, fantastical and poetic results which often have a veil of nostalgic irony.
This conceptual process often leads to interpretations that unwind like true stories, real or surreal tales where the works of art are the main characters within a careful and well-thought-out procedure of research and planning.
Pensieri Preziosi 9: Contemporary Australian Jewellery  - Oratorio di San Rocco (Padova, Italy) 30-Nov-2013 - 23-Feb-2014
Artists: Robert Baines — Nicholas Bastin – Simon CottrellKirsten HaydonLinda Hughes — Christopher Milbourne — Nicole PolentasKatherine Wheeler
Robert Baines, Brooch, 2003Robert Baines, Brooch: The Oz Brooch, 2003 – Silver powder coat – 2.0 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm
Broaching it Diplomatically: A Tribute to Madeleine K. Albright. Property of the artist. 
Photo by Garry Sommerfeld
Simon Cottrell, Brooch, 2006Simon Cottrell, Brooch: Blobs and white tubes, 2006 – Monel alloy, powdercoat, phosphorescent pigment, stainless steel
4.0 x 7.0 x 6.0 cm – Private collection –
Photo by Mark Ashkanasy
Kirsten Haydon, Brooch, 2009
Kirsten Haydon, Brooch: Ice valleys, 2009Enamel, photo, copper, reflector beads, silver, steel
9.0 x 13.0 x 1.5 cmProperty of the artistPhoto by Jeremy Dillon
Linda Hughes, Brooch, 2013
Linda Hughes, Brooch: Nicholas 2 pendant (after Giotto), 2013 -  Laminate, wood, silk, silver
9.0 x 7.5 x 1.5 cmProperty of the artistPhoto by Argonaut Design
Nicole Polentas, Brooch, 2011Nicole Polentas, Brooch (brooch ???) : The Dunes of Orthi Ammos and The Drosoulites, 2011Sterling silver, coral, paint, photo, plastic, poly-putty, stainless steel8.0 x 11.0 x 5.5 cmProperty of the artistPhoto by Jeremy Dillon
Katherine Wheeler, Ring, 2013
Katherine Wheeler -  Ring: Flightless, 2013 – Porcelain, fine silver, paper, thread, polyvinyl acetate, paint – 8.5 x 9.5 x 6.0 cm – Property of the artist  - Photo by Katherine Wheeler
Christopher Earl Milbourne, Brooch, 2013Christopher Earl Milbourne, Brooch, Trinity Aquarium with Outdoor Exhibit, 2013
Sterling silver, silver alloys, pearl, paint, epoxy resin7.0 x 8.0 x 6.0 cmProperty of the artist
Photo by Jeremy Dillon
Oratorio di San Rocco
Oratorio di San Rocco
Via S. Lucia
35139 – Padova
Telephone: 049 820 4527


DETAILS from the every day life

…. Ou ce qu’il reste d’une vie trépidante de « fashion addict » ….. nous sommes « étiquetées » !!

Kajsa Lindberg  Brooch: Every Day – Clips 2008  Laminate, concrete  10 x 8 x 1 cmKajsa Lindberg « Everyday Clips » brooches  2008  Laminate, concrete  10 x 8 x 1 cm (Velvet da Vinci)

« Every day I’ve been working on the routines and rituals of everyday life. The system of repeats and symbols that we inhabit and need. I’m always collecting things I come into contact with – things that say something to me.
The project is reminiscent of archaeology. It’s a sort of contemporary archaeology. Instead of exploring a different age I try through my findings to find out what’s happening here and now. Just as notes form a pattern and a history for things. That’s what I use as my basis when I make my jewellery.
I watch the ground.
I have used the bike that is drawn on the streets. On my way again and again.
In the necklace I have used pieces of iron connected with rubber rings to form a chain. It is reminiscent of a bike chain and the bike is travelling around the body on its own chain.
With the same materials I have made broader and bigger necklaces. Protection.
Street stones. Letters. Signs.
If you look. Small codes everywhere.
Bread. » Kajsa Lindberg

from the everyday life - Elizabeth Callinicos brooches  Elizabeth Callinicos brooches (Velvet da Vinci)

Emily Gill www.emilygill.caEmily Gill 

Katherine Wheeler - Made from sewn inkjet printed fabric tags.Katherine Wheeler - Made from sewn inkjet printed fabric tags

Estadania r. de Almeida - Brooch notebook/tagEstadania r. de Almeida – Brooch notebook/tag

Florence Jaquet, 2011Florence Jaquet, 2011 Tea tags, cotton thread  (il semblerait que la « fashion addict » boive beaucoup de thé …..)

Yunju Lee‘s precious stains…  “The worthless and unpleasant stain that we find in our daily life can be transformed into the most valuable and fascinating jewellery. Jewellery is not always extraordinary, but it is an object tht we can learn in our daily life”Yunju Lee‘s precious stains…  “The worthless and unpleasant stain that we find in our daily life can be transformed into the most valuable and fascinating jewellery. Jewellery is not always extraordinary, but it is an object tht we can learn in our daily life”

Yunju Lee is a recent graduate from the jewelery program at london’s central st. martins. her works takes a decidedly opposite perspective to the idea of beauty in jewelery. instead of diamonds and gems, lee crafts brooches that look like stains from ketchup or a woman’s lips. other pieces include a nose ring that has a milk moustache hanging below and ring with a household iron pattern. while the subject in her work is commonplace and unconventional, she executes them in more traditional silver, gold and enamel. (designboom)

Small every day life mishaps are her starting point of creation. Her exquisite jewellery and the collection, which was about “worthless and unpleasant stains, which we find in our everyday lives”, were transformed into precious jewellery. A set of ketchup dribbles stain to be worn on your tie, black enameled sterling silver ink stains to pin on your shirt or a cheeky lipstick trace set on a solid gold collar. More girlie lips and charming milk mustache (nose ring) can be found at the collection. Her funky and delightful collection is exclusively available only in, London.



une petite sélection, seulement, en butinant deci delà …..

RINGS & NATURE dans Alidra ALIC (DK) 01_3772
Ramjuly‘  (Emanuela Deyanova & Antoaneta Petrova) – rings
Nora Rochel - rings  (je me damnerais pour une de ses bagues !!!!)
Karin Wagner - felt « poppy » ring
Suzanne Klemm*TBtBS8Ta1l07sTXsdveMJhOot4arrFjL90Gc9nPvSZyFfH4m/blacklotusringsilvercopperpearlsside.jpg?width=737&height=553
Michelle Pujol - blackened lotus ring – silver copper pearls side
Michelle Pujol - bell flower ring
Andrea Wagner – « moonlight roof garden rendezvous » – « jardin interieur » serie 2006- mixed media, bone china porcelain
Ute Kolar (Austrian living in Italy) – anello bosco 2009
Ute Kolar- anello fiore 2007
Patricia LEMAIRE - La-Passion-II – objet de curiosité – bague à poser – maillechort, argent, pince de crabe, pics d’oursin, nacre, quartz rose
Rossella Tornquist

David Neale

 dans Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR) dans Ana HAGOPIAN (ES)
Sarah HOOD – Winter Tree Ring – Landscape Sample Rings


Kay Eppi Nölke  - Grass rings -  grass, iron, stainless steel, silver, gold


Kay-Eppi-Noelke_Drueckdich-Ringe dans Andrea WAGNER (NL)
Kay Eppi Nölke - Rings from the “DrückDich“ series. Stainless steel, gold  (
Sabrina Meyns

n781218305_1224202_9882 dans Anluz/Anne Luz CASTELLANOS (AR)
Aline Kokinopoulos – bague liseron – argent
Dongchun Lee (has exhibited at « 200 RINGS » exhibition at Velvet da Vinci Gallery)
Katalin Jermakov - Hungary
Jennifer LAIDLAW ring – ‘Finger symbols’ expo 2010
Alidra Alic
Moira K. Lime

Hydrangea Petal Ring, Brass Peresrved Nature Jewelry
Allison Fomich (US) of tigerlillyshop (on Etsy)
Katherine Wheeler (AU) urchin ring
Marian Sturkenboom (NL) ‘perfect day’ – reap-ring-berry ring – gold, resin

Grainne Morton
Grainne Morton
Claude Schmitz – ‘le jardin de la Comtesse de Taiwan’ ring
Liisa Hashimoto
Zhao Li  (Sint-Lucas in Antwerp)
Jennifer Stenhouse – Caged bird ring

 dans Anne PERBET (FR)
Kathleen Brughelli (US) – A Bird on the Hand Ring

5435251_Lo3uQEIN_c dans Claude SCHMITZ (LX)
« talitali » (Belgium’s Zhao Li)« Finding Neverland » rings in silver, textiles and medical-grade plastic by
Anluz Joyas – botanical rings – Argentina’s Anluz (Anne Luz Castellanos) mainly works with silver & enamel. 

ring by Carol Kingsbury Gwizdak

Eva Maisch  porcelain ring 750 yellow gold and KPM porcelain

1566269_EYUmNqVI_c dans Cynthia TOOPS (US)
Luzia Vogt- Porcelain and silver rings

GUALTI (italy)

Cynthia Toops -polymer-ring

Carrie Garrott Delphinium Ring, delphinium blooms, beeswax, sterling silver
Anne Perbetrings made of porcelain, paper and glass
Ana Hagopian – paper rings

 dans David NEALE (AU)
Heng Lee – flowers of the field 

 dans Dongchun LEE (KR)
Moira K. Lime- Flammulina Ring -sterling silver, hand dyed soy silk and polyurethane plastic
Tithi Kutchamuch loves flowers, but she would rather see them growing in the garden, so her vases are for wearable flowers, or rings, instead – Vase Garden is a set of simple, clear glass vases that were created to hold silver flower rings also of Kutchamuch’s design.
Tithi Kutchamuch- As she puts it, « The flowers complete the vases, in the same way the ring completes the wearer


COUP de COEUR : Katherine WHEELER whites

Katherine Wheeler is a Melbourne based artist, who completed a bachelor of Fine arts, Gold and silversmithing at RMIT in 2007, and a Diploma of fine arts at RMIT in 2003. Since graduating she has continued to make art jewellery and hollow ware in her Melbourne studio. In 2010 she collaborated with Printmaking artist Abby Seymour for the exhibition Hidden Facets, which was shown at Hand Held gallery in Melbourne, and Gaffa Gallery in Sydney. She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions in Australia and two international shows, including Melbourne Hollow Ware, at Gallerie Marzee in the Netherlands, Precious Pendants at Object gallery in Sydney, Figment at E.g.etal in Melbourne, and in 2011 The art of Engagement at Objectspace in New Zealand. Her work is represented in the Gallerie Marzee collection, and the W.E.McMillan Collection. Katherine enjoys the process of making, and pushing the materials she uses (fine silver, porcelain, polymer clay, glass, paper) to produce unexpected results. (Craft Victoria)


« Wheeler works impulsively, and intuitively to create mysteriously fragile and beautiful jewellery and hollow ware objects. Through her work, themes of the ambiguous and curious are explored, while inspiration is drawn from sea life, collection, domestic objects, memory and the anthropomorphic. Wheeler’s intruiging work posesses a sense of illusion, which is created through colour, form,technique and materials.«  (it’s what « Wheeler » says on her blog ! ;-) …)
« My jewellery pieces are mostly oversized, sculptural and reflect the hollow ware pieces. They are made as jewellery so they will have a connection point to the body.
I really like making oversized rings. When worn they can have the appearance and feel of a growth, or being a continuation of the body, living and existing, or co-existing with the person

Tin Ring; image by the artist
Katherine Wheeler
  – « Tin Ring » (2007) : copper, silver, paint – (image by the artist)
(a 2010 exhibition)

« The concept of the home, living spaces, domestic objects, and how they relate to the body inspire my work.  Natural forms (sea life) do have a definite influence over the aesthetic of my work.
Genetic engineering and human intervention in nature is also something I think about when making. Often my pieces have an anthropomorphic feel, which I think can contribute to the success of a piece.

White is also a dominant feature of your work – tell me why?
I use white for several reasons.  It gives the appearance of something aged, dried out, skeletal or fossilised.
It camouflages and unifies the different materials, possibly tricking the eye as to what it is seeing, and how it would feel.
White mutes, accentuates marks from making, and gives beauty.
 » (thanks for interview, informations & pictures to the MelbourneJeweller)

Katherine Wheeler - "frill structure" ring 2009 - porcelain, linen thread, paint Katherine Wheeler  – Frill structure ring 2009 – porcelain, linen thread, paint

Katherine Wheeler::Existence ring on the body (2010) Katherine Wheeler  – « Existence ring » on the body 2010

katherine wheeler. Existence ring (2010) - silver, porcelain, linen thread, paint Katherine Wheeler  – Existence ring 2010 -  silver, porcelain, linen thread, paint
Katherine Wheeler urchin ring on the body

Lace Cup Fungi Collar (2010-2011)  	-  Katherine Wheeler. Katherine Wheeler – Lace Cup Fungi Collar (2010-2011)   

Katherine Wheeler Katherine Wheeler  -  rock coral rings

katherine wheeler.	  Inhale Neckpiece (2010) Katherine Wheeler  –  Inhale Neckpiece  2010

Funghi Ring; image by the artist
Katherine Wheeler  -Funghi Ring


katherine wheeler. white series rings Katherine Wheeler  - White series (rings) 2007 – Fine silver, sterling silver, paper, paint(Photo Jeremy Dillon)


some RINGS discovered here & there ……………

Each time I see great rings I think about the great « ring web site », « The Carrotbox » ! :-) and my dream would be to help her to discover new rings ….. but she knows ALL about rings before everybody ! :-( so keep up dreaming ! :-)

………….. and trying to STOP this post !!!! finding every hour new GORGEOUS rings !!!
Alina Alamorean

Julia  deVille

some RINGS discovered here & there ............... dans Agata FRIEDMAN (PL) ringe9
Lisbeth Nordskov ring – Nylon, sølv, elfenben og granater.
Susanne Klemm

Rita Marcangelo – silk (burnt) & silver rings

 dans Alina ALAMOREAN (FR)Lucia Massei- « Le parole vengono dopo  » 2011
Lucia Massei- 2 Pigmented shibuichi (silver & copper) rings
Patty Nieman – Ring (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)

 dans Amber O'HARROW (US) dans Anthi VOYATJES (ZA)
Marcus Marguillier- 3rd hologram series ring
Ingjerd Hanevold – Norway
Ingjerd Hanevold – Norway

Medan Toril ring (saw on blog)

Shannon Carney ring
‘s contribution to the book New Rings: 500+ Designs from Around the World :-)
Violaine Ulmer - céramique, argent

Tomasz ZaremskiTomasz Zaremski – Poland

Tomasz Zaremski (Poland) – rings

 dans Ashley AKERS (US)
Amber O’Harrowseashell ring
Esther Knobel
Tasso Mattar

Marie Bonfils  (DK) – ‘Ode to Manfred’ ring

existence+ring+on+the+body dans Augousta THEMISTOKLEOUS (CY)
Katherine Wheeler existence ring

Susanne Klemm – sleeping-beauties – couldn’t resist to them …………

Joe Wood (US) – ball rings 1999 – cast sterling silver, with 18K gold liner

Augousta Themistocleous  – ‘ping pong’ ring – collection 2009

Melanie Moulhen – émail – bagues ? (blog Bijouterra)

Winfried Krueger ring 1999
(blog Bijouterra)
Sun Kyoung Kim
Iwaki Yu

Agata Friedman

pj_2011_03-37 dans blog TheCarrotBox
Liisa Hashimoto – shoe ring
Margaret Bridgewater – ‘Floating’ rings
Anthi Voyatjes - « Death encapsulated » - Sterling silver, pearls, animal skull; hollow form construction

n679453139_913412_6129 dans BOOKS / BIBLIO
Keri Kwik (US) – ring
Kaylee Russotti
Robean Visschers so well-known « under-construction » structure ring -Gold, silver (oxidized)- 2006

Robean VISSCHERS ring
Robean Visschers  - another construction/structure ring – glorious ! :-)
Lisa JUEN – ring (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)
Yoko Izawa - veiled rings (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)
Nora FOK – ring ?  (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)
Rhona HOGG (UK) ring
Jenny Llewellyn set of rings -  like jelly worms …..
Isabelle Hertzeisen – twist tie rings
Ashley Akers


41I7KuDLL8L._SS500_ dans COUP DE COEUR

New Rings – 500+ Designs from Around the World – by Nicolas Estrada – Thames & Hudson, 272 pp – available in JUNE 2011 -


GREAT RINGS saw on this Flickr page about « Finger symbols » exhibition  held in 2010 by Shetland Arts (Finger Symbols, an exhibition exploring rings and finger ornaments, curated by Mary Smith can be seen at Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale, Shetland from 7 August to 5 September. 2010)
Felieke Van der Leest – ring ……. LOL !

VIDEO à voir ABSOLUMENT sur les bagues de l’expo  « Finger symbols » !


GREAT page too on this Flickr gallery : The Ring Show !!(The Ring Shows: ‘Then & Now’ and ‘Putting the Band Back Together’ at the Georgia Museum of Art in Georgia, US- It runs August 23-November 2, 2008)
Yael Krakowski
Vickie Sedman (US)


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