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EXPO ‘WOOD’ – Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco (USA) – 9 Mai-17 Juin 2012


Jewelry by Twenty-Six International Artists

WOOD seeks to explore the exciting new jewelry using wood as the primary material. Ideas of sustainability, preciousness and the sensuality of this humble material are the focus of this new exhibition.

 WOOD - Velvet da Vinci

Participating artists:
Agelio Batle, USA • Garry Knox Bennett, USA • Daniel DiCaprio, USA • Thomas Gentille, USA • Katy Hackney, UK • Julia Harrison, USA • Sachiyo Higaki, Japan • Tom Hill, UK/USA • Leonor Hipólito, Portugal • Deukhee Ka, Korea • Kenta Katakura, Japan • Djurdjica Kesic, Yugoslavia/Australia • Beppe Kessler, Netherlands • Edgar Mosa, USA • Nick Mullins, USA • Jacob Nyberg, Sweden • Gitte Nygaard, Denmark • Lina Peterson, UK • Auba Pont, Spain • Fliss Quick, UK • Gustav Reyes, USA • Catherine Truman, Australia • Julia Turner USA • Flóra Vági, Hungary • Manuel Vilhena, Portugal • Luzia Vogt, Switzerland
Kenta Katakura African Black Wood Ring.  Currently (at time of posting) in the Velvet Da Vinci Wood Exhibition.
Kenta Katakura African Black Wood Ring
Lina Peterson  Brooch: Bud 2012  Wood, paint, white precious metal
 Lina Peterson « Bud » Brooch
  LEONOR HIPÓLITO -  Bambusa Ventilus" Buttonhole Object
Leonor Hipólito: « Bambusa Ventilus » Buttonhole Object
Leonor Hipólito : «Brassica Metriculus» Neckpiece
Leonor Hipólito: « Brassica Metriculus » Neckpiece
Gitte Nyggard 'M-J's WeddingThing'  (Velvet da Vinci "wood" exhibition)
Gitte Nyggard « M-J’s Wedding Thing » Ring/Object
Beppe Kessler "Equilibre" Necklace.  Velvet Da Vinci's Wood exhibition.Beppe Kessler « Equilibre » Necklace
Catherine Truman "Black Drape" Brooch
Catherine Truman « Black Drape » Brooch & « White Bag » Brooch
Sachiyo Higaki - necklace (wood, thread) 2010
Sachiyo Higaki Necklace
All Images From WOOD | Velvet da Vinci  - Sachiyo Higaki Brooch: Untitled 2010 Ebony, milky quartz
Sachiyo Higaki  Brooch: Untitled 2010 Ebony, milky quartz
Nick Mullins "Hand" Brooch (back)
Nick Mullins « Hand » Brooch (back)
Thomas Hill: "Fish Skeleton" Breast Plate
Thomas Hill: « Fish Skeleton » Breast Plate
"Ad Idem" by Gustav ReyesGustav Reyes « Ad Idem » Ring #1
 Daniel Di Caprio "Stubble" Necklace
Daniel Di Caprio « Stubble » Necklace
Daniel DiCaprio mutation brooch (Velvet da Vinci "wood" exhibition)Daniel DiCaprio mutation brooch
Auba Pont "Pendant V"
 Auba Pont « Pendant V »
 Edgar Mosa The Mountain #5 Neckpiece
Edgar Mosa « The Mountain #5″ Neckpiece
"Wish I'd joined the foreign legion", Neckpiece, 2011, Fliss Quick
Fliss Quick « Wish I’d Joined the Foreign Legion » Neckpiece
Djurdjica Kesic Pins.  Velvet Da Vinci Wood.
Djurdjica Kesic Pins
Jacob Nyberg « Reflecta » Neckpiece
 Jacob Nyberg « Reflecta » Neckpiece
Agelio Batle: Branch Necklace
Agelio Batle: « Branch » Necklace
  Julia Turner: "Blue Chop" Pendant
Julia Turner: « Blue Chop » Pendant
Flora Vagi "Red Spiral" Bracelet.  Velvet Da Vinci, Wood.
Flora Vagi « Red Spiral » Bracelet
Velvet da Vinci Gallery
2015 Polk Street
(near Broadway)
San Francisco, CA  94109
tel 415.441.0109
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11 to 6,  Sunday 11 to 4



TOKYO : HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry – Graduation Works Exhibition – Spiral Garden Aoyama, Tokyo (JP) 15-24 Fevr. 2011

HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry Graduation Works Exhibition

Found in 1966, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry is the only one Jewelry school in Tokyo authorized by the school education law. Hiko Mizuno has taken a form of a non-profitable organization, which is officially authorized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under the Law of Education. This authorization has enabled the school to receive a permit from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to provide licensed careers advice and VISA (2-year) arrangement for the overseas students.
Hiko Mizuno not only enjoys constant international visitors in jewelry and art all year around, but also invites overseas jewelry artists every year to hold summer workshops and slide lectures. The school has established long-close ties with overseas universities by exchanging students and holding joint exhibitions. Such international events are held throughout the year at Hiko Mizuno. We have a partnership with 58 schools in 16 countries all over the world. Hiko Mizuno has more than 160 students who have come from abroad.
There are four departments, Jewelry, Watch, Shoes and Bags. Each department has several courses in the program of 2–4 years.


Jewelry Department
Jewelry Design Course (2 years)
Silver Accessory Course (2 years)
Fashion Coordinator Course (2 years)
High Jewelry Course (3 years)
Fashion Art Accessory Course (3 years)
Metal Craft Course (3 years)
Silver Accessory Master Course (3 years)
Advanced Jewelry Course (4 years, Advanced Diploma program)
Jewelry Institute Course (Advanced Diploma program)
Florian Ladstaetter (Wien/Vienna) jewelry
Florian Ladstaetter   « Think Big » workshop

TOKYO : HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry - Graduation Works Exhibition - Spiral Garden Aoyama, Tokyo (JP) 15-24 Fevr. 2011 dans Bernhard SCHOBINGER (CH) recent_04recent_05 dans ECOLE / SCHOOLS
Bernhard Schobinger « Making a Snake bangle » workshop
Koutarou Omizo  – ring – Gold threads, deer horn

 dans Exposition/Exhibition
 Kenta Katakura wood rings 

Maki KAWAWA- JP- Necklace-' Little by Little, with care' - cloth
Maki Kawawa – necklaces ‘Little by Little, with care’ – Cloth (discovered at JOYA 2010)

Katsura SASAKI- JP- Necklace- Fruits within flesh - silver, citrus, wire
Katsura Sasaki – necklace ‘Fruits within flesh’ -Pure silver, citrus, wire – Fruit and skin used to be one object.The relationship of inside and outside was created by separating the two.The removed skin crawls around on the adbomen looking for the fruits to be newly united.

Mari IWAMOTO- 'little sea monsters' ring
Mari Iwamoto – ‘Little sea monsters’ rings – plastic- 2008


HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry Graduation Works Exhibition
Spiral Garden Aoyama
5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku
107-0062 – Tokyo (Japan)
Tel : 81-3-3499-0300


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