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EXPO ‘A Fickle Sonance’ – Klimt02 Gallery, Barcelona (ES) – 4 Juin-4 Juill. 2013

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Klimt02 Gallery presents an exhibition by Kevin Huges: « A Fickle Sonance« . The artist works with a juxtaposition of « clashing » elements, just like happens with the individual instruments in music. For Kevin Huges, « the only thing that is constant is change! »
Opening: Wednesday 4th June from 19:30 h.
The artist will be present.

Klimt02 Gallery-  Kevin Huges: "A Fickle Sonance".
Kevin Hughes is a graduate (2008) from the Rhode Island School of Design with a MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing and received his Bachelor’s of Fine Art at Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Currently, Hughes is working as a studio artist in Providence, Rhode Island.

 “A Fickle Sonance” is in tribute to Jackie McLean’s jazz album of the same name. An album that marked the artist’s willingness and ability to adapt and change.
There is a beauty in the way people hear music in ordinary sounds, mixing and manipulating to make interesting musical arrangements. It is much in the same way that I strive to create work. Working with a juxtaposition of “clashing” elements, bright bold plastic next to clean metal, parts exist as elements that bounce and play off each other, much like the individual instruments in music. Occasionally there is something hidden. Perhaps you can sense a solid piece of metal through the translucency of the plastic, or there is a break in the form and a sliver of wood is exposed. All cannot be revealed on first observation. The intimacy of the purpose, jewelry, is that in wearing the piece you have the chance to pick up on its nuances.
Often the word “fickle” contains a negative connotation. But there is no greater truth than the idea that “the only thing that is constant is change.” For me, the idea of “fickle” is a triumph. It is not only an acknowledgement of change, but a full and shameless declaration that my tastes, ideas, views on life are constantly changing – and, thus, so is my work. Even for this new collection, “fickle” is demonstrated through the uniqueness of each piece and how I often strive to make something new and different each time, that there is no repetitiveness – only rhythm.

Kevin Hughes, Pendant, 2014 Kevin HughesPendant: 1990, 2014Found object, Painted Wood, Silver
Kevin Hughes, Pendant: Disco, 2014 Found object, 14K gold, Wood 50x45x70 mmKevin Hughes, Pendant: Disco, 2014 Found object, 14K gold, Wood

Kevin Hughes, Brooch, 2014Kevin HughesBrooch: Lemons and Oranges, 2014Found object, wood

Kevin Hughes, Pendant, 2010Kevin HughesPendant: New England, 2010Painted Wood6” x 2.25” x 1”Photography by Karen Philippi



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08006 – Barcelona
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