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EXPO ‘FIFTEEN YEARS OF JEWELRY’ – Beyond Fashion, Antwerp (BE) – 3 Dec. 2015 – 23 Janv. 2016

You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition « FIFTEEN YEARS OF JEWELRY » gallery Beyond Fashion

Official opening 3rd December 2015 18:00 – 21:00.

at Beyond fashion gallery:

The expo Fifteen Years of Jewelry invites the viewer to question the limits of the area traditionally occupied by jewelry. Beyond fashion has invited 16 of its artists to celebrate the gallery’s 15th birthday.
For the occasion they will show a small series of 3 pieces and/or 1 unique piece related to one of their works in our permanent collection. Let us all celebrate fifteen years of offering a platform where the relation between jewelry artists and art jewelry lovers can bloom.

Artist list Karin Roy Andersson Carolina ApoloniaNevin ArigJudith BloedjesHervee Darmont Yu HiraishiCynthia JacobsJeannette JansenNolia ShaktiArnaud SprimontMarina StanimirovicAnneleen SwillenAmy Tavern Karen Vanmol ZwardTine de Ruysser

 Yu Hiraishi  Yu Hiraishi 

Marina Stanimirovic (FR-UK)   Marina Stanimirovic (FR-UK)

Kirsten Spuijbroek for ZWARD Necklace: Peekaboo, 2015 Silver, resin Limited edition: 3/3 - Kirsten Spuijbroek for ZWARD Necklace: Peekaboo, 2015 Silver, resin Limited edition: 3/3

 Karin Roy Andersson Earrings: Backupfront, 2015 Recycled plastics (from snuffboxes and motor-oil bottle), silver, varnish, steel, textile Unique piece Karin Roy Andersson Earrings: Backupfront, 2015 Recycled plastics (from snuffboxes and motor-oil bottle), silver, varnish, steel, textile Unique piece


Beyond Fashion
Pourbusstraat 7
2000 – Antwerp
Telephone: +3232378541



EXPO ‘ZWARD: Uniform Haze’ – Beyond Fashion, Antwerp (BE) – 8 Mai-28 Juin 2014

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ZWARD: Uniform Haze

ZWARD is a collaboration of Kirsten Spuijbroek (jewelry designer) and Jelmer Noordeman (illustrator).

   [ZWARD Ring: Burnt Resin] ZWARD is a collaboration of Kirsten Spuijbroek (jewelry designer) and Jelmer Noordeman (illustrator).: ZWARD – Ring: Burnt – Resin – 24 x 24 x 14 mm

ZWARD Necklace: Deconstructed Geometrics Part One Resin 1000 x 17 x 17 mm: ZWARD – Necklace: Deconstructed Geometrics Part One – Resin

 During this exhibition ZWARD shows one-offs – limited and unlimited edition jewelry. The works are generally realized in resin, in combination with precious metals. They stand for contemporary craft. Resin is a beautiful and versatile material, which makes highly detailed designs possible.
By playing with lines, transparency and color, surprising « Smoke-like » patterns emerge. At first glance nothing is what it seems to be. Previously ZWARD was inspired by the link between childhood and adulthood, focusing on toys as a main inspiration.
Their latest work is about leaving this nostalgia behind by deconstructing and destroying toys, and creating something new out of their “ashes”. ZWARD’s latest pieces deal with breaking bonds. By digging deeper into the nature of the material the wearer is being deceived and confuses the viewer’s eye.

ZWARD Necklace: Deconstructed Geometrics Part Two Resin, magnet 605 x 64 x 35 mm:  ZWARD – Necklace: Deconstructed Geometrics Part Two – Resin, magnet 


ZWARD neckpiece - Kirsten SpuijbroekZWARD neckpiece « block » collection



Beyond Fashion
Pourbusstraat 7
2000 – Antwerp
Telephone: +3232378541



SIERAAD Art Fair, international jewellery design fair – Amsterdam (NL) – 4-7 Nov 2010


list of participants 2010


« People wear jewellery for very different reasons – from habit or from a form of self- respect, when one has to dress for a certain occasion, but also in memory of a beautiful moment or a certain person. Jewellery is also worn simply because one is happy to be alive, from the need for something new and in anticipation of things to come. Just as people wear jewellery for different reasons, they also differ in taste and physical appearance. Some people can spend more money on jewellery than others. But where is a contemporary selection to be found that, as far as diversity is concerned, surpasses all other forms of presentations in the way of ideas, materials and price range?

SIERAAD Art Fair, international jewellery design fair - Amsterdam (NL) - 4-7 Nov 2010 dans Alexa-Maria KLAHR (DE) sieraad2

SIERAAD was set up in 2001 as a platform for people who have chosen a fantastic profession in which they can realize all their ideas but who, being self- employed, have only limited possibilities to put their work on the market. The need for such a platform is apparent from the growing number of participants from many different countries who would like to present themselves. This year the work of independent jewellery designers from more than ten countries will be on show. The direct confrontation with the public does not only serve a necessary, economic purpose – it may also result in some feedback regarding the content of their work, which in turn may lead to new developments.
Realizing this edition of SIERAAD Art Fair means that the ideal form of the fair has been realized at the same time. With its characteristic outline and beautiful open space the former gasholder on the premises of the Amsterdam WesterGasfabriek is the right spot with the right atmosphere. The location is spacious enough to create an individual place for each designer while still maintaining the coherence. The fair displays jewellery in all its manifestations and furthermore, presents a small number of goldsmiths that design silver plate.

What goes for vases or paintings goes for jewellery as well – enough is never really enough. Obligations and restrictions are self-imposed values. What really matters is the joy that can be experienced from a work of art. Apart from the wealth of forms and colours, what is especially important are the associations one may have with it and the way one can live with it. That is why the fair is just as interesting for people who seldom buy jewellery as for collectors of these items of cultural significance. Unique objects in a variety of price ranges are to be found here as well as jewellery made in small numbers.
By means of a few centrally located presentations the range of the concept ’jewellery’ is shown. This year it will be an exhibition in which jewellery designers write history, entitled “Medieval Mystery solved”. Jewellery can also symbolize loss and sorrow, which becomes clear from the impact of “Bomb Wreck Jewellery”. As organisers of this fair, Astrid Berens and Maarten Bodt are aware that an increase in new talent is crucial for the profession of jewellery design. Therefore, this year they offer space to students of the section Jewellery & Product Design of the College of Arts in Maastricht. Using new computer technology jewellery designers associated with the Formativ from Düsseldorf make unexpected possibilities and jewellery tailored to the individual visible and tangible. For those who want to increase their knowledge about jewellery there will also be a stand with books on this subject.
In short, everybody can find something to his liking on this edition of SIERAAD Art Fair, if only, for starters, a personal remembrance of this confrontation with the many-sidedness of contemporary jewellery
. »
(Marjan Unger, art historian and publicist)

 dans Anat SAPIR (IL)


02pet_ringe dans Annika PETTERSSON (SE)
Alexa-Maria Klahr (DE)

Anat Sapir Glass Jewellery Design
Anat Sapir - glass jewelry
Christiane Köhne (DE) - Brosche ‘rosa Fischernetz’ plastikblumen

Dorit Schubert
Dorit Schubert (DE)

 dans Atty TANTIVIT (Thai.)
Fabienne Vuilleumier (FR) – ‘Villa Dutoit’ bracelet

H.H. Huang
Hsiu-Hsuan Huang Painted Necklace, 2007 (Turquoise, canvas, oil paint)

Isabell Schaupp
Isabell Schaupp

Jacomijn van der Donk
Jacomijn van der Donk

Julia Funk, Kragen, 'Die Orientierungslose'
Julia Funk (DE), Kragen, ‘Die Orientierungslose’

006 dans Carolina GIMENO (Chili)
Malu Berbers

Nora Rochel (DE)

01_3772 dans Christiane KOEHNE (DE)
Ramjuly‘  (Emanuela Deyanova & Antoaneta Petrova) – rings

Sally Collins
Sally Collins (UK) ‘Make Do And Mend’ collection

 dans Denise Julia REYTAN (DE)
Stephanie Hensle (DE) – brooch-  iron, silver plated with magnetic plastic gemstones

Tamara Grüner
Tamara Grüner

silberdisctnecklacecollction dans Dora HARALAMBAKI (GR)

Tove Rygg (CH)




Uli Rapp (NL)

Ute Decker Sculptural jewellery
Ute Decker

con_blausilb dans Dorit SCHUBERT (DE)
Uta Knoop (DE) ‘confetti’ necklace


Starting with the fourth edition, New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) will become a biennial event. The three preceding editions of this international design contest and the ensuing travelling exhibitions have been proof of the success of this project and its right to exist. The quality requirements as to the nature and scope of and entries for the event are becoming increasingly strict. In order to meet these requirements in a professional manner NTJ will become a biennial design contest.
The next edition will be in 2010. For the design contest and exhibition 2010 the technical jury of New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) has chosen the theme ‘True Colours’ because literally as well as figuratively this theme offers considerable scope for inspiration.
The 2010 theme: ‘True Colours’
Showing your true colours means that you show what your real attitudes and qualities are. You can approach True Colours from a social perspective; society is full of topical colour coding. Other examples may be found in heraldry, folklore and science.
True Colours refers to colours and pigments. Over the centuries the palette of art history has been determined by precious mineralogical and biological pigments that were obtained from ground semi-precious stones, processed metals, and earth, seeds and plants – materials that did not always bear the test of time; in the course of time white lead e.g. turned black.
The link between the theme ‘True Colours’ and contemporary jewellery design is obvious. From time immemorial the significance and appreciation of jewellery have pre-eminently been determined by colour.
From the use of gold or silver to enamels and mineralogical and biological stones: colour is a language. In the seventies and eighties it became manifest how rich this language is. The application of textiles and Perspex in jewellery led to a new form language and use of colour – an important stage in the emancipation of contemporary jewellery design.
True Colours is about the history, meaning, value, magic and power of the language of colour.
The importance of NTJ
For every edition of New Traditional Jewellery an inspiring theme is chosen. Participants are challenged to reshape historical or traditional jewellery. They do not submit just their design – they must also submit pictures and information about the historical or traditional ornament on which their concept is based.
This is the characteristic added value of NTJ: past and present are bridged by artists in a very personal way. A technical jury selects fifty to seventy designs which are on show in an exhibition during the SIERAAD fair, where the winners of NTJ are also officially announced.
When taking part in this contest, jewellery designers from all over the world make use of a new platform where they give shape to their vision of a tradition and a theme. This design contest and the ensuing travelling, international exhibition have become a showcase for developments in contemporary jewellery in the new millennium.
Foundation Art in Business is the initiator of New Traditional Jewellery. Its objective is the promotion of knowledge and appreciation of the art of jewellery in the business world, among private individuals and civil authorities. In this ways FAB wants to bridge the gap between artists and buyers and between tradition and today’s world.

NTJ list of  NOMINEES for 2010

…. among them : Annika Pettersson (SE), Denise Julia Reytan (DE), Floor Mommersteeg (NL), Giovanni Sicuro (IT), Isabell Schaupp (DE), Kirsten Spuijbroek (NL), Tamara Grüner (DE), Thea Clark (US), Willemijn de Greef (NL), Atty Tantivit (Thailand), Carolina Gimeno (Chile), Dora Haralambaki Greece, Fabrizio Tridenti (IT), Vivi Touloumidi (GR), Nicolas Cheng (SE) ………………

Amanda CainesCarolina Gimeno
Amanda Caines (UK)                   —                          Carolina Gimeno (Chili)

36372_133554079997760_129993013687200_284590_1354199_n dans Eily O'CONNELL (IRL)
Dora Haralambaki (Greece) – ceramic jewellery
Nicolas Cheng – ‘The Beauty of Nothingness’
- brooch – loofah, sponge, cotton



Haarlemmerweg 8-10
1014 BE – Amsterdam (Netherlands/Hollande)
Tel : 00 31 (0)33 4337009


COUP de COEUR ! Kirsten Spuijbroek (NL) : because BLACK is REALLY beautiful !

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Kirsten Spuijbroek

Mourning jewelry, like the Victorian one, these jet sentimental brooches with all their symbols, flowers, hands, memento mori …. here you have the black, the darkness, the traces of flowers, their print, like a souvenir …

COUP de COEUR !  Kirsten Spuijbroek (NL) : because BLACK is REALLY beautiful ! dans COUP DE COEUR ebben
mourning jewelry – ebony & silver collierpors%20ovaal%20copy dans Hollande (NL)
Kirsten Spuijbroek – necklace ‘Mourning’ 2009 Ebony, silver

bloemparels%20groot dans Kirsten SPUIJBROEK (NL)
Kirsten Spuijbroek – necklace ‘Mourning’ – porcelain, silk

 by Kirsten S.
porcelain and silver   necklace

flower pin by Kirsten S.
flower pins- porcelain, silver

3953220477_1172e882c3_o dans www Klimt023953999148_00969541ae_b

collier 370cm long & détail – porcelain, silk


About the mourning jewellery collection:
The modern way of living focuses mainly on success, often forgetting to pay attention to the deeper meanings in life. Mourning is one of them, the western world sees it as a personal process which you could and should be able get trough yourself. People should pay more attention to these very important moments in life and take their time. Not just for themselves but also for a meaningful environment.


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