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During SCHMUCK 2015 : EXPO ‘SENSEability’ – Studio Gabi Green, Munich (DE) – 12-15 mars 2015


Inauguration jeudi 12 mars  à 10:00 – 12:00



SENSEability is the title of an exhibition that will explore and highlight the unique visual language of individual art jewellers.

14 jewellers will present their work :  Drew MarkouElin FlognmanHelena Johansson Lindell –  Josefine Rønsholt Smith — Kirsty PearsonLaura Rose — Lena Lindahl — Libby Ward — Lore LangendriesOlivia Monti ArduiniPanjapol KulpapangkornRia LinsRachel Darbourne — Victoria Pearce

Viki PearceViki Pearce

Lore LangendriesLore Langendries

Libby WardLibby Ward

Josefine Ronsholt SmithJosefine Ronsholt Smith

 Helena Johansson LindellHelena Johansson Lindell

Drew MarkouDrew Markou

Ria LinsRia Lins

Lena LindahlLena Lindahl

Elin FlognmanElin Flognman

Rachel DarbourneRachel Darbourne

Panjapol KulpapangkornPanjapol Kulpapangkorn

Olivia Monti ArduiniOlivia Monti Arduini

Laura RoseLaura Rose

Kirsty PearsonKirsty Pearson



Studio Gabi Green
Gollierstrasse 17,
80339 Munich – Germany
Tel. +44 7931 226806
Do. 10-20 h, Fr. 10-18 h, Sa./So. 9.30-18 h


‘CAST FROM DIFFERENT MOULDS’ – BIAD Birmingham (UK) – 10-26 Sept. 2012


‘Cast from Different Moulds’ is a collection of graduating student of the MA jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products at Birmingham City University, School of Jewellery 2012.

SOOOOO FANTASTIC works that it is difficult to make a choice !!!
CAST FROM DIFFERENT MOULDS: INTERVIEW -  Necklace by Dorry HsuDorry Hsu (Taiwan) – neckpiece – « Through framing the body with material drawings, I am looking for the negative space around it… »
'CAST FROM DIFFERENT MOULDS' - BIAD Birmingham (UK) - 10-26 Sept. 2012  dans Apawan KULTAWANICH (Thai.) peony%209Yen-Yu Chang (April Chang) (Taiwan)- Peony Round Long Necklace, 2012, Plastic, Pigments - Photo: Dorry Hsu
CAST FROM DIFFERENT MOULDS - An epaulet brooch by Tzu-Jung (Molly), Wu epaulet brooch by Tzu-Jung Wu (Molly Wu) – acrylic, steel wire 
Hui Ting Chen (Claire Chen) (Taiwan) – rubber brooch 2012Hui Ting Chen (Claire Chen) (Taiwan) – rubber brooch
Chen Yan 'Cherry Yan' felting jewelry -(BIAD)Chen Yan (Cherry Yan) - felting jewelry
Xia(Eva) Zhai Zhai (Eva Xia) – ‘I am not your Teddy Bear’
I Ting Ho (Taiwan)- Skin Secret – Brooch I  -  Metal/ Rubber - 2012 Ting Ho (Taiwan)- Skin Secret – Brooch I  -  Metal/ Rubber - 2012
space container -  Kim Xuru (BIAD 2012) -  "The relationships between internal and external structures in architectures  are what inspired me. Complex and simple, fragile and hard, bright and  dark, I combine these strong contrasting relationships with skylines to   interpret the theme of space and containment. "Kim Xuru (China)- space containers
Kirsty Pearson Necklace: Adjusting Weight 2012 Copper, Electroformed copper, Stainless Steel, Nylon thread, Carpet Underlay 16 x 11 x 2,5 cm Including thread: 72 x 11 x 25 cmKirsty Pearson Necklace: Adjusting Weight 2012 Copper, Electroformed copper, Stainless Steel, Nylon thread, Carpet Underlay
Lillian Wu (Yu-Fang Wu) (BIAD) Wu  (Lillian Wu) (Taiwan)
Jialin Jin  (Kelly Jin) (China)-  "my Nerves world" (BIAD 2012)Jialin Jin  (Kelly Jin) (China)-  » my Nerves world « 
Ming Gu  Necklace: Body Parasite- Miss. Vivi 2012  Silicon, Pigment, Thread  40 × 35 × 26 cmMing Gu (China) – Body Parasits
Apawan Kultawanich (Thailand)   - transforming the plastic drinking straws .....Apawan Kultawanich (Thailand) – transforming plastic drinking straws ….
Eleni Zolia (Greece) -  handpiece 1 from +BONES serieEleni Zolia (Greece) -  handpiece 1 from +BONES serie
Yuan Tian -  «The inspiration of my work comes from splashing paints …"Yuan Tian -  « The inspiration of my work comes from splashing paints« 
Drew Markou BIAD 2012Drew Markou (UK) – brooch
Shih-Ti Tseng (Deborah Tseng)  - porcelain, plaster, leather 2012Shih-Ti Tseng (Deborah Tseng) (Taiwan) – porcelain, plaster, leather,  2012 / Selected Artist ,Talente 2013
Xiaoying Zhao (Demi Zhao) - broochesXiaoying Zhao (Demi Zhao) brooches
Shanshan Hang (Rebecca Hang)  (China)   - Birmingham City University  MA in Jewellery Sliversmthing and related product 2012Shanshan Hang (Rebecca Hang)  (China)  
CAST FROM DIFFERENT MOULDS: 35 Moulds-MA EXHIBITION - Liangchao Shao (China) - brooches - Shao (China) – ‘growing up’ serie : « death »
Liangchao Shao (China)  - experiment : necklace - straw (BIAD)but what I prefer from  Liangchao Shao (China)  is this  experiment  necklace done with straw  !
Yan Zhang -BIAD 2012  'used rubber to create the balloons that combined with crochet to explore the unexpected fun'Yan Zhang (China) – « used rubber to create the balloons & combined with crochet to explore the unexpected fun »
Shuting YangShuting Yang (China)
Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD)
Tel – General Enquiries: +44(0)121 331 5800
Email – Admissions:
School of Jewellery
Vittoria Street
Birmingham B3 3PA
Tel: +44(0)121 331 5940

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