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EXPO ‘Öhuloss – Castle in the Air’ – Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein (Germany) – 28 Nov. 2013 – 9 Mars 2014

Öhuloss – Castle in the Air – Magic Scene of Contemporary Jewellery Tallinn

28th November 2013 – 09th March 2014 at Villa Bengel,  Idar-Oberstein, Germany

At the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday, 27th November 6 p.m. you and your friends are cordially invited.
The exhibition shows works of internationally renowned Estonian Artists´ Association “ÖhuLoss” from Tallinn with works by Piret Hirv , Kristiina Laurits, Kadri Mälk, Eve Margus-Villems, Villu Plink and Tanel Veenre.
After a welcome by Mayor Bruno Zimmer, Mr. Wilhelm Lindemann introduces in the exhibition.
It is the second time that work of this extremely vital jewelery scene in Tallinn (Estonia) is shown in Idar-Oberstein. The new work of the Öhuloss group puts a focus on the aesthetic dimensions of gemstones. On display are works of spiritual power that are rooted not only in the Estonian mythology and history; they also reflect the magic of the Baltic landscape.

Participating artists:  Kadri MälkPiret HirvTanel VeenreEva Margus-VillemsKristina LauritsVillu Plink.

Tanel Veenre Neckpiece: Lonely Gardener Wood, rock crystal, silver, cosmic dustTanel Veenre - Neckpiece: Lonely Gardener -  Wood, rock crystal, silver, cosmic dust

Kadri Mälk Brooch: Guilty Carved jet, 14-karat white gold, black rhodium bathed, spinels Kadri MälkBrooch: GuiltyCarved jet, 14-karat white gold, black rhodium bathed, spinels


Kadri Malk - "Amnesia" neckpiece - black tourmaline, ebony, silver  - Malk – « Amnesia » neckpiece – black tourmaline, ebony, silver 
Kristina Laurits -  "Phrases" brooch - animal liver, gold, silver .... - Laurits -  « Phrases » brooch – animal liver, gold, silver ….
Piret Hirv - "Calm" brooch, silver - - Hirv - « Calm » brooch, silver


Villa Bengel
Wilhelmstraße 44
55743 – Idar-Oberstein
Telephone: +49 (0)6781 270 30



EXPO ‘Kristiina Laurits : Diarium’ – Platina Gallery, Stockholm (Sweden) – 4-26 Oct. 2013

Kristiina Laurits: Diarium

During the year Platina will present different voices around humans daily need for food.
We are happy to invite Kristiina Laurits from Estonia to this project, Eating Art. She will in her first solo-exhibition in Stockholm, with the titel Diarium show work made of materials we daily find in food but are not used to see in combination with jewellery, as bread, salt and vanilla. Strictly translated from Latin, the titel Diarium means just, day food.

KRISTIINA LAURITS(Neckpiece: Hunger III 2012 – Bread, copper, pyrite, onyx, smokey quartz, steel)

« For me, jewellery embodies all of my desires and, always, something else that I never knew before. The key words for my works would be transience, moods and play. The choice of materials offered extensive variety – from gold to salt, from diamonds to bread, from animal liver to iron. I enjoy to play with different materials and techniques. Play is turning reality into images, the play cannot be denied. I have taken on the role of theatre director, who creates a performance on basis of observations picked out from life itself.
A fairy tale.
Symbolisation is inevitably poetic. »

- Kristiina Laurits

About Eating Art :
Eating Art is a project in collaboration between Yasar Aydin and Sofia Björkman. The project is funded by Konstnärsnämnden and is scheduled to last 2013-2014.
Jewellery Art’s strength, is that it can through human movement, be shown and used in both private and public contexts, intimately as spiritually. Being a performer jewellery artist means to operate in many different situations and it is in the exciting voids we experiment. Through interdisciplinary practice and experimental meals in combination with artistic work, we discuss current issues such as gender, ethnicity, class, ethics and the environment.

Kristiina Laurits, Brooch, 2012
Kristiina Laurits – Brooch: Day – to – day I-VIII 2012 – Bread, copper, tourmaline, aquamarine, silver

Kristiina Laurits, Neckpiece, 2011Kristiina Laurits – Neckpiece: Lily-white 2011 – Salt, artificial resin, silver, paint, Japanese lacquer, aquamarine, fluorite, amethyst, cubic zirconia

Kristiina Laurits, Brooch, 2012Kristiina Laurits – Brooch: Day – to – day I-VIII 2012 – Bread, iron, cracked citrine, gold


Odengatan 68
11322 – Stockholm
Telephone: +46-8-300280


SCHMUCK 2012 – Munich (DE) 14-20 mars 2012 – PROGRAMME

Classé dans : Adam GRINOVICH (SE),Akiko KURIHARA (JP),Alexander BLANK (DE),Allemagne (DE),Anna TALBOT (NO),Arek WOLSKI (PL),Beate KLOCKMANN (DE),Beppe KESSLER (NL),Bettina SPECKNER (DE),Birgit LAKEN (NL),Birgit WIE (AT),Carina CHITSAZ-SHOSHTARY (DE),Caroline ERTL (AT),Claudia RINNEBERG (DE),Dana HAKIM (IL),Daniel KRUGER (DE),Deborah RUDOLPH (DE),Deganit STERN SCHOCKEN (IL),Despo SOPHOCLEOUS (CA),Doris BETZ (DE),Elise HATLO (NO),Emma PRICE (AU),Esther KNOBEL (PL),Eva TESARIK (AT),Exposition/Exhibition,Farrah AL-DUJAILI (UK),Felix LINDNER (DE),Fiona HERMSE (UK),Florence LEHMANN (FR),Francis WILLEMSTIJN (NL),Francisca BAUZA (DE),Frederic BRAHAM (FR),Georg DOBLER (DE),Gisbert STACH (DE),Graziano VISINTIN (IT),Hanna LILJENBERG (SE),Helen BRITTON (AU),Henriette SCHUSTER (DE),Iacov AZUBEL (RA),Jacqui CHAN (NZ),Jamie BENNETT (US),Janna SYVANOJA (FI),Jens-Rudiger LORENZEN (DE),Jiri SIBOR (CS),Jorge MANILLA (MEX),Karen PONTOPPIDAN (DK),Karin Roy ANDERSSON (SE),Karin SEUFERT (DE),Katharina MOCH (DE),Katherine RICHMOND (UK),Kathryn PARTINGTON (UK),Katie GRUBER (UK),Katsura SASAKI (JP),Kiko GIANOCCA (CH),Kim BUCK (DK),KLINK (NO),Kristiina LAURITS (EE),Lisa BJORKE (SE),Liv BLAVARP (NO),Machteld van JOOLINGEN (NL),Margherita de MARTINO NORANTE (IT),Margit JASCHKE (DE),Mari ISHIKAWA (JP),Mari IWAMOTO (JP),Marta MATTSSON (SE),Martin PAPCUN (CS),Mia MALJOJOKI (FI),Michelle KRAEMER (Lx),Mikaela LYONS (UK),Mikiko MINEWAKI (JP),Nedda EL-ASMAR (BE),Nina SAJET (NL),Octavia COOK (AU),Pavel OPOCENSKY (CS),Pernilla PERSSON (SE),Peter VERMANDERE (BE),Petra ZIMMERMAN (AT),Philip SAJET (NL),Ramon PUIG CUYAS (ES),Rebecca HANNON (DE),Ritsuko OGURA (JP),Ruudt PETERS (NL),Salon,Sanna SVEDESTEDT (SE),SCHMUCK / MJW (DE),Sigurd BRONGER (NO),Silke FLEISCHER (BE),Sungho CHO (KR),Tamsin LEIGHTON-BOYCE (UK),Tanel VEENRE (EE),Tore SVENSSON (SE),Toril BONSAKSEN (NO),Unk KRAUS (DE),Ursula GUTTMANN (AT),Viktoria MUNZKER (SK/AT),Willy Van De VELDE (BE),www Klimt02 — bijoucontemporain @ 23:14

This year 665 applications reached us from all over the world. Dr. Karl Bollmann was invited as juror for Schmuck 2012. He selected 65 jewellery artists. His statement about the jury will be published in the catalogue Schmuck 2012.

Selected artists:

Iacov Azubel (AR), Jamie Bennett (USA), Doris Betz (DE), Alexander Blank (DE), Liv Blåvarp (NO), Frédéric Braham (FR), Helen Britton (AU), Sigurd Bronger (NO), Kim Buck (DK), Jacqui Chan(NZ), Sungho Cho (KR), Octavia Cook (NZ), Georg Dobler (DE), Kiko Gianocca (CH), Lisa Gralnick (USA), Ursula Guttmann (AT), Rebecca Hannon (USA), Mielle Harvey (USA), Mari Ishikawa (JP), Margit Jäschke (DE), Svenja John (DE), Machteld van Joolingen (NL), Beppe Kessler (NL), Sabine Klarner (DE), Beate Klockmann (DE), Esther Knobel (IL), Daniel Kruger (ZA), Birgit Laken (NL), Kristiina Laurits (EE), Florence Lehmann (FR), Lieglein Grandpa Wooley (DE), Felix Lindner (DE), Xiao Liu (CN), Jana Machatová (SK), Mia Maljojoki (FI), Jorge Manilla (MX), Margherita de Martino Norante (IT), Mikiko Minewaki (JP), Nazumi Nagano (JP), Ritsuko Ogura  (JP), Karla Olšáková (CS), Pavel Opocensky (CS), Martin Papcun (CS), Kathryn Partington (UK), Francesco Pavan (IT), Ruudt Peters (NL), Karen Pontoppidan (DK), Ramon Puig Cuyàs (ES), Philip Sajet (NL), Katsura Sasaki (JP), Pedro Sequeira (PT), Karin Seufert (DE), Jiri Sibor  (CS), Despo Sophocleous (CA), Bettina Speckner (DE), Gisbert Stach (DE), Tore Svensson (SE), Janna Syvanoja (FI), Carine Terreblanche (ZA), Catherine Truman (AU), Tanel Veenre (EE), Graziano Visintin (IT), Francis Willemstijn (NL), Petra Zimmermann (AT).


Klassiker der Schmuck 2012
Jens Rüdiger Lorenzen, Deutschland

This year there will be a retrospective exhibition of the work of a « Modern Classic » designer. In 2012 the chosen designer is the German goldsmith Jens Rüdiger Lorenzen. Together with Francesco Pavan, Lorenzen was the first goldsmith to be awarded the Herbert Hofmann Prize, back in 1973. The award presentation ceremony, which this year is being held on Saturday, 17 March 2012, is always one of the highlights at SCHMUCK. Lorenzen, who was born in 1942 in Hagen, Westphalia, taught at the « Staatliche Zeichenakadamie » in Hanau from 1974 to 1985, while also acting as a visiting lecturer at the « Hochschule für Gestaltung » in Pforzheim, at which college he then, in 1985, took up an appointment as a professor. He continued to teach there in the jewellery design department until retiring in 2008.

SCHMUCK 2012 – Munich (DE) 14-20 mars 2012 – PROGRAMME dans Adam GRINOVICH (SE)Jens Rüdiger Lorenzen - Silber mit Pergament



After the Internationale Handwerksmesse, SCHMUCK will as usual be setting off abroad, this time to Valencia in Spain. Each year since 2006 the exhibition has been hosted in a range of countries, among them Australia (RMIT Gallery, Melbourne), Great Britain (Birmingham City University), Poland (Municipal Art Gallery, Lódz), Italy (Oratorio di San Rocco, Padua), the US (Museum of Arts and Design, New York) and the French town of Cagnes-sur-Mer (Espace Solidor).