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#MunichJewelleryWeek2017 – EXPO (69) – ‘Light Matters’ – Erco Showroom, Munich (DE) – 9-11 Mars 2017


Opening Fri 10.03  18:00-20:00

(69) Light matters
Six jewellery artists and Erco, together in a show reflecting on why LIGHT MATTERS. Unique jewellery pieces interact with innovative illumination in order to create a new subject full of possibilities for interpretations. The viewer is swirled into a game of light and shadow, material and ephemeral, handmade and digital. The silent dialogue between these two realities create an intricate scenery.
All photos by Federico Cavicchioli
with :  Daria Borovkova Valentina CapriniLena Grabher — Daria Olejniczak — Lavinia RossettiMaría Ignacia Walker
  Light Matters - Daria Borokova. Ring: Untitled, 2016. Personal alloy.. Photo by: Federico Cavicchioli. From series: Being and Belonging.  Daria Borokova. Ring: Untitled, 2016. Personal alloy.. Photo by: Federico Cavicchioli. From series: Being and Belonging 
  Light Matters - Maria Ignacia Walker. Necklace: Untitled, 2017. Resin, fishing line.. 30 x 15 x 4 cm. Photo by: Federico Cavicchioli. From series: Piel. Maria Ignacia Walker. Necklace: Untitled, 2017. Resin, fishing line.. 30 x 15 x 4 cm. Photo by: Federico Cavicchioli. From series: Piel
Light Matters-   Lena Grabher. Bracelet: Diplopia 11, 2016. 3D printed elasto-plastic, glass, monofilament.. 16 x 13 x 13 cm. Photo by: Federico Cavicchioli.: Lena Grabher. Bracelet: Diplopia 11, 2016. 3D printed elasto-plastic, glass, monofilament.. 16 x 13 x 13 cm. Photo by: Federico Cavicchioli 
Light Matters - Valentina Caprini. Brooch: Hybrids, 2017. Thread, silver, white gold.. 63 x 47 x 5 cm. Photo by: Federico Cavicchioli. From series: Pink roots Valentina Caprini. Brooch: Hybrids, 2017. Thread, silver, white gold.. 63 x 47 x 5 cm. Photo by: Federico Cavicchioli. From series: Pink roots
Valentina Caprini  -   cuffs  valentinacaprini_gioielli - at LIGHT MATTERS Valentina Caprini_gioielli - cuffs 
Valentina Caprini - LIGHT MATTERS-exhibition during #mjw2017.  Valentina Caprini
Light Matters - Lavinia Rossetti. Necklace: Untitled, 2017. Silver.. 18 x 24 x 9 cm. Photo by: Federico Cavicchioli. From series: Aracne  Lavinia Rossetti. Necklace: Untitled, 2017. Silver.. 18 x 24 x 9 cm. Photo by: Federico Cavicchioli. From series: Aracne 
LIGHT MATTERS - Daria Olejniczak Pendant: Untitled, 2016 Women's magazine paper, silver, cotton ribbon. 4 x 7 x 50 cm Photo by: Federico Cavicchioli From series: Bodies: Daria Olejniczak Pendant: Untitled, 2016 Women’s magazine paper, silver, cotton ribbon. 4 x 7 x 50 cm Photo by: Federico Cavicchioli From series: Bodies 




Erco Showroom
Mauerkircherstraße 8
81679 -  Munich



EXPO ‘Bodies and Minds’ – Galeria Romanelli, Firenze (IT) – 17-19 Juin 2016

« Bodies and Minds »

Mañana se inaugura la muestra “Bodies and Minds” en la Galeria Romanelli en Firenze !
La muestra curada por Antonia Alampi y Riccardo Lami que reúne el trabajo realizado por Lavinia RossettiDaria BorovkovaFederica SalaSana KhalilGiulia Savino y mi (Maria Ignacia Walker) obra « Trascendieron ».

Invito a todos los que se encuentran por estos lados del mundo y aprovecho de agradecer a Alchimia contemporary Jewellery school in Firenze y Jorge Manilla.

 Opening: Friday June 17, from 6.30 pm

"Bodies & Minds"

Alchimia – Contemporary Jewellery School presents :
With jewellery by  Daria Borovkova, Sana Khalil, Lavinia Rossetti, Federica SalaGiulia Savino and Marìa Ignacia Walker (Mi Walky).
Curated by Antonia Alampi and Riccardo Lami.
Galleria Romanelli,  Firenze
Alchimia is happy to present BODIES AND MINDS, a group exhibition opening on June 17 at 6.30pm, featuring the work of its recent MFA graduates, choreographed as a conversation between contemporary jewellery and the sculptures and fascinating spaces of the historical Galleria Romanelli.
BODIES AND MINDS wants to incite a reflection on the hybrid nature of the contemporary artistic jewel, on the relationship between the body and the mind, on the constraints determined by physical prerequisites vis-à-vis conceptual investigations, between the weight of tradition and the fragility of innovation.

galeria Romanelli Firenzegaleria Romanelli Firenze

In 1829 the sculptor Lorenzo Bartolini transforms an abandoned fourteenth century church in a studio where his student Pasquale Romanelli, followed by five generations of male heirs, develops the Romanelli Gallery. Hundred-eighty-seven years later six female jewellery artists take over the space and its collection challenging disciplinary and gender hierarchies. BODIES AND MINDS offers unexpected connections and ironic cultural appropriations, in a path that relates illustrious examples of copies and originals from the history of Italian sculpture to the experimental relational dimension of contemporary jewellery.

 galeria Romanelli Firenzegaleria Romanelli Firenze

A large crowd of rings asks us to reflect on the manufacturing of our cultural identities, both as individuals and as members of larger communities, in « Being and Belonging » by Daria Borovkova.
Another critical mass of circular shapes, now without a specific identity, characterizes « In Conflict. Moments of Strike » by Sana Khalil, a tribute or cynical celebration to the impossibility of the artist to perform direct political agency over the world.
While such ambitions can only strengthen our sense of inadequacy, « 1: 20,000″ by Giulia Savino invites us to remain suspended, to let ourselves be carried away by those states of temporary sense of satisfaction that keep us above the world through the appropriation of real and imaginary cities.
On a more personal level, « Madeleine » by Lavinia Rossetti evokes the ephemeral existence of our memories, finding ways to give form to the essence of significant moments.
A similar sense of transience characterizes « Trascendieron » by María Ignacia Walker in a tribute to our daily losses, a possible humorous comment to the Western impulse to preserve and collect.
Finally, and gently, « True Lies. A Collection of Oxymoron » by Federica Sala confronts us with existential questions: what is the true nature of our experience or how do we define reality, whispering, perhaps, what contemporary jewelry wants .

Daria Borovkova  - "Being and Belonging"  2016 Daria Borovkova  – « Being and Belonging »  2016

Sana Khalil  - Alchimia Graduation Show 2014: Sana Khalil

Giulia Savino - " 1 : 20.000" collectionGiulia Savino -  » 1 : 20.000″ collection – Geneve necklace

Lavinia Rossetti - Madeleine - 25-26 March 2016   (ALCHIMIA): Lavinia Rossetti – Madeleine

María Ignacia Walker Contemporary Jewellery - 2015 - TRASCENDIERON: María Ignacia Walker   – 2015 – TRASCENDIERON

True Lies by Federica Sala  2016 - RINGS True Lies by Federica Sala  2016 – rings

On the same evening Alchimia presents at its premises « Wonder/Wander« , a group show with jewellery by Anna Okamoto Gayton, Dana AL-Nafisi, Diana Pantea, Lena Kosztyucsenko, Sehnaz Erdal, all international graduating students of its BFA program.


Galleria D’arte Romanelli

Borgo San Frediano 70,


EXPO ‘The After Joya effect – JEWELRY FUSION’ – Popeye Loves Olive, Athens (Greece) – 17-30 Juin 2014

Inauguration 17 juin  à 19:00h
THE AFTER – JOYA EFFECT / Jewelry FusionInspired by the JOYA – International Jewelry Exhibition in Barcelona, 6 Greek and 29 foreign jewelry designers, travel and meet again, this time at a new place, “Popeye Loves Olive” in Athens. The aim of this encounter is the interaction and the transformation of individuality to collaboration, diversity to unification and exchange to sharing.Paulo Ribeiro, Co-Director at Le Département, the organization of JOYA Barcelona – Joyería Contemporánea, will open the exhibition.
Stephanie Bates - UK – Silvia Beccaria - IT – Carlos Ignacio Bellante – Arg. — Edith Bellod - FR — Isabelle Busnel – FR/UK — Angela Ciobanu – RO — Florence Croisier – FR — Gabrielle Desmarais – CA — Maria Diana – IT — Doru Dumitrescu – RO — Virginia Escobar – Col. — Amira Jalet – Costa Rica — Hiroko Kobayashi – JP/CA — Eun mi Kwon (Mia Kwon)– S.KR — Jorge Manilla – Mx –  Gigi Mariani – IT — Jose Marin – ES — Andreia Rollot Miguel – PT — Victoria Münzker – AT  — Yannick Mur - FR — Irene Palomar – AR — Liana Pattihis – UK — Silvia Piantini – IT — Anna Puig – ES — Lavinia Rossetti – IT — Angela Simone – IT — Yana Tankovska – BG — Barbara Uderzo – IT — Violaine Ulmer – FR
On the 30th of June @ 19.00′ , Liana Pattihis will close the exhibition with a lecture about her work and her unique technique.(In english).

José Marin / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effect José Marin / Erato Eratu
the after Joya effect - Amira Jalet / Erato EratuAmira Jalet / Erato Eratu
Doru Dumitrescu / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effect

Gigi Mariani / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effectLuigi Mariani

Violaine Ulmer / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effect Violaine Ulmer

Silvia Beccaria / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effect Silvia Beccaria / Erato Eratu

Yannick Mur / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effectYannick Mur / Erato Eratu

Isabelle Busnel / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effectIsabelle Busnel / Erato

Libona 5, Plateia Agias Eirinis
10560 Athènes

 tel +30 21 0867 3461



EXPO ‘PATTERN’ – Eleni Marneri Gallery, Athens (GR) – 6 Sept.-5 Oct. 2013


All artists are Alchimia alumni : Anna Drexel — Azahara Santoro — Chiara Cavallo — Enrica Prazzoli — Francesca Urciuoli — Lavinia Rossetti — Lena Grabher — Nur Terun — Valentina Caporali

  PATTERN Exhibition at Marneri Gallery

Anna Drexel - Necklace. Photo from alchimiablog.comAnna Drexel – Necklace (the pieces are wearable in their original state or in the broken one, and some pieces as a ring and a bracelet have to be broken in order to become wearable)

Azahara Santoro - BroochAzahara Santoro – Brooch  (Azahara was an exchange student from Valencia and she was the one to install her ‘private garden’ at Alchimia’s window, which is also the main picture on the exhibition’s poster (fishing wire and and about 200 cups filled with color, plants, objects and personal memories)

"sign language" brooch by Enrica PrazzoliEnrica Prazzoli – Brooch « sign language »
5 Lempesi str
11742 Athènes
tel 210 8619488, 210 8668195


Alchimia Graduation show 2013 – Florence (Italy) – 20-21-22 Juin 2013

Alchimia Graduation show 2013

we are
What makes us human?
We analyse, we process, we try, we fail, we try again, we develop, we change direction, we fail, we gather our strength again, we start all over.
We look at things upside down gaining new perspectives.
This is how we grow.
Going through this cycle over an over makes us human.
This is how we create, how we create jewellery.
Using our experiences, thoughts, impressions, our life.

Alchimia graduation show 2013

11 students [ ] are presenting their graduation work in an exciting installation in the Alchimia front gallery. An installation to demonstrate their state of mind, their continuos research, their acceptance of failure as a neccessary condition for growth, their desire to grow, and their curiosity in the existant and the maybe ……..

And of course there will be the final work of the second and the first year on show.
Three days of contemporary jewellery to explore in the stunning location of Alchimia school in Piazza Piattellina 3/r.

We expect you for the opening on June 20, from 5 to 10p.m.

Anna DrexelAnna Drexel

Lena GrabherLena Grabher

Ioanna Natsikou 06Ioanna Natsikou

Alchimia school
Piazza Piattellina 3/r
50124 Florence, Italy
tel +39 055 223218


JOYA 2012 Barcelona – 11-12-13 Oct. 2012

 JOYA Barcelona 2012


Pour vous mettre l’eau à la bouche en avant-première, de TRES TRES belles sélections !!

Yannick Mur necklace -   at JOYA 2012 in BarcelonaYannick Mur (France)

Solveig Linke -     will be at JOYA 2012 BarcelonaSolveig Linke

Sabine Muller  - at JOYA 2012 BarcelonaSabine Muller

Jee Hye Kwon - will be at JOYA 2012 BarcelonaJee Hye Kwon
Seul-Gi KwonSeulGi Kwon
JOYA Barcelona 2012 - 'PERSIAN CALLIGRAPHY' Necklace; copper and brass MOHSEN AMINI (Iran, 1981) His collection is inspired in Persian calligraphy: "I don’t intent to create the past. The notion of 'human' in contrast with tradition and modernity is my concern. With my fascination for the power of the word, I analyze the appearance of the words and create an abstract, personal aesthetic form. Mohsen Amini (Iran) – ‘PERSIAN CALLIGRAPHY’ Necklace; copper and brass
Dorit Schubert - so delicate work !   JOYA Semana de la Joyería Contemporánea de Barcelona   -  (La Basilica Gallery) -Dorit Schubert (presentée par la Basilica Gallery)
La Basilica Gallery qui présentera également, entre autres, Ineke Otte, Hee Joo Kim , Yeehyung Chung, Walter Chen, Seul Gi KwonMalgosia Kalinska, Karolina Bik, Jacek Byczewski, ……
Malgosia Kalinska ringMalgosia Kalinska
Liana Pattihis, Elizabete Ludviks et Florence Croisier, qui risquent de nous retenir dans leurs rets, enchainées …. de bonheur !
Florence Croisier ( at JOYA 2012 in Barcelona)Florence Croisier
Joya Barcelona 2012 - Guest Artist - Liana PattihisLiana Pattihis
Niki StylianouNiki Stylianou qui nous vient de Grèce
Daniela Boieri et Marzia Rossi qui nous viennent d’Alchimia Gallery ….. avec aussi leur dernière « fournée » d’élèves, toujours aussi talentueux : Catalina Gibert (et ses citrons !), Hana Choi, Lavinia Rossetti, Lena Grabher, Sam Hamilton, Carla Movia, Valentina Caprini etc ….
Daniela Boieri -  at JOYA 2012 at BarcelonaDaniela Boieri
Marzia Rossi Brooch: Spinosa 2011  German silver, tourmaline.  See more of Marzia's work on her site:

Marzia Rossi brooch

"Joyas de espuma" Catalina Gibert Nadal, Brooches, 2012Catalina Gibert « Joyas de espuma » , Brooches, 2012
Carla Movia - Alchimia - at JOYA 2012Carla Movia
PURUS' COLLECTION  VALENTINA CAPRINI (Italy)Valentina Caprini – « Roxene » – Necklace -   2000 Meters of Red Thread, Pills  2012
Hana Choi - Alchimia - at JOYA 2012Hana Choi
Sam Hamilton (Alchimia) - 'Swimming in Praise' necklace - resin, acrylic pigment, silver, nylon cord - 2012Sam Hamilton  – ‘Swimming in Praise’ necklace – resin, acrylic pigment, silver, nylon cord – 2012
au « rayon » « géométrique & structuré », beaucoup de très belles propositions :
Iro Kaskani - the space in betweenIro Kaskani
Stephanie Bates   - at JOYA 2012 Barcelona Stephanie Bates
'TRESB'    Anillo, plata y cera perdida    JIMENA BELLO (Alemania, 1973)Jimena Bello
Ruth Laird
Ruth Laird   (Scotland)
et puis de « l’organique », pour que tous les goûts soient contentés …
Hee Joo Kim - at JOYA 2012 Barcelona, presented by La Basílica GaleríaHee Joo Kim (detail) (presentée par la Basilica Gallery)
Viktoria Münzker - (Yellow and blue broch, 2012) at JOYA 2013 ????? hope so !!Viktoria Munzker Yellow and blue broch, 2012
NEW !! présence de l’AGC, Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo, qui présentera entre autres : Angelo LomuscioChiara ScarpittiElisabetta DupreGigi MarianiGraziano Barzetti — le Gruppo A4 (Maria Cristina Fabbri, Pino Lena & Gerhard Franken) — Maura BiamontiLuisa Bruni –  Heidemarie HerbStefano Rossi ………..
Gigi Mariani - JOYA Semana de la Joyería Contemporánea de Barcelona  - AGC Italia -ring « Alone » by Gigi Mariani
Heidemarie Herb - will be at JOYA 2012 BarcelonaHeidemarie Herb  Rings: Collerction herb’s garden 2012  Organic fragment, resin, ag
JOYA 2012 Barcelona - 11-12-13 Oct. 2012 dans AGC Italia galleries-rossi
Stefano Rossi shibuichi brooch
et ceci n’est qu’un avant-goût très partiel et non impartial !! :-)
Catalogue JOYA 2012 - 128 pages
Catalogue JOYA 2012 – 128 pages


VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Alchimia: Hazardous Experiments’ – Fabrika12, Valencia (SP) – 4-7 Mai 2012

4 mayo/7 mayo Alchimia: Hazardous Experiments
Comisarios: Alchimia Special Hazards Operations Team
Valentina Caporali, Valentina Caprini, Chiara Cavallo, Ha Na Choi, Andrea Coderch-Valor, Patrick Davison, Anna Drexler, Catalina Gilbert-Nadal, Lena Grabher, Sam Hamilton, Dinah Lee, Weronika Marek, Izabella Petrut, Enrica Prazzoli, Lavinia Rossetti, Giulia Savino, Yu Qi Tan, Nur Terun, Francesca Urciuoli, Anna Helena Van De Pol
Inauguración: 4 mayo, 21.00 h.

VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Alchimia: Hazardous Experiments’ – Fabrika12, Valencia (SP) – 4-7 Mai 2012 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) tumblr_m2s6mzWB2v1rsuam8o1_500

« Alchimia Special Hazards Operations Team »


Hazardous Experiments

 May 5 to May 7, Opening: May 4 at 9p.m.


« Mystery, curiosity, try-try-try, risky, trust, transformation, strange…
Do you think a plastic cup is a piece of jewellery? Probably not.
Every material has it’s hidden value. You just have to look for it.
You could jump on it for 30 minutes, shoot it from a distance of 25 meters, bake it in an oven for 3 days, try to plant it and wait for it to grow or you could just make it explode.
Maybe, if you are lucky and patient enough that plastic cup could actually turn into something precious and unexpected, which will lead you to your piece of jewellery. »

curated by « Alchimia Special Hazards Operations Team »:
Peter Bauhuis — Valentina Caporali — Chiara Cavallo — Ha Na Choi — Anna Drexel — Lena GrabherDoris ManingerEnrica Prazzoli — Lavinia Rossetti — Yu Qi Tan — Nur Terun — Francesca Urciuoli


Participants: Valentina Caporali — Valentina Caprini — Chiara Cavallo — Ha Na ChoiAndrea Coderch-Valor — Patrick Davison — Anna Drexel — Catalina Gibert-Nadal — Lena Grabher — Sam Hamilton — Dinah Lee — Weronika MarekIzabella PetrutEnrica PrazzoliLavinia Rossetti — Giulia Savino — Yu Qi TanNur TerunFrancesca UrciuoliAnna Helena Van De Pol


tumblr_m2c089fNH31rsuam8o2_1280 dans Andrea CODERCH (ES)

tumblr_m2c089fNH31rsuam8o1_1280 dans Anna DREXEL (AT)

C/ Marqués de Caro, 12 – Valencia (España)
3,4,5, 6 y 7 de mayo de 10.00 a 20.00 h.



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