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EXPO – Graduation Show ‘EXIT/15′ – MAD Faculty, Hasselt (BE) -19-21 Juin 2015

MAD (Media, Arts & Design faculty) Hasselt – Graduation Show « EXIT/15″

vendredi 19 juin, 20:00

MAD exhibitionists  -  Hasselt

The MAD exhibitionists graduation show ! The MAD exhibitionists ? Eight master students Object & Jewellery of the Mad-Faculty in Hasselt, will be presenting  their master projects

Here is a sneak preview !

Liesje Merken « BODYFITTINGS » project :

 Liesje Merken - BODYFITTINGSLiesje Merken - BODYFITTINGS

Liesje Merken – BODYFITTINGS


Jill Lenaerts « ARTROPLASTIEK » project :
Jill Lenaerts is inspired by the shapes of prosthetics, and more specifically by those for human joints. The collection ARTHROPLASTY consists of various wooden necklaces where the focus is on functionality, the movement of the parts, the aesthetic aspect and the conversion from prosthetics to hand-turned wooden necklace links. As an interpretation of joints silicone strands are used to hold the wooden parts together, just like tendons and ligaments keep the bones together at a joint. 


Jill Lenaerts ARTHROPLASTY – rubber, wood, nails


Juan Harnie ‘Scar(r)ed’project :
In his project ‘Scar(r)ed’, Juan Harnie investigates how medical materials, deformities and scar tissue can be used in jewellery even though many people associate them with negative experiences and fear. As an outcome of this research he created a collection of brooches and necklaces made of latex and a variety of medical materials such as syringes, gauze and stainless steel basins. This unusual choice of materials and the technique of surgical stitching creates very decorative, yet uncanny pieces.

Juan Harnie. - 'Scar(r)ed' Brooches - Syringes, steel, latex, thread - 2015Juan Harnie. – ‘Scar(r)ed’ Brooches – Syringes, steel, latex, thread – 2015

Billie Van Nieuwenhuyzen « EDELPLAST » project :

Transforming cable waste into jewellery

EDELPLAST by Billie Van NieuwenhuyzenEDELPLAST by Billie Van Nieuwenhuyzen

EDELPLAST by Billie Van Nieuwenhuyzen


Senna Fransen « Móshì » project

The starting point of Móshì is the overwhelmed feeling I had when looking at the patterns, colours and ornaments from Chinese temple architecture. In this project I investigate how to create jewellery that has the same overwhelming architectural effect on the viewer.
An ornament is a means of beautification of jewellery (which in its own right is also an ornament), but can also be a constructive element in the process of creation. Using four parameters: color, layering, form and technique, I tried to find the conditions necessary to construct the overwhelming effect. These parameters also became the four elements through which my jewellery is constructed.

Senna Fransen  Móshì  projectSenna Fransen  Móshì  project

Sofie van Belle (MAD)Sofie van Belle

Margot Declerck MAD exhibitionistsMargot Declerck« The spoon as elemental form » project

Margot Declerck MAD exhibitionistsMargot Declerck



MAD (Media, Arts & Design faculty)
Maastrichterstraat 100
3500 Hasselt Centrum







MAD exhibitionists – spring PINKY crisis ???

 MAD exhibitionists  ….. you know ? THESE ones (at last SCHMUCK 2015) !! :
MAD exhibitionists
…. Eight master students Object & Jewellery of the Mad-Faculty in Hasselt  …..
Some of them  seem to live a PINK CRISIS during these spring days ….
MAD exhibitionists -  Margot Declerck.Margot Declerck – master project 2015 – ‘The spoon as an elemental form’.
MAD exhibitionists  - Liesje Merken.Liesje Merken bodyfittings 2015
MAD exhibitionists  - Liesje Merken.Liesje Merken
MAD exhibitionists  - Liesje Merken.Liesje Merken
MAD  Juan HarnieJuan Harnie
MAD exhibitionists - Juan Harnie - back Juan Harnie – (back)
GOOD LUCK to ALL for their MASTER !

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