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EXPO ‘Linda van Niekerk: 10 Years On’ – Brenda May Gallery, Sydney (AU) – 25 Fevr.- 22 Mars 2014

Linda van Niekerk : 10 Years On

Linda celebrates a decade of jewellery design and making with a solo exhibition at Brenda May Gallery.
‘My approach to design has evolved since my first exhibition at Brenda May Gallery in 2004, however my desire has always been to create bold sculptural jewellery that sits well on the body.’
The exhibition will review Linda’s work of the past 10 years plus new work that references earlier works.
‘I hope to demonstrate, irrespective of the ideas behind a collection, an elegant timelessness that transcends fad or fashion.’

Linda van Niekerk, Neckpiece, 2008Linda van Niekerk, Neckpiece: Carousel Leaf, 2008Sterling silver, anodized aluminium

Linda van Niekerk, Ring, 2011Linda van Niekerk, ring – Silver Seagrass, 2011 - Waxed Tasmanian tidal stone, sterling silver, nylon
Image: Peter Whyte

Linda van Niekerk, Ring, 2009Linda van Niekerk, Forest Shadow ring , 2009Tasmanian myrtle (wood turner, trevor semmons) with burn finish, sterling silverImage: Peter Whyte

Linda van Niekerk, Neckpiece, 2014Linda van Niekerk, Neckpiece Fjord Adrift with Pearls, 2014Tasmanian wilderness driftwood, cultured pearls - Image: Peter Whyte

Linda van Niekerk, Neckpiece, 2014Linda van NiekerkNeckpiece: Reflections with Ripples (long), 2014 – Sterling silver, nylon / Armbands: Energy, sterling silver, 2011Image: Peter Whyte


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Brenda May Gallery2 Danks Street
Waterloo NSW Australia 2017
T: 02 9318 1122
F: 02 9318 1007
Open: Tue to Fri 11-6, Sat 10-6 (Closed Sun/Mon) -



EXPO ‘Nature Nurture’ – COTA Gallery, Sydney (AU) – 5-28 sept. 2013

Nature Nurture - COTA Gallery – 5-28 sept 2013 – Linda van Niekerk

Nature Nurture - COTA Gallery - 5-28 sept - Linda van Niekerk
In September 2013Linda van Niekerk will bring her exhibition Nature Nurture to COTA gallery. Linda has long been fascinated by the influence of inherited traits and genes (nature) and it’s relationship with upbringing and environment (nurture).
For this exhibition Linda will present four series of works, all influenced by nature and nurture in different ways.
The ‘Clouds’ series is inspired by the vast skies of Linda’s natural environment in the south of Tasmania. The work reflects both the shapes of clouds as well as their constantly shifting and evolving forms (thus allowing the pieces to be worn in a variety of different ways).
The ’Adrift’ series acknowledges place in another way. These works present simple pieces of Tasmanian wilderness driftwood and invite the wearer to appreciate the natural beauty of a precious resource.
A third series is motivated by the desire to wear the pearls left to Linda by her mother in her own special way. As it was Linda’s mother from whom she inherited a love of design and jewellery, Linda was reluctant to re-imagine the pearls to the degree where they were no longer distinguishable from the original strand. The ‘Pearl’ series borrows from both the ‘Cloud’ and ‘Adrift’ series to incorporate the most beautiful blending of nature and nurture – cultured pearls.
And finally, the ‘Sea Sponge’ series. This series of arm pieces was inspired by the form and pliability of sea sponges.
Linda van Niekerk, "Forest Shadow Adrift", Tasmanian wilderness driftwood with burn, sterling silver, rubber. Image by Peter Whyte
Linda van Niekerk, « Forest Shadow Adrift », Tasmanian wilderness driftwood with burn, sterling silver, rubber. Image by Peter Whyte Linda van NiekerkLinda van Niekerk
Linda van Niekerk, "Forest Shadow Adrift",
Linda van Niekerk
Linda van Niekerk  Neckpiece: Nature, Nurture 2013  Tasmanian Wilderness Driftwood, Cultured Pearls  Image : Peter Whyte  Tasmania, Australia   www.lindavanniekerk.comLinda van Niekerk  Neckpiece: Nature, Nurture 2013  Tasmanian Wilderness Driftwood, Cultured Pearls  Image : Peter Whyte
COTA gallery  (previously Metalab Gallery)
10b fiztroy place, Surry hills,
Sydney 2010
+61 2 8354 1398


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