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EXPO ‘CHARMED’ – Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh (USA) – from 10 Fevr. 2011

Charmed II  - Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC)

Opening Thursday, February 10, 5:30-8pm -

The Store will once again host Charmed, an exhibition of artist-made charms by jewelers from around the country.  Beginning February 10, 2011, charms will be available in our Store and on our website. Charms can be purchased individually for a charm bracelet, or can be worn alone as a pendant.  Buy a pair of charms to wear as earrings, or give one to a friend, a sibling, or a significant other.  Charms are a great way to start your collection of artist-made jewelry, or to add to your existing collection.

Participating artists include:
Bob Ebendorf, Margaux Lange, Jillian Moore, Sue Amendolara, Gabriel Craig, Caitie Sellers, Lynette Andreasen, Angela Bubash, Karen Paust, Vina Rust, Susanne Matsche, Sarah Abramson, Becky McDonah, Tedd McDonah, Ken Bova, Adrienne M. Grafton, Betty McKim, Sean Macmillan, Renee Zettle-Sterling, Tara Locklear, Laura Wood, and Amy Weiks.

EXPO 'CHARMED' - Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh (USA) - from 10 Fevr. 2011 dans Amy WEIKS (US) 180242_10150129064680715_725395714_8367822_2759048_n
Vina Rust charms

179406_10150139825939257_131275319256_7784578_324306_n dans Angela BUBASH (US)
Robert Ebendorf – Charms – Silver and Mixed Media

26518_1372898611409_1500099122_929863_4200081_n dans Caitie SELLERS (US)
Margaux Lang charms – Plastic Body Series Jewelry

abramson4 dans COUP DE COEUR
Sarah Abramson – charmed ….“Double Enamel” Charms- sterling silver, enamel

19766_235826053835_598573835_3035229_7333157_n dans Exposition/Exhibition
Lynette Andreasen – charms

167027_10150141037594257_131275319256_7800562_529794_n dans Gabriel CRAIG (US)
charms from Meg J. Roberts, Kathryn Osgood, Ken Bova, Tedd McDonah, Adrienne M. Grafton, Stacy Heptig Rodgers, Susanne Matsche, Vina Rust, Laura Wood, Margaux Lange, Becky McDonah …..

Fin-charm2-150 dans Jillian MOORE (US)Fin-charm3-150 dans Karen PAUST (US)
Fin Charm by Angela Bubash- sterling silver, glass, carnelian, dyed feathers- 1.5 x 1 x .5”

shapeimage_8 dans Lynette ANDREASEN (US)
Charms by Kathryn Osgood – sterling silver, nail polish




 Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC)
2100 Smallman Street,
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 – USA
tel 412.261.7003 x12.


Bijoux empaquetés, rebrodés … bien ficelés ma foi ! – embroidered jewelry

On peut dire que je me suis laissée embobiner … ;-)

j’aime particulièrement ces « petits bouts de métal » dessinés, percés, délicatement rebrodés, alliant le dur et le tendre, le moderne et le « vieillot, dans une technique patiente et méticuleuse  ….

Ici les techniques textiles utilisées sont essentiellement la broderie, mais également le crochet

Contemporary South African Studio Jewelry from the Stellenbosch Area at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Kirsten Gerber “Alice Dutton 1880-1983″ Chatelaine empaquetés, rebrodés ... bien ficelés ma foi ! - embroidered jewelry dans Bettina GOTSCH (DE) bague-diamant01
Paris design duo Jia Style (Xiaojia Wang) (FR) – bagues – soie, perles, argent (to shop on Etsy)

1116 dans blog TheCarrotBox
Sarah Rhodes (UK) – rings

Sarah Rhodes – ring 2009 Sterling silver, pink cotton thread

erop_01_goetsch dans Catherine MAYMO (CH)
Bettina Götsch -ornamentale Strukturen  (Thesisarbeit – 2009 – HAWK fachhochschule)
Lisa Juen – ‘Secrets’ ring- ‘Reality & fantasy’ serie – silk floss, enamel on steel

02_01 dans Corina RIETVELD (NL)02_05 dans COUP DE COEUR blank dans Eszter MATE (HU)
Eszter Maté  (HU)

Catherine Maymo - crocheted rings
Catherine Maymo (Barcelona-based Swiss jeweller) Crocheted rings 

green%20coverings%203%20website dans ETSY.comgreen%20coverings%201%20website dans JIA Style (FR)
Corina Rietveld (NL) ‘bordure‘ rings (broderie)

Corina Rietveld- EXPO craf2EU 'blooming fantasies'
Corina Rietveld- exhibited at craf2EU ‘blooming fantasies’

Sorbete de fresa by Sociedad Estatal ddi.Susan Cross 'Concentration' Brooch
Jimena Bolaños – ‘Sorbete de fresa’ (Exposición ‘The Design Circus’ madrid 2009-2010)
Susan Cross ‘Concentration’ Brooch

Paraissez ce que vous êtes ou soyez ce que vous paraissez 12 Ozay Emert
Özay Emert (TR) – neckpiece ‘Either seem as you are or be as you seem’ 2008 Silver, silk thread

Vered Babai- hibiscus brooch _2008
Vered Babai (IL) – hibiscus brooch – silver, coated copper wire - 2008  – « took me a month to finish it …« 

19b dans Jimena BOLANOS (ES) 19a dans Kirsten GERBER (ZA)
Marieke de Vos (BE) – broches et boucles d’oreilles

 Nicole Jacquard, 'Leaf Sampler' Brooch in sterling silver, fine silver, and silk thread. Nicole Jacquard, 'Bird Sampler' Brooch in sterling silver, fine silver, and silk thread.
Nicole Jacquard (US) ‘Leaf Sampler’ Brooch in sterling silver, fine silver, and silk thread
Nicole Jacquard ‘Bird Sampler’ Brooch in sterling silver, fine silver, and silk thread (Facere Gallery)

 Lynette Andreasen, 'Traces: Squirrel' Brooch in sterling silver, copper and embroidery thread.
Lynette Andreasen ‘Traces: Squirrel’ Brooch in sterling silver, copper and embroidery thread

2893_83125652515_26480237515_2482443_6706314_n dans Lisa JUEN (CN)
Lynette Andreasen (US) – Graduate Work – 2007

n26480237515_1078426_8068 dans Lynette ANDREASEN (US)
Lynette Andreasen (US) – undergraduate Work – ‘Bound By Color’ sterling Silver, Embroidery Thread


Willemijn de Greef - brooch 2006 


Image de prévisualisation YouTube



EXPO ’2nd annual “Earrings Galore” group show’ – Heidi Lowe Gallery, US – 22 mai-6 juill. 2010

The second annual “Earrings Galore” group show at Heidi Lowe Gallery will showcase dozens of artists this year. From 6-9 p.m. Saturday, June 12, the gallery will host an opening reception in conjunction with Rehoboth Beach’s “Mosaic” art walk.
“Last year, ‘Earrings Galore’ was one of our most successful shows,” gallery owner Lowe said. “This year I am finding a new, fun, and unexpected way to display the earrings. The type of earring someone wears can say a lot about the person. So, I am displaying a lot of different styles to appeal to as many women as possible. The display will only enhance the earrings’ ‘cool factor’.”
The complete show will be on display until July 6 and features artists from across the United States as well as London. A partial display will be on display through September.

EXPO '2nd annual “Earrings Galore” group show' - Heidi Lowe Gallery, US - 22 mai-6 juill. 2010 dans Allyson BONE (US)
Melissa Borrell

Anya Kivarkis earrings

35805 dans Amy TAVERN (US) dans Anya KIVARKIS (US)
The Opulent Project- Costume Costume: Ring-Top Earrings -2010 -Enamel Painted Brass, Silver
Eliana Arenas Orange Earrings – 2010 – Mixed Media

 dans Colleen HEINEMAN (US)
Soyeon KIM – White and Pink Earrings -2010 – Pearls, Glass and Silver

 dans Eliana ARENAS (MX) dans Exposition/Exhibition
Yevgeniya Kaganovich - Pearl and Rubber Earrings-2010 -Pearls, Rubber,  Silver

 dans Gal. Heidi Lowe (US)
Mary Pearse – Crowning Earrings – 2010 – Silver
Lynette Andreasen earrings
Lynette Andreasen – more earrings  !!

ARTISTS : Lynette AndreasenEliana Arenas — Megan Auman — Jill Baker Gower — Arden Bardol — Thyra Bessette — Kristine Bolhuis — Allyson BoneMelissa Borrell — Brenda Bregman — Ashley Buchanan — Laura Buckland — Raissa Bump — Analya Cespedes — Jim Charles — Susannah Fitz — Christina Goodman — Colleen Heineman — Annie Hinkes — Sarah Holden — Janet Huddie — Chris Irick — Yevgenia Kaganovich – Janis Kerman — Soyeon Kim — Kristin Lora — The Opulant Project Jimin ParkMary Pearse — Beth Pohlman — Shella Robinson — Alice Roche — Jessica Rosenkratz — Hyseung Shin — Amy Tavern — Jennifer Theokary — Stephanie Tomczak — Katja Toporski — Karola Torkos — Ben Ulsh — Veleta Vanza — Stephanie Voegele — Sadie Wang — Stacey Webber


35891 dans Jill BAKER GOWER (US)
Karola Torkos (UK) – Cluster Hoops -2010 -plastic, silver

35912 dans Jimin PARK (KR)

Stephanie Voegele -Lime Green Chandelier Earrings- Plastic, flock, paint, epoxy, nickle silver – 2010




Heidi Lowe Gallery
Innovative Jewelry Studio
328 Rehoboth Avenue
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (DE) 19971


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